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Incident at Indian Point
                             by Vicki Cooper

  The threat of UFOs compromising reactor security, as
if the nuclear industry didn't have enough to deal with
already, became a very real concern in 1984. Although of-
ficials won't admit it, several researchers have information That
New York 's Indian Point Reactor complex endured such
a UFO problem during the long siege of sightings that
happened throughout the state's Hudson  Valley area.
The portrayal of the event in this article is based primarily on
the disclosures of unnamed sources.

   The summer of 1984 was a troublesome season for
authorities at the Indian Point nuclear reactor complex in
Buchanan, New York. Two UFO appearances, one of which was verified
by Carl Patrick, director of nuclear information for the New York
Power Authority (NYPA), and later documented by the press and the
1987 book Night Siege, apparently put the normally tight security
of the plant to a severe test. The first event entailed the brief
flyover of a huge craft, witnessed by three security policemen on
June 14. That was followed ten days later by a UFO incident of
unprecedented impact. It was one of hundreds of UFO sightings in
the Hudson Valley, but one the nuclear workers won't soon forget.
   "Here comes that UFO again!  " an Indian Point security guard is
said to have yelled on the night of July 24, 1984, alerting other
security personnel by way of the plant's internal
communications system. A UFO, variously described as looking like
 "an ice cream cone " and  "boomerang,  " had lazily drifted over
to Reactor #3-the only active reactor at the time-lingering about
300 feet above the domed construction for some ten minutes, sending
security officials into an uproar. Now, six years later, the
principal UFO researcher on the case admits that many aspects of
the event remain confusing and undisclosed. And although he's still
receiving information, Philip Imbrogno calls his own lengthy
investigation "stagnant."
    "Every time new information comes up or I get a lead on
something, I get very reluctant to deal with it again," said
Imbrogno, who heads the science department at the Windward School
in White Plains, New York. "The entire case has caused me quite a
bit of pressure . . . The event would indicate that whatever
appeared over there, our state-of-the-art technology in defense was
unable to deal with it.  " He suggests that from what his sources
have said, a military aspect came into play. The Indian Point UFO
represented an intolerable security breach.
Military customers?

   Imbrogno says that it is precisely that aspect which has had a
lasting effect, and which has generated repercussions that continue
to this day. But according to the New York Power Authority, which
oversees the reactor complex, Indian Point itself has no direct
military customers. Reactor #3 primarily services local and state
facilities in New York City and Westchester County, including local
school districts, the New York City subway systems and some of New
York's trains. Most importantly, in Imbrogno's mind, are several
military installations in and around Duchess County, which
allegedly get their power from Indian Point. According to his
sources, these are primarily satellite receiving stations, and "a
number of other military operations of which we can only guess, "
Imbrogno says. The official agency overseeing the reactor complex
is the New York Power Authority, although Consolidated Edison has
jurisdiction over Reactor #2 and is sold use of #3 for extensive
transmissions to New York residential users and, perhaps, military
facilities such as Camp Smith, an Air National Guard base located
north of Peekskill. (Reactor #l is inactive.)
  It was NYPA whose officials apparently spent considerable human
energy trying to dissuade Imbrogno from writing about the July 24
event, concerned he would release information vital to the plant's
security. "I think other agencies were using (the NYPA) to harass
me,  " he said, noting that he was constantly subjected to their
repetitive phone calls, threatening that he would be forced to
appear at a hearing on the incident. (He was never subpoenaed, but
Imbrogno subsequently, and perhaps coincidentally, was audited by
the IRS four times.)
  The compulsion to publish was undeniable; of what may have been
as many as 70 UFO witnesses among Indian Point personnel, a number
quietly sought out Imbrogno, and on the condition of anonymity
provided him with the vital facts which led to the production of
Night Siege (co-written with Bob Pratt and J. Allen Hynek.)  "My
sources involve people who work in security for the plant and also
people in secretarial and janitorial positions," he said.

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Subject : Incident Pt. II
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Date prepared: 4/20/91
Contributed by: Staff UFO Magazine


Incident at Indian Point Part II
                                 by Vicki Cooper

  "The only problem is that getting anything on paper-
documentation, something official-is very, very hard, I have
unofficial confirmation right now that a number of documents
pertaining to the sighting do exist at the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission.  " Normally, NRC records can be opened to the public
under terms of the Freedom of Information Act, but when he in-
quired, Imbrogno was informed that the documents were being held at
the reactor complex, and as such were protected under national
security regulations. "It's a joint sort of thing, " he said,  "In
other words, although the NRC is pretty open to the public, if they
want to keep a document classified, they'll store it with another
agency. I have an inside secretarial source who's actually seen the
documents filed." The NYPA's Patrick denies that any such
documentation exists, and dismisses the incident by claiming that
all Hudson Valley UFO sightings were later identified as light
aircraft, There was no videotape taken by on-site surveillance
cameras, Patrick insists, or audio recording of oral
communications, both pieces of evidence which Imbrogno strongly
feels do exist and are being retained somewhere. According to
Imbrogno's sources, a security shake-up ensued the very next day.
"A number of agencies came in, including the NRC and military
personnel, and they supposedly cleaned out everything. You have to
remember that with nuclear reactors, you're only going to get 10
percent of the real story. They're overly terrified of bad
publicity, and are really afraid of the anti-nuclear groups, which
can cause trouble. Anything that happens is immediately covered up,
including UFO sightings.  "

An 'irregularity'

  Imbrogno further alleges that shortly after the UFO infringement,
a crack in the reactor's casing was discovered. The public didn't
hear about such a situation until a year later; the NYPA's Patrick
denied any  "crack, " although he did recall a time when Reactor #2
may have developed an "irregularity. " Imbrogno says, "[Indian
Point officials] made a public statement that operations were not
affected, that everything was normal. But I've been told by several
people that they lost power, the security system dropped, and the
reactor controls went crazy. Apparently it was caused by the UFO."
No way, says the NYPA.  "Any implication that the sightings of
these [light aircraft] in any way affected Reactor #3 is false",
Patrick said. Imbrogno's sources indicate otherwise. Supposedly, a
mass of sophisticated, high-accuracy tracking equipment was
installed at the complex, enabling security to quickly generate a
computer image of whatever aircraft might be affecting the
equipment. Apparently such problems are still going on. Patrick
would not comment on what kinds of security equipment protect
Indian Point, but stressed that nothing new has been installed
since the incident.
  Imbrogno is also suspicious that the armed security forces at the
site may have had reason to attempt firing on the craft, again an
allegation flatly refuted by the NYPA. "I know a number of
helicopters with rocket launchers were sent up and followed the
craft for some distance," Imbrogno commented, citing his anonymous
sources for the info. "When these helicopters went on their way,
the object moved off and started crossing the Hudson, and
disappeared up north."
  Officials will not talk to Imbrogno, nor answer his letters, he
says. UFO spoke with Cliff Spieler, vice president at the New York
Power Authority. He, like Patrick, basically dismisses the entire
affair. "Having looked into this thing and living two miles from
Indian Point, think the UFO reports are nonsense, " he said. "[All
Hudson Valley UFO sightings] are linked to small planes flying out
of Duchess County."
    At one time, officials speaking for Indian Point made their
position quite clear to Imbrogno, "They said, 'you can cooperate
with us, or you don't have to cooperate with us. If you don't
cooperate with us, you have to face the consequences, because you
are dealing in an area of national security. The incident that took
place over there involved national security because it was a breach
of security at a nuclear reactor.' But they weren't ready to say
who was breaching security!" In considering the "who," Imbrogno
took in a number of hypotheses, including the possibility that the
incident was an elaborate test flight of a secret military craft,
such as the B-2 Stealth bomber, or a covertly-planned contingency
test of the plant's security operations, carried out under the
guise of a UFO overflight.
  Nothing is impossible, he'll admit. But the most tenable answer,
he feels, is that the UFO was an extraterrestrial craft.  "I don't
think our government could be so bold with a craft of the kind that
appeared at Indian Point," he said.  "Talking to these security
people, and looking into their eyes," his voice trailed, "  .  .
. they tell a story of this one cop who got up on the roof below
the UFO, and the thing started moving a little bit. He pulled out
his gun, looked at it, then put the gun back in his holster and
ducked!  .  .  . The people who were telling these stories are not
familiar with the UFO literature. If I really wanted to go into
this, with no fear of what would happen to me, I'm sure there's an
incredible story here. I am still being given
information about certain things going on there-In the nighttime,
people seeing little creatures coming through the walls of the
casing on the reactor, and military personnel indicating 'we're
aware of these creatures and we don't care if they're from outer
space-shoot 'em!'  .  .  . On a newscast on Channel 7 in New York,
they were interviewing one guy, and he said, 'I saw it going over
the reactor! I think they're sucking the power from it! That's what
they're doing!' But a civilization that has this type of vehicle-
any intelligence, whatever it is-I'm sure doesn't need nuclear

  Ed. Note: In a letter to UFO shortly after this article was
written, Imbrogno added to his remarks.  "It is hard to believe
that people like John Lear and Bill Cooper are revealing 'top
secret' information with little or no repercussions. I just poked
my nose a little too deep into an area of national security and got
my ears pinned back for it. My next step is to approach this in a
legal way by asking for an investigation (preferably by a member of
Congress) to find out how and why the security at this
government reactor was violated and why information is being

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   From : Don Ecker
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Subject : Incident Indian Point
As an addendum to the previous file "Incident at Indian Point", this was taken
from UFO Magazine, Vol. 5 No. 3, ATOMIC PERSPECTIVES.

Thank you.


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Here's some more current info on the Animal Mutes taken from the
ParaNet UFO echo.

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   From : Don Ecker
     To : All
Subject : The `HARVEST' Continues
This file was provided to the ParaNet Information Service by
UFO Magazine. All rights are reserved. You may distribute this file
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Date prepared: 4/18/91
Contributed by: Staff UFO Magazine

UFO Magazine Vol. 5 No. 4 ( Coping With Abduction )

The `Harvest' Continues
                           by Linda Moulton Howe

  In 1989, there were so many cattle mutilations in southern Idaho
that Bear Lake County Sheriff Brent Bunn told me, "We haven't seen
anything like this since the 1970s." Sheriff Bunn sent me 16
neatly-typed  "Investigation Reports" about cattle mutilations that
had taken place in his county between May and December. Over half
occurred in a remote valley called Nounan. Only eighty people live
there. Ranching is their main income source, and cattle are
precious. Disease and predators are old and well-understood

  What descended on Nounan, Idaho in the summer and fall of 1989
was not understood-and it scared people. Bloodless and precise
cuts-that's what bothers people. Officer Gregg Athay wrote in his
mutilation report, "There were no visible signs of the cause of
death. It appeared that only the soft tissues (nose, lips and
tongue) were gone off the head and four nipples off the bag. Again
there was no blood on the hair and ground."

  No veterinarian report was made on that cow. But a month earlier,
Dr. Charles Merrell at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital examined a
dead Hereford cow. Dr. Merrell wrote after his examination:  "Some
time between approximately 8 p.m. (August 31, 1989) and 7 a.m. 1
September, the anus, vagina to include uterus and ovaries and all
four teats (one teat deeply incised, the others shallow cuts) were
removed by knife cuts around these tissues.  There were no signs of
injury and no blood to be found on the ground. " A neighbor,
Bernice Laughter, said she saw lights in that area about 2 a.m. on
September 1.

Disks reported

  Throughout the history of animal mutilations, since 1967, there
have been numerous eyewitness accounts of large, glowing disks or
"silent helicopters " over pastures where dead animals are later
found. One Waco, Texas rancher said he encountered two four-foot
tall, light green-colored  "creatures " with large, black, slanted
eyes, carrying a calf which was later found dead and mutilated. In
1983, a Missouri couple watched through binoculars as two small
beings in tight-fitting silver suits worked on a cow in a nearby
pasture. The alien heads were large and white in color. Nearby, a
tall, green-skinned "lizard man" stood glaring with eyes slit by
vertical pupils like a crocodiles's. Several hypnosis sessions with
various UFO abductees have produced information suggesting that the
alien intruders are using the tissues and blood fluids for genetic
experimentation and sustenance.

  One Missouri woman, who has experienced repeated encounters with
small grey beings that have large, black eyes, sid the creatures
told her, "We use substances from cows in an essential biochemical
process for our survival." In the 1989 continuing harvest, over
half of the Idaho mutilations were young calves. One mutilated
calf, found December 24, north of Downey, Idaho, was found lying on
its back with the navel, rectum and genitals neatly cut out of the
steer's white belly. No blood was found anywhere. (See photo, p.
18.)   This steer calf was taken for an autopsy to Dr. Chris Oats,
D.V.M., at the Hawthorne Animal Hospital. Dr. Oats checked all the
vital organs and was unable to determine the cause of death. During
the autopsy, a sharp cut was found in the right chest area, and Dr.
Oats discovered that a main artery had been severed under the chest

  She was surprised that "the steer had lost a large amount of
blood, but [she] could not understand where it went to. " There was
no blood on the steer or on the ground. Dr. Oats also determined
that the steer had not been dragged by the neck or tied up around
the feet.

  Residents of southern Idaho weren't alone in their fear and con-
fusion about the mutilations. William Veenhuizen woke up on July
1989 to find his finest cow mutilated about 100 yards from his
farmhouse in Maple Valley, Washington, southeast of Seattle. The
six-year-old female was due to calve in about three weeks. But
mutilators had cut away a smooth oval section of the cow's mouth,
removed a section of jaw with teeth, excised the tongue and cut out
the entire udder, vagina and rectal area. The calf was still inside
the belly.

 Something woke Mr. Veenhuizen up around I a.m. that day, he
remembers. He even put his shoes on and went outside, but he
couldn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary. He was so upset
after the mutilation, he started keeping the rest of his animals
inside the barn.  "A neighbor said to me that coyotes did it," he
said, "but I said the coyotes don't have that sharp a knife."

 Other farms hit

  Bill Veenhuizen wasn't the only farmer in Maple Valley,
Washington having mutilation problems. On Sunday, November 11, two
female sheep were found with their sexual organs removed. The
Hicks-Raburn King County Police found small holes on the carcasses
that they concluded might be BB gun pellet wounds, but no pellets
were found.

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   From : Don Ecker
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Subject : `HARVEST' Part II
This file was provided to the ParaNet Information Service by
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Date prepared: 4/18/91
Contributed by: Staff UFO Magazine

UFO Magazine Vol. 5. No. 4. ( Coping with Abduction )

-cont. from last message_

Mystery technology

  Another major question: Had the blood been drained from all those
animals without cutting them? If alien life forms are responsible,
and blood is a fluid they need for sustenance, do the aliens have
a technology which can transfer molecules of blood from within a
living system and leave mysteriously dead animals behind having no
cuts at all: The same question might apply to the hundreds of wild
horses which were found dead in Nevada in 1989.

  In November, 1989, in Red Cloud, Nebraska, rancher Ron Bartels
found a large, 1,000 lb. Chianina cow dead and mutilated. The
Franklin County Sheriff Department investigated, and veterinarian
Carl Guthrie, D.V.M., was asked to do a necropsy. In his report, he
stated that a four-inch straight incision had been made over the
cervical trachea. Beyond that cut inside the animal, over eight
inches of trachea and esophagus had been surgically removed- "The
skin over the abdomen was removed in a clear, demarcated line-no
musculature disturbed," he noted. And the rectum and vagina were
cored out.

Predators discounted

  Dr. Guthrie concluded:  "There were definite signs of suspicious
acts to the body of this cow-the nature in which the skin was
severed and removed was not characteristic of a predator strike."

  In addition to those cuts described by Dr. Guthrie, the neat
circular patch of skin removed around the cow's eye, along with the
eyeball, has been one of the hallmarks of animal mutilations since
the 1970s. Rancher Ron Bartels told me, ". . . after several days,
there had been no predation, and with the number of coyotes we now
have in this area, they completely strip a carcass very quickly."
But nothing touched the strangely cut cow.  How are the cuts made:
In my book An Alien Harvest, published in 1989, I show for the
first time that tissue gathered from mutilator cuts in Arkansas on
March 11, 1989, revealed the following characteristics under
microscopic examination:
1) The line is pinpoint thin;
2) The line was subjected to high heat, probably 300 degrees
Fahrenheit or above, leaving a hard and darkened edge;
3) The cuts were made rapidly, probably in two minutes or less,
because there is no inflammatory cell destruction which typically
begins in a few minutes after any trauma to tissue
(See contrasting photomicrographs).

  In addition to the 1989 mutilation reports in Idaho, Washington,
Nebraska and Arkansas, there have been other cases in Colorado,
Oklahoma, Missouri and Florida. Further, over 800 wild horses in
Nevada have died mysteriously, about 70 domestic cats have been
Found dead and bloodlessly mutilated in Tustin, California and 30
more cats in the East Bay of San Francisco. A city employee in
Setauket, Long Island, NY, has reported to me that about a dozen
raccoons, opossums, dogs and cats have been found in Percy Rayner
bloodlessly mutilated with cuts similar to cows. I have also
received calls about mutilations in Canada, but have no firm
photographs or reports.

  After An Alien Harvest was released in June of 1989, I received
a letter from a security guard in Denver, Colorado. He described a
night in August when he was patrolling the grounds of a large
corporation west of the city. From his truck, he could see a large
circle of lights in the dark sky. The lights remained stationary
over a pasture a few hundred feet from the security guard. He was
afraid to report the unidentified flying objects, because UFOs
meant ridicule and he didn't want to lose his job. But he felt
guilty about not reporting it, because the next morning he watched
a farmer gather up a couple of dead and mutilated cows from the
pasture where the lights had hovered overhead. He asked me, "What
kind of technology are we talking about? I never took my eyes off
those lights. There was no beam, no sound, nothing. How did they do

  That's a question which has haunted ranchers and law enforcement
since the first worldwide reported mutilation of a horse in  1967.
Not only how-but why? If alien life forms are intruding on this
planet and harvesting from animals and humans, is a program of
genetic experimentation and sustenance the answer? Or only part of
a larger alien need? Will the 1990s finally bring humans face to
face with an alien intelligence that has secretly used earth life
for eons? As we become more conscious of its presence, will we
learn that the alien intent is simply to survive without human
help? Or is there some larger and more complex alien scheme which
could challenge the future of human existence?

                                -Linda Moulton Howe-

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Subject: INFO: CONFRONTATIONS/Book Review - Don Ecker on Jacques Vallee
Keywords: Followups to alt.alien.visitors
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Date: 29 Apr 91 20:41:47 GMT
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Here's a book review that Don Ecker of UFO MAGAZINE did on 
Jacques Vallee's book, CONFRONTATIONS. This came off the
ParaNet UFO echo.

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Message #2772 - ASK_UFO 
   Date : 18-Apr-91  9:42
   From : Don Ecker
     To : All
Subject : CONFRONTATIONS/Book Review
This file is provided to the ParaNet Information Service by
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freely as long as this header remains intact.

Date prepared: 4/18/91
Contributed by: Staff UFO Magazine

UFO Magazine Vol. 5 No. 3 < Atomic Perspectives >

 A Scientist's Search for
Alien Contact

 New York: Ballantine Books, 1990..
 252 pp. $19.95

  Almost a legendary figure, Jacques Vallee has done it once more
in the UFO field. Confrontations is, as Vallee said it on the
cover, "A scientist's search for alien contact.  "
   Known for his previous best selling works such as Anatomy of a
Phenomenon, Passport to Magonia and Dimensions, Vallee has written
a book that will not be well received by the  "space-brother "
faction in UFOlogy. On the other hand, he is an equal opportunity
author; the nuts-and-bolts crowd will not like it either.
  With Confrontations, Vallee continues to be controversial in the
mainstream UFO Field. In past best selling works such as Messengers
of Deception and Passport to Magonia, Vallee stirred the field with
his unorthodox approach, and the conclusions he alluded to if not
made outright. Having researched in previous works the folklore of
past generations, and delivering the more contemporary warnings of
cult manipulations and intelligence infiltration into the UFO
field, Vallee now explores the UFO riddle via painful and sometimes
lethal encounters.
  This book is not to be confused with the wide-eyed wonder of
Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind, " in which a
Vallee-like  character was portrayed by French actor Francois
Truffaut. On the  other hand, this is also not quite a
 "War of the Worlds" scenario that  would fit into so many
purveyors of  misinformation. It falls into the middle, and while
not saying that all UFOs are bad, it does say that witnesses should
be damned careful!
   Vallee manages to take the reader on a journey to never-never
land, in Central and South America. It is a journey worth
experiencing in print, as most of us will never make it
there in fact, and after assimilating what Vallee offers, I dare
say that we would not want to. Vallee's UFOs are not the comforting
symbols of the Billy Meier crowd, and they also fail the test of
the Leo Sprinkle or Budd Hopkins variety. Here is a brief sample:

"In most cases the witnesses reported rectangular objects
(sometimes compared to ice boxes) flying over the treetops and
shining a beam toward the earth.  The chupas (UFOs) are said to
make a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer, and this
sound does not change when the object accelerates.  The object does
not seem large enough to contain a human pilot. It has a light on
the bottom and a light at one end, giving a sealed beam like a car
   "The victims were Abel Boro, who died on October 17, 1981, while
hunting with Ribamar Ferreira; Raimundo Souza, who died on October
19, 1981, while hunting with Anastacio Barbosa; Jose Vitorio and
Dionizio General, who died on an undetermined date, the latter
three days after the UFO encounter; and a man named Ramon, who
lived in Parnarama.
  "Muldoon and Richman quoted the mayor of Parnarama as confirming
the cases, and the chief of police, Geraldo dos Santos Magela, as
stating that he had examined two of the bodies, finding that the
blood had been sucked from them."

  Not the kind of information that either the "New Age" crowd or
the "Nuts and Bolts " bunch may want to hear, but this book should
be on the must read list of any serious UFO researcher or devotee.
 However, there still are a couple of "caveat emptors." I totally
disagree with Vallee on his conclusion with reference to the
abduction question, as many undoubtedly will. The evidence is
overwhelming that this mystery has affected possibly thousands of
individuals, in a manner that far exceeds any possible psychosis.
Vallee does not acknowledge the overwhelming physical evidence or
the wide range of various  "victims " which encompasses all
different social, economic, and ethnic groupings. The enigma is
real, Jacques, and the clock may be ticking. Another area dismissed
is the idea that what we MAY be dealing with is an extraterrestrial
phenomenon. Even with all the information developed in connection
with the alleged Roswell case and the testimony from over a hundred
witnesses, not one word is mentioned by Vallee. The evidence from
this case is persuasive that POSSIBLY hardware from off world
visited here in 1947. Could it be that this information makes the
author very uncomfortable, since his stand is very anti-ET? Neither
this magazine nor this writer is stating that the hypothesis of ET
coming for a visit is the only explanation. There are many theories
of what may be occurring. But Vallee may miss the boat if he closes
his mind to this possibility.   One thing to remember about this
work is the extensive travels and research the author carried out.
Vallee's research skills and scholarship have been sorely missed in
the ufological community; I for one am glad to see him back in the
active research arena.    I think that this account will end up as
a yardstick to judge future efforts. Confrontations is a book that
will open your eyes to what a truly mysterious world the UFO
inhabits, no matter where you stand.
                       -Don Ecker-

PS Vallee replied to the above, his reply follows.

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Date prepared: 4/18/91
Contributed by: Staff UFO Magazine

UFO Magazine Vol. 5 No. 4 (Coping with ABDUCTION)

In our last issue, writer Don Ecker reviewed the new
book by scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee,
Confrontations.  Vallee took exception to some facets of
the review. Because of its length, we are running his
response as a Forum article.

                                by Jacques Vallee

  The review of Confrontations (Vol. 5, No. 3) calls for a response
and a few comments.
   On the topic of abductions, Don states that "the evidence is
overwhelming that this mystery has affected possibly thousands of
individuals in a manner that far exceeds any possible psychosis."
I totally agree with that statement. Where did I ever say that
abductees were victims of psychosis?
  On the contrary, Confrontations gives several examples of
abduction cases that I have personally researched: the episode with
Mrs. Victor in Chapter 6 fits a classic pattern, I have said that,
in such reports, "I cannot agree with Philip Klass'conclusion that
the witness is making up the whole episode. The abduction
experience is real." Why is there such confusion, then, about my
position on this issue? Simply because I do not believe that
everything retrieved under hypnosis should be taken at face value.
  I have stated (and will continue to state) that much of what
passes for abduction research today is unscientific, unethical
garbage that reeks of standard cult recruitment techniques. My
appeals to more caution have infuriated some abduction researchers,
who have made up the story that "Vallee rejects all abduction
cases." Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do I
accept these cases, but I believe their evidence is much too
important to be treated in the superficial way evidenced in the
work of many "abductionists." I refer the reader to the ten-page
discussion of the issue in Confrontations, starting on page 170.
On the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs, my position is clear, too.
If the witnesses are telling the truth about the behavior of the
phenomenon, then it could be from anywhere at anytime. This
naturally includes other planets in outer space, and I have not
rejected this hypothesis; I only think it is insufficient. And
there are many other, possibly more promising hypotheses that have
not been seriously considered.
  How could I "close my mind" to the possibility of
extraterrestrial intervention? It is an hypothesis I defended
vigorously 25 years ago. But we cannot be dogmatic in front of the
data that has been accumulating during that period, much of which
now contradicts the first level ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis)
to which most of American ufology is still clinging. It is time to
open our minds to other possibilities.
   Don rightly notices that I have not treated the issue of
"saucer crashes," notably Roswell, in Confrontations. This may seem
to be an important omission, but it was the result of a conscious
decision, which was clearly disclosed at the very beginning. In the
introduction, I took pains to state that I regarded three impor-
tant topics to lie outside the scope of the book. They were the
possible relevance of cult movements to the UFO phenomenon, cattle
mutilations and government intervention and "cover-up." There is
much to say, as everyone knows, about all three subjects, but a
scientist learns to focus on a single issue at a time. The
central theme in Confrontations was field research methodology and
physical evidence. I may develop the other topics in a future work,
and the Roswell crash (and other crashes) will then be treated
under the rubric of "Government intervention and cover-up " where
it rightly belongs.
  In the meantime I did describe in great detail the analysis of
physical samples reported to have come from UFOs, several of which
I have in my possession and can supply to colleagues who would like
to analyze them. I cannot make the same statement about the Roswell
material, and I do not know anyone who can. It would have been
inappropriate to mention Roswell in a book on the analysis of UFO
evidence, no matter how many people have become fascinated with
this particular story, because there is no Roswell material
available to be analyzed. Again it is a case of individual readers
projecting their own expectations into a very complicated topic,
and expressing their frustration when conclusions are presented
which differ from their own. There is very little I can do, as a
scientist, to alleviate this problem. But I am grateful to Don
Ecker for having set the framework for a useful and timely

                                 -Jacques Vallee-


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Here's some recent info written by Antonio Huneeus on the rash
of sightings not long ago in Belgium. This came off the ParaNet
UFO echo.

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Date Prepared:  April 17, 1991
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Article as it appeared in UFO Universe, June/July 1991.



By Antonio Huneeus

(c)  1991  by  A. Huneeus. All  Rights  Reserved  Reprinted  with
permission   to  ParaNet(sm)  Information  Service   No   further
reproduction  is  allowed  without written  permission  from  the

In  a totally unprecedented move in the history of  ufology,  the
Belgian   Air  Force  and  government  has  not  only   carefully
documented  the  great  UFO wave over Wallonia,  but  shared  its
results  with  civilian investigators and the public,  in  effect
literally  breaking  down "The Wall" of UFO  Silence  that  still
stands in the western world.
        * * *
  For  the past year, citizens in the French-speaking  region  of
Wallonia  in Belgium have experienced an extraordinary UFO  wave.
Thousands  of witnesses, including dozens of gendarmes  (national
police)  and  officers of the Belgian Air Force,  have  described
triangular-shaped vehicles flying slowly over rooftops, hovering,
shooting  searchlights and performing incredible  maneuvers.  The
objects  have been captured on some 25 videotapes and tracked  on
both ground and airborne radar by the military.
  Few, if any, will doubt that the triangular UFOs have been seen
all  over Wallonia since November of 1989. According to  a  front
page  story in The Wall Street Journal published on  October  10,
1990   and  entitled  "Belgium  Scientists  Seriously  Pursue   A
Triangular UFO," "since the rash of sightings here began almost a
year  ago,  more than ]2,600 have been reported of  a  triangular
object  with  three huge lights hovering in the  night  sky  over
Wallonia."  The  question that some are asking is  whether  these
objects  could  be explained by the testing of a new  top  secret
military  aircraft. Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs), AWACS,  the
F-117 Stealth Fighter, and a modified version of the B-2  Stealth
Bomber, are some of the options that have been suggested.
  Besides  the large amount of well documented data  gathered  by
the  Gendarmerie, the Air Force and civilian scientists from  the
Belgian  Society for the Study of Space Phenomena  (SOBEPS),  the
Belgian Map has broken another record. For the first time ever in
the  controversial  history of UFOs anywhere in  the  world,  the
Belgian  Minister of Defense, Guy Coeme, has authorized  the  Air
Force  to fully cooperate with SOBEPS, forwarding their  reports,
and  even  putting at their disposal a  Hawker  Sideley  aircraft
equipped  with  infrared  cameras  and  sophisticated  electronic

 As the well known French physicist, Jean Pierre Petit, explained
to  Paris  Match magazine, "we are living in a time that  is  the
beginning  of  a  period  of  openness.  First  the  Berlin  Wall
crumbled,  now  the  wall  of  silence  about  UFOs  is  falling.
Concerning the UFOs, we are entering a phase completely different
from the earlier ones. It is the end of commercialism and fakery.
The  true  scientists are finally making their  appearance."  Dr.
Petit  is  a senior physicist and director of research  with  the
National Center for Scientific Research of France. An  iconoclast
and a world class expert on magnetohydrodynamcs (MHD), Dr.  Petit
has  also conducted some rather interesting UFO research  of  his
own,  publishing recently his results in the book,  INVESTIGATION
     Unlike  many other UFO groups around the world,  the  SOBEPS
has  a  team of respected scientists, including  Leon  Brenig,  a
nonlinear  dynamics theorist at the Free University in  Brussels,
and  Professor  August  Meessen, a physicist  from  the  Catholic
University at Louvain. Among the numerous UFO witnesses, in fact,
were  Lucien  Clerebaut,  Secretary General  of  SOBEPS,  Patrick
Ferryn, a film producer and founding member, and Jose  Fernandez,
another SOBEPS investigator. "Here is an opportunity where we can
apply the scientific method," remarked Professor Brenig.
   SOBEPS  files  show that the first sightings occurred  on  the
night  of  November  7,  1989, when  two  gendarmes  from  Esneux
observed a silent huge craft "with two very powerful white lights
directed  downwards and 'a sort of green and red  garland.'"  The
flap,  however, gained momentum and notoriety on the  evening  of
November 29 when 41 witnesses, including six gendarmes,  observed
the huge triangle - sometimes referred as "a stationary  platform
"  - in Eupen, Verviers, and several other locations in  Wallonia
near the border with Germany. As the press speculated with  AWACS
and Stealth aircraft on the following days, the Defense  Minister
Guy  Coeme dismissed these rumors, stating that  "all  hypotheses
involving the presence of military aircraft in our air space  are
definitely to be ruled out. "

 It is perhaps because the objects are so far unidentified,  that
the  Belgian  Air Force has undertaken the task  of  chasing  and
investigating  the  intruders. As Col. Wilfried de  Brouwer,  the
Chief of Operations of the Belgian Air Force who is  coordinating
the  UFO  investigation,  told  The  Wall  Street  Journal,  "Our
approach  is that it's our job to see what's going  on."  Indeed,
the  UFO flap climaxed on the night of March 30-31 of 1990,  when
unknown targets were tracked by two radar installations. The  one
at  Glons,  located southeast of Brussels, belongs  to  the  NATO
defense group - NATO Headquarters is in Brussels - while that  at
Semmerzake,  west  of Brussels, is in charge of  controlling  all
military and civilian traffic in the entire Belgian territory. At
that  point, the master-controller at Glons ordered the  scramble
of  two  F-16 interceptors, which also locked the  UFO  on  their
onboard radars.
  We  have  obtained,  courtesy  of  French  researcher  Jean-Luc
Rivera, a copy of the complete report of this incident, which was
prepared  by  Air Force Major P. Lambrechts, from the  Air  Force
General Staff in Brussels, and which was forwarded to the  SOBEPS
following  the instructions of full cooperation with that  group.
The  "Report Concerning the Observation of UFOs During the  Night
of  March  30  to 31, 1990," includes a full  chronology  of  the
events, as well as a thick dossier of enclosures with eyewitness'
descriptions  from  several  gendarmes  and  maps  of  where  the
sightings took place.
  Major  P.  Lambrechts  explains at  the  inception  that,  "the
observations  both visual and by radar were of such nature,  that
it  was decided to order the scramble of two F-16  aircraft  with
the  goal of identifying these UFOs." The report  also  indicates
that  "the  presence or testing of B2 or F117  (Stealth  Bomber),
RPVs  (Remotely Piloted Vehicles), ULMs (Ultra  Light  Motorized)
and AWACS at the moment of these events in the Belgian  airspace,
can be excluded. "
  According  to the Chronology, the Sequence of events  began  at
22.50  hours, when the "master controller at Glons "  received  a
telephone call from gendarme Renquin, who reported he was  seeing
from  his house in Ramillies, "three unusual lights. . .  forming
an  equilateral triangle, and with changing colors of red,  green
and  yellow." At 23.05, the Gendarmerie at Wavre sent  a  patrol,
which  confirmed the observation. At 23.15, Renquin called  again
to inform that he was seeing a new set of three lights, while the
radar screens at Glons detected " an unidentified contact  moving
at  a  speed of around 25 knots." (A knot is  equivalent  to  one
nautical mile - 6,080 feet - per hour. )
  For  the  next two and a half hours, an  increasing  number  of
gendarmes  and other witnesses continued to observe  the  strange
maneuvers  of  up  to  three sets of  triangular  lights  in  the
outskirts  of  Brussels.  By 23.49 hours, the  radar  screens  at
Semmerzake confirmed the targets and the order to scramble two F-
16s  was given at 23.56 hours, taking off at 00.05 on  March  31.
According  to the report, "the aircraft had brief radar  contacts
on  several occasions." However, each time that "the pilots  were
able  to secure a lock on one of the targets for a  few  seconds,
this  resulted each time in a drastic change in the  behavior  of
the UFOs."
  During  the first lock on at 00.13, continues the report,  "the
speed of the target changed in a minimum of time from 150 to  970
knots  and  from 9,000 to 5,000 feet, returning  then  to  11,000
feet,  in  order to change again to close to ground  level;  this
resulted  in a 'break lock' in a few seconds and the pilots  lost
the radar contact." In another lock on at 00.30 hours, the "break
lock" was achieved by what the report calls "a jamming signal  on
the screen."
  Col. de Brouwer explained to Paris Match reporter Marie-Therese
de Brosses, that the change of velocity from 280 KPM to 1,800 KPH
while descending from 3,000 meters to 1,000 meters in one second,
was  a  fantastic acceleration equivalent to 40  Gs.  This  would
exclude  any human pilot onboard the UFO, since humans  can  only
withstand  8 Gs. (A "G " is a unit of acceleration equivalent  to
the  gravitational pull of the earth, 9.81 m/sec/sec.)  When  the
UFO  approached the ground level, continued Col. de Brouwer,  "it
was out of the question for the F-16 to catch up with the  object
at  this  low altitude, where the density of the air  limits  the
speed  to  1,300 KMP. Above that speed, the  temperature  in  the
compressors of the jet turbines would cause the engines to burst.
There  was a logic behind the motions of the object,"  added  the

In any case, the cat and mouse game went on until shortly after 1
am,  when the F-16s were ordered to return to their base. On  the
ground, however, Captain Pinson and other gendarmes continued  to
observe "four white luminous spots forming a square" until around
1.30,  when  "the four UFOs lost their luminosity and  seemed  to
disappear  in  four  different  directions."  Significantly,  the
weather conditions on that night were very clear, allowing ground
witnesses  to  observe  the objects in detail,  as  well  as  the
pursuit  by the F-16s. The pilots, however, did not  observe  the
objects visually.
  Major  Lambrechts  finally  excludes a  number  of  alternative
hypotheses  for the UFOs, such as "optical  illusions,  confusion
with   planets  or  other  meteorological  phenomena...   weather
balloons.  .  .  or meteorological inversions.  .  .  holographic
projections,"  etc. More importantly, he writes that "the  speeds
measured  at  he moment of the change of altitudes,  exclude  the
hypothesis  that  the  UFOs  observed  could  be  confused   with
aircraft. " Still more puzzling was the fact that, "despite  that
on  several  occasions high speeds above the speed of  the  sound
barrier  were measured, the shock wave was never observed.  Here,
no  explanation can be given." The French physicist  Jean  Pierre
Petit concurred: "In reality," he told Paris Match, "there is  no
machine  made  by man, either an airplane or a missile,  that  is
capable of such performance. Specifically, flying at the speed of
sound without making a sonic boom."

  Although  the Belgian military authorities have  insisted  that
the  UFOs  in Wallonia are no secret aircraft,  the  similarities
between the triangular craft seen in Belgium with the  boomerang-
shaped objects reported throughout the last decade in the  Hudson
Valley  in  New York and Western Connecticut, as  well  as  other
triangular UFOs observed in Wytheville, Virginia, Fyffe, Alabama,
and Puerto Rico, among other places, have led some researchers to
suggest  that  the technology behind all  these  observations  is
terrestrial and not extraterrestrial.
  The similarity between the Belgian and Hudson Valley flaps  was
noted  by SOBEPS investigator Patrick Ferryn. Commenting  on  the
book  Night  Siege  by the late  Dr.  Allen  Hynek,  investigator
Phillip  Imbrogno  and reporter Bob Pratt, which  documented  the
Hudson  Valley  cases,  Ferryn wrote that "changing  only  a  few
words,  exactly the same could be written to give an  account  of
the position of affairs here! [in Belgium] The same goes for many
entire pages and excerpts elsewhere in the book."
  While  nobody doubts that people have been seeing something  in
both  upstate New York and Wallonia in Belgium, the big  question
is  whether  these sightings are caused by true UFOs or  by  some
kind  of  new revolutionary secret  military  aircraft.  Foremost
among  the  proponents  of  the  secret  weapon  theory  is  Tony
Gonsalves,  a researcher from East Providence, Rhode Island,  who
served  as a jet mechanic and plane captain for the U.S. Navy  on
three aircraft carriers between 1959 and 1963.
  In  a  number  of papers written during  the  last  two  years,
Gonsalves  has developed his theory of "The American made UFO"  -
that the boomerangs of Westchester and Duchess counties, as  well
as the triangular UFOs of Belgium, Virginia and Puerto Rico,  are
actually  a  modified covert version of the B-2  Stealth  Bomber.
Gonsalves  believes this craft has been fully  operational  since
the early 80s, while the official B-2 bomber that was unveiled in
1988  is a "decoy" to deceive the American public, the media  and
the  Congress.  Furthermore,  Tony  Gonsalves  and  a  few  other
ufologists   speculate  that  this  secret  aircraft   may   even
incorporate  some  alien  technology obtained  from  UFO  crashes
decades ago.
  Gonsalves' theory seemed to gain some credibility when Aviation
Week & Space Technology magazine reported in its October 1,  1990
edition that, "large, triangular wing-Shaped aircraft" are indeed
being tested out of the Nellis Air Force range in Nevada and  the
Tehachapi  Mountains  near Edwards AFB in  California.  The  well
known aerospace magazine mentioned several sightings by engineers
of "triangular-shaped aircraft, " possibly prototypes for the  A-
12,  the  Navy's  new Stealth attack plane, and  one  or  several
versions for reconnaissance aircraft cloaked under the top secret
code  of  Aurora, to replace the old Lockheed  SR-71  "Blackbird"
which was recently mothballed. Aviation Week (sometimes  referred
by the nickname of "Aviation Leak") also quoted Air Force sources
who "acknowledged that diamond and triangular-shaped vehicles are
'the  trend  now,'" as well as unconfirmed reports that  some  of
these aircraft "were designed to operate at speeds around Mach 10
or higher."
  Because  he  worked  for  over 30 years  as  senior  editor  of
Aviation Week, where he is still a contributing editor, we sought
the  opinion  of  well known UFO debunker  Phillip  Klass  as  to
whether there could be any validity to explain the Hudson  Valley
and  Belgian  flaps  with Secret military  aircraft,  Stealth  or
otherwise.  "In  my  opinion  the  answer  is  absolutely   not,"
responded  Klass,  adding  that  only  those  sightings  "in  the
vicinity  of Nellis Air Force Base" in Nevada could be caused  by
military  aircraft  tests. "If there were a  secret  airplane,  "
continued Klass, "for goodness' sake, the last place in the world
you'd want to fly it is in Duchess County, where people have been
alerted to look for objects."
  Although  they  certainly disagree on the final  cause  of  the
sightings,  Klass  and  Phillip  Imbrogno  seem  to  be  in  full
agreement  in their rejection of Tony Gonsalves' Stealth  theory.
"l  can't  see the government testing a top secret device  in  an
area like this, " said Imbrogno. "Number one, what if they have a
problem,  what  if they crash?" Imbrogno said he  had  considered
this  possibility  when  he  first  looked  into  the   boomerang
sightings,  but  that "I am convinced right now that  the  Hudson
Valley UFO is not an aircraft, Stealth or otherwise. Number  two,
I  am  not totally convinced that it's  from  outerspace.  Number
three, I don't know what the hell it is."
   Meanwhile, sightings continue to pile up in Europe. The latest
case  before we go to press was reported in early November,  when
"mystery shapes in the sky, variously described as orange  balls,
triangles and points of light," were reported in France, Belgium,
Germany,  Switzerland and Italy, according to a  newswire  report
from  the Reuter's news agency. Police phone lines  were  flooded
across  the  continent  with  calls  about  unidentified   flying
objects.  Experts in Munich speculated the sightings  could  have
been  triggered  by the explosion of a meteorite.  However,  this
explanation  could  hardly  satisfy  the  familiar  sightings  in
Belgium,  where  "dozens of people reported a  triangular  object
with   three  lights  flying  slowly  and  soundlessly   to   the
southwest," according to the Reuter report.
  The Belgian Air Force was studying once again the case, and  so
was France's Service for the Investigation of Re-entry  Phenomena
(SEPRA), which is attached to the French National Space Agency in
Toulouse  and was formerly known as GEPAN. One Air  France  pilot
told  a  radio  interviewer: "We were on a  flight  to  Barcelona
(Spain) at about 33,000 feet at about 7 pm when we first saw  the
shape. It couldn't have been a satellite because it was there for
three or four minutes."
  If the sightings in Belgium and elsewhere turn out to be secret
aircraft,  the mystery will become pubic sooner or later, but  if
they are indeed caused by true UFOs, then we may be debating them
for  a long time to come. Perhaps a summary of the whole  Belgian
flap  and  its  meaning was best expressed  by  SOBEPS  Scientist
August  Meessen, Professor of Physics at the Catholic  University
at  Louvain. He told the French magazine Paris Match: "There  are
too  many independent eyewitness reports to ignore. Too  many  of
the  reports describe coherent physical effects, and there is  an
agreement among the accounts concerning what was observed. If all
of these witnesses are lying, then it is a mental disease of such
novelty and proportions that it must be studied."

  "But  of  course,"  continued Prof. Meessen,  "there  are  also
physical effects. The Air Force report allows us to approach  the
problem in a rational and scientific way. The simplest hypothesis
is that the reports are caused by extraterrestrial visitors,  but
that  hypothesis carries with it other problems. We are not in  a
rush  to form a conclusion, but continue to study  the  mystery."
The last word about the UFO flap that has brought down "The Wall"
of UFO Silence has yet to be uttered.

     ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chilean-American journalist Antonio Huneeus
was  born in New York in 1950, the son of a Chilean diplomat  and
United  States  official. After studying French at  the  Sarbonne
University  in Paris in 1970 and journalism at the University  of
Chile,  he  worked  as science editor for a  weekly  magazine  in
Santiago  and  was  a contributor for  a  number  of  newspapers.
Huneeus'  UFO investigation began in 1977 with the bizarre  "time
warp"  incident  of Chilean Army Corporal Armando  Valdes.  Since
then,  he  has written hundreds of articles on UFOs  and  related
subjects for such publications as Omni, UFO Report, and the MUFON
JOURNAL  in the U.S., as well as for magazines  throughout  South
America  and Europe. Last year he won the UFOlogists of the  Year
Award  given by the National UFO Conference. The photographs  and
art  that  accompany  this  article are  part  of  Antonio's  UFO
CHRONICLE  lecture and slide presentation. Readers may reach  the
author directly at Box 1989, New York, NY 10159.


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The accountability of government has gone to the point where the very
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		-- Ralph Nader @ Harvard Law School, 1/15/92

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