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The following article is from the JEWISH WEEK -- March 8, 1996.
In light of the fact that Neo-Nazi Organizations like 'The Order' have
attempted to infiltrate the American "Patriot" Movement and spread
disinformation in regards to who and what is really behind the one-
world conspiracy and the main suspects' connections to the same,
and in light of the 'Nazi' influence behind the anti-gun movement as
well as behind the FEMA and BATF policies (all 17 ATF agents and
several CIA agents just "happened" to fail to show up for work the
day of the explosion), then a possible Nazi connection to this horrific
act of Terrorism should not be ruled out:


London (JTA) -- The FBI is investigating claims that there is an inter-
national conspiracy behind the April 1995 bombing of the federal
building in Oklahoma City.

The Times of London has reported that British and German neo-Nazis
are believed to have played a role in the bombing to avenge the execu-
tion of Richard Snell, an American neo-Nazi who was put to death on
the day of the bombing for murdering a Jewish businessman and an
African-American state trooper.

Timothy McVeigh, 27, one of the two defendants in the Oklahoma City
case, has alleged that there was a European link to the attack.  Mc-
Veigh's lawyer has traveled here to investigate whether British neo-
Nazis provided components for the bomb, which killed 168 people, 19
of them children, and wounded at least 400 others.

Three Britons have been sobpoenaed to provide information on the
alleged European link.

		*       *       *       *       *       *       *


When we consider that the Nazis have control of a large percentage of
the "Fortune 500" conglomerates (I refer to "Nazis", not "neo-Nazi's"
because we are dealing with the original Nazi Party here, and the various
institutions and organizations they have established), then we can expect
them to seek the implementation of a corporate-fascist dictatorship which
exploits the 'lower' masses by providing expensive products and by sup-
pressing and utilizing for-themselves-only those advanced products and
technologies which would otherwise cause the collapse of their corporate
those technologies were somehow apprehended and used by the public
at large.  This would include vastly inexpensive technologies such as
electromagnetic generators which 'seem' to produce more output energy
than input energy simply because they have the ability to tap the electro-
magnetic dynamo currents produced by the earth's rotation.  The legends
are many, among vanguard technology researchers, of scientists who
have stumbled onto this principle in one form or another and have subse-
quently been bought-off, hushed-up, or died under mysterious circum-
stances after attempting to make public new technologies which would
otherwise challenge the expensive multi-billion-dollar conglomerates --
such as the oil cartels of the Rockefellers for instance.

If in fact over a million full fledged Nazis are now operating within the
United States, as Michael Younger insists, then one would very likely
find them in those high-level industries involved in a determined eco-
nomic warfare against the lower and middle classes whom they hope
to oppress to the point of absolute slavery and serfdom.  As their inter-
locking corporate-dictatorships devour and crush all competition, they
apparently intend to use their industrial might to bring to completion
their push for absolute communications, educational, religious, political,
and military control.  Following this, the Nazis WILL have succeeded
(through more covert methods than in World War II) in destroying
America and establishing the "New World Order" agenda with which
Adolph Hitler was obsessed.  Have not our freedoms and standards of
living been continuously eroded away little by little since the end of the
Second World War?  Not overnight, but in a subtle and almost unnoticed
manner.  And like the proverbial frog in the kettle we may not realize that
we have lost our country to a fascist dictatorship until it is too late, or
after it is "all over but the screaming".

The only threads of Constitutional freedom we really have left are the
freedom to worship, the freedom to keep and bear arms, and the freedom
of speech.  But even these are slowly being done away with through
such attacks as attempted legislation designed to bring religious congre-
gations under Federal control, legislation against certain types of weapons
and ammunition, and legislation against communications rights or the
right to voice one's opinion without being sued or jailed for "thought crimes".
These three freedoms given us in the BILL OF RIGHTS are some of the
last few "threads" of liberty we have left.  Once these threads 'break', and
it does not matter whether they break quickly or are slowly 'unraveled', we
will NEVER be able to get them back, because our fascist overlords will
have done all they can to prevent any future uprisings.  Does this frighten
you?  Well, it should!!!

They say that "the best defense is a good offense".  The cancer in America
is the Fascist octopus of the Corporate-Nazi collaboration.  A good place to
start a counter-offensive would be to initiate an in-depth investigation of the
FOUR interlocking corporations or institutions, ALL WITH BASES IN NEW
LABORATORIES, as well as other connections in that region and beyond.
As they say, "follow the money"... and a good place to start would be the
ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION.  Once these expressions of Corporate-
Fascism have been investigated, then we can follow the leads to other
organizations.  Take note that much of this research has already begun,
as can be seen throughout these files.  But this is only the beginning.  Either
WE attack NOW or, we (patriotic Americans) will continue to be attacked
without mercy, as we have been throughout the past decades.

What is to become of these corporate empires once they have been impli-
cated ( unconstitutional involvement with extortion networks, international
drug and arms dealings, illegal tax fraud and distribution, ritual child abuse
networks, and so on)?  I would personally suggest that -- aside from the
"Nuremberg II" trials that 'may' result from such an investigation and the
incarceration of proven 'Nazi' conspirators in the concentration camps of
their own creation here in America -- that the corporate networks them-
selves be either disbanded or auctioned-off to TRUE pro-American interests
who are loyal to our Constitutional Democratic-Rebublic, and that the con-
fiscated assets and sales profits of the fascist-Nazi traitors be distributed
to needed government programs such as helping the mentally and physically
disabled (See: PROVERBS 13:22) -- those "weaker" elements of our society
such as those whom the Nazis exterminated through their "eugenics-genocide"
programs of World War II.  We have already seen the damnable results of
these "eugenics" policies here in America throughout the latter part of this

If such a full-scale Congressional investigation of these corporations comes
to pass we should be careful not to surrender to a "witch hunt" mentality
which implies that ALL Military-Industrial corporations are under 'Nazi' con-
trol.  Not all of the Military-Industrial octopus is under the direct control of
the Nazis, but nevertheless that is where one is bound to find many of them
hiding out.

In closing I will state that the present fascist threat to the Constitutional
United States is not so much a threat posed by individual human beings
-- in fact, many of the original Nazis are now dead -- as it is the threat
created by the Bavarian-Nazi cancer.  This National Socialist SYSTEM
must be the target of our attacks.  To label "Germans" or "Austrians"
as being genetically evil would be to make the same mistake the Nazi's
made towards the Jews.  And besides, the German Nazi's could NOT
have committed the atrocities of WWII unless they had the support of
their counterparts in America, Britain, Italy and elsewhere.  Nazism is not
a racial problem, but an ideological/cultural one.  We must be careful to
remember the ancient Chinese proverb which states: "Beware when fight-
ing a dragon... that you do not become one!"

Those who wish to involve themselves in this endeavor should research,
document, investigate and EXPOSE this evil SYSTEM at every possible
opportunity.  Those individuals involved in the conspiracy, both willingly
and unwittingly, should be brought to justice through due process of law.
The financial assets of corporate entities involved in the conspiracy and
the illegalities thereof should be stripped and re-distributed to the National
Treasury and other appropriate organizations, and the corporations them-
selves should be dismembered or purged.  As for the 'members' of this
fascist corporate empire, those who are serving the agenda yet are un-
aware of its evils, should be de-programmed, especially those who have
become subject to the mind-bending techniques of its knowing and willing
leaders.  Those who are knowingly serving the agenda should be brought
to justice through the due process of law, and be given special leniency
if they agree to work with investigators to expose and testify against their
superiors.  Such participants should be encouraged to separate them-
selves from fellow conspirators and traitors against the 'American' people
and become converts to the Constitutional ideology.  Those who refuse
to convert or attempt to evade the authorities or refuse to appear before
investigators when legally required to do so, should be offered a chance
to surrender.  If they refuse, the full authority of the legal system should
be brought to bear against them.  There will undoubtedly be those who will
fight to the death to maintain their positions and interests within this fascist
'empire', especially those presently residing within and infiltrators from the
headquarters of the Bavarian conspiracy hidden within the mountains of
Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica.  If these refuse to accept the opportunity
of surrender, then the full might of America's combined military forces
should be brought to bear against these international war criminals, with
the use of nuclear weapons as a last resort.

As for the CIA -- the original Bavarian "fifth column" intelligence parasite
operating uninvited within American government -- this evil system, which
has been used to gain control over most American Military-Intelligence
functions, should NOT be "purged".  It should be -- as President John F.
Kennedy ordered yet was not allowed to carry through on -- SMASHED...
with the same passion that burned through Gideon when he smashed the
alters of Baal.  It should be 'dismembered', borrowing from one CIA term,
with 'extreme prejudice'!  The CIA should be dismembered and cease to
exist as an entity, and the Constitutional functions which remain should
be transferred to other branches of the government and the military.  This
also goes for the NSA which many believe to be the REAL power behind
the CIA as well as behind present attempts to control and regulate the
INTERNET and destroy our First Amendment rights of free speech and
information exchange.  This would also go for the 'Above Top Secret' MJ12 /
MAJIC Agency which controls the NSA policies, being that MJ-12 is not
'American' in that it is untimately subject to the 'Bavarian Empire' and
claims powers that the U.S. Constitution does not give it.

A conflict may seem immanent between the true American Republic
and the Bavarian "Underground Empire" -- those Nazi infiltrators and
Americans who through fraternal affiliation have sold themselves over
to the Bavarian Empire and to their fascist 'New World Order' agenda.
Such a crisis will no doubt occur, in spite of the efforts of the National
Socialists to impose their dictatorship on Americans with as little
complaint and resistance as possible.  The spirit of this Democratic
Republic will not die so easily.  The memories of those patriots who
have sacrificed their lives and shed their blood to defend this great Union
-- in many cases from the very same enemies from World Wars I and
II that we now face -- will NOT soon be forgotten... Neither shall the
horrendous atrocities which 'they' have committed against the citizens
of this planet.  Let us NEVER forget what is at stake, not only for
ourselves but for our children and those who will come after them...

The future is in our hands.

-- 'Agent Wolverine'

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