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 [PART 53]

Terrible Technology

This is a section devoted to exploring the very sinister technology that
has been developed for purpose of controlling or destroying humanity. Many
people are unaware that many weapons even more grotesque and lethal than
the atom bomb have been developed for many decades in U.S. laboratories. In
this section I have also included material on various human identification
systems such as "implant chips"....


   * John Lauritsen, author of The AIDs War, vehemently insists that HIV is
     not the cause of AIDS and that a mas- sive media disinformation
     campaign is involved to spread the mistruth. This is a list of sources
     supporting his claims.

   * This article by Lou Menotti documents the possibility that the
     horrible "flesh eating virus"called necrotising fasciitiswas actually
     consciously engineered for biowarfare purposes by military scientists.
     Refers to the book, A Higher Form of Killing by Harris and Paxman.
     Article also explores the possibility the media is misinformed and
     underreporting the seriousness of the disease. (Note the editorial
     comment about the Prime Minister of Canada being infected is in error
     as a followup correction notes.)

   * The Wall Street Journal ran an article on Non Lethal Weaponry (NLW). A
     shocking and eye-opening article from Mondo 2000 documents"Non Lethal
     Weapons",which include capabilities of "riot control", computer
     sabotage, vehicle incapacitation, etc. "NLWs are part of a Grand
     Control Plan cooked up by the intelligence agencies and aerospace
     companies using advanced MK-ULTRA black-program mind-control
     technologies." Implicates Janet Reno, FEMA, MJTF etc. in the control
     plan. Says that versions of the weapons were used at Waco and covered
     up. Another very thorough article from Nexus magazine directly names
     the researchers involved in the weaponry development...


     Mark of the Beast

        o An article from "Barcode Magazine" talks about how Haitian
          refugees have been tagged with radio frequency bracelets for
          tracking purposes. Mainstream news media has been strangely
          silent on this. The writer notes how the element of privacy is
          completely sacrificed; the identification can be read invisibly
          over radio waves without any knowledge on the part of the owner
          of being "scanned".

        o Here are three messages from a Microsoft employee Roger Voss
          on"biometric identification" techology and the relation
          tocryptography techniques (plus the inescapable NWO conspiracy
          touches), a possible real-world "Mark of the Beast", suggesting a
          damningly dire proximity of all these black prophecies.

        o Another article on implanttechnology, from Nexus Magazine. Highly
          reputable electronic engineer Carl Sanders, who worked at IBM,
          General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyne, reports how he was
          involved in a project that studied how microchips could be
          implaneted into humans to manipulate them. The researchers came
          from Motorola, General Electric, Boston Medical Center. The CIA
          was involved. He refers to laws that give the authority to the
          president to impose identification tagging on the populace.

        o Some reject the "Mark of the Beast" claims about chip tech-
          nology ever being used to ID people. This article apparently from
          a Florida newspaper states that chip-based pet track- ing
          technology is gaining momentum and acceptance, with the American
          Kennel Club "on the verge for formally suggesting [all] dogs be
          microchipped", and Florida animal shelter officials pushing for a
          statewide database. Can humans be far behind?

        o Recently Bertrand Cambou from Motorola talked about the
          technology of human body implants in Popular Science. "The RF
          signaling would permit accurate readouts of vital statistics
          without attaching anything to -- or drawing anything from -- the
          body. Even more amazing, internal computers might enable the deaf
          to hear and the blind to see."

     * * * * * * *


                                   Nazi theory


     MMaybe I'm clutching at straws, but if you want to know my stab at
     justifying much of the hype associated with the alien breeding program
     trip then you might find my paranoid rantings worthy of thought. Here

     We have countless conspiracy theories concerning alien breeding
     program as well as "American Govern- ment" involvement in such
     programs, so who's responsable. Let's for a moment assume these are
     both true, peruse the current conspiracy literature and sit down to
     bed happy in the knowledge that we have some inside information on the
     whole affair.

     It is in the interests of the American Government to keep this under
     wraps, of course, and no-one in their right mind is going to believe
     the alien story for too long. Even if they did, how are they going to
     prove it with reputation intact, so the powers that be can sleep at
     night secure in the knowledge that only the true crackpots are going
     to get out of hand.

     Now take a step back and look at the field here:
        o The government's happy
        o The paranoids are tossing in their beds
        o The general public thinks the whole thing's absurd.
     Couldn't be better if they planned it. However...

     We know for a fact that after the war, the American government
     confisacated quite a lot of the big brains of the German Nazi Party to
     work on it's own projects. Lots of "Oppenheimers" and others working
     on German military projects were snaffled up to work on such things as
     rocketry and atomic physics, eventualy hitting paydirt with the
     Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

     It is not unreasonable to assume that they would have taken great
     interest in aquiring experts in all technological offshoots of the
     fascist war machine.

     Hitlers fascism was however a lot more subtle than just missiles and
     explosions, he also from all reports had a great interest in
     "Eugenics" or breeding experiments.
     "Eugenics" or breeding experiments.
                                                           It's wierd how
     If the American government acquired experts in the     fact follows
     medical experi- ments conducted by the Nazi Party,    fiction. Just
     then we might find that the alien breeding program    after I wrote
     actually originates much closer to terra firma,       this theory I
     and this being the case, what purpose do the         found out about
     aliens themselves now serve?                           the alledged
     It is no great stretch of the imagination from        paperclip" in
     here to the theory that some have come up with      which the US govt
     that the abductee experience itself is a "cover         did indeed
     memory" for actual experiments carried out by        provide amnesty
     unscrupulous human beings. This theory is              to Nazi war
     reinforced by research into hypnotherapy and "mind  criminals working
     control" generally concluding that though it is      with eugenics.
     extremely difficult to build a mental block in a
     subjects conciousness to recalling traumatic experi- ence, it is
     rather more trivial to remap that experience onto a simmilar but
     contextually different model.

     Ex NAZIS mass abducting the populace then convincing everyone that
     it's actually benevolent space brothers... I don't believe it either.

     * * * * * * * From: (Density 4)

     Subject: MackTrackers: Mack Student Whacks Rocke-Nazi Shrinks!
     To: MackTrackers and "UFO-NOTS" researching "alien
     psychiatrists" ("Alienists"?)
     From: Dick Farley (
     Date: 9/23/95

     Re: Former Mack student (Harvard medical resident) whacks Rockefeller
     support for Nazi Psychiatry pre-World War print. (Resources
     listed following.)

     And you probably thought "it" was all over, didn't you? Not by a long
     shot, friends.

     Reference: "Toxic Psychiatry", by Peter R. Breggin, M. D. (Bio. sketch

     Note from Dick Farley:

     Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, our renowned advocate of "alien
     visitors" here to "transform our eco-catastrophically struck planet",
     has a former student who has written some revealing and relevant
     things about Mack's "alien abductions" benefactors, the Rockefellers.

     Laurance S. Rockefeller, the billionaire magnate who dabbles in
     everything from uranium to oil to land to lives in developing
     countries, funnelled more than $194,000 to Mack's Harvard- affiliated
     "Center for Psychology and Social Change," via the Washington, D.C.
     chartered "Human Potential Foundation, Inc." in the 1993-1994 period.
     Mack's group then started "PEER" (Program for Exceptional Experience
     Research) and operated an "alien abductee support group" who, among
     other functions they served, became fodder for Dr. Mack's 1994

     (In the "Acknowledgments" of Mack's book about "alien visitors,"
     readers will find the names of Laurance S. Rockefeller, C. B. "Scott"
     Jones, Jr., then-president of the Human Potential Foundation, Inc., as
     founded and formerly chaired by U. S. Senator Claiborne Pell, D-RI),
     and yours truly, listed as "C. Richard Farley.")

     On July 20, 1993, when Scott Jones and I travelled to Cambridge, MA to
     meet with John Mack, Karen Wesolowski, "abduction support group"
     leader Pam Kasey and others on Mack's team, I had an opportunity to
     bring to Dr. Mack's attention the allegations and inferences of one
     Julianne McKinney, who in a well-circulated article discussing alleged
     "microwave" and "EMF" mind-influencing activities by some elements of
     military intelligence, and non-govern- mental entities had made
     references to "UFO alien abductions" proponent (and my fellow West
     Virginian) Budd Hopkins [the "abduc- tion" researcher who admitted
     that he was working on behalf of the CIA to provide "therapy" for
     "abductees". Unfortunatelly, Hopkin's is still working on the
     "therapy" part, since some of the patients he has worked with and
     whose abduction "memories" he has regurgitated via regressive hypnosis
     for his own research purposes, later committed suicide because they
     were unable to deal with the horrendous and abusive memories of their
     abduction experience. - Wol.], and to Dr. John Mack, in the context of
     purported "non-lethality" research and "applied anomalous phenomena"
     technologies and programming.

     Surprised that Dr. Mack had not previously seen or heard about the
     McKinney paper, which is what he told me (in the presence of Jones,
     Wesolowski & Kasey), I had it faxed up to the hotel where Jones and I
     were staying. Actually, it was my colleague Bob Teets, then
     functioning as Human Potential Foundation's consult- ing "HPF Press"
     manager, who faxed it to me. I was then full-time Director of Project
     Development for the Human Potential Foundation, reporting to Scott
     Jones. My purpose for being included on this trip was to work with
     Karen Wesolowski (and John, too) to help identify issues which might
     need addressing during John's upcoming book tour, then being organized
     by Scribner's to promote "Abductions." Mack's staffers whom I met were
     all dedicated and loyal to the truths they believed they were working
     to "get at." Later, there was (and remains) some dissent among those
     staffers, uncomfortable at John Mack's "true belief" as he has
     propounded it about so-called "alien abductions," despite evidence
     that these are NOT what the "recalled experiences" are describing, in
     any way, shape or formula.

     When I later gave John the copy of the McKinney paper, again in the
     presence of Wesolowski, Kasey and Scott Jones, Dr. Mack glanced over
     it and the pages I'd marked where he and Hopkins were mentioned, and
     then he tossed it aside saying, "I don't know what this is about," and
     other comments suggesting that he (Mack) would sue if somebody made
     such an allegation during the upcoming book tour.

     For those who have not seen the McKinney article, her references to
     Mack were her comment about what she characterized as a "shameful"
     involvement in some kind of "human ecology" research. Persistent
     "MackTrackers" will recognize that term as perhaps being a reference
     to various Rockefeller-funded CIA "front" organi- zations (actually
     called "proprietaries" in the craft), through which the Agency
     promoted psychiatric research on UNWITTING human subjects for a
     variety of purposes, according to court documents in this country and
     in Canada. Reference to the "human ecology" institutes and funding
     vehicles for this sad period of CIA history are best found in the
     investigative book, "Journey Into Madness," by Gordon Thomas,
     published by Bantam in 1989 (hardcover) and 1990 (paperback), and I'll
     not repeat that information and its implications here.

     Other online denizens among the "MackTrackers" have access to reams of
     papers and references to documented programs of "mind- influencing"
     and psychiatric abuse of American citizens by well- financed
     government and non-governmental psychiatric interests, and readers
     having such interests should simply post their curious- ities to the
     appropriate "boards" on America Online and on the Internet.

     Specific to the current reference, "Toxic Psychiatry," by Peter R.
     Breggin, M. D., published by St. Martin's Press, New York, in 1991.
     The 1994 paperback edition is listed as ISBN 0-312-11366- 8, priced at
     $15. 95 U.S.:

     Pete Breggin's credentials are (quoting from the book):

     Peter R. Breggin, M. D., is a leading critic of psychiatric drugs and
     the psychopharmaceutical complex. He is a graduate of Harvard College
     and Case Western Reserve Medical School, and was formerly a teaching
     fellow at Harvard Medical School and a full-time consultant with the
     National Institute of Mental Health. He is the director of the Center
     for the Study of Psychiatry and has been in the full-time practice of
     psychiatry in Bethesda, Mary- land, since 1968. Dr. Breggin is the
     author, with Ginger Ross Breggin, of "Talking Back to Prozac," and
     "The War Against Children," and "Beyond Conflict."

     He is also Professor (Adjunct) of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at
     George Mason University. Dr. Breggin frequently lectures and gives
     seminars to lay and professional audiences and appears on national
     television as an expert on psychiatric issues. He has been a
     consultant in landmark lawsuits and federal legislation on behalf of
     patients' rights and psychiatric reform." (End quotes).

     Farley again: In sum, Pete Breggin is psychiatry's...and Dr. John
     Mack's...worst nightmare. One of "them" who saw the light... and the
     "scams"...and began blowing the whistle back in 1968, and hasn't
     stopped yet. Back to John Mack's office, at that July 1993 meeting
     where Mack and I chatted about some of these things.

     After John's dismissal of Julianne McKinney's published inferences, I
     played a "hunch" and, remembering my day back in October, 1992 I had
     spent with Pete Breggin at an eight-hour seminar about psy- chiatric
     abuses (undoubtedly this had been a coincidental happen- ing), I
     brought up Pete's name.

     John was thunderstruck, and he stood up beginning to leave the room in
     a rush to make "the rest of his life," which clearly was flashing
     before his eyes.

     Quoting John: "Yes I know him. I was his senior resident (at
     Harvard/Cambridge). But I was an asshole back then." (Unquote!)

     Those in the know about John Mack's previous service on Werner
     Erhard's board of advisors for "EST" (Erhard Sensitivity Training)
     back in the Sexy Seventies will recognize John's characterization of
     himself as being an "EST-oid" phrase, which references what John
     thinks about himself before Werner and EST set him free to be his
     "real" self, the one that you, me and the "alien visitors" know and
     love, yes?

     I'll leave it to my readers to get a copy of Pete Breggin's "Toxic
     Psychiatry" and find out for themselves what Pete has to say about his
     own tenure and psychiatric residency at Harvard. John Mack isn't
     mentioned by name, but the "senior resident" he had at Harvard is.
     Given John Mack's published expertise in "borderline states" of
     schizophrenia, nightmares (the title of one of his books), and even
     his role editing military funded studies of such states (way, way back
     in the 1960s), I'd want to do a little "outside reading" if I were an
     "abductee" gearing up to open up my "mind" to guys like John Mack and
     his colleagues. But what's the relevance?

     What I will quote here is what Peter Breggin has to say about "NAZI
     psychiatry" and how it came to be, and where it disappeared to AFTER
     the War. The following passage is from "Toxic Psychiatry," beginning
     on Page 103 of the paperback edition, and continuing as cited on Pages
     104-105. Dr. Breggin is writing here in his Chapter 5, "The Biology
     and Genetics of 'Schizophrenic' Overwhelm."

     Quoting ver batim:

     "Ernst Rudin, Hero of Nazi Genetics

     "Ernst Rudin was the single most important psychiatric re- searcher in
     the field of genetics during the highly active period of the 1930s. He
     was a professor of psychiatry and director of the Department of
     Heredity at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Munich. The Kaiser Wilhelm
     was perhaps the most honored psychiatric research center in the world,
     and when it suffered financial problems during the German prewar
     inflation it was bailed out by the Rockefeller Foundation. Rudin
     himself came as a visiting dignitary to America in 1930 with the
     support of the Carnegie Foundation. He wrote dozens of papers
     'proving' the genetic origin of schizophrenia and was the most
     respected scientist in the field of psychiatry until the outbreak of
     World War II isolated him from the remainder of the Western scientific

     "How objective was this scientist? How unbiased were his moti-
     vations? When Hitler came to power, Rudin was ready for him. It was
     Rudin who influenced Hitler, not Hitler who influenced Rudin. The
     psychiatrist became the architect and official inter- preter of the
     first legislation establishing the Nazi eugenics program that led to
     the castration and sterilization of tens of thousands of individuals
     accused of being schizophrenic, re- tarded, epileptic, or in some
     other way physically or mentally 'defective.'

     "On his sixty-fifth birthday Rudin was praised by Wilhelm Frick,
     Hitler's minister of the interior, as 'the indefatigable champion of
     racial hygiene and meritorious pioneer of the racial-hygiene measures
     of the Third Reich." He was awarded the Iron Cross by Hitler, but at
     the end of the war he had to flee for his life from the outraged
     families of murdered [German] mental patients. Rudin's mountainous
     publications on genetics, pivotal in justifying the mass murder of
     'genetically defective' mental patients under German rule during World
     War II, stimulated acceptance of the eventual slaughter of the Jews as
     well." (End quote, P. 102.)

     Continuing quoting (for review purposes) from Breggin's "Toxic
     Psychiatry," we turn now to 'Franz Kallmann, Hero of American
     Genetics.' And Dr. Breggin writes:

     "The second great influence in genetic psychiatry of that era was
     Franz Kallman, chief of psychiatric research at the New York State
     Psychiatric Institute and professor of psychiatry at Columbia. He was,
     in more ways than one, Rudin's American counterpart, and probably his
     chief competitor for dominant influence in the field. As late as 1959
     he authored the key chapter on 'The Genetics of Schizophrenia' in the
     widely read 'American Handbook of Psychiatry.' The reader may find
     that Kallmann's name has a ring of familiarity; his work was widely
     read in college courses in the 1950s and 1960s.

     "Kallman had been trained in Germany, and he strongly support- ed
     Hitler and Rudin's eugenics programs. Indeed, he stayed in Germany
     under Hitler until the last minute, when he was forced to flee because
     he was half Jewish. Geneticist Benno Muller-Hill has written in
     'Murderous Science' (1988) how Kallmann, while still living in
     Germany, called for more radical sterilization measures than the Nazis
     were willing to implement. He wanted to sterilize every possible
     member of any family tainted with schizophrenia and any person showing
     signs of eccentricity or minor anomalies that might suggest a latent
     gene for the supposed disease. Muller- Hill also points out that
     Kallmann became a witness for Rudin at the latter's denazification
     tribunal (p. 176). In 'Not in Our Genes,' Lewontin, Rose, and Kamin
     also cite Kallmann's pronouncements in Germany and describe how two
     Nazi geneticists rose to reject his schemes to sterilize relatives of
     so-called schizophrenics as unfeasible and unwarranted. In addition to
     documenting and con- demning Kallmann's 'totalitarian passion for
     eugenic sterilization,' the authors of 'Not in Our Genes' offer a
     scathing scientific analysis of the eugenicists research." (End quote
     from "Toxic Psychiatry.")

     Farley continues: So, am I suggesting that John Mack owes any of his
     "scientific" traditions to the Nazis? Of course not. What Pete Breggin
     is writing about, and what John Mack's bizarre recent "career twists"
     and Rockefeller funded assertions about what previously he (and
     others) termed "borderline states" of schizophrenic behaviors, is

     [Note: John Mack and the Nazi's have one thing in common, the support
     of the pro-Bavarian Rockefeller Foundation. - Wol.] John Mack would
     have us suspend all of our own "memories" and knowledge of the history
     of psychiatry in general, and his own career in particular, and
     believe that his CONTINUED involvement -- with psychiatric programs
     having direct links to government, non- governmental and
     Rockefeller-funded "mind-change" campaigns that reach all the way into
     the Oval Office and the White House -- is simply benign, at best, or
     assinine at its worst.

     "Alien abductees" would do well not to fall into the abyss which is
     opening between the public proponents of "alien abductions" on the one
     hand, and so-called "false memory syndrome" on the other hand, as both
     of these seeming factions ARE ELEMENTS OF THE SAME "COVER-UP". How
     deeply concerned are those "powers that be" about avoiding detection
     and our collective "re- membrance" of who they are and what it really
     is that they are "about" is how blatantly they are sacrificing the
     careers and repu- tations of their principal acolytes, men like John
     Mack and Scott Jones, to name just two of the better known "goats" who
     have fallen from grace to protect their darker, deeper "masters" and
     perhaps well-intentioned but savage sins, committed on their behalves
     by misled or mistaken scientific operatives.

     As for John Mack and his suggestion that, back when he was Pete
     Breggin's senior psychiatric resident he (Mack) was "an asshole?"

     John, it isn't back then that we're worried about. It's now, big

     - - - End Farley on Mack and Breggin - - - Info follows:

     Peter R. Breggin, M. D. has continued his campaigns against ongoing
     federally funded research into the "genetics of violence," a program
     which Breggin and others, including Ralph Nader's "Center for Science
     in the Public Interest," had interrupted a couple of years ago. But
     federal funding for a major conference on this topic, to be held at
     the University of Maryland, was recently restored by the Clinton
     administration. Perhaps it was THIS which Laurance Rockefeller buzzed
     in the President's ear when Mr. Clinton was visiting at the
     Rockefeller's JY Ranch last month, and NOT "alien saucer disclosures"
     as UFO-ILLOGICALs have asserted.

     "Watch the Skies! and Follow the Money!"

     And just WHAT does that tag line on the "psychic hotline" info-
     mercials, "All it takes is a telephone...and an open mind," REALLY
     mean? Alien's, indeed.

     (Note: I personally believe that what this all boils down to is a
     massive program implemented by Bavarian-Rockefeller-Nazi-CIA interests
     to utilize their suppressed supertechnology -- advanced biogenetics,
     electrochemical mind control, antigravity, etc. -- to implement a
     global electronic technocratic dictatorship, hopefully having all of
     the pieces in place before 'we' realize what's happening. Doesn't it
     make you feel warm and fuzzy to know that 'Big Brother' is planing to
     rescue us from the burden of our own free agency? We will no longer be
     burdened with the responsibility of what to think, how to act or who
     to worship, because the "New World Order" will do all that for us. All
     we need to do is submit like good little lemmings, let them implant
     and tag us like beasts with their electronic micro-chips, give up our
     humanity and become a digitized "number" in the New World Order
     "machine". Of course they must tem- porarily circumvent our freedom of
     choice -- being that most of us are ignorant of their truly
     'beneficial' intentions -- and render the masses mentally
     incapacitated through subliminal programming or brief periods of
     "abduction" utilizing their antigravity and other
     super-technologies... and implant and program the masses without their
     consent, for their own 'good'. The NazCias with their sophisticated
     and ever-advancing technology have no problem with intercepting an
     automobile on a lonely stretch of road, stalling it through the
     projection of electromagnetic pulses, rendering the occupants
     unconscious or dazed. They have no problem with programming and
     implanting them while injecting 'cover memories' through
     electro-chemically assisted tech-nosis, R.H.I.C., E.D.O.M., etc.,
     sending them on their way like a tagged animal back to pasture.
     Whether the 'aliens' that are seen working with the 'military
     personnel' during the abductions to top-secret space platforms or
     under- ground bases are real, biogenetic creations, automatons or
     whatever doesn't matter -- because the abductee's will never be told
     the full truth about their experience, only that which the
     'controllers' want them to believe. - Wol.)

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