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"[We have a choice of] a painless weeding out before birth or a more
painful and wasteful elimination of individuals [with low IQ] after birth."

-- Garrett Hardin. Biology: Its Human Implications (1949). "Do our nobly
intended welfare programs promote dysgenics -- retrogressive evolution
through the disproportionate reproduction of the genetically

-- Nobel Prize winner William Shockley Chase, quoted in Mark Haller's
Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press), 1963, page 482. "We
civilized men do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build
asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws;
and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the live of every one
to the last moment ... Thus the weak members of civilized societies
propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic
animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man."

-- Charles Darwin, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers
University Press), 1963, p. 4.

"Society as the trustee of life is responsible to life for every botched
life that comes into existence; and as it has to atone for such lives, it
ought consequently to make it impossible for them ever to see the light of
day: it should in many cases actually prevent the act of procreation, and
may, without any regard for rank, descent, or intellect, hold in readiness
the most rigorous forms of compulsion and restriction, and, under certain
circumstances, have recourse to castration ... "Thou shalt do no murder,"
is a piece of ingenuous puerility compared with "Thou shalt not beget" !!!
... The [unhealthy] must at all costs be eliminated, lest the whole fall to

-- Friedreich Nietzsche, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey:
Rutgers Press), 1963, page 53.

"No training or education can create intelligence; you must breed it."

-- British scientist Karl Pierson, Huxley Lectures, quoted in Daniel
Kelves' In the Name of Eugenics (New York: Knopf), page 3. "The social
imperialist state might well have to intervene in reproductive matters, at
least in the families of anti-social propagators of unnecessary human

-- British scientist Karl Pierson, quoted in Daniel Kelves' In the Name of
Eugenics (New York: Knopf), p. 34.

"There is now no reasonable excuse for refusing to face the fact that
nothing but a eugenics religion can save our civilization from the fate
that has overtaken all previous civilizations."

-- George Bernard Shaw, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey:
Rutgers Press), 1963, page 19.

Double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling has suggested that those who carry
"dysfunctional genes" have such information tattooed onto their fore-

-- Linus Pauling. Foreword to "Reflections on the New Biology." UCLA Law
Review , Feb. 1968, page 269.

Biologist John Maynard Smith would like to give tax breaks and bonuses to
the educated and intelligent who have children and heavily penalize others.

-- John Maynard Smith. "Eugenics and Utopia." Daedalus , Summer 1989, page

"When it comes to feelings, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They are all
mammals. They all feel pain. There is no rational basis for saying that a
human being has special rights ... 6 million people died in concentration
camps, but 6 billion chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses."

-- Ingrid Newkirk, founder and director of People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals (PETA), quoted by syndicated columnist Stephen Chapman in the
December 6, 1989 Chicago Tribune .

The last quote by animal rights activist Ingrid Newkirk in this table is
doubly amusing, not only because of its inherent outrageously illogical
nature, but also because of the fact that Sol Gordon and other
pro-abortionists who rail against the comparison between the Nazi and
American Holocausts don't seem to mind Jews being compared to feedlot

There is ample evidence that the Nazi "quality of life" ethic not only sur-
vives to this day, it flourishes and receives wide acceptance and applause.
This phenomenon is particularly evident when addressing abortion and

Dr. H.G. Whittington unconsciously betrayed the Holocaust-abortion
connection when he wrote that "The [abortion] counselor must help the
applicant [for abortion] face a painful existential dilemma: whether to
kill one nascent human being in order to enhance the quality of life of
another person ... Society legalizes abortion to enhance the quality of
human life." [21] Just as the Nazis exterminated the Jews to enhance their
'quality of human life' and Lebensraum .

This utilitarian, anti-life attitude even extends to minorities, who should
know far better than the rest of us what oppression is, and who should know
the true value of human life. For example, as a "somewhat chilling
surprise" to the researchers who did a survey of Black health workers and
opinion leaders, 73 percent of those polled approved of the involuntary
sterilization of mentally handicapped and mentally ill women. [22]

Similarity (2): Use of Newspeak.

"Neither American nor German history justifies the leap from that
proposition [that legalizing abortion is to legalize murder] to the view
that Americans reason like Nazis and have "simply declared the unborn to be

-- "Of Analogy and Abortion." The New York Times , March 15, 1984.[4]

The Purposes of Newspeak. Both the National Socialist (Nazi) movement and
the pro-abortion movement use nice-sounding words to salve the con-
sciences of their respective followers.

Despite luxuriant growths of Newspeak, the average German knew pre- cisely
what was going on. And so does the average American. But the average German
was afraid to take action. And so is the average American. Ditto for the
churches. The public and the churches, just as much as the actual killers,
use these terms to give themselves an excuse not to stop the killing. The
average do-nothing "Christian" uses these words when he talks about
abortion and infanticide with other average do-nothing "Christians."

Examples of Newspeak. Notably, both the Nazis and the American pro-
abortion movement habitually use inflammatory Newspeak as propaganda for
the purpose of degrading and dehumanizing both their victims and their

Tens of thousands of Jewish, Gypsy, and handicapped children were killed by
the "Reich Committee for Children." Those sickly persons who would be
eliminated were identified by the grandly-named "Committee for Research on
Hereditary Diseases and Constitutional Susceptibility to Severe Diseases."
These unfortunate people were carried to concentration camps by the
"Non-Profit Patient Transport Corporation," and their passage was funded by
the "Charitable Foundation for Institutional Care." [23]

The Nazis used a vast galaxy of terms when referring to the extermination
of the Jews; "resettlement," "evacuation," "clearing the area of Jews,"
"clean- sing," "disinfection," "special treatment," "moving off to labor in
the East," "injecting off," "putting to sleep like animals," "discharging,"
"cleaning-up of the Jewish question," and "the final solution to the Jewish
question" are just a few of the euphemisms they employed.

The words employed by the Nazis and the pro-abortionists to label the
essential elements of their respective Holocausts -- the victims, the
killing, the killers, the killing places, and the opposition -- are shown
in Figure 53-2. The similarities are absolutely striking.


                                             FIGURE 53-2



Ballastexistenzen -- human ballast

"Garbage" -- Dr. Christian Wirth

Sheise (shit) -- Hermann Goebbels

"Life devoid of meaning and value"

"Empty shells of human beings"

"Human weeds" -- Hermann Goebbels

"An infection" -- A. Hitler

(I might add one more appellation that was given by Aurelio Pecci, who at
the time was president of the Bavarian-backed neo-Nazi organization, the
"CLUB OF ROME", which is a major sponsor with the U.N. of the geno-
cidal "GLOBAL 2000" plan to eliminate 2 billion people by the year 2000.
Pecci stated: "Men are like INSECTS, they proliferate too much." - Wol.)


"Just like fingernail clippings or warts"

Products of conception, contents of the uterus

Abortus, conceptus, gobbet of meat

Blob of tissue, parasite, leech

Mass of protoplasm

Human waste

Pregnancy is a venereal disease



Ordinary mainstream citizens

Social psychologists

Heroes of the Aryan Race

Builders of a new social order



Ordinary mainstream citizens

Woman's choice physicians

Champions of women's choice

"Providers" of a social good



Improvement of the Aryan Race

Evacuating the afflicted/infested (urban) area

Removal of undesirable social elements

Adjustment of the social order

Evacuation, removal

Purification, cleansing



Improvement of women's health

Evacuating the afflicted/infested (uterine) area

Interruption/termination of pregnancy

Postconception fertility interruption

Venereal disease treatment

Retrospective fertility control



Resettlement camps

Brausebad -- showers

Delousing centers

Transition rooms

Welcoming facilities



Women's care centers

Procedure rooms

Reproductive health center

Transition rooms

Preterm institutes



Anti-progressives, reactionaries

Enemies of the Aryan Race

Small and vocal minority

Interfering meddlers




Non-progressives, reactionaries

Enemies of women (misogynists)

Small and vocal minority

Hysterical Bible-beaters


Ayatollah Khomeini clones (abortionist Bill Baird)

Drooling androids (abortion lawyer Ed Tiryak)

Just "Ordinary Men" ... And so, after a dozen years of this kind of
soothing and reassuring propaganda in Germany, the Nazis recruited 3,000
ordinary men from all walks of life in the Spring of 1941 for a "special

After several months of training, these 3,000 men were organized into four
special-purpose battalions ( Ersatzgruppen ) and given their assignment: To
roam the vast reaches of Eastern Europe and ruthlessly exterminate all of
the Jews and Gypsies they found.

Within nine months, these 3,000 men had killed 1.5 million men, women and
children -- an average of 500 murders per man! Some of the killers were
sickened at first, but soon grew used to the ceaseless slaughter. For month
after month, they killed 8,000 people per day (they got weekends off), and
their leaders -- who were specially trained and instructed to watch for
psychological impacts among the men -- reported almost none.

After the war, hundreds of these men underwent intensive and detailed
psychological tests on the belief that they were psychopaths specifically
recruited by the Nazis for their genocidal task. But the Summary Report
found that there were no more psychological anomalies in this group than in
the general population. The only characteristic common to all of them was
that they were all completely desensitized to violence and killing.[24]

In other words, they were just ordinary Germans. They were, in a word, just
like ordinary Americans.

Most of the Nazi killers of the World War II concentration camps were also
perfectly ordinary human beings, as described in Christopher Browning's
book Ordinary Men (Harper-Collins, 1992). Browning describes the activities
of a military reserve unit, the 101st Police Battalion, which was comprised
entirely of Bremerhaven steel- workers.

It was the job of these men to "process" new arrivals at the Polish
concentration camps, including Auschwitz. When trainloads of Jews and other
"undesirables" would arrive at the camps, the steelworkers would first
separate small children from their mothers. Then they would slaughter the
mothers. And then they killed the little children with clear consciences,
since, without mothers, their "quality of life" ( Leben- squalitat ) would
be too low.[25]

And so, the members of this unit -- which consisted entirely of perfectly
ordinary people -- slaughtered thousands of little two-and three-year old
girls and boys, and claimed at the Nuremburg trials that they were merely
participating in "acts of mercy."

A Bogus Comparison? Pro-abortionists (especially 'Jewish' pro- aborts) will
scoff at the idea that Americans have been desensitized to violence. They
will simply claim that no rogue battalions wander the countryside
slaughtering millions in the United States.

What is the truth? Have Americans been desensitized to violence towards the
preborn -- or have they not?

Pro-aborts are not really raving demons, although they may appear to be at
times. They are perfectly ordinary human beings -- just like you and me --
who just happen to have bought into the deadly "quality of life" ethic.

Today, abortion clinic workers echo the same words used by the Bremerhaven
steelworkers as they fruitlessly tried to defend themselves against charges
of mass murder and genocide at the Nuremburg trials. Many abortuary staff
have candidly admitted that, if it were legal to kill perfectly healthy
four-and five-year old boys and girls in clinics, they would gladly help.

A typical interview;

Question: "Oh, so as long as you make money, it doesn't matter?"

Clinic Employee: "As long as it's food in my stomach, no, it doesn't
matter. It is legal ... It is legal ... It is legal!"

Question: "So if they legalized killing four-year-old children, you would
have no problem?"

Clinic Employee: "No, I would not have a problem ... My conscience is very
clear ..."[26]

If this is not a classic example of desensitization, what is?

If we have not been desensitized, why do late-term abortionists describe
the process of desensitization in precisely the same words that the German
"ordinary men" did: "You have to become a bit schizophrenic. In one room
you encourage the patient that the slight irregularity of the fetal heart
is not important, everything is going well, she is going to have a nice
baby, and then you shut the door and go into the next room and assure
another patient on whom you just did a saline abortion that it's fine if
the heart is already irregular, she has nothing to worry about, she is not
going to have a live baby. I mean you definitely have to make a 180-degree
turn, but somehow it evolved in my own mind gradually, and I have no
trouble now making the switch ..."[27]

If we have not become desensitized, how can abortionist Warren Hern calmly
and dispassionately describe the dismembering of a two- or-three pound
viable baby like this: "We have reached a point in this particular
technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction
on the part of the operator. It is before one's eyes. The sensations of
dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current ... The
procedure changes significantly at 21 weeks because the fetal tissues
become much more cohesive and difficult to dismember ... A long curved Mayo
scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus."[28]
(Note: When a person's heart stops beating, or flat-lines, then we say that
the person is "legally dead". Should we not by this same reasoning say that
a fetus is "legally alive" shortly into the pregnancy when its heart STARTS
beating? Again, why is it "legal" for an abort- ionist to sever a child's
head from its body during an induced birth so long as part of the child is
still in the birth passage -- "late term abortion"; and it is "murder" to
do the same thing immediately after an induced birth once the child is
fully delivered? Who makes these "laws", the Supreme Court? Who made THEM
God??? - Wol.)

If we are not desensitized, how can another late-term abortionist compare
pulling apart viable babies "like chickens?": "It's difficult to pull apart
a chicken when it is newly killed. You have to cook it first, and then it
comes apart very easily. It's the same here [when doing a late-term

And how can a nurse sound almost joyous at the prospect of assisting at
late-term prostaglandin abortions: "It's a really interesting thing that is
happening. It's fascinating, when you can think about it clinically and not
get involved in the babies, or the people ... Several times I saw really
beautiful things happen, I mean it's physically beauti- ful. (Tell that to
the child! - Wol.) Sometimes you can see the vagina opening up and the
entire thing coming out at once ... It's a really interesting thing, and it
got me very excited."[27]

Finally, how can we compare living unborn babies to warts if we have not
become desensitized to the unceasing slaughter that is happening in our own
communities right now : "For the most part it [fetal remains] is thrown out
like in many doctors' offices. If you had a wart removed or whatever
(chuckle) you could make that analogy."[30]

Most appalling and frightening of all, how can the majority of the American
public believe that abortion is the killing of a living human being -- yet
still want to keep the procedure "safe and legal" -- if it has not been
profoundly desensitized?

Similarity (3): Justifying the Holocausts.

The perpetrators of any oppression must rationalize their actions for two
reasons: (1) to try to fool the public, and (2) to try to fool themselves.

The greater the offense against humanity, the more aggressive the
propaganda and the deeper the self-deception.

Unlike the Nazi Holocaust, the American Holocaust has had millions of
perpetrators, some ignorant of, and some in complete command of, the facts.
The most pervasive and deceptive propaganda is directed to- wards the
perpetrators of the American Holocaust -- those women who have had or are
about to have abortions.

Figure 53-3 shows some of these self-excusing rationalizations. Notice the
heavy dependence on the idea that "if it's legal , it's right ." Notice
also that physicians are not killers, just "instruments," as if they were
dull and simple tools without judgment, morals, or discernment. Finally,
notice that the appeals to the public are framed in terms of "the common

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