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 [PART 42] The following article, titled "THE ASSASSINS" [from: KPFA.,
Berkeley, California -- June 2, 1984], was released by John Judge., P.O.
Box 6586., T St. Station NW., Washington, DC 20009: Remarks by independent
researcher John Judge. 1) [One] must understand that the US intelligence
network, and its worldwide network of intelligence operations and connected
foreign agencies kill people. They carry out both specific hits on
political targets broad and domestically as well. They also have as their
goal the control of human minds. What Orwell called "the space between our
ears". For thirty years they have experimented on methods of mind control,
under the code name MKULTRA, and other programs. Again both individual and
mass control. 2) These intelligence networks have a name, CIA, DIA (Defense
Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), and include a world
intelligence network since WWII that interlinks British, Nazi, US and
Russian intelli- gence operatives (Note: As I've indicated throughout these
files, all of these are apparently and ultimately controlled by such
BAVARIAN secret societies as the Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Thule, Vril,
O.T.O., Rosicrucians, and all of the many other Bavarian cults which were
collectively integrated into the "Nazi" agenda. - Wol.). 3) They are an
extension of an international FASCIST network. NAZI SS men escaped
punishment after the war with the help of US intelligence. SPIES,
SCIENTISTS and MILITARY MEN went around the world under the cover of the
GERMAN BND. Hundreds of AEROSPACE, and MUNITIONS experts formed our
MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. To fund themselves and to maintain control
abroad, they also recruited and used trained assassins, mercenaries,
provocateurs, and torturers. These people carried out hits, assassinations,
paramilitary operations and terror- ism, and continue to the present day.
They are financed by the international traffick in drugs (esp. opium and
cocaine), arms sales and taxes by the govern- ments and military structures
they control... 4) Recruitment, cover and movement is handled by a
combination of dummy front corporations, foreign governments, [feigned]
evangelical operations, and co-operative government officials here at home.
5) Examples of specific hits: Patrice Lamumba of the Congo, Salvador
Allende in Chile (Green Berets), the Guevara (same), Malcolm X, the Kennedy
brothers, Martin Luther King, and more recent deaths like Congressman Leo
Ryan, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan... and Jessica Savitch and David Kennedy
(Don't forget the assassinations involved in "NAZ-CIA" coup d'etats of
foreign governments. - Wol.) 6) Examples of mass murders: Phoenix program
in Vietnam, Chemical Bio- logical Warfare experiments on large populations
(Cuba), Jonestown murders, and the continued killing of psychiatric
patients (300,000 in Nazi Germany). 7) Training: London Sunday Times,
February, 1978, revealed that at a Nato Conference on Stress Reduction a
Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narut stationed in Naples, admitted to a training
program for killers. Candidates were military men already convicted of
murder and released for this purpose. Others were chosen based on the use
of MMPI psychological tests for a "passive-aggressive" personality, or
inkblot tests for strong (violent) reactions to color. These people were
then trained to be part of "combat readiness units", commando operations
that would work out of US embassies to carry out political assassinations
abroad. Training involved three steps: weapons training, disaffection from
the emotional response to violence, and dehuman- ization of the enemy
target in the killer's mind. The disaffection was accom- plished by locking
their head and eyes in clamps, forcing them to watch films of violence, and
asking questions unrelated to the violent acts. Similar to CLOCKWORK ORANGE
methods shown in the popular film. Once no emotional response registered to
violence, they were ready to be program- med with RACIST and dehumanizing
myths and lies about the target populations involved. * * * * * * * 'UFO'
Magazine, edited by Vickie Cooper, carried an article in its Vol.6, No.5
issue, titled THE SECRET LIFE OF FRED L. CRISMAN, by veteran writer on
financial conspiracy, Anthony L. Kimory. (The following is based on notes
taken from Kimory's article, as well as a few of my own comments and
observations thrown in. - Wol.): The article dealt with Fred Crisman's
connection with PROJECT PAPERCLIP -- a top-secret operation which brought
Nazi scientists into America as part of a program to duplicate Nazi flying
discs, and to develop other revolutionary technologies. This operation was
not actually carried out by the U.S. Constitutional government as we know
it, but by a branch of German (Bavarian) Intelligence which had INFILTRATED
American Intelligence with the help of fifth column secret society members
and Nazi sympathisers within American Intel- ligence agencies who helped to
form the CIA. Some years later this fascist cabal working within the CIA
took control of large segments of the U.S. government and intelligence
agencies through an internal fascist coup d'etat which involved the death
of President John Fitz- gerald Kennedy. From that point on the Congress
ceased to be the supreme ruling power in America, and the CIA-NSA-MJ12
"Military Industrial" [Nazi] government gained the upper hand... In recent
years however the original Constitutional-based government has been making
a come-back, with the help of the Navy Intelligence COM-12 agency and
American Patriots who are beginning to wake up to what really began
happening in this country from 1947 and onward. James Garrison, the
Louisiana attorney depicted by Kevin Costner in the movie 'JFK' [who
investigated the John F. Kennedy assassination reportedly discovered the
connection between Crisman and PAPERCLIP. The Paperclip Project sent elite
teams of scientists and investigators, known as 'T-Forces', into Europe to
confiscate all documents, files, hard- ware in German labs, and even
scientific personnel who were involved in the Nazi aerospace research, an
operation which led to the great European 'brain drain' following WWII.
That is, all of the 'brains' that were left in Germany following the
massive escape operation to Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica during the closing
months of the war... and those 'minds' who remained certainly weren't the
'cream' of the German- Austrian intellectual 'crop'. The plan was to
develop discoid antigravity- type aircraft similar to those which the Nazis
had experimented with. The Army, Navy, Army Air Force, CIA and OSS
reportedly assisted in the 'T-Forces' and 'Paperclip' Projects, according
to Kimory. Several high-ranking Nazis who assisted in the 'atrocities' were
brought to America also, and their crimes suppressed. Many of these worked
at the Peenemunde Aerodynamics Institute, which built the V-2 rockets,
German fighter jets, etc., using forced slave labor from the Karlshagen
concentration camp. Peenemunde scientists, under PROJECT PAPERCLIP,
according to Kimory, have secretly CONTROL- LED the U.S. rocketry,
aerospace and space projects for over 20 years, with the majority of those
at NASA being oblivious of the fact. Perhaps this explains the unreasonably
'bad luck' that NASA has experienced in its OVERT space program, not to
mention the fact that with all of the incredible technological advancements
that have been made since the cessation of the moon-shots of 1969-70, the
USA has not 'officially' carried out any further attempts at lunar
exploration. Then again, there are many sources who claim that NASA is 'for
public show' only, and that the REAL and COVERT space projects are being
run by these techno-fascists in the CIA and NSA behind-the-scenes, who are
making every effort to keep America in general from establishing a foothold
in space. Kimory claims that Wernher von Braun and Kurt Davis, heads of
Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center, were both active
Nazi S.S. agents even after they were brought into America with the help of
Nazi infiltrators and sympathizers in U.S. Intelligence. James Garrison had
arrested Clay Shaw on conspiracy to murder JFK, linking him with the CIA.
However, when Garrison's star witness David Ferrie was found dead only a
few days before Clay Shaw's trial, Garrison did not have enough against
Shaw to make a conviction. It was later discovered in a FOIA document in
1977 that Clay Shaw HAD BEEN in the CIA since 1949. Garrison also linked
Fred L. Crisman to Clay Shaw, and in fact sources indicate that Crisman was
the first one Clay Shaw called when Shaw learned that he was in trouble. Is
was discovered that Shaw was in business with European NAZIS and FASCISTS
who were involved in covert operations sponsored by the CIA, according to
the article. Shaw was also allegedly tied-in with the O.S.S. Crisman, who
worked as a go-between in the Military-Industrial establishment (especially
the aerospace companies which were the major beneficiaries of Project
Paperclip) was believed by Garrison to be a 'middle man' within a
deep-level intelligence network, working in- between those who gave the
orders (which included assassinations) and those who carried them out.
Garrison also believed that Crisman was involved with the men who carried
out the JFK assassination, and Crisman had also made several trips to
Dallas just prior to JFK's death, which is why Garrison subpoenaed him.
Crisman was also involved with a government program to 'help gypsies', was
tied-in with the O.S.S., and was a member of a secret fraternity of former
Intelligence officers, and was also involved with organized crime,
according to Garrison's investigations. Of course the strangest aspect of
the Crisman connection was that it was Fred L. Crisman himself who handed
over 'metal-slag' samples that were reportedly found after a 'UFO' [one of
six 'donut- shaped' vehicles observed -- remember, the Nazis had developed
jet-turbine engines that were 'donut-shaped' in configuration rather than
cylindrical] dropped the substance over the Maurey Island area near Tacoma,
Washington in 1947, killing a dog and injuring one person who was on a boat
in Tacoma harbor in the process. Crisman handed the samples to two Army G-2
Intelligence officers, Capt. William L. Davidson and Lt. Frank M. Brown. On
their way to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (where several German
Peenemunde scientists reportedly worked) with the 'classi- fied' material,
their plane crashed and both were killed. News reports of the time
mentioned that the plane MAY have been sabotaged. Frank Brown's widow did
in fact state her conviction that her husband was murdered. In addition to
this, a particularly persistent reporter into the Maurey Island episode
died shortly after the investigation, and Kenneth Arnold (who had his Mt.
Rainier sighting and almost fatal engine failure only a few days later)
reported that his room, where he often discussed the Maurey Island case
with United Airlines Captain E. J. Smith, had been bugged. Kimory suggests
that the Maurey Island UFO may have been a 'hybrid' of the Nazi UFO designs
developed by the Military-Industrial Establishment and PROJECT PAPERCLIP,
which might explain the mystery. [For more information on 'Project
Paperclip', see also: SECRET AGENDA, by Linda Hunt. St. Martins Press.
1991]. * * * * * * *
                       History Repeated: The Circle

Caesar gave the order to burn Rome, and his soldiers burned it.
The Christians were blamed. This gave Caesar the excuse to perse-
cute the Christians (for proof, see the movie "Barabbas").  History

In 1828, gold was discovered in Georgia on Cherokee land. This
gave President Andrew Jackson the excuse to persecute the
Cherokee people, resulting in stockades and the "Trail of Tears."
Adolph Hitler admired the stockades and used this method to
eliminate the Jewish people (proof: "Hitler," by John Toland, also
the "Cherokee Phoenix" of May 14, 1828). History repeats!!!

In 1945 President Truman's motorcade passed by the gutted-
out German Reichstag in Berlin. The building had been the seat
of the German Republic. It had been burned by the Nazis, and
the Russians were blamed. This action put Hitler into power as
dictator (proof: the book "Truman" by David McCullough, p. 414).
History repeats!!!

An evil element of the U.S. government's CIA, known as the
"Committee of Ten," admittedly blew up the Federal Building
in Oklahoma City. The blame was put on Timothy McVeigh (a
"throw-away/patsy" like Lee Harvey Oswald). The children were
murdered to procure sympathy, money, power, and control over
the American people, and the "Constitution-loving" people known
as patriots are BLAMED (proof: see Internet, also Associated
Press Investigation -- Call EDT Short-wave Channel 12160, satellite
Galaxy 6,5-G2 transponder 14). Two CIA agents, James Black
and Ron Jackson, admit to Boswell they were part of the "Com-
mittee of Ten" who blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building
on April 29, 1995.  They gave sworn affidavits to U.S. Justice
Department officials. They are in hiding until the case comes to
court. On the Dan Gregory Radio Talk Show WPBR 1540, Florida,
Ted Gunderson, retired FBI Regional Director... tells how two explo-
sions occurred, and that the bomb used was called a barometric
bomb, or "daisy cutter." The fertilizer bomb was also a smoke
screen. The ATF Office was the blast target [so that the ATF could
'blame' patriot militia groups for the attack, and also gain public sym-
pathy for gun control? - Wol.] -- and ALL 17 ATF EMPLOYEES DID
NOT SHOW UP FOR WORK that morning.  Call CNN News for a
transcript of CNN News correspondent's Gary Tuchman's May 29,
1995, CNN News interview with Edye Smith, a mother who lost two
children. She wanted to know if government employees had advance
warning of the blast because her two little boys, Chase (3 years) and
Colton (2 years), had none. "WE'RE [all the mothers who lost children]
BEING TOLD TO KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT, not talk about it, don't
ask those questions." History repeats! ! !

A Yugoslav man spoke in 1945 after World War II was over [during
which] thousands of American boys died. He said when the Nazis
came to power in 1939, they went door to door and beat up and arrested
the Polish people. I did not say anything, or make a move to help them
for I was not Polish. Then the Nazis went after the homosexuals. Again
I did nothing. Then the Nazis went after the Jewish people. I did nothing.
They took the guns away from the people. I did nothing. Then the Nazis
came for me. No one spoke for me. No one. NOBODY.


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