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 [PART 4]


THIS IS NO JOKE! On July 4, 2002, at a UFO convention in Arcadia, CA, Mr.
Michael Younger, a member of the super-secret COM-12 group and a scientist
who worked at Groom Lake, Area 51 in Nevada, stunned the audience of over
200 people with the following incredible information, which, if true,
endangers the lives and freedoms of every American. Here is the amazing
scenario of the planned events:

[Remember, the following information was first revealed around the time of
the L.A. Riots]

Beginning in August of this year, 2002, a conspiracy long at work behind
the scenes of our government, will make its first overt move. These
conspirators plan to create a dictatorship in the United States, suspend
our Constitution and attempt to confiscate all guns and firearms in
American homes. Stage 1 being to create "race riots" in major U.S. cities
such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc.; these to begin in August. This
will be preceded by a month of subliminal programming via TV and other
media to condition the people for civil war in the United States. The
accent will be on rap records such as "Body Count" released by Time-Warner
(a Rockefeller corporation) by musicians "Ice Tea" and "Sister Solj" whose
lyrics in such songs as "Cop Killers" are designed to inflame and polarize
its listeners. These rap songs contain such lines as "kill white
policemen," "kill the pigs", "kill whitey", and "Why not kill whitey, if he
can kill us?" etc.

In August Stage 2, code-named "Operation Hot August Nights" will take
effect. Special agents of the conspiracy, masquerading as police, will open
fire on minorities, namely Black Americans and Hispanics and Orientals.
Other agents will set off incendiary bombs as they did recently in the Los
Angeles riots, which essentially was a "test case" that surpassed the
expectations of the conspirators. These special agents, masquerading as
police, massacre these Blacks and minor- ities and fire at the real
policemen. This brings in more police and the riots escalate. "Skin heads"
and other gangs, already fully armed, join in the fray. The real police,
vastly outnumbered, cannot handle the rioting. The National Guard is called
in and fired upon by [other] special agents masquerading as gang members,
who also enlist other gang members to fight the police and national
guardsmen. These riots continue through August, with many minority
Americans slaughtered in major cities.

[Although this did not come off as planned in August -- possibly be- cause
the project had been compromised -- the Globalist plans are still in
effect, even if they have experienced temporary postponement or set-back.
Also, a growing number of reports of United Nations mili- tary equipment
being seen passing through U.S. communities on trains, etc., have been
surfacing in recent years. I personally have learned of a few related
incidents. I have come across reports of National Guards- men undergoing
specialized house-to-house search and seizure training and urban warfare
tactics. I was also told that two men who managed to sneak into a Federal
military plane 'graveyard' outside of Phoenix, Arizona had came across
several freight train box-cars in which they discovered what they estimated
to be from 2 to 3 million brand new SHACKLES that were apparently being
stored there, just waiting to be used! Keep THIS in mind while reading the
following references to po- tential U.N. involvement in the attempted
takeover - Wol.]

State 3: In September, President Bush calls in United Nations troops to
quash the riots and restore law and order. American troops had indicated
they did not wish to fight against American civilians. Bush executes
Executive Orders, already in effect, which now give the UN forces complete
rights and freedom to enter American homes, to confiscate all devices that
are capable of communicating information, which includes video cameras,
VCRs, computers, mimeographs, any- thing that can print, copy machines,
etc. These troops are furnished certain lists of names, particularly those
known as "Patriots" and these patriots and their families are rounded up
first, and if not exe- cuted on the spot, are sent to any of the 13 [major]
concentration camps now fully activated in the United States. There is
nobody left to tell what really happened. Curious neighbors will be told it
was a justified "drug raid." Those who escape to the hills and mountains
are hunted down by 'search and destroy' troops, specially trained for
mountain warfare. During September all borders will be closed down, as well
as airports. No one is allowed to leave the United States.

Stage 4: In October an "official" announcement will be carried live on TV,
that extraterrestrial aliens, probably Zeta Reticuli 'Greys' have invaded
the Earth, with some actual aliens [revealed] on the show. (This is
actually a fake invasion). The aliens have been on Earth for many years,
[and] made treaties and agreements with our governments; there are millions
of them in secret underground complexes such as Dulce, New Mexico, which
are responsible for the abduction of American children and citizens and the
cattle mutilations documented in books and on TV, such as the recent
special "Intruders". This announcement will cause the entire world to
mobilize under UN supervision to fight the 'invaders'.

[Note: Various sources state that the 'aliens' were originally FROM earth
but went underground or left the planet after a prehistoric war with our
ancestors. They are believed to be 'returning' from wherever it is they
disappeared to. Some suggest that if the "aliens" really exist, they are
reptilian-hominoid in form and may tie-in with an ancient mutated species
of the bi-pedic saurians that once dominated the planet -- such as the
velociraptors or the stenonychosaurus-equallus which possessed oppos- able
fingers and an unusually large brain capacity -- yet which somehow
continued to develop via mutation, natural selection or survival of the
fit- test/most intelligent and environmental adaptation, enabling them to
mani- pulate matter and eventually invent and create mechanical devices of
ever- increasing complexity. The famous disc-crash at Roswell, New Mexico
reportedly involved these reptilian - saurian 'grays', which have also been
referred to as the 'serpent race' or the 'reptiloids'. From a theological
perspective, they would tie-in with the infernal reptilian 'race' described
in the 3rd chapter of Genesis and the 12th chapter of Revelation. 'Aliens'
supposedly made a treaty with the Bavarians, and later this treaty spread
to the CIA and NSA with the Nazi infiltration of American Intelligence. One
'scenario' presented by 'Ufological' researchers based on the testimonies
of alleged 'abductees' and so on is that these 'Reptiloids' are returning
from Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticuli, Capella and something
called the 'Unholy Six' star systems of Orion, to where they escaped in
ages past after losing a war of domination for the surface of the planet
that was waged against our ancestors. The theory states that our ancestors
were much more intelligent than we give them credit for, and that following
the war many of them went literally underground, others left the planet
altogether, and those who remained on the surface reverted back to
barbarism and lost the science and knowledge they once possessed -- or were
deliberately denied this knowledge by a secret elite called the
"Illuminati" who sought to horde the ancient sciences all to themselves
while at the same time deny them to the common man. This 'Illuminati' had
no problem in collaborating with the reptilians, as both had the common
goal of dominating the human race. The Bavarians supposedly maintain
contact with an interstellar collaboration or electronic collective
intelligence called the "Ashtar" or "Astarte" collective which is made up
of both human and reptilian beings operating in Sirius, Arcturus,
Aldebaran, Altair and within our own Sol system. The
pre-Nordics/pre-Scandinavians whose kingdom once lay in what is now the
Gobi desert who warred against the serpent race which had its empire in
Antarctica in ancient times, later learned how to manipulate hyperspace and
using Tachyon warp-field physics commenced to colonize and terraform such
star systems as Vega Lyra, Tau Ceti, Taygeta Pleiades, Procyon, and certain
stars in the Andro- meda 'constellation' according to various 'contactees'.
Unlike the Interventionist Reptiloids, these Humanoid cousins of ours
established a vast Non-Interventionist "Federation" -- yes, just like in
STAR TREK -- which has waged war aftar war throughout the centuries and
millenia against the vampirial 'Draconian' races. Such wars were waged in
Lyra, Orion, Procyon, Sirius and more recently in the SOL system. As for
the 'Draconians', they are now reportedly using an undiscovered frozen
planet or solidified protostar which never ignited, on the verge of this
system -- which is non-orbital and always in line with the west sector of
Orion as seen from planet earth -- as a staging base in an attempt to
re-take the planet for themselves. They intend to do this by using human
allies to help establish an electronic system of absolute global control,
possibly along the lines of the 'mark of the beast' of Revelation prophecy.
This staging base or planet, "Nemesis", has reportedly been sending carrier
ships disguised as asteroids or comets -- Hale-Bopp? -- into this system
since at least 1953 at which time newspapers reported that two 'asteroids'
had simultaneously taken up geosynchronous orbits around the earth,
something which is next to impossible unless they were intelligently
directed. The saurian 'grays' are reportedly using these carrier ships as
opera- tional centers in the collaborative Draconian-Ashtarian-Bavarian
abduction and 'implantation' of millions of people throughout the globe in
preparation for the joint New World Order. Upwards of 20 million 'reptiloid
gray' forces have allegedly entrenched themselves in a vast network of
underground bases throughout the world in preparation for the final joint
Bavarian-Reptilian assault against the last bastian of freedom, America.
Now according to some, this may all be no more than fantasy and science
fiction designed to confuse the issue concerning the actual 'abductors' or
'mind-benders'. If you cannot accept the explanation above, then amuse
yourself with this "sci-fi scenario" if that is how you wish to see it,
HOWEVER remember that weather or not real and tangible "aliens" exist, the
IDEA of "aliens" is an integral part of the internal workings of the global
conspiracy, whether belief in aliens is being used to divert attention from
top secret Bavarian Illuminati space projects or whether the Bavarian
forces are actually engaged in a continuing unholy alliance with non-human
entities. As former Naval Intelligence worker William Cooper has stated,
whether the aliens exist or not does not exclude the fact that the IDEA of
an alien threat is being used by the global manipulators to justify their
"New World Order". Perhaps just as in Korea when the United Nations
mobilized U.S. forces to fight "Communism" while at the same time
pro-Communist U.N. officials were betraying our troop movements and plans
to the Reds according to General Douglass MacCarthur... could an
interplanetary version of this scenario be in the works, with the New World
Order taking the place of the United Nations, and the 'Alien Grays' taking
the place of the 'Commun- ists'?:

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much
unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal
threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how
quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from
outside this world. And yet, I ask you, IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG
US?" -- President Ronald Reagan., Remarks made to the 42nd General Assembly
of the United Nations., Sept. 21, 1987

Would the more likely scenario be for those in power to bow down in
absolute terror and worship of the aliens and their superior technology,
being inclined to sell themselves over to this threat -- as well as the
rest of the world with them -- with the vain hope that the enemy would give
them special treatment and rewards once this world is under their control?
If such an enemy [if it does in fact exist] possessed the same character
that defines your average Bavarian Illuminist, then the best they could
hope for would be for the 'aliens' to dispose of these human pawns once
their usefulness has run its course. General Douglass MacArthur pre- dicted
that the next world war would be fought against an other-worldly force in
outer space. Did he have some inside scoop that has evaded the rest of us?
Another perspective would be that even if 'Star Wars' become a reality,
then this does not mean that both sides of the conflict would actually be
FROM space. They could just as easily be from earth. MacArthur as stated
above voiced his suspicions that during the Korean war, Communist officials
within the U.N. were preventing him from going after certain targets, and
at the same time were betraying his troops' positions. It was only because
of his defiance of these U.N. dictates that MacArthur was able to bring
about a quick end to the war with his sudden decisive attack on Inchon,
which he kept secret from his supposed 'superiors' in the U.N. The point
that I'm trying to make is that whether the aliens exist or not, the U.N.
will use the "threat" to pull all nations into a world govern- ment
through fear or intimidation. If the threat IS real then the counter-
attack will be a total farce in that the Bavarians according to different
sources already maintain a long-standing treaty with the 'Grays' and their
taller 'Reptiloid' masters. It will be a no-win war like in Vietnam wherein
American troops were also betrayed for the sake of U.N. plans for a New
World Order. The Bavarian-backed U.N. officials established a secret treaty
with the Communists during the Korean conflict and maintained the ruse that
they were also fighting the Communists. If an alien threat exists and the
U.N. uses this threat as a justification to impose a one-world government
even though 'they' maintain a secret alliance or at least tolarance with
the 'enemy', then you can be sure that this 'war' will also be a no-win
situation. They impose a world government to fight the 'threat'. A world
government requires complete totalitarian restrictions. Once the global
dictatorship is established and national sovereignties are destroyed the
entire planet can be controlled by a relatively small group of individuals.
This small group of individuals, if they are allowed to survive, then turns
the planet over to their alien 'masters' and recieve their 'reward'. Is all
of this merely science fiction? Did the Illumini invent the alien threat or
are they taking advantage of an existing reality? I suppose time will
tell... - Wol.]

During November the chaos continues and more UN troops pour into the United
States, mostly mercenaries who have fought in African nations and other
'hot spots' previously. (The butchery of these troops is well documented).

Stage 5: In December a well-planned "crash" of the stock market will occur,
a dramatic drop to at least 1500 on the DJ Industrial Average. This event
[is] planned to further weaken, panic and confuse the popu- lation.

Stage 6: In February or March, 1993, President Bush will be assassin- ated
by the conspirators and Vice President Dan Quayle will become President of
the United States (this an option if Bush moves too slowly). The
Constitution of the United States is suspended and the people are now
living under martial law in a totally FASCIST state.

Who are these conspirators? According to Mike Younger, at the end of World
War II, Nelson Rockefeller brought 3000 high Nazi party officials from
Germany illegally into the U.S., without permission. As of today it is
believed there are now 1.6 million Nazis in the U.S., many high in
government and major corporations, such as Atlantic Richfield in New
Jersey. Incredibly, these Nazi fascists are attempting to set up a "4th
Reich" to continue the thousand-year plan of Adolph Hitler, [with its
intent] to eventually eliminate "non Aryan" people such as Jews, Blacks and
other 'dissidents'. In January, 2000, when the "real" alien invasion
occurs, the planet will be officially turned over to the alien invaders,
the Nazi rulers expecting to get 25% of the Earth for themselves.

The writers of this document did not originate the above material, but are
simply passing this information along to you to do with what you feel is
necessary. We have no way of knowing that these things will happen (we hope
and pray they do not), but if any of the above should occur, you can rest
assured the balance of this evil scenario will follow. Their two main
immediate goals are to disarm American citizens and suspend our




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From: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) Newsgroups:
alt.conspiracy,alt.alien.visitors,talk.politics.guns Subject: FILE: UFO
WORLD ORDER Message-ID: <2002Aug29.193917.15933@bilver.uucp> Date: 29 Aug
92 19:39:17 GMT Organization: W. J. Vermillion - Winter Park, FL Lines: 515

---- UFO NAZI OCTOBER SURPRISE --------------------------------

Mind Control Projects Out of Atlantic

[...more information from the Arcadia, California conference which featured
Michael Younger, a member of the secret Navy Intelligence unit COM-12,
which is attempting to maintain a rear-guard defense of the U.S.
Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Indepen- dence. They are
engaged in an intense "intelligence war" with the CIA's "AQUARIUS"
organization, which is involved in a conspiracy to implement a fascist New
World Order upon the citizens of the United States - Wol.]

Many of these [Nazis] became agents of the Central intelli- gence Agency
(CIA), NASA, also NSA, and in the FBI and other government agencies, so
that the Nazis had more or less totally infiltrated the United States
government in many of the most key and sensitive positions...

They also were used in and given jobs within many of the corpor- ations
owned by the ROCKEFELLERS, including ATLANTIC RICH- FIELD. It was through
Atlantic Richfield that much of the mind control programs were implemented
and used...

Ones of the Nazi's [Doctor's], working with 300 elite scientists on these
projects, developed a certain drug that could be used on children
[inducing] severe pain and torture, where the child would normally black
out, and become uncon- scious. The doctor could administer or inject the
drug and it would keep the child from blacking out, and thus the doctor
could then inflict greater pain, going far beyond the thresh- old of human
endurance, which in turn would allow the mind of the child to become
totally wiped out, a total blank so that the child forgot identity, forgot
personal identity, forgot even how to add or subtract or carry on

Mind-Controlled Children Used as Sex Slaves

The child would need to be totally programmed from the beginning, starting
from a blank consciousness. This technique of brainwashing or mind control
allowed them to create whatever kind of person they wanted. They cre- ated
many of these children to become sex slaves for their own kind, and those
children then became used by others for as long as they were wanted, to be
disposed of when the [person] was tired of them or finished with them.

According to this [Michael Younger's] tape, the being respon- sible for
distributing the children among various Nazis for sex use was named Larry
King, not the Larry King of the television and talk-show host, but a
younger man, a different person, who would barter in human souls and sell
these children to men for sex purposes, for parties or for whatever,
allowing them total ownership of the child as though the child were simply
an object.

The [Nazis] were free to destroy the child or to keep the child... Some of
the children were used for satanic purposes according to the tape. They
were used for satanic rituals which, in some of the rituals, included being
skinned alive and having the heart pulled out of the child while the child
is still living...

[This] Larry King would sell these children, making huge amounts of money
for these various purposes, and if the children did not work out, they were
simply disposed of. In many cases, if they were brought back to be disposed
of, they would be sent to the Atlantic Richfield complex in New Jersey and
the complex would work with the children to try to 'salvage' them.
[re-enforce a state of mindless automatic obe- dience]

Atlantic Richfield Complex Scene of Mass Child Murders & Burials

If this did not work they were simply taken out into the back area and shot
and put into a trench which had been dug by a bulldozer and the bulldozer
would then move dirt over them...

"The Milk Carton Kids and What the Nazis are Doing to them"

( Joseph Mengele, Hitler's Evil Doctor is Alive and Well )

Mike Younger discussed...what is termed the "Milk Carton Kids," the
disappearing children of this nation whose faces appear on milk cartons...
many of these children have been abducted by Nazis and [the tape] speaks in
particular of a program...which is directed toward mind control. [Note:
Several of these 'programmed' children were re- portedly abducted from
Manhattan and elsewhere and used in secret mind-control experiments funded
by the Nazis, that were carried out by the CIA in the underground base
below an old AF base at Montauk Point, Long Island. There were also several
other 'bases' that were being used for the same purpose, that were tied-in
with the "Montauk Project". According to one source, as many as 30,000
"missing children" were used in these projects, although nothing has been
revealed as to what became of them. There are 1.5 million missing children
reports in the United States every year. Most of these are repeat runaways,
spouse abductions, lost or abducted children who are later found and so on.
However approximately 75,000 of these are ultimately "unexplained", which
in most cases means they are abducted. So, it is reasonable to state that
some 75,000 children turn missing every year and are never recovered -

Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor that worked most closely with Adolf Hitler,
was not yet dead as reports have indicated... Dr. Mengele was still
operating a mind control center in Florida, which specialized in
manipulating the minds of children.

The idea of dealing with children fascinated the Nazis because their minds
were already easily controlled and easier to alter than were adults. Plus,
they had the ability to control them with greater ease because of size, and
also they had the ability to use a mind- controlled child according to the
way they wished.

Mike Younger, speaking of this, told of how he and his lawyer had
infiltrated the Nazi groups and had gone to the New Jersey Atlantic
Richfield complex to a meeting of Nazis and throughout the day they kept
hearing intermittent shots. [Note: The Brook- haven National Laboratories
which assisted in the Montauk Projects is also located in New Jersey, and
there is also a strong neo-Nazi or white-supremist political movement
active in this area as well. In addition to this, the Standard-Exxon Oil
Company which during WWII established a merger with the Nazi Company I. G.
Farben, which utilized slave labor, is also based in New Jersey. Not to
mention the I.T.T. complex in New Jersey as well, which is owned and
controlled largely by the German KRUPP family who built munitions plants
for Adolph Hitler and also provided vast amounts of funding for the
microwave-mind-control experiments which began at Montauk in the early
1980's. Those Patriots who are native to that area should keep on the
lookout for any leads on Nazi activity there and, once they have discovered
signs of such activity they should cautiously investigate, document, and
expose it for all to see. - Wol.]

They did not know what those shots were until they were taken to another
place over-looking the site of the complex and they saw the children being
taken out, forced to kneel down by the trench and shot in the back of the
head with .22 pistols. After three or four would be shot, the bulldozer
would move forward a few feet, covering them, and then the process would
begin again. Each time a few would be shot and fall into the trench, and
the bulldozer would move dirt over them.

[Michael Younger], speaking to a group of approximately 200 or so people in
Arcadia, explained all of this; the lawyer who had accompanied him became
so frightened of the story and of the events that he decided himself not to
talk in person, the next day when he was scheduled to speak [he did not],
but instead to present a video tape.

He was convinced that if he showed up there, he would be killed. This man,
being Jewish; the Jewish attorney decided that he would be killed if he
showed up there and thus, left instead a video-tape describing this
incident and the treatment of the children who had disappeared.

The term "milk carton kids" was a derogative term used as a joke by these
Nazis because they never returned and they thought this was a rather funny
way of describing the kids. The fact that their pictures were put on milk
cartons did not help the children, but the Nazis did believe it showed some
kind of effort by the society, which had been lacking previously.

They did not admire the fact that an effort was being made to locate the
children, but they thought it was a joke to have their faces plastered on
milk cartons, when they would never be seen again...

During the presentation in Arcadia, a film was shown in which the United
Nations armies were brought into a West African nation to bring 'peace'.
They encountered several hundred civilians, and thus opened fire on them
with machine guns and rifles. Vividly shown in the film was one lady
carrying her child. The head of the child suddenly exploded as a .30
caliber machine gun bullet blew it open like it was a watermelon, and then
another bullet struck the mother and she fell down.

The masses, the several hundred women and children even- tually were all
slaughtered by the United Nations troops who had come to bring 'peace', and
they joked and laughed about their job and how they had completed that and
now must get on and find others. The film itself had been brought back to
be put on television to alert the masses but no station would allow it to
be shown, and thus, the film was presented at this meeting and was made
available for individuals to purchase, but such does not allow the masses
to know what really occurs with these mercenary United Nations troops...

There were several hundred people present. When someone asked: "Does George
Bush know he's a target for assassination in March?" [the answer was...]

"He does now! He knows that his Vice President is behind it..."

[Note: One source has stated that George Bush was the former director of a
'secret government' group which wields even more power than the CIA and
NSA, an organization known as MJ-12. When Bush left the position, Dan
Quayle reportedly took over, in which case Quayle would be one of the most
powerful individuals in the *secret* govern- ment power structure. - Wol.]

Mike Younger also indicated that there were further efforts on their part
to prevent this plan from being carried out. The people whom he works with
have been working to expose George Bush in his Iran/ Contra connections and
his dealings with his brother in illegal oper- ations in Japan, in hopes
that these things will eventually cause enough people to question him and
not vote for him... there are quite a number of these [agents, like Michael
Younger and others connect- ed to COM-12] working to try to bring
intelligence agents over to the good side and trying to bring military
leaders over to the good side, and that there are quite a few people within
the intelligence and military groups who know what is going on, and who
simply don't like it, and that [they] are preparing their own plans to
counter this plan if it is indeed carried off...

[Note: Apparently these campaigns were successful, as George Bush failed in
his bid for re-election. If he would have been re-elected, could it be that
we would now be living in a fascist dictatorship? It should also be
realized that George Bush is NOT the "center" of the conspiracy. He was
actually at the time a "front man" for a powerful and evil force that is
more powerful than any one man alone. Neither am I implying that the
nations of Germany, Austria nor Italy where the Bavarian-Roman secret
societies have their roots are the 'enemy'. The enemy is the secret-society
power STRUCTURE itself, and the means of counter- attack should be a
secrets and atrocities of these death merchants!!! - Wol.]

Today, another opportunity has been presented and since these forces can no
longer polarize the West against Russia, trigger a devastating nuclear war
[at least not with Russia, unless it becomes a super-power once again], it
has seized upon the present opportunity wherein economic depression and a
growing polarizing in America against minorities, can create such dire
conditions in America that the public will actually allow the President to
call in UN troops to restore law and order...

-- -* Don Allen *- // Only | Tavistock + Esalen = "New Age" Internet:
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"A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free" - Thomas Jefferson

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