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 [PART 39]

The following is a transcript of parts of a speech presented by
Norio F. Hayakawa, director of the CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE 
held at The Los Angeles Airport Hilton Convention Center on 
November 16 and 17, 1991.  The transcript from which we will 
quote is a revised and expanded version of the address written 
on June of 1992 and titled: 'UFO'S, THE GRAND DECEPTION 

     "...AREA 51 is located in the northeastern corner of a vast,
desolate stretch of land known as the Nevada Test Site (a large
portion of which includes the Nellis Air Force Test Range) but
had practically nothing to do with underground nuclear testing. 
It is located approximately 125 miles north-northwest of Las
Vegas and consists of Groom Lake and the Papoose Lake 
Complexes.  The presently expanding eastern portion of the 
latter complexes is known as the S-4 site.
     "This entire area is under the strictest control of Airspace
R-4808N (with unlimited 'ceiling'), prohibiting any entry therein
of air traffic, civilian or military, unless special clearance for 
such entry is secured well in advance.  By land, the area 
is meticulously patrolled 24-hours a day by several tiers of
external security even through it is conveniently 'covered' by
the... Jumbled Hills (...that cover north of the Papoose Lake
area), making it virtually impossible for anyone to see the
facilities without first climbing atop the hills of the rugged
mountain range which became off-limits to the public since 
     "The main external perimeter security is now being handled
by Wackenhut Special Securities Division, part of the operations
of Wackenhut Corporation, a worldwide semi-private security 
firm based in Coral Gables, Florida which has an exclusive 
contract with the U.S. Department of Energy and handles not 
only the perimeter security at the Nevada Test Site but also at 
many other secret facilities and sensitive installations through-
out the U.S. and U.S. interests worldwide -- including ground-
level perimeters for several large underground facilities in and 
around Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. (Several
of these Military-Industrial 'GROUND-SCRAPERS' in and around
Edwards AFB and surrounding the city of Landcaster, Califor-
nia reportedly descend over 30 sub-levels into the ground, and
security within these underground facilities is extreme. - Wol.)
     "It is also important to mention that dozens of unmanned,
miniature-sized remote-controlled automatic security vehicles
constantly patrol the immediate perimeters of the S-4 Site,
located around (and presently expanding particularly towards 
the eastern portion of) Papoose Lake.  These automatic, mini-
ature sized four-wheel vehicles have been produced by Sandia
Laboratories of Albuquerque, New Mexico exclusively for the
Department of Energy.
     "The outer northeastern perimeters of this area located in
the Tickaboo Valley come under the geographical jurisdiction 
of Lincoln County and are relegated to the Bureau of Land 
Management (B.L.M.).  Yet it is considered highly unadvisable 
for anyone to even enter the main country dirt road, known as 
the Groom Road, which begins its southwestern extension 
towards Groom Lake from a point midway between mile marker 
34 and 33 on Highway 375, and leads to the guard shack located 
two and a half miles northeast of the Groom Lake complexes.
     "The first line of exterior security forces (dressed in military-
type camouflage uniforms but with no insignia of any kind what-
soever) consists of the GP patrols (the 'Groom Proper' patrols, 
in Bronco-type four-wheel drive vehicles) who sometimes drive 
around at night with their lights off on various country dirt roads 
adjacent to the outer demilitarized zone, intimidating any civilian 
vehicle that tries to enter those access roads (off of Highway 375) 
located on public land.  The GP patrols themselves (part of Wac-
kenhut Special Securities Division), however, are strictly ordered
to avoid any direct contact with civilians.  They are only instructed 
to radio the Lincoln County Sheriff immediately should anyone 
be spotted driving on any of those dirt roads.  The most common 
radio frequency used between Security Control and Lincoln County 
Sheriff's patrols is 138.306 MHZ.
     "...The only area 'allowed' by the Sheriff for such curiosity seek-
ers to 'congregate' is an open area near a black mailbox located 
at the south side of Highway 375 between mile marker 29 and 30.  
Even then, the Sheriff patrol will routinely stop by during the evening 
to check on the cars parked at the mailbox area.
     "Moreover, it is our understanding, based on information provided 
by a highly reliable source connected to a special U.S. Navy SEAL 
operations center, that the mailbox area is constantly being moni-
tored by high-powered, state-of-the-art, infra-red telescopes set up 
at a facility known as Security Control high atop Bald Mountain (10 
miles west of the area), the highest peak in the Groom Mountain 
Range.  (Note: This reminds me of something I once heard in a talk-
radio broadcast in reference to the NAVY SEALS.  The program
dealt with the fabricated conviction of Gunther Russbacher, the
former CIA worker who had inside knowledge of the OCTOBER
SURPRISE plot.  Before his incarceration in a Federal Prison, CIA
agents, I would suspect the dominent fascist element, attempted
to assassinate he and his wife.  The reason for this may have been
due to the fact that Russbacher had defected from the CIA, and had
taken his entire NAVY SEAL unit with him -- approximately a dozen
personnel.  The Russbachers were from that point onward under 
NAVY SEAL protection, and two incidents were mentioned wherein 
CIA agents made attempts to run the Russbacher's off of roads and 
down cliffs or embankments to certain death.  However SEAL agents 
in unmarked cars who were following behind had on each occasion 
quickly appeared from behind and sent the CIA agents to THEIR 
deaths.  So it would seem that this Intelligence War between Navy 
Intelligence and CIA -- which is for all intents and purposes, NAZI -- 
Intelligence, has resulted in outward and deadly conflicts from time 
to time. - Wol.)  
     "...It was precisely at 4:45 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, 
April 16, 1992, that an NBC news crew, dispatched to the area 
to report on the landing of an alleged super spy-plane known as 
Aurora on Groom Lake, accidentally succeeded in video-taping
the first flight (which we have been calling the 'Old Faithful') of [a] 
mysterious object while standing at the mailbox area and looking 
due south toward Jumbled Hills.  The footage, taken with a night-
scope vision camera, was broadcast nationally on NBC Nightly 
News with Tom Brokaw on April 20, 1992.  The NBC News reported 
that it had video-taped a test flight of a new U.S. aerial craft that 
had definitely defied the laws of physics, and that the news team 
may thus have taken the first glimpse of the other 'deep black' 
projects (aside from the Aurora project) being conducted within 
the confines of the top-secret facility.  [Note: If you have seen
this footage, you will remember that it showed an illuminated
object which would rise vertically and then make a right-angle
horizontal maneuver, and then repeat the process.  Definately
NOT an aircraft operating on the traditional principles of known
aerodynamics or airfoil lift while in flight. - Wol.)
     "Also in regards to the ongoing program, it is to be noted
that usually a day or two prior to significant test flights (i.e., only 
if the test flight is a significant one, by whatever measure known 
only to the installation) a vehicle-traffic counter is laid on Highway 
93, at approximately a mile and a half north of Ash Springs, right 
before the juncture of Highway 375.  The other counter is set up 
about a half mile or so west upon entering Highway 375.  The 
obvious question is: in such desolate, less-travelled areas of Nevada, 
why should there be such traffic counters installed on undivided, 
lonely highways?  It is now my belief that the number of cars being 
registered that head out west on Highway 375 at such times (par-
ticularly in 'clusters', such as caravans) is relayed to several of the 
security posts at AREA 51, including the main observation post 
high atop the previously mentioned Bald Mountain.  However, it is 
very possible that they may now have more sophisticated devices 
for registering the number of vehicles going through the area. 
     "The February 21, 1990 expedition was instrumental in the
subsequent production of a two-hour documentary program entitled
'Saturday Super Special' televised throughout Japan on March 24,
1990 which was seen by more than 28 million viewers on prime
time.  The entire program dealt with AREA 51 and also the crew's
pursuit of an alleged biogenetics laboratory thought to be located 
just outside of Dulce, a tiny town in northwestern New Mexico, 
about 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos.
     "...The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory...seems to have a
Parapsychology Research Unit that coordinates its research
activities with DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency).  It is my understanding that some of their activities
conducted under the auspices of the Office of Naval Intelligence
are being held at locations such as AREA 51.  (Note: Michael 
Younger, a member of Navy Intel's COM-12 unit, has stated that 
he worked at the Nevada Test Site and Area 51, presumably with 
other members of the same intelligence organization. - Wol.)
     "ELF (extremely low frequency) wave-emitting devices, scalar
machines, electromagnetic beam weapons and highly-defined
hologramic projections are just a few examples of the many new
types of mind-control 'weaponry' that the government seems to
have developed in the past three decades or so.  Newest research-
es on special types of hallucinatory and memory-tampering drugs 
are part of a growing 'arsenal' that the U.S. Naval Intelligence boasts 
to have developed in its own Parapsychology - Mind Control Unit.
     "According to recent information provided to me by a highly
reliable informant within a special operations group of the Depart-
ment of the Navy, two of the most widely used devices will be 
R.H.I.C. (Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control) and E.D.O.M.
(Electronic Dissolution of Memory).  The first of the two, Radio
Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control, calls for the implantation of a very 
small, electronic, micro-radio receiver.  It acts as a Stimulator 
which will stimulate a muscle or electronic brain response.  This, 
in turn, can set off a 'Hypno-programmed' cue in the victim or sub-
ject, which would illicit a pre-conditioned behavior.  The second 
one, Electronic Dissolution of Memory, calls for remotely-controlled 
production within the brain of Acetyl-Choline which blocks trans-
mission of nerve impulses in the brain which results in a sort of 
Selective Amnesia.  According to this source, in the hands of 
certain units within the intelligence community both of these 
methods are ALREADY BEGINNING TO BE USED!  (Note: In
Defense of Navy Intelligence, it should be understood that the
CIA has wormed its way considerably into the affairs of the Naval
Intelligence Community, as is evidenced by Gunther Rushbacher's
'former' employment in the CIA as a NAVY SEAL leader.  However
COM-12 is apparently fighting the infiltration of Navy Intelligence
by the CIA -- and in turn, by the NSA, AQUARIUS, MJ-12, and 
other fascist intelligence agencies.  The problem however is that
with the advent of Allen Dulles as CIA director, the CIA was turned
from an "information gathering" system to the CONTROLLING
CENTER for all of the "Intelligence" operations throughout the 
various branches of govenment.  The CIA even now has a control-
ling hand over the FBI.  It became a "secret government" in and 
of itself, and a great deal of behind-the-scenes manipulation must 
have been initiated for it to become so. - Wol.)
     "An amazing article appeared in the Los Angeles Times on 
May 12, 1992 announcing that Caltech scientists have recently
discovered and confirmed the presence of 'tiny magnetic particles
in the brains of humans, similar to those that have heretofore
been found in other animals.' (L.A. TIMES, Section A, page 3). 
According to the Caltech researchers, it is now an undeniable
fact that every human brain contains a tiny natural magnetite
particle (or 'particles' according to some sources. - Wol.), even 
from the time of conception.  Could the government, particularly 
the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, have known this fact for a 
long time?  The answer definitely seems to be in the affirmative!
     "It is interesting also to note that as of this writing, many 
strange, turquoise-colored antenna-towers with triangular config-
urations on top, are beginning to be constructed along key areas 
near the freeway systems of many U.S. cities, particularly proli-
ferating the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California.  
According to several reports, these antenna-towers are presently 
being used as relay towers for the increasing networks of cellular 
telephone systems and are being operated by such firms as Pacific 
Bell and Telesis.

(Note: Cellular phones transmissions are very easy to monitor, and 
in some areas one can catch parts of conversations by switching 
through the higher 'channels' of the UHF frequency bands of older
model television sets.  This is not the case however with the growing
'digital' systems, which are so secure that the 'government' is con-
cerned that they will have trouble tapping and monitoring digital tele-
phone communications.  'They' are trying to pressure cellular telephone
companies into using their 'clipper chip', which will provide back-door 
Federal access and monitoring of digital communications, including
E-mail and Internet transfers via wireless cellular-laptop modem hook-
ups. - Wol.)       

     "Yet the most interesting aspect of the constructions of these 
strange antenna-towers is that there are increasing reports that the
Department of Defense is somehow involved in this operation.  The 
frequency waves being utilized in the cellular telephone communications 
are, according to several researchers, strikingly close to the range of 
frequency waves used in several ELF emission and microwave experi-
ments of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory as well as D.A.R.P.A., 
the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  Will these towers 
be utilized throughout the nation?
     "...In the meantime, government-sponsored genetics researchers 
and bio-technology experts at New Mexico's Los Alamos National
Laboratory are said to be conducting in-depth studies not only on the 
total effects of mind-control upon human behavioral patterns but also 
on its possible applications relative to such areas as genetics engineer-
ing and exploration of the human genome.
     "A large underground genetics laboratory is thought to be located
just outside of Dulce, a tiny town in the midst of the Jicarilla-Apache 
Indian Reservation located about 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos 
and 100 miles east of [the] sinister-sounding Highway 666, the only 
stretch of highway in the U.S. with that designation and the only high-
way that links the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and 
     "Perhaps it may just be a pure 'coincidence' that this highway
-- befittingly named Highway 666, which originates in southeast Arizona 
and goes up north -- cuts into northwestern New Mexico, right near the 
Four Corners area, an area that happens to have one of the most con-
sistently concentrated UFO sighting reports in the country since around 
1947.  This entire Four Corners area, especially northwestern New 
Mexico and southwestern Colorado also has had some of the most 
concentrated reports of unexplained cattle mutilations in the nation 
during the late seventies and early eighties.  Was something covertly 
taking place in those areas?
     "Even though we could not locate the alleged underground 
genetics laboratory in Dulce when the Nippon Television crew and
I visited the area in late February of 1990, I had several opportunities 
to interview scores of local residents there that admitted that nightly 
appearances of mysterious lights (occasionally accompanied by 
unmarked black helicopters) -- darting over, into and out of nearby 
Archuleta Mesa and Archuleta Mountains -- were quite common 
during the late seventies and early eighties.  (Paul Bennewitz during
his own investigations had learned that a 'logging crew' -- during the
1960's? or '70's? -- had built a road leading from Dulce up to the top
of the Mesa.  The trucks were marked "Smith Corp." out of Paragosa
Springs, Colorado.  The problem was that the trucks never hauled
logs out of the area, but only BIG loads of equipment into it.  It was
later found that there was no logging company by that name in
Paragosa Springs at the time.  The road was later destroyed and
blocked, and another paved road was reportedly built.  It ran through
the Ute Reservation along the southern Colorado border some miles
north of Dulce, and turned southward.  The Ute Indians were reportedly
given government lands along the border on the condition that they
enforce a strict NO TRESSPASSING regulation in regards to the road.
There are 'rumors' of some who have tried to get onto the restricted
road, and that large black automobiles have tried to drive them off of 
the road or out of the area.  Others have reported hundreds of para-
military troops "armed to the teeth" who have been seen on the mesa
yet 'disappear' out of sight when people approach.  Bennewitz and
others have studied aerial photos of the top of the Archuleta mesa and 
claim that they show Vietnam-type helicopter landing pads, the wrecks 
of at least two experimental -- nuclear powered -- trans-atmospheric
aerospace vehicles, and other indications of top secret military activity.
There is a military-type enclosure at the end of one of the dirt roads
leading out of Dulce, possibly the old road that was built by the so-
called 'logging company'?  It is fenced in and has a guard shack that
one must pass through to gain admittance.  Obviously this enclosure 
has some connection to the 'base'. - Wol.)
     "Many of them even claim to have spotted, on many occasions,
military-type trucks and jeeps as well as government vans passing
through Dulce and loitering around nearby mesas.  Occasionally
even black limousines carrying what appeared to be 'CIA' agent-
types were claimed to have been sighted 'loitering' around the foot-
hills of other nearby mesas.
     "We must bear in mind that the Dulce area is only 95 miles
northwest of Los Alamos.  Los Alamos National Laboratory is one
of the top U.S. research laboratories specializing in the study of 
the human genome.  Also it is a vital center of the government's 
SDI research and development programs.  Just about a hundred 
miles southeast of Los Alamos is Albuquerque, New Mexico's 
largest city, and more significantly a city where Kirtland Air Force 
Base is located right next to the sensitive Manzano Storage Facility, 
a top-secret underground military facility.  Sandia Corporation, one 
of the nations top-secret government contractors specializing in
top military-industrial projects is also located in Albuquerque.
     "As far as advanced bio-technology is concerned, I have no 
doubt that a micro-chip implantation technology is being perfected 
in which tiny micro-chips could be implanted in our circulatory sys-
tems, vital organs and tissues if need be for whatever purpose the 
future may 'require'.  It is my conclusion that a large-scale research 
has been completed by the government (with possible assistance 
from 'outside' sources) within the last 20 years or so utilizing tens 
of thousands of cattle in the Southwest to conduct this covert experi-
ment.  Only recently has science proven that cow hemoglobin could 
be substituted (by utilizing a special purification system) with human 
blood in situations of 'unforseen national emergencies.'"

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