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                Extreme-Nationalist Organizations In Europe

     There's quite a few Nationalistic groups working within Europe. 
 this page, I will be trying to present most of them. If you have any
information about groups, or if you see that I have left something out,
then please feel free to email me.

            The addresses for the various groups will be left out of here
for the simple fact that I think they already have enough members.

   * Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs
   * Volkstreue Ausserparlamentarische Opposition
     [Patriotic Extraparliamentary Opposition]


   * Vlaams Blok [The Nationalist party of Flanders]
   * Vlaamse Militante Orde

Czech Republic

   * Republicans
     Pretty much a replica of the German Republicaner Partei, they have
     used the Czech national colours in their flag, with the letters R,E
     and P, just like the German REP. Still, Republicans are fiercely
   * Vlastenecka Liga
     [Patriotic League]


   * Danmarks National Socialistiske Bev痢else [DNSB]
     This Danish Nazi group is belived to have over 200 members. Recently
     [28.02.96] they started their own radio program where they intend to
     play prerecorded phone-in discussions.
   * Den Danske Forening
   * Fremskridtpartiet
     This party was dispersed in 1995. A non-extremist fraction with the
     name Dansk Folkeparti was formed.
   * Holger Danske
     Electorial group, got in 1993 one member into the county council.
   * Nationalpartiet Danmark
   * Partiet De Nationale


   * Is_nmaallinen Kansallis-Liitto [IKL]
     This is an electorial group which has some representatives in some 
     of the community councils, their aim is to build up enough power to
     participate in the national elections.
   * Is_nmaallinen Oikeisto
   * Kansallinen Radikaalipuolue [disbanned!]


   * Faisceaux Nationalistes Europeens
   * Francais et europeen
   * Front National
     Lead by Jean-Marie Le Pen, this group has, according to the recent
     statistics 20% of the french population on his side.
   * Jeunesses Nationalistes Revolutionnaires
   * Parti Nationaliste


   * Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet
     The Civil Rights Movement Solodarity, which is controlled by Lydon
   * Bund Freier Buerger
     [League of Free Citizens]
   * Deutsche Burschenschaft
   * Deutsche Liga Fur Volk und Heimat
   * Deutsche Volksunion
   * Europa Vorn
   * Freitheitliche Deutche Arbeiderpartei
   * Gesinnungsgem der meuen front
   * Junge Freiheit
   * Moderne Zeiten
   * Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland
   * Republikaner Partei


   * NS Kampfruf
     The National Socialist "Battle Cry" is a German neo-Nazi magazine.

Great Britain

   * Blood and Honour
     The B&H publishes a Skinhead magazine with the same name. They 
     also distribute pro-white music, t-shirts and other effects.
   * British National Party
   * International Third Position
   * National Front
   * Revoulutionary Conservative Caucus


   * Blood and Honour


   * Xrisi Aygi [Golden Dawn]


   * Hungarian Truth


   * Azione Skinhead
   * Base Autonoma
   * Fronte Della Gioventu
   * Movimento Sociale Italiano
     The MSI was for a long time Italy's leading fascist party, but in 
     1995 they changed their name to Alleanza Nationale and became a
     right-winged conservative party. They then claimed their support to
     the anti-fascist and to democracy. Many of the right-winged voters
     started voting for MSIFT after this happened.
   * Movimento Sociale Italiano Fiamma Tricolore [MSIFT]
     This is the new MSI party, an extremist Fascist party with over one
     million votes in the previous election [96].
   * Movimento Politico


   * National Bewegong


   * Centrumdemocraten
     Centrumsdemocraten is lead by Jan Maat.
   * Nationale Volkspartij/CP86


   * Anti-antifa.
     Very secretive, contact person is Jonny Olsen.
   * Ariske Br辱re.
     Aryan Brothers is a Nazi-Skinhead terrorist organization where most of
     the members are youths from around T迸nsberg. Member of this group
     vandalized RV [Red Election-Alliance] leader J郢n Magdal's villa in
   * Ariske S酒tre.
     Arian Sisters is a sub-division of Aryan Brothers.
   * Boot Boys
   * Djerv
     Located in Trondheim. Last we heard from them was in 1993.
   * Einsatz
     These are the guys who robbed the weapon dealer in Stavanger last
     autumn. They also claim to have started the KKK here in Norway.
   * Fedrelandspartiet
     Located in Bergen, this is the Nortwegian Nationalist Party.
     Fedrelandet is a magazine which they distribute among their members.
   * Fedrelandsungdommen
     Norwegian Nationalist Youth, a subgroup of Fedrelandspartiet. They
     also have a magazine called Patrioten.
   * Folkebevegelsen mot innvandring [FMI].
     Political party seeking to remove everyone that doesn't have a pale
     skin from the Kingdom of Norway. These boneheads are the ones
     responsible for cutting my car tires in 1992.
   * Hvit Arisk Motstand.
   * Hvit Revolusjon.
   * Nasjonalistisk Ungdom.
   * Norge Mot Invandringen.
   * Norsk Arisk Ungdomsfront [NAUF].
   * Norsk Nasjonalistisk Bevegelse.
   * Norsk Patriotisk Ungdom.
   * Valkyria.
     Valkyria is a girlie group, a sub-division of Viking located in Oslo.
     The The group is lead by Karen Margrete Espenes.
   * Vern Av Rikets Grenser [VARG].
   * Viking.
     Oslo-youth lead by Eirik Ragnar "Micro Solheim. They're divided into
     two divisions, most of them are Skinheads. Viking cooperates with
     Aryan Brothers and Valkyria.
   * Zorn 88.


   * Fritt Forum.
     FF is a monthly magazine for Norwegian Nationalists.


   * Polish National Party


   * Movimento De Accao Nacional
   * Portuguese Hammerskins


   * Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, The
     Lead by ultra nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, this, I guess, is
     maybe the biggest nationalist threat currently in Europe. Good
     Internet resources for this guy is Vladimir Zhirinovsky and
     Zhirinovsky Update Page.
   * National Bolshevik Party
   * Russian Order
     This is one of the best-known fascist newspapers in Russia. Russkiy
     Poryadok (or Russian Order) is distributed free of charge in the very
     center of Moscow by members of the Russian National Unity.
   * Russian National Unity [RNE]
     RNE was formed in 1990 by karate instructor Alexander Barkashov. The
     group was a result of an internal conflict in Pamyat [Remembrance] 
     - a
 first fascist offspring of perestroika. Barkashov is still the active
     fuehrer of RNE. Barkashov fled the White House parliament building in
     1993, just before government tanks shelled it on October the 4'th. The
     movement counts 25,000 members.
   * Werewolf
     Werewolf is a small but hardcore Nazi-Terror group. The group was
     uncovered by the Federal Counterintelligence Service [FSK - the former
     KGB] as the group was preparing assassination attempts against a
     series of political and religious figures.


   * Scottish Phalange, The


   * Slovak National Union (SNJ)
   * Society of Dr. Jozef Tiso


   * Alianza Nacional por Espa帶
     This, Movimiento Cat_lico Espa得l and Falange Espa得la de las Jons 
     are the leading extreme-right organizations in Spain. Alianza Nacional 
     was formed by Naci_n Joven and they get support from Frente Nacional.
   * Bases Aut_nomas
     This terrorist group was formed in the 80-ties. It was later disolved,
     but now young skinheads has resumed the activity. The group has no
     real top-down structure, as it is controled by the individual member
     himself. The group has performed several murderer attacks, and their
     current agenda seems to be passing unobserved between people 
 up like urban tribe ravers [bacalatas].
   * Cedade
   * Centro Unitario
     This Spanish organization's main task is to foster a brotherhood
     amongst "Aryan" world's Nationalist organizations.
   * Falange Espa得la de las Jons.
   * Frente Nacional
   * Juventud Naciaonal
   * Movimiento Cat_lico Espa得l (Chatolic Spanish Movement)
   * Nation Joven
   * Resistencia Nacional de la Juventud (RNJ)
     This organization is included in Alianza Nacional and it is lead by
     Ricardo Sainz de Ynestrillas.
   * Socialistas Accion Radicale


   * Kreativistens Kyrka (The Church of the Creator)
   * Nationella Alliansen
     Inspired by the National Alliance. This group was just recently formed
     by the former leader of VAM, Christopher Rangne.
   * Nordiska Rikspartiet (The Nordic Reich Party)
   * Riksfronten (The Reich Front)
   * Sverige Demokraterna
   * Sveriges Nationella Forbund
   * Vitt Ariskt Motstand [VAM]
     This group, with close ties to the NSDAP-AO, the Norwegian HAM,
     English Combat 18, Blood and Honour and to Waffen SS, was for 
     long the leading Nazi terrorist group in Sweden.
   * Werewolf


   * D_mocrates Suisses
     Earlier called Action Nationale.
   * Zyklon Army
     This is a racist skinhead movement in Switzerland.


   * Ukrainian Nationalist Association


Russian Fascism and Russian Fascists by Kirill Buketov


(Note: I downloaded this particular file from an anti-Nazi web page.
I cannot recall the name of the page nor the E-Mail address, however 
I believe the contents of the file itself are important none-the-less,
especially in regards to the re-surgence of fascism in Europe. -

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