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 [PART 30] [based on an article by 'TAL', aka Jason Bishop] Nazi Germany's
'Advanced Secret Weapon and Space Program' began in the early 1940's and
involved the development of the 'Flugelrad' or 'Wingwheel'. The Flugelrad
was a saucer-helicopter, the first vertical take-off flying vehicle
developed by the Nazi's. The wings (blades) which issued from the centre of
the craft like spokes toward the outer rim, were tiltable. This was
allegedly the 'Model T' of a series of German 'disk' or 'saucer' designs
which followed. Much of this program, of course, was top secret -- even to
the German public. According to 'Samisdat Publications', an ultra
right-wing organization based in Toronto, Canada, the Nazi's did in fact
develop such a flying device. Why then did not the world learn of such a
thing when Nazi Germany fell? Well, says Samisdat and others, as the war
was coming to an end several colonies of German scientists were transported
to secret bases in Antarctica and elsewhere (a pos- sibility that, when
considered, seems to be plausible) where the secret 'discus' and other
technologies were perfected. Actually there is evidence that just before
World War II the Germans had secretly been exploring the Polar regions.
Perhaps this would explain the bizarre episode surrounding the fateful
voyage of Capt. Charles Hall. The American Geographical Society in New York
records that, apparently on the basis of 'stories' of unexplored regions in
the extreme north (where 'habitable' land -- perhaps volcanically heated --
was rumored to exist, possibly beyond a great 'ice barrier'), the U.S.
Government sent out an expedition to the North Pole, at the request of
President Grant, in 1870. The expedition used the 'U.S.S. POLARIS' under
the command of Capt. Charles Hall. Hall died along the way and was buried
in the snow. The ship returned. But, that's not the end of the story. The
public T.V. program 'NOVA' reported that in recent years Hall's grave was
found. Samples of hair and finger-nails were taken and tested. They showed
that he had died of slow poisoning! And, what's more, a check of records
showed that the cook (who would have been in a perfect position to
administer poisoning) AND first mate on the U.S.A. Polaris turned out to be
GERMAN 'OCCULTIST' SPIES!!! This would indicate that animosity between the
Ameri- can Navy and the German Nazi's [or at least their predecessors in
the form of the German occult lodges which gave rise to the Nazi's] dates
back at least to 1870... Other examples are the U.S. Navy vs. Germans/Nazis
in WWI and WWII; the battle between Admiral Byrd's Naval force and the Nazi
"Last Battalion in Antarctica; the secret "Intelligence Wars" between the
Navy- back COM-12 and Nazi-backed AQUARIUS agencies, as well as the
Navy-backed "Philadelphia Project" personnel vs. the Nazi-backed "Phoenix
Project" personnel; and so on. Was there something at the North Pole that
the German occultists were trying to hide? Whatever the case, there is
sufficient evidence that during the war these secret Nazi Polar expeditions
were intensified, especially to the South Polar regions. There is much
evidence that, in fact, the Nazi's WERE very deeply involved in the occult.
Researcher Jason Bishop (pseudo- nym for a French-American researcher)
gives the following infor- mation on the subject: "All of the Nazi-occult
groups were more or less closely associated with the powerful and well
organized 'Theosophical Society', which added to neo-pagan magic an
oriental setting and a Hindu terminology. Or, rather, it provided a link
between a certain oriental Satanism and the west. "...Baron Rudolf von
Sebottendorff (Rudolf Glauer) who had direct contact with the Dervish
Orders and knew a great deal about Islamic mysticism, particularly Sufism
in all it's aspects... wrote 'BEFORE HITLER CAME', in 1933, which mentioned
the occult affiliations of the Nazi leadership (National Socialist
Movement). The Nazi regime suppressed and destroyed this book, as the
information was not for the (German) public. "The Thulist, Detrich Eckart
is believed to have initiated Hitler into various occult mysteries with the
aid of psychedelic drugs. "The most prominent member of the Vril Society,
was Karl Haushofer, a close confident of Hitler, Hess and Rosenburg.
"Alfred Rosenberg and Adolf Hitler himself belonged to the Thule
Gesellschaft. So did Rudolf Hess! Read (for additional details) 'THE SPEAR
OF DESTINY', by Trevor Ravenscroft and 'THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH', by
Jean-Michel Angebert." These were the type of men who were in charge of the
Nazi's secret 'flying disk' program. One of the scientists involved with
the early Nazi 'saucer' projects was of course Victor Schauberger, who was
brought to America after the war where he was rumored to be working on a
top-secret 'flying disk' project in Texas for the U.S. Government, until
his death in 1958. It is said that some of the prototypes which are now
being developed are as advanced (where- as propulsion and so on is
concerned) over the 'Schauberger' models as the Space Shuttle is over the
bi-plane. 'Samisdat' relates some information on Schauberger, who might
have been considered the aeronautical 'Einstein' of his time, although not
nearly as well-known as the famous white-haired Jewish scientist.
Schauberger reportedly developed several prototypes of discoid-shaped air
craft for the Nazis which worked on the following principles: "MODEL I --
The most conventional design, by today's concepts. It used a standard
German Walther Rocket Engine and was steered by a conventional rudder.
"MODEL II -- An improvement over Model I, with a radical departure: A
specially-designed 'rotary wing' stabilized and steered the craft. This
model was more maneuverable and faster. "MODEL III -- Extremely fast, using
a jet-vacuum (implosion) pro- pulsion system. Capable of attaining speeds
of over 6,000 kilometers per hour. The fuel mixture produced vapor trails,
an acrid smell, and sometimes flames and sparks. The saucer's propulsion
system produced high-pitched, whining sounds. The craft was capable of
terrific acceleration or steady hover. It could climb and bank steeply and
often startled the observer with loud sonic booms as it accelerated through
the sound barrier. This model was equipped with telescopic landing gear.
"Successors of MODEL III, still in the planning stage during the
mid-1940's, utilized the Earth's magnetic field in their propulsion
systems. "THE SCHAUBERGER MODELS -- Using the original implosion- powered
propulsion system, these Nazi Saucers made no sound. They were flameless,
odorless and smokeless, but the outer skin of the hull, composed of a
secret alloy called 'impervium', pulsated eerily with various colors of the
rainbow as the craft sped through the sky at velocities in excess of 10,000
kilometers per hour. Extremely maneuverable, these Nazi Saucers, dubbed
'Foo-Fighters' by Allied bomber crews, could change altitude and course
with surprising sud- denness." [see: SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS; UFO'S,
Booklets available from: Samisdat Publish- ers., 206 Carlton St., Toronto,
Ont., M5A 2L1 CANADA]. * * * * * * *

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[First page of What's New]


Sensational Revelation: U.F.O.'s are real, they exist!

Definite proof, solid evidence, in factual report by South American author,
richly illustrated with drawings and photographs.

Read how the Nazis sent a top secret expedition to Antarctica before the
war. How the Nazis discovered near-tropical, ice-free islands and holes,
some 300 miles wide, in the icy waters of the last unknown frontier.

Over 400,000 square miles of Antarctica were claimed by that Nazi
expeditionary force, an area larger than all of Germany. Were bases

Were they expanded during the war? Did a huge convoy of the latest, most
sophisticated German submarines with a range of 15,000 miles leave Norway
in 1945? Did a Nazi submarine flotilla, using incredible new, secret
weapons, totally destroy an attacking Allied force? Was Hitler and Eva
Braun on board? Was Wernher von Braun and his group of conventional rocket
scientists deliberately sacrificed to the Americans and Soviets in order to
hide the greatest breakthrough in weapons technology of the century?

[following text appears above three photographs]

German flying boat used during secret Nazi expedition. Part of Nazi
expeditionary force to Antarctica. [Following text appears below these same
photographs]U-Boat 530 surrendered to Argentina with a load of cigarettes
on board, two months after the war ended. Nothing else on board. What was
their ultimate destination?

When did the allied poweres discover that Hitler and his last battalion of
elite troops and the Reich's top inventors and researchers and geniuses
might have gotten away? Was Admiral Byrd, with 40 ships and 4,000 troops
sent to Antarctica in 1947 to try and capture this last contingent of the
New Order?

Why did Byrd's expedition flee Antarctica without the mission accom-
plished. What happened to Byrd? Why was it rumoured that he had been put
into a mental hospital after his return?

Did the Nazis, with their secret weapons, "buzz" the Capitol in Washington
in order to intimidate the U.S. government?

[Saucer photographs]

Engineer's drawing of Nazi U.F.O. Test flown Feb. 14, 1945.

Where are "they" now? Are they operating U.F.O.'s? How do these "ships"
function and what do they look like?

These and many other exciting queries answered and documented with Hitler's
own words, taken from top secret conferences and private talks with only a
handful of initiates in attendance. This is definitely one of the most
captivating, thought provoking and stimulating books ever compiled. [Photos
of two books] The German version: Many different photos and deeper more
philosophic political-historical text. Same size and number of pages.

[Photos of missiles and rockets -- tiny text describing same illegible]


This sensational, underground best seller is now in its 5th edition in
English and its 2nd edition in German. French, Spanish and Italian editions
are now in the planning stages. This is the most talked-about U.F.O. book
of the decade! As the center of controversy, its author, Christof
Friedrich, has become the subject of much attention and has been a
frequently-invited guest on many internationally broadcast TV and radio
talkshows which SAMISDAT technicians have recorded on tape cassettes for
sale to the UFOlogers and intrigued members of the public. This book is
certainly intriguing, for it reveals for the first time amazing plans for
Nazi Germany's ultimate secret weapon: the Flying Disc! 145 photographs, 74
engineering drawings and illustrations, 5 maps revealing the location of
secret U.F.O. bases, 63 photographically reproduced documents and actual
U.F.O. sightings. Uncensored! $4.95 + 75 cents postage & handling. Please
AUTHOR AND DEDICATED TO YOU OR A FRIEND -- a tremendous gift idea!

(Note: Why would neo-Nazis like Zundel and Friedrich risk the "security" of
the German bases in Antarctica and the Nazi disk projects by writing so
profusely about them? Could it be a combination of several things? For
instance, they claim to be aware of the fact that the U.S. and other
govern- ments already know the details, so confirming them won't make any
difference; they may be confident that the Nazi Battalians can hold their
own; they may not be able to keep themselves from gloating about the
technological achieve- ments of their 'blessed leader' Adolph Hitler and
his Neu Schwabian 'super race' comrades; they may believe that the
Holocaust didn't happen and that the Nazi's are therefore innocent and
justified; they may have decided to use this inflamatory issue to catch
attention and, as a springboard to discuss their own fascist ideas; and
behind it all is probably the most powerful motivation of all, money -- or
the need/desire to make a good old fashioned living. - Wol.)


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[Second page of What's New]


Now in its second, enlarged edition, with many newly-discovered photos and
illustrations. This is our latest best-seller. Read for the first time
information which has been suppressed by Allied Censorship for over 40

Author Christof Friedrich tears away the veils of wartime secrecy which
surround Nazi Germany's Arctic and Antarctic activities. Read how the
secret THULE Society aided Hitler's plans for Germany's future. Discover
the truth about Rudolf Hess and the secret knowledge which the Allies fear
he will tell the world. Delve deeply into Hitler's hidden teenage years.
Discover Hitler's submarine strategy and his postwar plans. Study the
amazing pictures taken from NATO archives which reveal mystery submarines,
U-boat designs and secret production facilities. A truly unique book!
Exciting, colorful cover, 130 pages, 140 photos from official Nazi, U.S.
and British sources, many published for the first time. 22 maps, charts and
diagrams, 12 illustrations, actual excerpts from the Nazi expeditions'
logs, flight reports, etc. A complete roster of Nazi Polar Expedition
members, revealing their names and ranks! a real historical find: Goering's
letter of congratulation to the Nazi expedition! Plus many impor- tant
newspaper reports which throw light on this amazing subject. $4.95 + 75
cents postage and handling.


Hitler am Süt;dpol:

Focuses on the personal account of one of the leading members of the Nazi
Antarctic Expedition of 1935-1939. The deep, philosophical bases of this
polar exploration are revealed to those who wish to see beyond the veil of
anti- German propaganda in order to perceive the wonderful realities of
being and becoming which were the primary motivations for Germany's quest
upon a frozen continent. Approx. 200 pages, $10.00 + $1 postage and
handling. [drawing of book]


An information-packed booklet containing over 30 years of unabridged news
reports of eyewitness interviews from the far corners of the world. An
amazing little book of U.F.O. fact, not fantasy. Read the actual statements
of scientists, policemen, military personnel, commercial airline pilots,
trained observers and just ordinary people.

Thousands of copies of this useful booklet have sold already and supplies
are running out. 90 photos and illustrations, including 2 maps showing
U.F.O. bases and locations of sightings. To assist the U.F.O. researcher,
German experts have indicated with arrows U.F.O. sightings in which the
"Flying saucer" shows the flying characteristics and configura- tion of
known Nazi Saucers produced toward the end of the Second World War! $2.95 +
75 cents postage & handling.

Books now in the planning stage.


Incredibly detailed star maps and diagrams disclose the cosmic dimensions
of the Nazi "World Ice Theory" researched by Hitler's favorite scientists,
Paul Höbiger. Revealed now, for the first time to the English-speaking
world -- confidential documents from the files of a recently- deceased
member of Hitler's inner circle. A mind-expanding profusion of maps,
charts, star system diagrams and drawings which few eyes have seen, except
for Hitler, Hess and Hörbiger himself! Huge caverns. Space age machines.
Many rare maps, drawings and photographs........... $4.95


A totally new concept showing the Soviet-American collaboration in keeping
secret the actual origin of U.F.O.'s. Exposes many instances of U.F.O.
scares being manipulated to serve both the Soviet's and the C.I.A.'s plan
for a worldwide superdictatorship. Maps, drawing and photographs,
Underground factories....$4.95

The Last Battalion

A book that pieces together a puzzle of worldwide dimensions. Where are
Hitler's most dedicated and loyal-to-death followers? Where is the immense
Nazi wealth, invested by the Third Reich before and during W.W. II? Photos,
Maps, etc...........................$4.95

Please indicate if you are interested in any of these titles. We rely on
this information to establish an order of priority, also it helps us in our
alloca- tion of advertising funds. Thank you! SAMISDAT 206 Carlton Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2L1


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[Third page of What's New]


Large, beautiful illustrations of Nazi Secret Weapons suitable for framing!
These drawings, based on secret German blueprints, are strikingly
reproduced on high-quality 8-1/2 x 11" paper -- a tremendous gift for the
man of the house, whatever their ages. Choose from 49 amazing designs by
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A remarkable booklet containing illustrations of the most amazing weapons
devised by German scientists in their secret underground factories. See
German super-tanks, rocketbombs, mini-submarines, guns designed to shoot
around corners, aircraft-carrying aircraft, and -- flying saucers! All
these exciting inventions are beautifully illustrated in clear black and
white, accompanied with highly readable descriptive captions. 64
fully-illustrated pages. $4.00 + .75 postage and handling.


Many of you have called and written to us requesting a speaker or lecturer
for your club or group of friends. Christof Friedrich is available as a
lecturer and/or debater. See his wonderful color slide presentation on
world-shaking current events and U.F.O.'s and if you would like to arrange
for such a presentation -- lecture, seminar or convention -- in your city,
fill in the enclosed card and return it to us. We will contact you for
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[Photo of "Christof Friedrich"]

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