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     Another possible confirmation of a Nazi-UFO connection comes
from W. A. Harbinson, who in his book 'GENESIS: Project Saucer,
Part II' [Dell Books., 1980.], reveals some remarkable information about 
top-secret German developments in 'flying disk' technology during World
War II.  The bulk of his book, although based on the authors' own research 
into the subject, is admittedly written in fiction or novel form.  However, 
near the end of the book, aside from an extensive bibliography of Nazi-
saucer-research literature, Harbinson adds an appendix containing many 
actual facts concerning the German-saucer experiments around which 
he built his novel.
     It is Harbinson's belief that the strange 'foo fighters' which played 
havoc with allied aircraft near the end of the war, were part of a secret 
German aeronautics project.  This based on certain statements and 
documents which have been recovered that strongly suggest that the 
strange "UFO's" were in fact of German design.
     One of the most dangerous leaders of the Nazi Party and founder 
of the Order of the S.S. (which was admittedly based after the militant 
structure of the Jesuit Order, which supplied it's own advisors for the 
S.S. movement according to Himmler -- see: THE SECRET HISTORY 
OF THE JESUITS, by Edmond Paris., c/o Chick Publications., P.O. 
Box 662., Chino, CA  91710), Himmler, was initially involved with the 
'saucer' projects according to Harbinson.  Research and Development
for these projects were reportedly carried out in top-secret underground 
'factories' or installations.
     In his novel Harbinson -- based on various hints and indications 
gathered throughout years of in-depth research -- concludes that Himmler 
desired to establish a 'New Order' ruled by an elite society of 'pure bred' 
Aryans; vast underground facilities constructed within hollow mountains; 
secret interconnected colonies based entirely on the pursuit and develop-
ment of science and technology as a means to bring about the 'New Order', 
yet rooted in occult societies and philosophies such as that propogated 
by Theosophy and Rosicrucianism which taught of the imminent resurrec-
tion of the lost Atlantis and Lemuria; massive projects involving the study 
of the brain and how to manipulate it -- including electronic implant tech-
nology whereby the envisioned subterranean master-slave colonies could 
be operated; the use of hundreds of thousands of sub-human slaves (or 
rather those whom the Nazi's 'percieved' to be sub-humans, whom they 
believed were inferior to the 'master race' -- 'themselves'), controlled by
'implants' and other mind control techniques, who would be used as 
slave laborers -- these including the Poles and Chzeks.  These would 
be taken to the concentration camps (where massive mind control and 
brain-related experiments were being carried out) after their usefulness 
had worn out, where they would be killed so as not to reveal to the out-
side world their knowledge of the underground facilities, etc; This scenario 
also includes the development of a blond-haired/blue-eyed race through
selective breeding which would be integrated with the S.S. and the sub-
terranean societies as the masters over the slave-workers; and so on.
     Harbinson presumes that there are indications that many of the 
slave-laborers used to build the 'underground cities' were among the 
many who mysteriously 'disappeared' during the course of World War II.  
Also, he concludes that German men, women, and children who were 
deemed suitable for the breeding experiments were abducted as well.  
Harbinson also gives in his postscript section many remarkable evi-
dences that all during the war Hitler was sending out expeditions to 
Antarctica where they discovered vast areas of iceless terrain, and began 
constructing huge underground bases.  All during the war, as the 'saucer' 
projects were progressing and as new components were developed, they
were immediately shipped via U-Boat to the secret Antarctic base, where 
saucer research and development continued. Schauberger's saucers, 
Harbinson suspects, were not the only saucer projects in development.  
Some German aerial disk scientists believed that the post-war 'saucer 
flaps' were proof that their ideas were taken and improved upon by a more 
secretive group of German scientists.  Harbinson believes that THIS was 
the REAL 'saucer' program, and that there were more advanced scientists 
even than Schauberger and his immediate associates who were working 
in even deeper secrecy, who utilized a super-secret underground facility 
inside the mountains of the Kahla region, which was in communication 
[via U-Boat] with the underground facilities below the MOUNTAINS of
the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica.
     As the Allies continued to encroach upon Germany, the saucer
program (directed by genius scientists -- one or two of which allegedly 
equaled or even surpassed Einstein) continued at a maddening pace.  
At least one prototype disk or flying airfoil capable of speeds of over 1000 
MPH and altitude climbs of up to 40,000 feet -- was successfully flown 
in Germany [others claim that several were successfully tested. - Wol]
and later stripped of the most important saucer components and the 
shell destroyed -- along with the underground facility at Kahla -- so that 
they would not fall into the hands of the Allies.  As the war was coming 
to a close, American and Russian as well as British forces began to
overcome German forces and discovered many of the underground
saucer and aerospace research factories, where they apprehended
many of the lesser components, documents and scientists (Wernher 
von Braun, Kurt Davis, Victor Schauberger, etc.), who later became the 
basis of the rocket and even 'saucer' projects which were implemented 
in secrecy within Canada, the U.S. and other countries.  These have 
not been able to catch up with the German/S.S./New Order/Hidden 
Society technology until just recently, if we are to believe the reports
coming out of the Nevada Aircraft Test Site of advanced disk-craft being 
flown by the Military there.  This German hidden society in Antarctica, 
as well as below certain parts of South America and other countries 
according to various sources, apparently was and is a direct branch of 
the Third Reich if not the CORE of Nazism itself, the same forces that 
the Allies fought during the war.
     The documents, minor components, etc., which survived, as well 
as the scientists apprehended by the Allies, were of far less 'importance' 
than the components, plans, diagrams and scientists which allegedly 
escaped to the top-secret Antarctic base.  When the Nazi's realized 
that the invasion by the Allies was imminent, they knew their fate was 
sealed as a nation, but the secret core involved in the sophisticated 
aerospace-disk research projects nevertheless had time to escape 
before the Allies reached Berlin.  According to Harbinson, certain 
records, quotes from captured German scientists and researchers 
suggest that as Berlin was being bombed, the last of the top-secret 
saucer components and plans for massive underground facilities, etc., 
were moved by train transport to the Baltics and loaded onto two 
German U-Boat submarines, the U-530 and U-977.
     Harbinson indicates in his fact-fiction novel that several S.S. 
troops who helped get the equipment to the docks, yet who could 
not go along to the Antarctic base, were lined up and killed so that 
there would be no chance of them being interrogated and leaking the 
information about the departure of the two subs.  These U-Boats 
allegedly sailed from their docking-sites in the Baltics and to the 
Antarctic base, only to appear months after the war was over at a 
seaport in Argentina (which the Germans had assumed was at the
time a 'neutral' country).  The Argentineans however were greatly 
pressured by the U.S. Government into apprehending any German 
subs which tried to dock there, and as a result they took possession
of the U-Boats and incarcerated the crews.  U.S. officials, spurred 
on by a report that Hitler's suicide was faked, and that Hitler and 
Martin Boorman and other top Nazi officials actually escaped by 
submarine (to the Antarctic?), questioned the crewmen extensively, 
after which time they were released.  Whether the rumors about 
Hitler and Boorman turned out to be true or not, U.S. officials still 
had reason to be concerned, because of their knowledge of the 
secret German saucer programs as well as other factors suggesting 
the existance of a Nazi base in Antarctica that had been in operation 
for nearly a decade before the end of the War in Europe.  Even if they 
only suspected these things, their interrogations of the Nazi U-Boat 
crewmen just seemed to confirm their suspicions.
     It was probably no coincidence then, that shortly after this a so-
called scientific 'expedition' was sent to Antarctica under the com-
mand of Admiral Richard E. Byrd OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY!
However, some commentators suggested later that this expedition
appeared to be more of a MILITARY MISSION than an expedition,
when the amount and type of men and equipment is taken into
consideration.  The equipment used in the 'expedition' were MILITARY 
craft.  THE 4,000 MAN TEAM, upon arriving at Antarctica immediately 
split up into three different forces which were each assigned to different 
parts of the continent in a suspiciously reconnaissance-like manner.  
According to some sources, the Navy forces encountered some type 
of resistance there and four Navy planes were lost.  Also reports of flying 
disks leaked out as well.  The team, apparently after encountering the 
super-advanced arsenal of the Nazi's, left Antarctica only a few weeks 
after the operation began, which would be unusual for an exclusively 
'scientific' expedition.  Byrd was later questioned by officials and the 
highest level of secrecy was stamped over the entire affair.  MANY OF 
     As for the Antarctic encounter, other sources suggest a possible 
victory inflicted by Byrd and his 'intrepid 4,000' upon the hidden Nazi 
bases-diskfleet, so there seems to be some controversy as to who 'won' 
this particular 'polar war'... yet when all the cards are laid on the table
it would seem more realistic to say that the conflict ended in a stale-
mete.  However, if it is true as some claim that Byrd flew into a rage 
when he returned to the U.S. and suggested, almost demanded, to the 
President and Joint Chiefs of Staff that they should turn Antarctica into 
a thermo-nuclear test range, then we can assume that whatever took 
place during the encounter they were unable to entirely secure the area, 
and that the Nazi force remains entrenched on, or under, the 7th conti-
nent to this day.
     The U.S. Government carefully examined the situation and set
about on deciding how to deal with this new threat.  Of course they 
could not tell the American public, as this would be an embarrassment 
to the Allied countries which had just been honored for one of the great-
est military victories in history, and it would fly in the face of all those
millions of families who had lost loved ones in the War.  Also it might 
cause widespread paranoia and fear.  To them, World War II was not 
over, it had just taken a horrifying turn.  They were fully aware of the 
atrocities that had been perpetrated by the Nazi S.S., and the millions 
of Jews, Gypsies, Slavians and Allies who had died as a result of Hitler's 
demon-inspired plans, and they did not expect the genocidal-imperialist 
philosophies of the Third Reich [or in this case the 'Fourth Reich] to 
be 'repented of' any time soon.
     Harbinson, in his novel, gives an unconfirmed yet very frightening 
scenario based on the idea that National Socialism is thriving beneath 
Antarctica, and that through high-tech 'implant' technology and mind 
control this ever-increasing Nazi technocracy is implanting thousands 
of people the world over in a very real plan of conquest through efforts
to take over the minds of individuals in different nations.  He suggests 
that multitudes have been implanted -- and via certain forms of technosis, 
post-hypnotic 'suggestions' have been fed into the minds of such indi-
viduals (although the implanted persons, having had the abduction-implant 
episodes suppressed from their minds through electronic or chemical 
dissolution of memory, may not even realize that many of their 'thoughts' 
and 'decisions' are not their own).  As a result they are led to serve,
whether they are aware of it or not, the secret Aryan masters.
     In reference to a possible collaboration between the Nazi's and the 
CIA, some researchers have alleged that both the Nazi Party as well 
as the CIA were tied-in with the Bavarian Illuminati from the beginning.  
Well known political-economics analyst Antony Sutten claims to have 
documented evidence that the Skull & Bones Society, a western branch 
of the Bavarian Illuminati, in fact helped to finance Hitler's war machine!
Sutton claims that the Skull & Bones had its origin in the occult secret
societies of GERMANY.  Also, in reference to possible scenarios taking 
place beneath New Mexico and elsewhere concerning underground labs, 
biogenetic experiments, mind control experiments, CIA collaboration 
with Nazi scientists who were acclimated into the 'Company' following 
the war, etc., A Washington state researcher by the name of Val Valerian 
[aka John Grace] has stated: "...there is a lot of solid evidence that the 
Germans were all over New Mexico before the war.  Look at the old
newspaper archives from that period.  The Germans were buying land, 
and investigating underground mines and caverns."  He also stated that 
a German connection with NASA (von Braun, etc.) and the CIA existed 
as well.
     Some believe that the CIA so readily received the Nazi 'mind scientists' 
into their fold not only because of the Nazi influence behind its creation, 
but also because the CIA was experimenting on various psychological 
mind manipulating procedures which the Nazi scientists were at the time 
very knowledgeable of because of the massive brain-related experiments
that were carried out on the concentration camp victims.  The post-war 
Nazi's and the CIA simply renewed a relationship of convenience based 
on similar interests and activities.  You could say that the S.S. was the
Bavarian Intelligence Agency in Germany, and the inner core of the CIA
was built around their "fifth column" double agents and sympathizers who
had infiltrated the American Intelligence Community.

		*       *       *       *       *       *       *

The following information comes from THE RAINBOW CONSPIRACY, by 
Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger (Pinnacle Books - Windsor Publishing 
Corp., N.Y.  1994):


In his controversial presentaion UFO SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH,
Vladimir Terziski [refers to such] German secret societies as the Tempel-
hoff, the Thule, the Vrill, and the Black Sun...

Terziski maintains that antigravity research began in Germany in the 1920s
with the first hybrid antigravity circular craft, the RFZ-1, constructed by the
secret Vrill society.  In 1942-43 a series of antigravity machines culminated
in the giant 350-foot-long, cigar-shaped Andromeda space station, which
was constructed in old zeppelin hangers near Berlin by E4, the research
and development arm of the SS.

While Terziski is not alone in making such claims... other researchers 
scoff at them as pure fantasy.  It remains for us to attempt to fetter out 
the details of what may be another massive cover-up of the international 
shadow governments -- or at least to reveal what facts seem to be generally 
known about certain German scientists' passion for space travel.

Shortly before the Third Reich collapsed in 1945, Wernher von Braun,
Hermann Oberth, and about eighty other top scientists were 'smuggled' 
out of Nazi Germany by the 'Allies'.

The allies also captured various documents, files, plans, photographs, and
designs.  However, one specific file, containing [information about] discoid-
shaped aircraft disappeared.

"At the same time, 130 crack Nazi designers of specialized aircraft also
DISAPPEARED," said UFO researcher Jammie A. Romee.  "The mysterious
disappearance of that vital file, together with over one hundred technologists,
must be added to the following list of oddities which took place shortly
before and after the fall of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich:

"1.  The unexplained disappearance of several German freight U-Boats,
each capable of transporting 850 metric tons;

"2. The disappearance from Tempelhof Air Base of several long-distance
planes with flight plans to Spain and South America;

"3.  The disappearance of several tens of millions of marks in hard currency,
gold bullion, and precious stones from the Reichsbank;

"4.  The fact that UFOs were, and continue to be, sighted in great numbers
over areas of South America in which many Nazis [and members of secret
societies] are known to be hidden."

In 1938 Hitler's aide, Martin Bormann, had ordered the careful mapping of all
mountain passes, caves, bridges, and highways and began selecting sites
for underground factories, munitions dumps, and food caches.  Giant under-
ground workshops and launching pads, known as "U-plants," were estab-
lished in which top German scientists would be assigned the task of creating
secret weapons.  A slave-labor force of 250,000 was required to complete
work on such fortresses.  Networks of tunnels and assembly plants were
fashioned in Austria, Bavaria, and northern Italy.

Allied intelligence had learned of work at the Luftwaffe experimental center
near Oberammergau, Bavaria, to create Project FEUERBALL (Fireball), an
aerial device designed to confuse Allied radar and interupt electromagnetic
currents.  Efforts were accelerated to perfect the craft in 1944, but work
seemed to have been shifted to the development of the KUGELBLITZ
(Round Lightning), a round, symmetrical airplane, quite unlike any previous
flying object known in terrestrial aviation history.

In May 1945, after the Nazi surrender, British agents -- searching the files
of some underground factories in the Black Forest -- located a number of
documents describing important experiments concerning the development 
of "new turbine engines capable of developing extraordinary power."

A friend of ours -- who once worked as a design engineer at the De Havilland
aircraft plant in Canada -- told us that Canadian intelligence had taken plans
for an advanced circular aircraft that had been found at Peenemuende, site
of the Nazi rocket-experimental complex [which developed the V-1 and the
V-2 rockets] from 1937 to 1945, and presented them as a challenge to the
scientists at De Havilland.

"We actually made the 'flying saucer' fly -- for a while," our friend said.  "We
never mastered the complete techniques of the propulsion system to keep
the bloody thing in the air for very long at a time."

The fascination of German science with rockets began in 1923 with Dr.
There were many other books that advanced the cause of spacecraft dev-
elopment that appeared in Germany in the mid-1920s.

In 1927 the VEREIN FUER RAUMSCHIFFAHRT (Society for Space Travel)
was organized, with Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley among its members.
The VFR produced the world's first rocket-powered automobile, the Opel-
Rak 1, with Fritz vol Opel in 1928.  Further experiments were made with
railway cars, rocket sleds, crude vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and
some successful rocket launches from the RAKENTENFLUGPLATZ
(rocket airfield) near Berlin.

When Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany in 1933, the Nazi party took
over all rocket and aircraft development, and all astronautical societies were
nationalized.  In 1937 the Peenemuende group was formed under the direc-
tion of Walter Dornberger and Wernher von Braun.

But what if there could have been primitive prototypes of terrestrial flying
saucers flown as early as 1942 by an ultra-secret group of Nazi scientists?  
...These initial Nazi UFOs may still have been capable of flying distances 
far greater than any conventional aircraft, the antigravity devices were not 
yet perfected to the point where they could circle the globe indefinitely.

A U.S. Army Air Corps major who claimed over fifty missions as a B-17
pilot told of encountering "Foo Fighters" over Berlin circa 1944:

"These things [unknown circular aircraft] popped out of nowhere.  Suddenly
they'd be on our wing, six or eight of them, flying in perfect formation.

"You'd turn and bank; they'd turn and bank.  You just couldn't shake them.
Little, dirty, gray aluminum things, ten or twelve feet in diameter, shaped
just like saucers; no cockpits, no windows, no sign of life."


"As far as I know, when the things got sick of the cat-and-mouse game, they
would just take off into space and disappear, flying at the most incredible
speeds -- maybe 5,000 miles per hour or more!"


"Some of the guys thought that they were more of Hitler's V-weapons, some-
thing the Nazis were only able to get up in the closing days of the war.
Some of the boys thought they were Russian.  Some even believed the
things must be from outer space because they maneuvered so uncannily
and flew at such superhuman speeds..."

An officer in Paris recalled reports of unidentified flying objects that had
harassed Allied bombing missions during the last days of World War II:

"There were any number of them, very well attested.  They were considered
so secret they were in the 'eyes only' file.  That means you couldn't make
a copy of the papers.

"You want to know something else?  Those flying saucer-shaped craft were
reported in the closing days of the war over Tokyo, as well as over Berlin."

(One possibility is that the "Foo Fighters" were Nazi reconaissance probes 
which embodied only the instrumentation necessary to observe and record.  
Any offensive weaponry may have been absent in the initial prototypes 
because of logistical problems, although the objects might concievably have 
be used to "ram" a bomber, which would probably have destroyed the object 
in the process. - Wol.)

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