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Mind Control and UFOs

By Alex Constantine

Feb. 1996


Author's Note: The following letter was sent in response to a
query from a writer in Austin, Texas concerning UFOs, Area 51
and mind control.

        Everyone has their own perspective on UFOs and Area 51
and they cling to it passionately. Those who swallow the "alien"
cover story whole loathe the truth, especially those who have
made the intelligence-anchored fantasy the core of their personal
cosmology. But the truth is brighter than the average disk slipping
through the night sky with its running lights blazing.
        If you don't agree with anything I have to say, make it a
gentlemen's debate. Passionate arguments are hard on the digestive
system, and I have seen enough to know that "alien" adherents don't
understand electronic mind control at all. If they did, they would give
up their childhood dreams.
        The organizations turning nonlethals on civilians are totally
stripped of conscience. They are capable of anything. The hierarchy
that controls them has been in place for some time, but a kind of
culmination occurred under Clinton. The most important defense firm
at Area 51 is ESL, once run by William Perry, secretary of defense.
ESL is part owner of Area 51.
        The mind control is central to the function of the disks. They
came together after WW II, because Laurence Rockefeller and
other national security wigs went to Germany to study the advanced
technology at Penemunde, Himmler's redoubt and the source of the
Japanese economic "miracle" -- also the R&D center of the disks.
Years later, Laurence headed up a UFO study group. Of course,
they depended heavily on "aliens." Of course, Laurence today funds
        Once the... 'cover' drops away, their greatest fear, out will
come the fact that the Nazi scientists used the disks to replace
Auschwitz and the other camps, where they once experimented
on condemned prisoners. In the U.S. the Paperclip Nazis were
given a craft to transplant victims to the lab and a post-hypnotic
cover story to replace those invaluable camps. That they pulled
it off by making the public believe in aliens [as opposed to top
secret 'Nazi' aerospace projects. - Wol.] is positively amazing.
It's done through repetition. A day doesn't go by that the media
doesn't stick "aliens" in out faces. They don't have much to say
about mind control, however. Which is really the closely guarded
        Classified technology is beyond the imagination of most
people. Levitation is old hat. Synthetic [computer-enhanced
encephalographic] telepathy is old hat. When the imaging equip-
ment was used on me, I could remote view nine areas of the world
at the same time. Psi-Tech, the firm run by chronic confabulator
Ed Dames and that complete psychopath John Alexander, states
in the very name of their company how remote viewing really works
-- with machines. (I've been linked to them, so I speak with confidence
about all of this.) I'm not speculating. They were developed by scien-
tists hiding behind the "alien" cover.
        The mind control arsenal is often used for torture. The world
that emerges with it in the wrong hands will be not worth living in.
        The list of corporations that have developed the cybernetic
devices currently used to track and communicate with abductees
en masse is a long one. Raytheon and E-Systems are both involved.
Have you seen the article on the many murders at E-Systems?
There are many more around the world.
        The powers that be will eventually get around to tapping the
heads of everyone. The UFOs, which are real enough (I've been
buzzed by three of them at one time in open country, and I was
with a witness), are only one cover story for experimentation. Another
is ritual abuse. Another is esp experimentation. Sometimes they
don't worry about a cover. They simply 'beam' your home, torture
you [psionically-mentally] until your half-nuts, kill friends, ruin employ-
ment, make every day an absolute hell, and when done send the
victim off to kill somebody or simply waste him.
        So much for the "alien" romance. Bob Lazar is a Nazi marionette.
All of the respected researchers with military intelligence backgrounds
are collaborators in torture. That also goes for those who come from
defense firms. In Nazi Germany, a quarter of all ruthless experiments
on humans were conducted by academics from leading institutions of
learning. I haven't seen any figures for contemporary America, so go
conjecture, but many Ph.D.s are steering the public down blind alleys
to conceal their own crimes.
        As I say, I've seen what the technology can do. One by one,
the weapons have been used on me. Some are miraculous and do
beautiful things. The novelty effects are used to seduce people onto
collaborating. It's a little known fact that there are many more civilian
collaborators trained to keep a secret than there are experimental
victims. The collaborators are in great number. On this score, you
wouldn't believe me if I told you. All I can say is that if you live long
enough, you will find out first hand what is afoot.
        This thing has gone much farther than most UFO researchers
know. The perfect slave state is in the making, and it is evolving rapidly.
I'm not a right-winger. I don't spout nonsense about the UN and gun
control and "aliens," the bunk that is circulated to discredit legitimate
researchers. The obfuscations spun by Lazar, Art Bell, Bill Moore and
a host of other operatives and militia groups will create enough confusion
to cover the last leg of the mind control initiative. And then it will all be
in place. This isn't alarmist paranoia.
        If anything I've said strikes you as far-fetched, as I say, keep
your eyes and ears open. Then we will be in complete agreement. The
abductees have glimpsed the future and it's a horrifying nightmare.
        Nonlethals are nothing more than enhancements in the CIA's
technological base of the 1960s. It's a straight line.
        Subjects to research for an understanding of the above: Scientific
Applications International Corporation, TRW, Stanford Research Institute,
TRW, ESL, Laurence Rockefeller, Operation Paperclip, man-made
UFOs, psi research, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Mankind
Research Unlimited, Dorothy Burdick, abductee case histories, the
Aviary, preschool abuse cases (not the debunkers), MK Ultra, man-
machine interface, intelligence-cult formations, and anything else you
find relevant. It all goes in the same direction -- open FASCIST rule.


Alex Constantine

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In his book 'MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION' (Bantom Books,
1980), Jacques Vallee relates some disturbing connections between
fascist politics and some of the early 'contactees' who claimed
to have had meetings with humans who piloted advanced disk-shaped
aerial craft.  Some of these persons included George Adamski,
George Hunt Williamson, Howard Menger and others.  Many of the
'space beings' they allegedly encountered claimed to be "from Venus".
However, some have suggested that they were actually so-called
pure-bred Aryans who utilized advanced aerospace craft and were
involved in some massive psychological warfare campaign on the
American people.  With these excerpts from Vallee's book, we
examine the possibility that earth-based societies containing
advanced anti-gravitational technologies are using such technology
as a psychological weapon to establish a One World Government.
if we are to believe other accounts.
     According to the information which can be gleaned from Vallee's
writings, in the early California 'contactee' era, many occult groups
linked with power-tripping organizations were very active.  Right after
World War II, when a branch of Aliester Crowley's O.T.O. (Ordo Templi
Orientis) flourished in Los Angeles, two of the most ardent members
were Jack W. Parsons, a propulsion engineer, and L. Ron Hubbard,
a science-fiction buff who originally claimed to have infiltrated the
O.T.O. for Naval Intelligence, before he apparently sold-out and
became a full 'convert' to the secret society.  Jack Parsons claims
to have met a 'Venusian' in the California desert in 1946, and went
on to be one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
[which is allegedly tied-in with the "Alternative-003" projects. - Wol]
and the Aerojet Corporation.
     Another 'contactee', Daniel Fry, was an Aerojet employee when
he allegedly saw his first 'saucer' in 1950, while working at the White
Sands missile range in southern New Mexico.  Ron Hubbard, on the
other hand, founded Dianetics and later, the Church of Scientology
(from which later sprang such 'mind-science' cults as EST and 'Life-
spring').  The higher initiates of Scientology believe in 'psychic contact'
with 'extraterrestrials', and they also believe themselves to be 'thetans'
or human 'gods' once they complete the Scientology program.
     Contactee George Adamski, a Rosicrucian, had pre-war ties
with American fascist leader William Dudley Pelley, who was interned
during the war for his racist activities.  Contactee George Hunt William-
son (whose real name is Michael d'Obrenovic) was associated with
Pelly's organization, 'Soulcraft', in the early fifties.  Other associates
of Williamson during the great era of the 'flying saucers' were such
'contactees' as John McCoy and the two Stanford brothers, Ray and
     Pelley's fascist involvement may provide a clue here when we
consider that many of the Nazi party members were involved in
the Rosicrucian and Theosophical movements, both of which are
tied-in with the Masonic-Illuminati network.  Also, there are many
sources which claim that the Nazi's had secretly developed top-
secret 'disk-shaped' aerial craft during the war.  It is strange that
'contactees' such as George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Howard
Menger, George King and others have described almost identical
'disk-craft' and 'occupants'.  There descriptions of the so-called
'Venusian-craft' are remarkably similar in design to an alleged
secret aircraft which the Nazi's are said to have developed as part
of their secret military operations, as depicted in the video SECRETS
OF THE THIRD REICH [available through Vladimir Terziski and the
American Academy of Dissident Scientists. - Wol.].  At least one
source, former Air Force employee Thomas Edwin Castello, claimed
to have seen confidential government photographs showing an 'Adamski-
type' disc with a swastica on it!  Many believe that a secret operation
was put into effect just before Hitler's death or disappearance, which
involved the construction of a secret underground base or bases in
Antarctica.  Many German scientists along with their latest technical
discoveries were believed to have set out for Antarctica before or
during the ending of WWII.
     It is said that Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), a German scientist,
developed for the Nazi's between 1938 and 1945 a series of disk-shaped
aircraft as part of their top-secret weapons and space program.  Incident-
ally, after the war, Schauberger was brought to America, where he was
reported to be working on a top-secret wingless aircraft project in Texas
for the U.S. Government.
     William Dudley Pelley, who died in 1965, was the leader of the
'Silver Shirts', an American Nazi group which began it's activities about
1932.  It's membership overlapped strongly with Guy Ballard's 'I AM'
     After the war, Pelley started an occult group, 'Soulcraft', and
published a racist magazine called 'Valor'.  He also wrote the book
STAR GUESTS in 1950, a compilation of 'inspired' writings reminiscent
     It was about 1950 that G.H. Williamson began working for Pelley at
the offices of Soulcraft Publications, in Noblesville, Indiana, before moving
to California, where he allegedly witnessed Adamski's desert contact in
1952, with a 'Venusian with long blond hair.'
     Pelley AND George Adamski had a common interest in the I AM
cult, which often met at Mt. Shasta in northern California -- considered
by occultists to be a very powerful electromagnetic 'energy vortex' area,
for better or worse.
     John A. Keel related an incident in his book, 'OPERATION TROJAN
HORSE' (G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York), concerning 'contactee'
Howard Menger, one of the prominent figures in the late '50's - early '60's
'contactee' circles.  Menger was one of those who claimed to have had
contact with the 'space brothers', and as a result had written a book (with
photo's, etc. of the alleged spacecraft).  Many curiosity seekers flocked
around Menger and other cosmic 'prophets', lapping up every word of
'New Age' cosmic wisdom from the 'space brothers' that they could get.
Menger was apparently told that he was a reincarnated soul from the
planet Saturn, and that his wife was a pre-incarnate inhabitant of Venus.
      In the early 1960's, New York radio host Long John Nebel landed
a television show and naturally he invited Howard Menger to be one of
his first guests, since he had often appeared on his radio show on station
W.O.R. in New York City.
     On the night of the program, which was viewed by millions of people
in the Northeast, Menger was unusually quiet and nervous.  Parris Flam-
mone, the program producer, later stated:
     "Vaguely, aimlessly, rather embarrassingly, he avoided and vacillated...
Howard Menger, Saturnian husband to a Venusian traveler in space, friend
of extraterrestrials, annotator of 'authentic music from another world',
master of teleportation, and saucerological sage extraordinaire -- RECAN-
TED!  DENIED ALMOST EVERYTHING... His saucers may have been
psychic, his space people visions, and his and (his wife) Marla's other-
planethood, metamorphic."
     Later, in letter's to Gray Barker and 'SAUCER NEWS' editor Jim
Moseley, Menger termed his book 'fiction-fact' and implied that THE
PENTAGON had given him the films and asked him to participate in an
experiment to test the public's reaction to extraterrestrial contact.  As
John Keel puts it: "He has helped us, therefore, to dismiss his entire
story as not only a hoax, but a hoax perpetrated BY THE U.S. GOVERN-
     Keel attended a 'Congress of Scientific UFOlogists' sponsored by
James Moseley in 1957.  Moseley flew Menger in from his home in Florida.
Long John Nebel introduced Menger from the stage, who spoke before
1,500 people.  Although he had given many lectures and appeared freq-
uently on radio and TV, his nerves were visibly raw that afternoon.  "Here,"
Keel thought, "is a very SCARED man."  Keel later recalled: "He avoided
discussing THE CIA'S ALLEGED EXPERIMENT and his own misgivings
about the reality of UFO's.  Instead, he talked about the saucer he was
trying to build in his basement, presumably from plans given him by you-
     George Hunt Williamson co-authored a book, 'UFO'S CONFIDENTIAL',
with a man by the name of John McCoy, who operated the 'Essene Press'.
The 'Stanford' brothers were living in the same town at the same time as
John McCoy and Williamson (i.e. Corpus Christi, Texas).  In the mid-fifties
McCoy and Williamson produced a series of 'contact' books, one of which
had McCoy as 'co-author'.  Ray Stanford states (1954) that he received
'telepathic messages from the space people.'  (I have discovered from
personal experience that there is not much difference between spiritists
mediums who "channel" astral spirits, demons or what have you; and New
Age mystics who channel "extraterrestrials".  The "message" is basically
the same: a gnostic form of self-deification and submission to invisible
"masters".  It is interesting that in Constance Cumbey's book "THE HID-
DEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW" [Huntington House, Inc., P.O. Box
53788., Lafayette, LA  70505], the author makes several connections
which give evidence that much of the "New Age" philosophy -- including
the basis for United Nations subsidiary organizations such as LUCIS
TRUST [formerly LUCIFER TRUST Publishing Company] which are work-
ing towards the establishment of a one-world religious system on behalf
of the New World Order] had its/their roots in Theosophical-NAZI occult-
ism! - Wol.)
      As for George Hunt Williamson, the Stanford brothers later became
upset with him when he ripped them off for 'channeled' material and pub-
lished it under the name 'Brother Philip'.  Today (at the time Vallee wrote
'MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION') Rex Stanford is a parapsychologist,
and Ray operates a UFO detection station.

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