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[Continued from part 2]

I don't know how long I had been in this near death camp. From

six weeks up to three months any period of time would fit the

reconstruction of my biography. I was programmed to explain my

absence to persons to whom I was related with cover stories. I

hadn't any close friend in this time. My "parents" had been

ed not to talk about it.

In 1976 I started to study psychology. The SCNS didn't appreciate

this choice. But all in all they never were so successful [in their 
efforts] to

 control me as they wanted to be. Nevertheless they man-
aged to

 produce long-lasting amnesia. And of course they program-
med me

 successfully to leave the communist party. The procedure 

 quite simple. While I heard in endless repetitions the statement 

 am a communist" from a tape, spoken by myself, I was tortured


And so I became an unwilling member of a secret group of

psychics who were mind controlled in order to prevent

 them from 
giving their knowledge away.  (This is also apparently used with
Delta Force [NRO] Special Forces, who are programmed with alter-
nate personalities and programmed to "forget" sensitive details if they 
are caught. This especially includes secret operations involving covert
space missions, security for underground Illuminati bases, and so on. 
- Wol.) When even the questions

 are state secrets, it doesn't matter 
whether the answers of the

 "psychics" are the result of paranormal 
perceptions or -- as in my

 case -- the fictions of tortured people who 
play clairvoyants in

 order to escape the torture. Then in every case 
the activity of

 this group and the contents of their sessions have to be 

 secret. This is one of the reasons why mind control is frequently

used in psychic [Intelligence Agency] mind wars.

Many of the national security satanists don't really trust in

abilities. But they know that many politicians in the

 U.S.A. and else-
where are true psi believers. And so they train

 their psychics to 
respond in accordance with the SCNS's political

 preferences. Then 
they exert their influence on these politicians

 referring to the insights 
of their "psychics". Unsuspecting

 politicians are presented with 
impressive videos of secret

 service seances in which mind controlled 
"psychics" in deep

 trance states reveal "state secrets" which they had 

 programmed to reveal by the SCNS some time before. Then, too, 

 is easier for the politicians to grant the SCNS the money needed

for psychic research and projects. When I recognized this I tried

find out what the torture master wanted me to see in my

 "crystal ball" 
and prophesied this whenever my insights couldn't

 be scrutinized at 
once. When there was the possibility to check

 my predictions I relied 
on common sense. So the perpetrators were

 full of praise for my 
psychic powers.

"Wir werden das zu verhindern wissen!"

In 1977 Hans-Martin Schleyer was abducted by German terrorists.

Hans-Martin-Schleyer was the president of the German association

of employers (Bundesverband der deutschen Arbeitgeberverbaende).

First of all they persuaded a relative of mine to find out

 whether I was 
able to remotely view (exploiting my "psychic

 powers") the whereabouts 
of Schleyer. This family member probably

 told the SCNS that I knew it 
but wasn't ready to reveal it

 because I thought Schleyer to be an old 
Nazi responsible for the death of thousands of people in the former
Czechoslovakia. I was of this opinion indeed.

Some days later two man claiming to be policemen of the

kriminalamt" (the German FBI) made me follow them to a

 safe house 
by triggering my obedience with the appropriate code

 word. According 
to a wild inspiration I told them falsely that I

 knew where Schleyer was 
but that I would tell it only to Mr. X.

 Mr. X was a German leading politician 
of the western world whom I

 hold responsible for the mind control treat-
ment I was subjected

 to since 1974. After a short palaver they put me 
through to Mr.

 X. Mr X couldn't help but [made] a phone call with me in 
order to

 avoid being reproached for not having done everything to save

Schleyer's life. "Mr. X, nice to talk to you!" I hissed. "I will

 make sure 
that you'll go down in the annals of history as

 Germany's top torture 
master!" "We will be able to prevent you

 from talking!" he said. (I will 
never forget the German words:

 "Wir werden das zu verhindern wissen!" 
These words will ever burn

 in my soul until this man is dead and buried.) 
With these words Mr. X assumed responsibility for the mind control treat-
ment that

 followed. I told Mr. X that I had lied because I wanted to talk

him and that I of course didn't know where Schleyer has been

to. But Mr. X and the other political crisis manager
 around him didn't 
believe me. One cried out poofily: "Mr. GRESCH,

 break away from the 
demon!" Sometimes they tried to demonize me

 as a psychic monster, 
probably from outer space, whom the free

 world has to be protected 

Since 1982 Mr. X is no longer in a leading political position,

 but he is 
still very influential in Germany and elsewhere. So I'm

 even now afraid 
of him. That's why I have to withhold his name.

 Some think him to be 
a hero of national security. Others claim he

 was or perhaps is a master-
mind behind the scenes of governmental crimes in Germany. If the latter 
is true, this truth will

 probably remain hidden. He is able to manipulate 
the mass media

 very effectively.

If my memories are true the [West] German government was actively

involved in SCNS machinations. Some years ago a leading German

politician was shot and wounded by a man who claimed that this

politician was responsible for "SUBTERRANEAN FACTORIES where

human beings are produced" ("unterirdische Menschenfabriken"). 

 said that in these factories people were physically AND mentally

changed ("umfunktioniert"). The assassin is now in a lunatic

the politician is tied to his wheelchair. Mind control -

- out of control?

Electromagnetic fields

The next night I was abducted by a SCNS team. They were in a

hurry then so they took a high risk kidnapping me in my

 sleep room. 
I was flown out with a fighter plane to an

 interrogation camp were I 
was tortured in order to coerce me to

 tell them where Schleyer was. 
Although they used electromagnetic

 fields to stimulate my "psychic 
faculties" for the first time, I

 wasn't able to help them because I am 
not a clairvoyant at all.

 In such cases it wouldn't be necessary to 
torture me: If I could

 help I would. But, of course, I couldn't. In cases 
like this

 common sense and intuition is not enough.

Then I had to interrogate Andreas Baader whom they had flown to

the desert camp, too.

He was the leader of the RAF, the terrorist group which had

Schleyer. But Baader was in jail and of course he wasn't

about the operative details. And so, even under torture he couldn't 
give away any useful information. But the SCNS

 obviously had gained 
confidence in my so-called telepathic

 faculties. "If remote viewing 
doesn't work in this case", they

 might have thought, "this mustn't 
mean  that psychic interrogation

 will fail, too." 

But it failed, of course, although I was a highly skilled mind

trolled "telepathic" interrogator. That doesn't stand for

 being able 
to read the minds of people, but I had learned to

 interpret non-verbal 
signals very much faster and more systematic

 than people who are 
not mind controlled. If you are tortured your

 learning capacity first 
deteriorates, but after some time it is

 extraordinarily amplified. That 
is one of the reasons why with

 trauma-based mind control you can 
produce zombies apparently
 capable to perform superhuman feats.

I didn't like Baader. He resembled his political counterpart, Mr.

to much. The same effeminate, histrionic mummy's boy hidden

behind a facade of masculinity if not machismo.

I was not only a mind controlled "telepath", but a skilled

too. The method to train mind controlled killers is as

 simple as 
[it is] to train mind controlled telepaths or mind controlled

slaves. The victims wear a remotely controlled torture device

and whenever they fail, they receive an electrical shock. First 

 had to kill cats (I love cats), then I had to torture and kill

people (I love people), who looked like Arabs. These, of course,

may be hypnotically planted false memories in order to make 

 victim feel guilty and afraid of punishment. In every case the

message is: "If you're remembering and talking about what you 

 here, you will not be able to live with this truth and you will

be charged with murder because nobody believes that you were 

 zombie." But it makes sense for the controllers to let the

really torture and kill, because this is the best test

 of total subju-

My lawyer asked me whether interrogating Baader may be a false

memory. "This must be a false memory", I answered without

hesitating, "because if this reminiscence where true, the

ment's version of this case must be wrong. Who am I to

with the government's truth?"

The last time I was treated by the SCNS was in 1981 or 1982,

after I had received my diploma in psychology. Now they told me

that the Germans wouldn't accept any further treatment. So they

had to be successful definitively. The SCNS torture master said:

"Now I will treat you with radiation. I don't mind if it kills

 you." And 
then he did so. He induced all sorts of horror and

 delight to condition 
my brain. Because the EEGs of the different

 personality fragments 
of a MPD subject differ markedly he tried

 to condition the EEG 
associated with my genuine personality with

 aversions and the 
EEG associated with the desired personality positively.

There are frequencies capable of triggering total chaos in your

nervous system, so that every kind of coordinate thinking will be

stopped. They trained me to switch between my genuine and the

desired personality on cue. Then they triggered the basic

ality, and the chaos-wave was administered on me. Then

a period in which they let me change into the new

 personality and 
a pleasure frequency was employed. Then they let

 me go through 
this cycle again and again. Afterwards they claimed

 that the chaos-
wave had destroyed my basic personality irreversibly.

They have discovered a hypnotic wave that allows them to program

the brain with new plans of behavior. This wave induces

deep trance states, even against the will of the

 victim. In this hypnotic 
states it is possible to alter the

 central plans of the individual which 
form the basis not only of

 the individuals actions, but of his perceptions, 
emotions, and

 assessments, too.


By the way, for programming they use the concepts being described

in the book "Plans and the Structure of Behavior" written by

Galanter and Pribram. This is a basic textbook of MKULTRA

first in a series of CIA mind control projects. - Wol.] and of modern 
psychology, too. A tragedy of science. The basic

 idea of the theory 
outlined in this book is the hierarchical

 structure of human actions. 
On top of the hierarchy of the

 hierarchies of an individual's repertory 
of actions there resides

 the central plan, the godfather of a man's
mental universe. The

 torture master said: "Now we are going to modify 
your central

 plan. We know that you won't accept this voluntarily. But 
we can

 detect whether the electrical activity in the will center of your

brain indicates the alterations of your central plan. If not, you

 will be 
tortured until they do."

It doesn't matter whether the perpetrators really have the

and techniques to manage this, what counts is that the

 victims believe 
they have. Mind control is a mixture of modern

 science, high tech, 
very old dark arts, science fiction, and

 other fantasy stories. The 
perpetrators use the contemporary

 myths to influence the mind of 
the victims. Maybe they cooperate with the film industry and with 
writers to produce frames of

 reference for trance induction and mani-
pulation of personality

 structures. Isn't the similarity between mind 
control technology

 and the methods of Juan Matus, as described by 
C. Castaneda,

 breathtaking? Isn't this the stuff to 'mind control' people 
in some

 cases very easily without traumatizing them? [For] years 
the SCNS

 has tried to develop non-trauma-based methods of mind 
control because these techniques could be more resistant to the 
dawning of the

 victim's consciousness.

The mind controllers use electromagnetic frequencies [waves] that 

 mental states which couldn't be described in words, because 

 states couldn't be experienced under normal conditions or even

when under the influence of known hallucinogenic drugs. (Note: The
human brain has its own unique electrical pattern or signature as 
evidenced by electroencephalograph read-outs.  When a new artificial
electrical pattern is introduced into the brain via electrodes or some 
other method, it is called "entrainment" of brain-wave patterns. - Wol.)

 some time that lasts an eternity you will lose your identity as 

 human being. What remains is a rudimentary, wordless sense of

being a formless mass that isn't able to resist any suggestion

that could be modelled like clay. With the term "formless

 mass" I 
mean that you aren't able to localize yourself in a human

 body. Instead 
you experience the nearly perfect dissolution of

 body and mind. But 
this experience is subjective, of course,

 because your can hear the 
indoctrinations of the perpetrators,

 which transform your psyche far 
beyond your rational control.

 While this transformation takes place, 
you have lost your sense of identity and so you're ability to resist 
identity change, too.

Nowadays it is possible to replace the whole spectrum of mind

control techniques with radiation. There are even waveforms which

induce near-death experiences, while all bodily functions are

in order. This method is so powerful that most people could

perfectly mind controlled within some weeks. But the control

mechanisms has to be refreshed from time to time, still. If not,

sooner or later the victim will remember the treatment. But

ening is quiet easy with a stun gun and a portable device

 that emits 
the appropriate waveforms and frequencies. With this

 means the 
procedure could be accomplished in some hours.

Since Cameron's times for indoctrination they use endlessly

peated messages from tape. Sometimes these messages are 

 with the voice of the victim, in other cases the victim hears 

 voices of relatives or friends. These people, of course, had

never spoken these indoctrinations. They were constructed out of

the basic phonetic elements of neutral speech material -- modern

electronic audio devices make this fake possible.

But in view of these high tech devices we shouldn't underestimate

the importance of psychology. Only trained psychologists or

iatrists are able to handle this devices accurately. But the

necessary is not a secret science. Most of it could be

 picked up in 
the basic textbooks of psychology and psychiatry. So

 it is probably 
not exaggerating to say that these disciplines brutalize their disciples. 
That's why it is relatively easy for

 the SCNS to recruit personnel with 
adequate background.

Bird on the Wire

As far as I know I wasn't bothered by the SCNS since then. I

talked to a German psychotherapist who is in contact with four

women who have experienced nearly the same as I and in whose

cases the machinations ceased in 1982 as in my case. Although 

 have some reminiscences that I had predicted publicly the death

of the German politician Franz Joseph Strauss (three days before

he really died in 1988), I was brought then to a safe house in

Munich (Muenchen) where my memory was erased by means 

 radiation and electroshocks, I am inclined to believe that this

reminiscences are false. They are too vague to be treated as true.

Only a subjective probability not higher than .30 seems tenable.

If it is true, I must have been totally drunk when I played the

clairvoyant, then. True traumatic memories that have been erased

by means of mind control methods are -- once remembered again 

- extraordinarily precise. We can explain this with the biological

significance of traumatic memories. That's why severe traumatic

events will not be forgotten, with one exception: if the victim

programmed to forget. But after DE-PROGRAMMING our mental

apparatus even seems to amplify the once erased reminiscences 

 if our psyche tries to rectify a serious, life-threatening error.

There is another vague reminiscence which says that I was

grammed to work for a homosexual who had to accomplish the

mind control treatment through political indoctrination of the

artificial personality and whom I, as a compensation of his

had to serve as a sex slave. But this program failed, as

 did the 
indoctrination. The manipulation of sexual behavior and

the creation of 'alternates' who are homosexual/lesbian is

element of mind control [that is] frequently employed. Because 
in our

 culture heterosexual [or] homosexual acts or feelings 

 generally associated with feelings of guilt, sex behavior

modification maybe an important aspect of the psychodynamics 

 mind control. The indoctrination or therapy of the artificial new

personality is a standard element of mind control, too. So the

SCNS cooperates with radical right-wing employers and with

psychotherapists who work with the classical methods (behavior

therapy, cognitive therapy and so on) to 'treat' the emotional

disorders which are so frequent with victims of mind control. So

I warn every victim: REFUSE to be treated by a psychologist or 

 psychiatrist who isn't an activist of the movement against mind

control! A psychologist or a psychiatrist who wants you not to

talk about your experiences publicly, is a collaborator [with] the

SCNS, whether he knows it or not.

My stepmother did in 1982 or 1983. The exact date I have totally

forgotten. This is memory loss produced by hatred. Before she

died she made telephone calls to me again and again in order to

ask me what I would think if she would commit suicide.  During

the last of these calls she triggered just by chance the

personality" which develops in every victim of mind

 control but which 
is, in case of adequate programming, not strong

 enough to be active
(...apparently my own "resistance personality" as well as that of the
author were strong enough to break through to the surface.  In my
own case, the self-destructive programming which was integrated
into my subconsciousness was -- thank God -- turned outwards 
in an expression of suicidal rage against my 'abusers' rather than
inward, which alternative might have resulted in my own suicide,
as has been the sad fate of MANY mind-control/abduction subjects
whom I have learned about. - Wol.). But when the resistance per-
sonality is

 triggered, it tries to break the spell of mind control. But 

 power of the resistance personality is usually so weak that it 

 active only minutes or some hours -- not enough to liberate the

basic personality. The resistance personality said to my

"Like the coward you are you will not commit suicide

 with your own 
hands. So I have a very good idea. Write a letter

 to the intelligence 
people to whom you give information and who

 give orders to you 
how to treat me. You know who I mean. Tell

 them that you are no 
longer able to bear the guilt of conspiring

 against me, of being among 
those being responsible for the mind

 control and torture which I have 
been subjected to. Threaten them

 to reveal my story in a letter to the 
press if they don't stop

 the machinations against me. Then they will 
kill you." Two or

 three weeks later my step-father found her dead in 
her bath with

 her wrists slashed. I don't know whether this was really 

 or murder. What I know is that I don't believe she was capable 

 slash her wrists, although she was suicidal indeed.

I have no idea why the SCNS lost their interest in me -- if they

did so. Probably they are still waiting that the suicide

 program they 
have implemented during the last treatment in 81/82

 will work. In March 
1995 somebody had whistled a sad song from

 the thirties on my tele-
phone answering machine, saying nothing. I

 can't remember whether 
this was the cue to kill myself. I'm not

 sure whether this phone call 
was of cryptocratic origin, but this

 is quiet probable. Two weeks before 
I had sent a message

 concerning my mind control experiences to a 
network whose mail is

 intercepted excessively. Wonderful: As an 
author I think very

 highly of people who read my papers as attentively 
as my admirers

 in the intelligence community. Anyway, this whistler 
doesn't make

 me thinking about committing suicide but reminds me 
of a song of

 Leonard Cohen which I loved very much when I was young: 
"Like a

 bird on a wire". It's not easy to program suicide. In order to do

this you have first to construct a frame of reference in which

suicide "makes sense". In my case it was social

 isolation. They program-
med me to isolate myself totally... and so

 I isolated myself totally. But 
obviously I didn't kill myself.

 And I didn't remain isolated. After my 
recovery I found a woman

 whom I love and things are going well. I'm 
working in the field

 of public relations now, quiet successful.

In March, 1995 I sent an early version of this paper to experts

 of mind 
control all over the world. Those who responded confirmed

 the authenticity 
of my memories or at least didn`t doubt them.

 Mr. Walter H. Bowart, one 
of the world's most important mind

 control researchers, wrote: "Your letter 
is much appreciated and

 an important piece of evidence in the mounting 
case against the

 cryptocracy." Bowart defines "cryptocracy" as a secret

government which conspires against our laws and our freedoms. In

view the cryptocracy and the SCNS are identical. 

One of the most cryptic messages came from Dr. BENTE RICH, the

chief psychiatrist of the Rehabilitation and Research Center for

Victims in Copenhagen, Denmark: "I understand that you

 have problems 
about understanding what has happened to you and

 that you realize, it 
might be impossible for you to know what has

 happened to you. At the 
RCT we have a treatment program for

 refugees who have received political 
asylum in Denmark and

 because of this, I am not able to help you. But 
I do hope that

 you will be able to find some sort of support to share your

problems with in Germany." I received this letter in April,

 1995. Since 
then I wasn't able to find out what it really means.

 It should be mentioned 
that I HADN'T asked Dr. Rich for help at

 all. I never ask psychologists or 
psychiatrists for help, since I

 went to a psychiatrist in 1971 and became 
aware what really

 happened in his consulting room more then 20 years 

I sent my "Memories of a Victim" to politicians, too -- even to

 the Presi-
dent of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Roman

 Herzog -- but no 
reply. In Germany they have decided to hush up

 the whole thing as long 
as possible. 

What really disappointed me was the silence of Amnesty

whose Headquarters in London I sent an earlier

 version of this statement 
to. Whenever a German policeman yells

 at a refugee, Amnesty goes 
on stage to start a troubled lament

 concerning the human rights in this 
country. But no word about

 mind control, no word about the most brutal 
form of torture existing. This makes the public believe that there is no 

 human rights violation in a country which has violated human

right in its history so often. Qui bono?

"The A.I. people are very honorable indeed!" the torture master

me in 1974. "But what speaks against them is that they poke

noses into things that's got nothing to do with them!"

 Times have 
changed, haven't they?

In May, 1995 psychologists tried to press me not to talk about my

experience, because they apprehend that my testimony could 

 the reputation of their occupational guild. But I'll do it all

the same. As a victim being forthright about the horrors of mind

control has less to do with bravery and more with

If ONLY the perpetrators know that mind

 control exists, victims and 
potential victims are in maximal

 danger. The more people know that 
mind control is real, how it

 works, what it does to the victims and 
what consequences it has

 for the society as a whole, the better it 
is for us (and for the

 people in general). 

I don't trust psychologists, psychiatrists and their professional

associations as long as I must suspect that the latter shelter

criminals, that they protect psychologists and psychiatrists who

practice mind control. Whenever a victim informs the press about

her or his experiences with mind control the journalists ask

chologists or psychiatrists whether things like that are

Whatsoever the interviewees know about mind control,

 one thing 
they know in every case: If it has happened, then it

 wouldn't have 
happened without the assistance of psychologists

 and/or psychia-
trists. Under these circumstances the psychologists

 or psychiatrists 
asked by the press may be inclined to answer:

 "Mind control as 
described by the victims is absolutely nonsense.

 People who claim 
to be victims of mind control must be hysterical

 or pathological liars." 
That's why we have to convince the media

 that psychologists or 
psychiatrists may not be impartial

 concerning mind control. 

This is the plot of my experiences with mind control. I can't

prove that this happened. Probably a proof isn't possible after

all these years. As a victim, not being able to remember mind

control treatment for years and after finally having remembered

mind control, not being able to talk about it for years and after

all being able to talk about it [but] not being able to talk about it

in a reasonable manner and instead bubbling something about 

 abducted by aliens, abused by satanists or being bewitched 
by Juan Matus... all these are defining features of mind control. 

 a so-called victim would tell me [about] being able to prove the

treatment, I would become suspicious at once. I don't mind if

nobody believes me because this story is hard to believe. If

body were able to prove that I'm mad and that the story isn't

true, this would be the best that could happen. But this is not

very probable, because since the end of the Cold War against the

Soviet Union all over the world mind control victims are going to

remember the treatment. They come from different countries,

cultures, social strata, they are young or old, man or woman,

some are mad, some are very clear thinkers... In most cases 

 don't know each other. Some aren't able to read. But their

memories are extremely similar. How to explain this?

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