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 [PART 21]

The following synopsis' of two books on strange aerial "contacts" 
ENCOUNTERS', edited by Randall Fitzgerald (Collier Books/MacMillan 
Publishing Co., Inc. New York, N.Y.  1979.  In regards to these two
works the term "extraterrestrial" may be intentionally misleading.

Samisdat, Ltd., Toronto, Canada):
     "GERMANY had a fleet of flying saucers in the experimental
stages as early as 1940, according to these GERMAN authors.  Two
different UFO designs spawned prototypes, both operating on an
electromagnetic propulsion method developed by Victor Schauberger
(who invented the implosion motor) and manufactured by the Kertl
Company in Vienna (Italy).  The first flying disk actually flew on Feb-
ruary 14, 1945.  Piloted by two technicians named Schriever and 
Habermohl, it reached a speed of 2,000 km./hour.  Because special 
heat-resistant metals had to be found, progress in development was 
slow.  During flight, these craft came to be known as 'foo fighters,' or 
'Kraut meteors,' by the American pilots, who were in awe of them.  
When the war ended and most other German secret weapons were 
captured by the Americans and Russians, the 'UFO' scientists and 
their craft escaped.
     "So did Adolph Hitler!  He had no intention of committing
suicide.  He and his mistress, Eva Braun, along with Martin
Bormann and a few other intimates, flew from Berlin at the last
moment, arriving at a secret submarine base.  Their bodies, of
course, were never found in the Berlin bunker; only a pair of
Eva's panties and a few bones.  But there were lots of bones and
panties in Berlin during those days, thanks to the 'saturation
fire-bombing of German cities by U.S. Air Terrorists.'  An armada
of submarines took Hitler and his Last Battalion to Argentina,
where Hitler's admirer Juan Peron was in power.  From Argentina
they established (actually it was already operational at that time. 
- Wol.) their saucer base in an Antarctic area known as New 
Swabia, first claimed by a Nazi expeditionary force in 1937.
     "Antarctica was an ideal place for a saucer base.  It has no
rust, germs, or decomposition, which would have appealed to 'a
very health conscious, vegetarian Adolph Hitler.'  From outside
Germany they would continue the struggle, which was not for
Germany alone but for 'the existence of the white man.' (except
for, of course, the Allied 'White Men' who were killed by the Germ-
an Nazi's during the war. - Wol.)
     "Hitler's escape had been discovered.  In 1946, EIGHT countries 
undertook 'scientific work' in Antarctica, including Soviet, NORWEGIAN, 
and American contingents.  The American force alone numbered 4,000 
ships, including an AIRCRAFT CARRIER, a DESTROYER, and a SUB-
MARINE, under the command of Admiral Byrd.  On nearing the secret 
Nazi saucer bases, 'vengeance was apparently swift' for 'the Fuhrer was 
not to be humored.'  Four of Byrd's planes were lost without survivors.  
A secret German weapon known as the SOUND [SONIC} CANNON, 
which had been tested on pigs and, toward the end of the war, on 
Russians crossing the Elbe River, was allegedly unleashed on Byrd's 
troops, paralyzing many of them, bugging out their eyes, and causing 
them to run helter-skelter.  Admiral Byrd abandoned his mission and 
sailed home.
     "WORLD WAR II IS NOT OVER.  The more than forty 'police'
action wars since 1945, spanning the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, 
'were supposed to provoke a premature "showing of hands" by the Last 
Battalion.'  When Admiral Byrd failed to lure Hitler from his ice bunker, 
in the process acknowledging 'the superiority of the UFOs and their 
strange thing then happened.  An entire fleet of UFOs swarmed in the 
skies over Washington, D.C., for several nights in 1952, 'in perfect, 
typically German formation.'  This demonstration of strength prompted 
America to abandon its planned nuclear devastation of Antarctica.
     "Occasionally these craft land to seek converts.  The authors relate 
the experience of American grain-buyer Reinhold Schmidt, a German 
immigrant, who was taken aboard a 'flying saucer' in 1957 by its German-
speaking occupants, a crew of blond, Aryan men and women.  The 
design of their craft resembled in most every detail the German proto-
types seen by such technicians as Hermann Klass, who is quoted 
describing himself as being involved in the production of UFO parts.
     "Where did Hitler and his scientists get their UFO plans? Did 
visitors from other [planet] give them a helping hand because they 
spoke the same or a similar technological language?  During expedi-
tions to TIBET and the HIMALAYAS, could the Nazis have discovered 
long-hidden secrets?  It may even be possible, the authors claim, 
that the Nazis were 'outer earth representatives of the "inner earth" 
or "outer space" blond, blue-eyed giants who spook through Nordic,
Inca, Aztec, and even North American Indian legends.'" 
     "Is this the explanation for why Germans 'are different,' why they 
are 'leading the world in precision engineering and in technology,' --
because among them dwell Saturnians and Atlanteans?"

     (Note: "Inner earth" theories surface from time to time in Nazi 
lore.  Adolph Hitler was very impressed with the novel "THE COMING 
RACE", written by Rosicrucian Grandmaster E. Bulwer Lytton, the 
author of "THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII".  This novel described a 
miner who while searching an abandoned mine in the four corners 
area of the U.S., literally fell into an underground 'cavern realm' inhabi-
ted by a race of humans who had abandoned the surface of the earth
during an ancient cataclysm.  These people had learned to harness
an electromagnetic force called "VRIL", and were planning one day
to return from their subterranean world within the 'crust' of the earth
and re-conquer the outer world.  Hitler was very moved by the story,
apparently taking it as a literal account, and encouraged his inner
elite of Nazi occultists to experiment with channeling the "Vril"
force and establish the "Vril Society".  
   The Germans just prior to World War II were all over New Mexico 
exploring mines, buying up land, etc.  This is interesting in regards to 
the alleged underground 'Illuminati' bases near Dulce and other New 
Mexican communities.  According to Trevor Ravenscroft, the Nazi's 
had an alliance with Tibetan sorcerers who were intent on working with 
the Germans to establish a demonic world religious and political order.  
These sorcerers believed that their "masters" were a race of reptilian 
humanoids or "serpent people" who lived in a subterranean realm [called 
"Patala", "Snakeworld" or "Nagaloka" by the Hindus].  This legendary 
seven-levelled underworld, with its infernal 'capitol' Bhoga-Vita, became 
the home of a race of reptiloid creatures called the 'Nagas' which had 
escaped underground following an prehistoric war with the human race 
for domination of the surface of the planet.  According to the legend, 
others of their kind later escaped to Alpha Draconis ["Typhon"] with the 
aid of the EVIL ONE himself [tie this in with the Hebrew account of the 
"serpent race" as given in the third chapter of Genesis, and the New 
Testament prophecies of Revelation chapter 12].   
   Their hidden domain legendarily spans the subsurface regions from 
Benares, India to Lake Manosarowar, Tibet.  This may be nothing more 
than superstitious myth, but the important thing to remember is that the 
Nazi's and their secret Asian allies [the "Green Dragon" Society of Japan 
and the Himalayan mystics of Tibet] DID believe in such a world, as 
evidenced by Adolph Hitler's fascination with Lytton's "THE COMING 
RACE".  In fact, it was this work which played a large role in shaping 
Hitler's "super race" theories, for when the "insiders" finally emerged 
to rule the world, Hitler and his occult heirarchy wanted to be on equal 
terms with them.  This is the very reason why the Nazi's sent expedi-
tions throughout the world in search of caves, etc., not only to search 
for possible sites for underground bases, but also to seek out and make 
allegiences with the 'super race' of Bulwer Lytton's fantasy{?}.  
   Whether all this was true or not, the fact is that these beliefs played 
a strong role in motivating the policies of the Nazi's.  For more infor-
mation on the Nazi's alliances with the cave-dwelling secret societies 
of Tibet, read Trevor Ravenscroft's book "THE SPEAR OF DESTINY". 
   In regards to a 'serpent race' which the gnostic Nazi occultists appar-
ently believed in, there is one line of non-traditional theological reasoning
which suggests that the 'serpent' race of Genesis chapter 3 was a reptil-
ian or saurian bi-ped of more-or-less humanoid form, and was in fact the
most 'subtil' [cunning/intelligent - Gen. 3:1] of all the beasts of the animal
kingdom: "...In the Jewish legends the serpent is sometimes described 
as a modified reptilian human-like creature indicating that this description 
was also gradually evolving into the symbolism of wickedness or Satan 
into the image and likeness of a man." -- Quote from F. Alfred Morin's 
book, "THE SERPENT AND THE SATELLITE". (Philosophical Library., 
New York. p.343)
   As a result of their insane jealously over the fact that the Creator had 
bestowed upon mankind dominion over creation and over their own
serpentine 'race', the 'serpent' struck a deal with the Luciferians or fallen
angelics which in essence stipulated that if they allowed the Luciferians
[demons] to incarnate through or possess their race, they in return
would be given supernatural power or dominion over the creation as well
as over the human race, whom they despised.  The gnostics who gave 
rise to the Bavarian cults were serpent worshippers.  Adolph Hitler in
fact, in his earlier years [1909], attempted to publish a comic book of
his own wherein the central hero-figure was a reptilian humanoid.  Having
failed in this pursuit, he turned his efforts and interests to politics.
   In the video "THE SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH", distributed by
Vladimir Terziski, we learn that the early members of the Nazi Thule
and Vril societies used psychics in an attempt to establish telepathic
contact with 'aliens'.  They apparently contacted something -- whether
that 'something' involved aliens, demons, or both.  Whoever or whatever
came through in these channelings did in fact influence immensely the
Nazi philosophy, including that of racial genocide.
   William P. Lear is the inventor of the Lear Jet and the 8-Track Stereo.
He was also involved in some mysterious top-secret government pro-
jects involving antigravity research.  His some happens to be flying ace
and test pilot John Lear.  John has won more FAA aviation awards than 
any other single pilot in history, and has taken part in top secret CIA
missions in southeast Asia and elsewhere.  He speaks of a bizarre
scenario that he has "learned" through the intelligence grapevine, one
that he believes to be of such importance -- whether reality or not --
that he has put his reputation on the line by voicing the following
claims that have been made by his CIA/Intelligence contacts.  Whether
or not the scenario is real or part of some elaborate disinformation or
propoganda operation, he cannot say for sure.  The story is as follows:
   In 1933 or thereabouts the Bavarians/Nazis discovered the remains 
of a crashed aerial disk and then subsequently established contact 
with a race of aliens -- two types of reptilian races, one being short and
grayish in color and the other, the overlords to the 'grays', being tall
with scaly greenish 'skin'.  Somehow the Nazi alliance with the aliens
had overflowed into the CIA, and a deal was made for a technology
trade between the CIA and the aliens.  The CIA would 'recieve' advan-
ced technology while at the same time they agreed to turn the other
way and ignore the abductions of humans and mutilation of cattle for 
'scientific' purposes.  The whole operation was overseen by a group 
called MJ-12, which carried out the 'tasks' through the NSA, CIA, NRO 
and other covert agencies.  The exchanges would take place in two 
underground bases to be constructed with 'alien' help, one near Dulce, 
NM and another under Groom Lake, NV.
   All went according to plan until it was learned that the aliens never 
intended to keep their end of the bargain.  The technology could only
be used in the bases with alien 'subervision', and more and more
abductees were not being returned as promised.  Also, the aliens 
began to interfere with the minds of base personnel and the technology
itself was found to be nothing but a 'Trojan Horse' used buy the aliens
to gain control of the bases and the minds of key individuals in various
branches of military-intelligence via some type of mind control involving
electronic brain implants.  Other personnel were actually replaced
by the aliens or replicates using the vast technology which the aliens
possessed which allowed them to appear at least outwardly 'human', 
and the infiltration of our society began in apparent preparation for a 
future mass-invasion.  When the conspiracy was discovered, 'alter-
cations' broke out in the underground Dulce and Groom Lake [Dream-
land] bases.  Dulce personnel had broken through to deeper 'alien-
controlled' sectors of the labyrinth in 1979 wherein they discovered
the remains of thousands of abductees in cryogenic freeze, human
body parts, and others who were being held prisoner in cage-like
enclosures.  As a result of this discovery the 'Dulce Wars' erupted
in which Black Berets, AF Blue Berets, Delta Forces, Secret Service
and FBI agents played a part.  The "Groom Wars" erupted about the
same time when a security guard dared to challenge an alien dictate
that human security personnel could not enter the 'alien sector' of
the underground network with loaded weapons.  In both of the conflicts
both human and alien [reptilian] security forces were killed.  However
when the bloodbath was over the aliens -- which outnumbered the
humans throughout the course of the conflics -- managed to take
control of the bases.  
   For two years all contact with the aliens ceased and the CIA split 
into two factions.  One was a Nazi-backed faction called AQUARIUS
which wanted to appease the aliens and re-establish interaction with
them for personal gain and hopes of continuing the 'joint' plan of world
domination.  The other was a Navy-backed faction called COM-12 who
rejected any future interaction with the reptiloid 'grays' and instead
sought to establish alliances with the humanoid enemies of the reptil-
ians -- humans based in Vega, the Pleiades and elsewhere, and nego-
tiate for technological assistance in hopes of defending the planet and
the Constitutional system as established by the founding fathers from
the Nazi-Alien alliance which were planning a global 'New World Order'
dictatorship with centralized and absolute electronic control of every
individual.  COM-12 also wanted to maintain control of the vast 'arsenal'
at Area-51 and within the surrounding military complex, and also take
back the stolen bases.  Work on the SDI or "Star Wars" projects 
began in earnest, one of the secret projects being an earth-penetrating 
warhead called "Excalibur" that was intended to destroy the 'enemy' 
in their underground bases.
   Com-12 is [according to the scenario] apparently tied-in with the
"Philadelphians" [named after the top secret "Philadelphia Projects"]
and Aquarius is in collaboration with the "Phoenecians" [named after
the Nazi "Phoenix" Projects].
   As for the Vega-Pleiadeans, they have allegedly waged an ancient
war against the "Draconians" throughout the 3-4 thousand years since
they left planet earth to colonize the stars.  The Draconians had done
the same, and saw the humanoids as a major threat in their goal to
conquer the galaxy.  BOTH the humanoid and reptiloid races originally
came from earth -- the humanoid 'Nordics' originally hailing from the 
Gobi region which is said to have given rise to the pre-Scandinavian
races or tribes; and the reptilians [according to 'contactee' Maurice
Doreal] originating from Antarctica when both regions  were far more
hospitable than they are today.  The Draconians, according to the
scenario, are now returning en masse in an attempt to re-take the 
'home' planet [according to the late and former Dulce base Security
Officer Thomas Edwin Castello], and the humanoids are working to
prevent a similar holocaust on earth as occured when the Draconians
conquered other star systems such as Lyra, Rigel and Procyon during
which they killed, enslaved or routed the human inhabitants of those
worlds without mercy.
   Another tangent of this fantastic scenario is the idea that this 
Bavarian-Draconian alliance [known as "Alternative-003"] is using
hyperspace drives and tachyon field physics to spread their poison
throughout this sector of the galaxy, and that they have committed
untold atrocities against the peaceful inhabitants of numerous earth-
born worlds that were originally colonized by 'ancient astronauts'
FROM planet earth...
   NOW all of this would make a pretty cool science fiction movie don't 
you think?  Well, the important thing to remember is that whether all of 
this is true or not, or whether 'UFOs' are physical objects, phantasmic 
manifectations or a combination of both, the BELIEF in 'aliens' plays 
an integral role in the mechanics of deep-level politics, here in America 
as well as abroad.  This is why president Ronald Reagan could stand 
before the 42nd United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 21, 1987 
and state the following and be taken seriously by the delegates of the 
various nations assempled there:
   "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget 
how much unites all the members of humanity.  Perhaps we need some 
outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond.  I occa-
sionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing 
an ALIEN threat from outside this world.  And yet, I ask you, IS NOT AN


(1963, Reinhold Schmidt, self-published):
     "BY AVERAGE STANDARDS, his life seemed normal enough, 
says Reinhold Schmidt, a sixty-year-old grain-buyer.  One misty
afternoon, November 5, 1957, to be exact, a few miles from Kearney, 
Nebraska, Schmidt passed an abandoned farmhouse near a sand 
bed on the Platte River.  He saw a brilliant flash of light ahead.  His 
car engine suddenly died.  As he got out, he noticed what appeared 
to be a half-inflated balloon.  On walking closer, he saw that it was 
some sort of silvery craft.  A pencil-thin stream of light shot from it 
and struck Schmidt in the chest, paralyzing him.  Two men emerged 
from the craft.  One spoke English with a GERMAN accent.  They 
invited Schmidt aboard their spaceship.
     "These men were of average height, as were the women on
board.  'Any one of them could have walked unnoticed among our
people.'  When they spoke [among] themselves they used 'HIGH 
GERMAN,' which Schmidt, being the son of German immigrants, 
could understand.  After less than an hour, they asked Schmidt 
to leave.
     "Later, when the 'significance of my experience hit me full force, 
I shook so violently I had to stop the car....'  He reported the en-
counter to local law enforcement authorities in Kearney.  They put 
him in jail.  Two Air Force officers arrived from Colorado to interrogate 
him.  A day later, local officials convened a mental-hearing board.  
They assumed, after asking him only three questions, that Schmidt 
must be mentally ill.  Within the hour he was driven to Hastings, 
Nebraska, admitted to a mental hospital, subjected to brain wave 
and other tests -- 'If you weren't a human being, what would you rather 
be?' one of the psychiatrists asked Schmidt, who replied: 'I'd rather 
be a psychiatrist!'  He was released after two weeks.
     "Schmidt reestablished contact with his friends, 'visitors from 
Saturn' [they 'claimed'].  They always landed their craft on accretion 
land (not privately owned) so 'they would not be trespassing on
private property.'  Schmidt noticed they drank MJB brand coffee
and carried in their craft an MG sports car, which they periodically 
used for sightseeing.  They flew him in their spacecraft over the Arctic, 
and to Egypt, where they visited beneath the Pyramid of Cheops a 
secret chamber containing the huge wooden Cross on which Jesus 
Christ died...
     "While flying over southern California on one of these outings with 
his Saturnian{?} friends, they pointed out for Schmidt the existence 
of a quartz mine, quartz that cured cancer. Schmidt began selling 
stock in the mine, which he DID NOT own, by telling elderly and wealthy 
widows that quartz had healing power.  Schmidt subsequently was 
indicted, CONVICTED, and sentenced to prison on charges of fraud.
     "Coral Lorenzen, in her essay for the book 'THE HUMANOIDS,'
describes an unsettling coincidence connected with Schmidt's
initial contact with the ALLEGED space people.  'It is generally felt 
tended to discredit him,' she wrote.  Except for a peculiar related
incident, he might easily be dismissed.  About 6:30 A.M. ON THE
MORNING AFTER Schmidt's experience on November 5, twelve-year-
old Everett Clark of Dante, Tennessee, saw an object in a field near
his home, with two men and two women walking around it.  One of
the men grabbed for Everett's dog, which growled and backed away.
The four persons talked 'LIKE GERMAN SOLDIERS,' Everett later
told police.  When the occupants reentered the BALLOONLIKE
object, they 'seemed' to walk right through the side 'as if it were 
glass.'  Everett probably could not have known about Schmidt's 
claim of having met GERMAN-speaking occupants of a balloon-like 
craft, two states away and just HOURS earlier."
Paris Flammonde, in his book 'THE AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS'
(Hawthorne Books, Inc., N.Y.), adds the following:

     "Reinhold O. Schmidt, a small-time businessman from Kearney,
Nebraska, was responsible for one of the more interesting contact
stories of 1957 (only 5 years after George Adamski's contact with
an 'Aryan' disk pilot who left footprints in the sand bearing SWASTICA-
like markings at Desert Center, California. - Wol).  According to his 
report, November 5 found him driving southeast of the community, at 
about two thirty in the afternoon, under a cloudy gray sky.  Something 
brilliant suddenly flashed, and a short distance beyond he saw what 
he subsequently describes as 'a large silvery ship of some kind of
 metal... [which] appeared to be solid... without portholes or windows... 
[It] must have been about 50 feet long and 30 feet wide and about 14 
high... [It featured] a large tube about 12 feet in diameter in each end 
of the ship, [and] in each of these tubes was a large 8-to-10-foot
bladed fan.' (Was this craft one of the early helio-powered prototype
discs initially developed by the Nazi's, or partly so? - Wol)

     "The contactee recalls he was invited to enter the vehicle, within 
which he found 'four men and two ladies.'  Mr. Schmidt was to expound 
at length on the characteristics of the ship and its occupants, but best 
remembered was his contention that while they spoke fluent English, 
in EVERY instance the ACCENT was German,and that among them-
selves, they spoke nothing but HAUT DEUTSCH."

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