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Hitler's advanced technology included intercontinental ballistic missiles,
vertical takeoff aircraft, jet engines, cruise missiles, sound cannons, and
many other advanced items. The Allies captured plans for what became 
 Boeing 747 Jumbo jet. Among the most secret items captured were 
plans for
 flying disks, that were at first called "Krautmeteors." Based on 
 evidence, they were built as early as around 1933 and went into mass
production in 1940. Scientists involved in these projects were Bellonzo,
Schriever, Miethe and Victor Schauberger.

Schauberger developed the "flying hat" type disc that was later seen over
the United States. The final version was the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe
Diskus, as large as 135 feet and some up to 225 feet in diameter. They
traveled over 2,000 km/hr and were planned to go over 4,000 km/hr. In 1945
they could reach a speed of 1,300 mph and an altitude of 40,000 feet in
less than three minutes. The Germans developed the Delta wing craft, and
were working on stealth technology, etc.

Many pilots saw the strange craft over Germany. However, as soon as a craft
was built, Hitler ordered it disassembled and shipped somewhere -- probably
Antarctica. None of the craft were captured by the Allies, although some of
the scientists were captured and then mostly disappeared, but can somewhat
be traced to Bell Textron and to places such as Area 51, which, surprise!,
infamous for its 'UFO' sightings.

Here are some examples of news items during WW II concerning Germany's
UFOs, from the *New York Times:*

*NEW YORK TIMES,* December 14, 1944:

"Floating Mystery Ball Is New German Weapon. SUPREME HEADQUAR-
TERS, Allied
 Expeditionary Force, Dec. 13 -- A new German weapon has 
made its appearance
 on the western air front, it was disclosed today.

"Airmen of the American Air Force report that they are encountering silver
colored spheres in the air over German territory. The spheres are
either singly or in clusters. Sometimes they are semi-translucent."

...and, "SUPREME HEADQUARTERS Dec. 13 (Reuters) -- The Germans 
have produced a
 "secret" weapon in keeping with the Christmas season.

"The new device, apparently an air defense weapon, resembles the huge 
glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. There was no information available 
as to what holds them up like stars in the sky, what is in them or what 
 purpose is supposed to be."

(Note: In regards to the above, Bulgerian Physicist Vladimir Terziski 
wrote the following about the Nazi mystery "spheres" and aerial disc 
projects: "...According to Renato Vesco again, Germany was sharing 
a great deal of the advances in weaponry with their allies the Italians
during the war.  At the Fiat experimental facility at lake La Garda, a
facility that fittingly bore the name of air martial Hermann Goering,
the Italians were experimenting with numerous advanced weapons,
rockets and airplanes, created in Germany.  In a similar fashion, the
Germans kept a close contact with the Japanese military establish-
ment and were supplying it with many advanced weapons.  I have
discovered for example a photo of a copy of the manned version of
the V-1 - the Reichenberg - produced in Japan by Mitsubishi.  The
best fighter in the world - the push-pull twin propeller Domier-335 was
duplicated at the Kawashima works.  Or a photo of Japanese high
ranking Imperial navy officers inspecting the latest German radar
station.  A Japanese friend of mine in Los Angeles related to me the
story of his friend's father, who worked as technician in an aircraft
research bureau in Japan during the war.  In July of 1945, two and
a half months after the war ended in Germany, a huge German trans-
port submarine brought to Japan the latest of German inventions --
two spherical wingless flying devices.  The Japanese R&D team put
the machines together, following the German instructions, and...
there was something very bizarre and other-earthy standing in front
of them -- a ball shaped flying device without wings or propellers, that
nobody knew how it flied.  The fuel was added, the start button of this
unmanned machine was pressed* and it .... disappeared with a roar
and flames without [into] the sky.  The team never saw it again.  The
engineers were so frightened by the unexpected might of the machine,
that they promptly dynamited the second prototype and choose to
forget the whole incident." - Wol.)


The Falkland Islands War had more to do with NAZIS [Antarctica] than 
with Argentina...

The Germans, from their Antarctica base, began to INFILTRATE into
Chile, etc., and bought large tracts of land and swept up
 corporations. They 
also invested in corporations in Germany and elsewhere,
 with plans to make 
a comeback. They used the German treasury, captured
 treasure from other 
nations, and counterfeit American currency printed on
 real U.S. currency 
printing plates given to the Russians and captured by
 the Germans.

(Note: COM-12 member and Area-51 worker Michael Younger claims that
at least 1.5 million "Nazis" have now infiltrated America and are preparing to
initiate a coup of the U.S. government and turn America into a Fascist police
state with concentration camps, etc., in order to FINISH the 'work' that Adolph
Hitler began in Nazi Germany.  Could it be that the Neu Schwabians or Ant-
arcticans in their "New Berlin" empire below the "7th continent" are infiltrating
America THROUGH Argentina and Chili?  It is interesting that Bulgarian
Physicist Vladimir Terziski has alleged that the population of "New Berlin" had 
increased from several hundred thousand to over 2 million residents in the 40
years following the 'dispersion' of 'overt' Nazism from Europe.  Since Antarctica
maintains no doubt SOME hidden connections with BAVARIA, GERMANY 
it is not too remarkable to suggest that the real force motivating the NEW
WORLD ORDER is ANTARCTICA.  In the mid-1980's I corresponded with a
man by the name of Tawani Shoush who claimed he was a member of one 
of two Nazi U-Boats which 'surrendered' to Argentine authorities several months 
after the war ended.  He claimed that the U-Boats had been to Antarctica pre-
vious to this, but led me to believe that it was only to hide Nazi treasures in 
an ice-cave there.  I mentioned the rumors I heard that Adolph Hitler was still 
alive, and he replied in what I considered to be almost uncharacteristic rage 
in his letter INSISTING that he was dead, and that his ashes were taken to 
the same hiding place on one of the U-Boats.  I put up with his sickening Nazi 
ramblings throughout the correspondence and for my patience I was rewarded 
with what may be some significant information.  First of all was Shoush's claims
that he was in contact with 'UFO people' called the 'Arianni' [Aryans?] who had 
a base at the South Pole, and whom I suppose had some connection with 
Hitler's Antarctican 'super race' program.  Shoush also mentioned that a secret 
Nazi organization called THE ORDER was preparing for a "United European 
Empire" to be ruled by a "great leader" who would arise.  I don't know how 
versed he was on the book of Revelation, but it would only be fitting that the 
Nazis would be behind the rise of the New World Order and prepare the way 
for the ANTICHRIST -- the counterfiet Messiah who would precede the real 
One.  While perusing the international news I discovered a curious fact, which 
is that the re-unified GERMANY is the country which is more than any other
LEADING THE WAY for the so-called "unification" of Europe.  This unification 
was formerly called the "European Economic Community" or E.E.C.; however 
it has since been changed being that, after all, the name seemed to limit 
control-interaction only to ECONOMIC realms.  The new name, "EUROPEAN 
COMMUNITY" or E.C. is taking the "unity" one step further by compelling the 
nations involved into surrendering some of their political sovereignty to an E.C. 
"constitution" which far surpasses mere "economic" interaction.  So it appears 
that what the Nazis failed to do overtly during World War II is now being carried 
out covertly in post-WWII years.  Shoush stated that the legendary "Spear of 
Destiny" which was used to pierce the body of Christ on the cross -- which to
Christians would be the symbolic embodiment of "sin" and "evil" -- is now in 
the hands of a super-secret Nazi occult group.  They are using it as a focal 
point for ceremonial majik rituals designed to 'summon' their New World Order 
and its 'great leader'.  He said that plans are in the works for the dismemberment 
of NATO, which might otherwise pose a threat to this New Order.  It is interesting 
that former Nazi and Austrian president Kurt Waldheim -- the U.N. Secretary 
General who was involved with planning U.N. genocidal and  population control 
policies -- is said to personally possess the 'Spear', or did so in the mid-1990's.  
As for Tawani Shoush, Harley Byrd -- who has described himself as either the 
nephew or grandson of the late Admiral Richard E. Byrd and worked for the 
Pentagon's "Project Blue Book", and probably is involved in an 'intelligence 
game' himself -- implied that Shoush and the Nazi's with him planned their 
Argentine surrender in an unsuccessful attempt to convince the U.S. govern-
ment that they themselves were the 'last battalion' of the German submarine 
fleet.  One of Shoush's missions, according to Harley Byrd, is to divert the
attention of researchers from activities in the Antarctic and to supposed 
anomolous activities at the NORTH POLE, as he has done through the sup-
posed 'Diary of Admiral Byrd' which he has distributed, which is nothing less
than a cover-up of Admiral Byrd's activities at the South Pole.  We should
consider the possibility that Bavarian-Nazi influence behind the CIA and 
KGB has kept these facts [that World War II ended in a Stalemate] out of 
the public consciousness - Wol.)

Some plates were stolen by Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Harry
Dexter White (real name Weiss) under Henry Morgenthau and sent to the
Soviets for use in occupied Germany. He also arranged for the mass theft of
tons of our special money-paper. When J. Edgar Hoover went to President
Truman with all the evidence that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
was a Communist spy and thief, Truman of course removed Weiss (White) 
 his job -- and PROMOTED HIM to head of the International Monetary 
Fund. I
 kid you not, look it up. The story has a rather common ending -- when 
 controversy developed in the press concerning this incident, Weiss became 


For more information on how the "economic miracle" was accomplished 
 the war by the Germans, you can read such books as *Martin Bormann, 
Nazi in
 Exile* by Paul Manning ("...Bormann became the guiding force in 
 'economic miracle' that led to the rebirth of German industry and finance
in the thirty-five years following political and military defeat. In the
months of World War II, as the Third Reich was tottering and finally
in defeat, Bormann set up 750 CORPORATIONS scattered among those
nations that had remained neutral. Those corporations received the fleeing
wealth of Germany and became the power base that enabled Germany to 
 back to economic and political strength." From flyleaf). This book 
 on the meeting in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944, mentioned in 
 Bar-Zohar's book *The Avengers.*

In 1986, while researching these subjects, we received 161 pages under a
Freedom of Information search concerning what happened to the German
treasury at the end of WW II. Many of these documents had been SECRET 
 declassification to fulfill our request. One document was No. 19,489,
November 27, 1944, Subject: Transmitting Intelligence Report No. EW-Pa 
 [?, barely readable] by G-2 Economic Section, the Secretary of State, 
 Lt. Col. John W. Easton, Economic Warfare Division.

The cover letter stated "I have the honor to enclose Intelligence Report
EW-Pa 198 by G-2 Economic Section, SHAEF [*Supreme Headquarters 
 Expeditionary Forces*], dated November 7, 1944, describing the plans 
 German industrialists for the post-war resurrection of Germany. Among 
 topics dealt with in this report are: patents, financial reserves,
of capital, and the strategic placing of technical personnel."
  It is obvious that 
Manning quoted from these documents in his book on

In describing the meeting of August 10,1944, in Stasbourg, some sentences
in the documents stand out: "German industrialists must, it was said,
their exports increase the strength of Germany. They must also
themselves TO FINANCE THE NAZI PARTY which would be forced to GO
 as Maquis (in Gebirgverteidigungsstellengehen). From now 
on the
 government would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each 
could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign countries.

Existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the
of the Party so that a strong German Empire can be created AFTER
 the defeat. 
It is also immediately required that the large factories in
 Germany create small 
technical offices or research bureaus which would be
 absolutely independent 
and have no known connection with the factory. These
 bureaus will receive 
plans and drawings of *new weapons* as well as
 documents which they need 
to continue their research and which must not be
 allowed to fall into the hands 
of the enemy" [author emphasis].

The last sentences in this document are, "After the defeat of Germany the
Nazi Party recognizes that certain of its best known leaders will be
demned as war criminals. However, in cooperation with the industrialists
is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in
positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of
its research and designing offices."

Some of the documents were concerning "Looted Gold (1945-1948). Access-
 Number 56-75-101, Agency Container Number 169, File Number BIS/2/00."
 documents concern Germany's "looted" gold being transferred to the 
Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. One important paragraph 
 says: "It is clear both from correspondence and from testimony that the
management of the B.I.S. during the war was 'in the hands of the
tion Council, in which the AXIS representatives have an
 authoritative influence' 
and that in 1942 the Germans favored the
 reelection of President McKittrick 
whose 'personal opinions' they
 characterized as 'safely known'."

Enclosed in the file is a clipping from the *New York Times,* date not
but appears to be in 1945, that states: "McKITTRICK SLATED FOR
AT CHASE. He Will Take Over Duties as Vice President of Bank Here Next
Autumn. Thomas H. McKittrick, American banker who has served as president
of the Bank for International Settlements [B.I.S.] since the beginning of
will become a vice president of the [Rockefeller's] Chase National Bank of New 
 next fall, Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman of the board of Chase, announced

yesterday." The article ends by quoting McKittrick: "I realize it is my
 duty to
perform a neutral task in wartime. It is an extremely difficult and
 trying thing to
do, but I'll do the best I can."

(Note: One study of the B.I.S. which was made by a small group of Scientolo-
gists years ago stated that 7 of the most influential International Bankers in 
the world had -- during the 1980's and possibly beyond -- met regularly at the
B.I.S. headquarters in the 'Tower of Basel' in Basel, Switzerland.  The study
stated that approximatly 60-70 per cent of the world's cash flow and 80-90 
per cent of the world's trade transactions are directed through the Bank.  The
study also stated that Basel was also a center for international drug traffiking 
and world masonic activity. - Wol.)

Another formerly Top Secret document declassified was "Subject:
tion in Switzerland with Mr. McKittrick, President of the Bank for
Settlements" from Orvis A. Schmidt to Secretary of the
 Treasury Morgenthau, 
dated March 23, 1945. It describes McKittrick's
 dealings with the real head of 
the Nazi banking system, a Vice President
 named Puhl.

"Puhl was described by McKittrick as a career banker who had been with 
 Reichsbank for some twenty years, who does not share the Nazi point of
view... the Swiss National Bank said that in order to be sure they were not
obtaining looted gold they had requested a member of the Reichsbank, whom
they regarded to be trustworthy, to certify that each parcel of gold which
purchased had not been looted. The person who had done this certifying

Puhl was Reichsbank Senior Vice President Emil Johann Rudolf Puhl. He 
 in charge of taking booty into the bank and was in charge of it for the
Nazis. His Senior Shipping Clerk Albert Thoms said that they needed up to
thirty men to help him sort and repack the valuables, which consisted of
"millions in gold marks, pounds sterling, dollars and Swiss francs, 3,500
ounces of platinum, over 550,000 ounces of gold, and 4,638 carats in
monds and other precious stones, as well as hundreds of pieces of works
of art" (p. 226, *Aftermath,* Ladislas Farago, Avon, 1974).

This material was shipped out of the country in Operation Fireland or
Aktion Feuerland in German, which Farago explained in a footnote in his
book on Bormann: "The transaction was named 'Land of Fire' after the
archipelago of Tierra del Fuego at the southern extremity of Argentina and
Chile, the area to which some of the shipments were originally consigned"
(p. 228). On the next page Farago said: "Only a relatively small portion 
 the SS treasure was impounded by Bormann and sent overseas in the 
course of
 Aktion Feuerland. Much of it is still missing."

Germany had developed self-sufficiency before the end of the war, and was
manufacturing their own oil, produced "butter" from coal, invented powdered
milk, developed freeze drying, learned to store flour indefinitely, were
their food in greenhouses on chemical "soil," etc. These projects
 were also 
necessary for survival of the secret 'UFO' force, which Hitler
 called the "Last 
Battalion," at the Antarctic.

The counterfeiting of British and American money was under Operation
Bernhard. The fake British notes have been often discussed in books and
articles about Bernhard, but the fake American currency is not as well
known. Recently the U.S. announced that it was issuing new money to
counteract the counterfeit, which was said to be coming from Saddam 
 and Lebanon. It would be more correct to say it is coming from 
 America, but that money is supposed to all be drug money. Life
gets complicated.

When *CONTACT* newspaper first ran the series on *Fire From The Sky,* 
 followed with a reprint of the information about the truth about the
Islands War. In that series, it revealed that the Russians,
 working with Rocke-
feller forces, defeated the British Bolshevik forces on
 South Georgia Island.

If you have not read that series, this information may not make sense to
you. It is important to know that information, if you intend to try to
what is happening. NAZI forces were involved in the Falkland
 Islands War, on 
the side of the Russians. This is hard to believe if you
 have no idea of what 

The Russians were NATIONALISTS, as opposed to [the] Bolsheviks who
took their country away from them. The (so-called) Bolsheviks were trained in
the lower East Side of New York City and financed by New York and London
bankers. They invaded Russia, killed the Tzar and many Nationalists and
took over the government.

Can you begin to see how someone like Boris Pash, with a Russian
alist family background, could work with Nazi Gestapo and SS agents?

In 1982, on April 20, Hitler's birthday, the Russian/Rockefeller/Nazi
force broke through and inserted a neutron bomb into the
 underground naval 
base at South Georgia Island.

(Apparently the Rockefellers had originally backed the Bolsheviks AND the 
Nazis.  Later they apparently backed the Russian nationalists AND the Nazis
after the Bolsheviks were kicked out of Russia and wormed their way into the
Pentagon, from where they planned a global nuclear holocaust which they 
would ride out in their underground bunkers.  The Rockefellers resisted the
apocalyptic plans of the ousted Bolsheviks because they were not "profitable".
It would seem that the Rockefellers are opportunists.  Now that the Russian
nationalists have once again taken control of Russia, the Rockefeller-Nazi
alliance has embraced their nationalist "brothers" who now hold the POWER
in Russia.  If only the Nationalists KNEW who 'created' their Bolshevik enemies 
in the first place.  It was the GERMANS who originally sent their agent LENIN 
into Russia, and the Rockefellers who financially backed his 'revolution'; how-
ever the international power-structure is so complicated and compartmentalized 
that it is difficult to see who is really manipulating the 'puppet governments' 
behind the scenes -- and this it exactly the way the BAVARIANS / ANTARCTIC-
ANS want to keep it. - Wol.)...

Alexander Haig was the General representing the Rockefellers. In his book
*Caveat,* the chapter on the Falklands starts: "On March 28, 1982, a
the British Ambassador, Nicholas ("Niko") Henderson, brought me a
 letter from 
Lord Carrington. A party of Argentineans, wrote the foreign
 secretary, had land-
ed nine days earlier on the island of South Georgia, a
 British possession lying 
in the South Atlantic a few degrees above the
 ANTARCTIC Circle and some 
600 miles to the east of the Falkland Islands, a
 British Crown colony." I'll bet
you thought the Falkland Islands War was about the Falkland Islands!

Much ado was made in the media about the conflict between Jeane Kirkpatrick
and Alexander Haig. Kirkpatrick is a Zionist and was the U.S. Ambassador to
the United Nations. She has a regular feature column in *The Jewish Press*
newspaper, "The Largest Independent Anglo-Jewish Weekly Newspaper." Haig
has had a long relationship with Henry Kissinger, to whom Haig became
military advisor in 1969. Remember that Kissinger came out of the [PRO-NAZI]

PAPERCLIP Operation personnel.

In January 1982, Reagan replaced his national security advisor, Richard
with William P. Clark, another PAPERCLIP person, and who was Haig's
Nixon said, "When you see the lights burning late in Henry's
 [Kissinger] office, 
it's usually Al Haig." (*War In The Falklands, the Full
 Story* by the *Sunday 
Times* of London Insight Team, Harper & Row, New
 York, 1982, p. 123.)

If you doubt the fact that the Nazis never gave up and that they planned to
continue the war after their defeat in Germany, and planned to make a come-
back to finally achieve their goal, then perhaps you should read the following

Connell, Brian, *A Watcher On The Rhine,* William Morrow & Co., New York,
1957. "Old wine in new bottles," how the Nazis have come back into power.

Horne, Alistair, *Return To Power,* Fredrick A. Praeger, Inc., New York,
1956. "The struggle for unification, rather than any revival of Nazism, may
one day force Germany out of the Western camp."

Tetens, T.H., *The New Germany And The Old Nazis,* Random House, New
York, 1961. "A frank and often shocking account which details how 'Hitler's
own' have managed to return to power in almost every walk of German life..."

Winkler, Paul, *The Thousand-Year Conspiracy,* Charles Scribner's Sons,
1943. "Secret Germany behind the mask."

White, Theodore H., *Fire In The Ashes,* William Sloane Associates, New
York, 1953. The fire of Nazism in the ashes of Europe.

Sayers, Michael and Kahn, Albert E., *The Plot Against The Peace,* Book
Find Club, New York, 1945. "...uncovers Nazi Germany's secret plans for a
THIRD WORLD WAR." (After all, they more-or-less got the first two world 
wars going, didn't they? - Wol.)

Schultz, Sigrid, *GERMANY WILL TRY IT AGAIN,* Reynal & Hitchcock, 
New York, 1944. Does the title give you a clue?

Dornberg, John, *Schizophrenic Germany,* MacMillan Company, New York,
1961. "Is the new West Germany of the postwar years as democratic as
we have been led to believe, or does Nazism still smolder?"

Lord Russell, Brigadier, of Liverpool, C.B.E., M.C., *Return of the Swastika?"
David McKay Co., New York, 1969. Russell was part of the Nuremberg
prosecution team.

Sutton, Anthony C., *Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, '76 Press, Seal
Beach, Calif., 1976.

There are more, these just happen to be the ones in my personal library.
I read them, mostly about 20 or 30 years ago. I do not mean to give the
impression that Germany is the source of the world's problems; Germany
has simply been a part of a much bigger picture...

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