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INTRODUCTION: The JFK assassination involved a much bigger conspiracy than
Cuba or the Mob or the CIA or all 3 put together. It was planned, run and
covered up by an international Group that has no name. I'm in the process
of completing an investigation and expose on that Group's activities that I
began in the early '80s. This investigation began after I encountered
evidence of torture and mind control techniques among workers at a chemical
plant involved in some litigation I handled in the late '70s.

I'm posting this very short piece because I would like confirmation of
those portions that can be corroborated before I complete the work. I do
not seek to chat about it and I do not want anyone's approval or
disapproval of the events or ideas. Unless you have been involved in it or
are some sort of spook it's all going to sound very strange... Based on the
following very, very brief summary of a huge file on this subject, it seems
apparent to me that you have each played a witting or unwitting role in
treason. Those of you who think you have been serving a "better cause"
should heed these words and THINK about what you have been doing to your
country. For those readers who think mysterious forces are sending radio
waves into their heads and bodies, or the like, please don't send responses
or messages to me. On the other hand, if you've had flashbacks to violent
events that you can't understand; if you recall your hands doing things
that you didn't control; if you've awakened in a hotel room not knowing how
you got there, read a newspaper story about a dead general or Congressman,
recognized the picture and wondered if you were the one who did it; or if
the phrase "remember to forget" has a great significance to you, you may
want to read on & consider contacting me. [Contact must be through
anonymous file server so that neither of us knows the other.
If it seems a worthwhile lead to me, I will reply by E-Mail to your anon
id. Please do not contact me unless you use a password going through I won't respond otherwise.]

In 1983 I undertook to determine the reason for and the people responsible
for the torture and behavior conditioning at the factory. Since then the
investigation has broadened step-by-step into a much, much larger
investigation. I cannot possibly recap the full story here. The initial
course of the investigation has required over 400 pages of draft to
adequately explain. So let it suffice to say that within the first 18
months I obtained identifications [photograph] from two independent
witnesses of the principal torturer as Dr. Joseph Mengele. The same
witnesses later identified [photograph] the man who was directing Mengele's
activities as a person who was at one time the DIRECTOR of the CIA. Another
key player in the Group's activities in Vietnam, the RFK hit, Watergate and
various assassinations of American military and civilian leaders was one of
that Director's highly-placed subordinates, who only recently left CIA.
This second CIA LEADER will be referred to in this piece by the same code
name he used with my informant: Mr. Halloran.

My primary sources for the mind control comments are in-depth, videotaped
interrogations in awake states, as well as under deep hypnosis in
conjunction with two hypnosis experts [one of whom has served as president
of one of the internationally-recognized bodies in the field] of three
witnesses. My primary source for the comments on the Group, its plans,
goals, methods and history is one of the three above witnesses who appears
to have been the illegitimate son of GEN. REINHARD GEHLEN resulting from
the general's participation in the lebensborn program in 1942-43. He
informs me that lebensborn continued well into the ''70s, seemingly
headquartered in FRANKFURT (Frankfurt is incidentally the traditional
headquarters of the so-called Holy Roman Empire which ruled Europe with an
iron hand during the Dark Ages. - Branton). A significant part of the
following account and the individuals mentioned in it is based on my
informant's conversations with the man who appears to have been his father,
Gen. Gehlen, in various parts of the Northeast & in Langley beginning in
about 1953; briefings held by various spokesmen but mostly by the former
CIA Director at the NY offices of a well-known (Rockefeller? - Branton)
Foundation, which appears to be the American 'host' for the Group; and a
list of the Group's members and agents that my informant was instructed to
memorize during the period 1975-1987 in preparation for his intended role
in the Group. In many cases it is not known whether the individuals' names
were listed because they are 'players' or because they have been coerced
into cooperation through blackmail or economic means or are associates of
real 'players' who can control the named individuals. Thousands of names
have been identified from virtually all walks of life, including such
unexpected groups as the Nobel Committee [and] Vatican City... My informant
states that over the years only a very, very few of the many thousands on
the list have known the real plan and the real goals.

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