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                    David Emory's Talk Radio (On NAZIs)

The following are some of the subjects that radio personality David Emory
has covered on his talk-radio broadcasts in California:

-- The pivotal role that Nazi and fascist elements played in the
assassination of President Kennedy... evidence that American and German
"Neo-Nazis", the Gehlen spy organization and Nazi rocket specialists
working under Werner Von Braun figured prominently in the killing.

-- The support American industrialists and financiers gave to Hitler's
Germany and how this affected the allied military policy during the war as
well as the incorporation of the Third Reich's intelligence forces into the
CIA at the conflict's conclusion.

-- The SS origin of the Green Berets, the re-establishment of Nazi elements
in West Germany after the war, as well as Nazi influences on Senator Joe
McCarthy, Interpol and the Alger Hiss case.

-- The pivotal role in the Cold War played by Hitler's most important
spymaster and his Nazi Eastern Front intelligence organization... the
Gehlen organization's incorporation into the CIA; its role in establishing
Radio Free Europe AND the first Palestinian terrorist groups as well as
Gehlen's personal political ideology.

-- The evolution of American fascism from the 1930's to the present...
attempts to overthrow President Roosevelt, suspend the constitution and
establish a fascist dictatorship in the United States.

-- The World Anti-Communist League... the composition and operation of this
reactionary organization whose fascist elements have wielded tremendous
influence in the operations of the U.S. national security establishment...
the massive intersection between this organization and the network created
by Nazi spymaster Reinhard Gehlen.

-- Former Nazi SS Officer and CIA agent Skorzeny's role in developing the
methodology of modern terrorism and training many terrorist
organizations... the connections of western [fascist] intelligence agencies
to the Munich Olympics massacre of several Israelis in 1972. (Note: Munich,
Germany is the capital of Bavaria, by the way - Branton).

-- Evidence that the U.S. national security establishment may have been
planning a fascist coup in response to a terrorist provocation... the "Rex
84" martial-law contingency plan and its implementation in response to a
terrorist 'incident'. Rex '84 appears to stem from a contingency plan to
intern black Americans in concentration camps.

-- The Fourth Reich -- the complicity of [fascist] elements of U.S.
intelligence with international terrorists...

-- The assassination program which eliminated the democratic leadership of
Weimar Germany paving the way for Hitler's rise to power... the formation
of the Nazi Party as a front for German military intelligence.

-- The connections between the Third Reich and South African society.
Particular emphasis is on the Broederbond [the Afrikaner elite society
which effectively controls South Africa] and how that organization
developed with help from Nazi Germany... how residual elements of the I.G.
Farben chemical cartel helped the growing South African nuclear industry.

-- Uncle Sam and the Swastika... documents the Third Reich as a historical
outgrowth of the multi-national corporate capitalism. Focus is on the
dominant role of American-based multi-nationals in financing and arming
Nazi Germany.

-- The Third Reich's extermination programs from the "mercy killing" of
handicapped children to the Auschwitz death factory. The Nazi liquidation's
are exposed as a direct outgrowth of the international eugenics and mental
hygiene movements, both mainstream movements with important implications
for contemporary society.

-- The growing intersection of third reich veterans, Middle Eastern
terrorists, European neo-fascists and European ultra-leftists in a new form
of international fascism.

-- Circumstantial evidence suggesting that then vice-president George Bush
may have been involved with the attempt on the life of former President
Reagan... the close connections between the family of convicted would-be
assassin John Hinckley and the Bush family as well as Hinckley's Nazi

-- The Nazis: Anti-Semites on George Bush's Campaign... the participation
of elements of the Gehlen organization, the World Anti-Communist League and
the P-2 Lodge in George Bush's 1988 election campaign.

-- The work of Mae Brussell, a political researcher whose research is the
foundation of Mr. Emory's... the suspicious circumstances surrounding her
death in 1988.

-- Livin' In The USA: The Search for Nazi War Criminals. In 1985, the San
Francisco Examiner listed ten Third Reich fugitives considered to be the
"most wanted" of all war criminals... the fact that most of them worked for
U.S. intelligence after the war.

-- The role played by German neo-Nazis in the assassination of President

-- Adolf Hitler's escape from Germany at the end of World War II using
information contained in previously classified U.S. intelligence archives,
accessed by a London Times journalist and discussed in a military history
quarterly. The story was revealed to U.S. intelligence operatives during
their debriefing of former Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller prior to Mueller
going to work for U.S. intelligence, employed Mueller because of his
anti-Communist expertise. Confident that his situation with his U.S.
sponsors-to-be was secure, Mueller disclosed that Hitler escaped to Spain
after the war and that his place in the bunker [and the grave] was taken by
a double who was a distant blood relative of the Fuehrer. Mueller's alleged
death at the war's end has also been effectively de-bunked.

-- The relationship between Arab Nationalist groups and the Third Reich
analyzed... the cooperation between... American Nazi groups and the Nation
of Islam under Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan.

-- Richard Nixon's... efforts on behalf of Nazi war criminals living in
America, his apparent role in the assassination of President Kennedy and
that event's connections to the Watergate Scandal... Nixon's administration
and the drug trade and Nixon's plan to stage a provocation at the 1972
Republican Convention in order to force a cancellation of the general
elections that year and the establishment of martial law... an analysis of
the international fascist political milieu that created Nixon and of which
he was an integral part.

-- Several elements of historical and operational continuity between the
development of fascism prior to World War II and its resurgence over the
last several decades. Comparing American scientific racism of the 1920s and
30s with current thinkers of that school... the profound influence of the
American social legislation spawned by that racism on the Nazi racial laws
that were the pretext for the Third Reich's extermination programs... the
American 'prosecutorial' staff at Nuremberg who helped to exonerate
numerous Nazi war criminals and who subsequently participated in the
coverup of President Kennedy's assassination... a possible fascist
connection to the gun-control movement (Note: It is indeed curious that the
American Psychiatric Association initially contained over 2,000 German
'immigrant' members following World War II. The APA also was/is involved in
GUN CONTROL lobbying.- Branton), as well as a possible connection between
that movement and the assassination of President Kennedy... the resurgence
of Fascism in Italy and Germany stemming from the fascist elements left in
place in these countries as a result of the laxness of individuals such as
the American Nuremberg staffers.
(Additional Note on the above - From the website we
read: "A principle player in the 1974 foundings of both HCI [then called
the National Council to Control Handguns] and the NCBH [National Coalition
to Ban Handguns, now renamed the Coalition Against Gun Violence] was Ed
CIA... There was also a fund raiser for NCBH hosted by the man Nixon
appointed as CIA Director, William Colby... HCI spokesman Greg Risch --
incredibly -- admitted that "SURE THERE ARE A LOT OF CIA PEOPLE IN IT
[HCI]", and also stated that there are quite a few "EX-CIA WHO DONATE TO
US." - Branton)

-- Several reasons for American's lack of awareness of fascism, its history
and its methodology: lowering American educational standards and the
deliberate obfuscation of the historical connection between powerful
industrial and financial interests and fascism. Both have significantly
undermined contemporary understanding of the political forces which
produced Hitler and Mussolini... details important episodes in the
development of the French fascist forces that culminated in the Vichy
collaborationist government of Marshall Petain. The role of French fascists
in undermining France and contributing to the German victory of 1940 is one
of many aspects of the history of fascism which has been deliberately
obscured... the clandestine methodology of fascism, in particular the
underground organizational structure of fascist movements and its
effectiveness in subverting established democracies... the underground Nazi
cells of contemporary Germany and their evolution from the cellular
organization established by the Third Reich prior to its defeat... the
Swedish fascist Per Engdahl, and his role in maintaining the continuity of
fascism from Hitler and Mussolini to the present. The re-emergence of
fascism in Austria and the Czech Republic... [and] international networking
between neo-Nazis... collaboration between neo-Nazis and national
intelligence services, and connections between neo-Nazis and 'respectable'
power politicians... Liberty Lobby, an influential American fascist

-- America's importation of the Gehlen organization after World War II, the
1934 Fascist coup attempt against FDR...

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