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                          THE BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI

At this point we will discuss present plans by the Bavarian Illuminati and
other Bavarian cults to stage an invasion of America under the cover of a
United Nations 'New World Order' operation to "restore order to America" in
the event of an internal emergency, a "staged" emergency of course. The
REAL motive would be to destroy every last vestige of patriotism and
resistance to the New World Order. For those who are not familiar with
George Washington's famous vision at Valley Forge, I would highly recommend
that you locate a copy since the vision correctly predicted the outcome of
the Revolutionary war, the Civil war and it's outcome, and the 'third
trial' that America must pass through before it enters into its ultimate
destiny. Following this war according to Washington, no power on earth, in
heaven, or in hell would be able to stand against her divine destiny.
Compare this prophecy with the prophecy in Revelation chapter 12. Could
America be the 'wilderness' mentioned in that chapter? Also compare that
prophecy with the fact that America and Israel harbor more Jewish citizens
than any other nations on earth, more or less equally distributed between
the two.

Washington, in this angelic vision, saw a dark red cloud rise out of
Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This cloud carried a massive army
with it and this army then invaded American soil and commenced to engage
the citizens of America in battle, as the nation was engulfed in the dark
cloud. He saw most of the major cities in flames. The Americans rallied
their forces in a common defense and from their newfound unity of purpose
they continued the fight, according to the vision. According to other
private visions that are not as well known, yet which confirm Washington's
own vision, the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains west of the
Mississippi will apparently be the heart of the "Free America" zone where
the true Americans will make their stand, and those areas east of the
Mississippi River will be the hardest hit by the occupying forces. Those
border areas north, south and west of the Rockies / Great Plains may also
be threatened, however Washington's vision did not go into detail on this,
neither did he see exactly how long the battle would last. In the vision he
was shown that near the end of the war when the American resistance seemed
to be "well nigh overcome", Divine Intervention would bring about an
American victory as "legions of white spirits" descended to join the
Americans in battle. The broken ranks would be re-fortified and the
American militia would go on the offensive and eventually drive the enemy
into the sea. This would apparently coincide with the destruction of the
power-base of the New World Order in Europe, which would also be the result
of Divine Intervention in keeping with the Apocalyptic prophecies of the
book of Revelation. Just who were these "white spirits" that General
Washington saw in his vision?...

I recall an interesting sermon I heard from a Pentecostal evangelist years
ago. He claimed that he was friends with some government scientists with
high-level security clearances. It seems as if they had detected, with
powerful electronic telescopes, a brilliant and beautiful 'star-like'
object emerging from the 'vortex' within the Orion NEBULA. This nebula is
several hundred light years BEYOND the Orion open cluster itself, which is
in line-of-site between Sol and the Nebula. From our perspective this
awesome nebula is the middle star in Orion's "dagger" which hangs from
Orion's "belt". Some have interpreted this to be the area that Lucifer
referred to as the "Sides of the North", which was the ultimate target of
his war against the Creator and his vain desire to conquer the heavens and
the throne of the Almighty One. Others have referred to this vortex in the
Orion nebula as the Eternity Gate, because they believe it leads to the
Eternal Realm of the Creator which exists beyond our time-space-material

This brilliant object however is on a direct course to the Sol system and
earth, according to these scientists, which means that it will eventually
pass through the core of the Orion cluster. This does not mean that the
Angelis forces who are believed to reside in this awesome "City of Light"
must wait for this to take place to wage their "war in heaven" against the
Unholy Six Empire of Orion -- as some Federation worlds refer to it because
of the six draconian-controlled star systems which make up its core --
being that the Angelic "light beings" can travel at the speed of thought
and enter any point in time-space instantaneously. However even though this
City of Light is on a direct course to earth, at its present rate of speed,
according to this Evangelist, it will not arrive here until sometime around
3000 A.D. or the end of the "Millennium", all according to the perfect
timing of the Creator.

This is EXACTLY when the book of Revelation states that the New Jerusalem
will arrive and descend to earth. Revelation states that this CITY OF LIGHT
-- home of the Son of God Melchizedek [an immortal being described in the
Old Testament, to whom Abraham paid tithes], also known as Jesus the
Christ, and also the home of His Angelis command forces under the Archangel
Michael -- is some 1500 miles high and 1500 miles wide, foursquare. Some
suggest that this would be a large 'cube'. However I recall reading the
story of some Chinese Christian children years ago who experienced
simultaneous visions of the New Jerusalem as a vast three-leveled PYRAMAL
city of light. Of course pagans have used 'pyramids' for their own
purposes, yet this does not necessarily mean that the Almighty does not use
this form as well, especially when we consider the tendency of pagans and
fallen angels to counterfeit that which the Almighty One has done. So a
pyramidal city of light would also be just as tall as it is wide, even
though the interior of the city will not necessarily be limited to the
time-space-material restrictions of this omniverse, being that the interior
of the New Jerusalem Command exists in the realm of ETERNITY...
The "war in heaven" and the war on earth will apparently NOT be just a
physical war, but a physical AND spiritual war between Lucifer and his
draconian denizens operating through the pagan New World Order, and Michael
and his angelic warriors backing the Judeo-Christian American Republic. In
this sense, as the conflict between Free America and the New World Order
increases, the CHAPLAIN will be just as important if not more so than the
GENERAL, since this war will involve simultaneous attacks against all three
levels of our beings -- spiritual, psychological, and physical. As these
events become more common, gone will be the Darwinist THEORIES which would
deny that humanity and nature possess any spiritual attributes. You could
say in a sense that all of this will amount to a 'Holy War' against a
fascist-satanist empire and its draconian backers. In other words the
distinction or barrier which formerly existed between the spiritual and
physical worlds may very well collapse as the two become one. There will no
doubt be a large number of traitors and infiltrators living in America who
will try to betray the USA to the invading forces, not being true
Americans, but most of these will no doubt be forced to take one side or
the other when the final confrontation occurs, and that confrontation IS
inevitable. And it will probably be a surprise attack when Americans least
expect it. Some have suggested that the invasion is being planned for
winter and around Christmas Eve, which might make sense. It would not be
very logical to stage such an invasion on the 4th of July.

Although Divine intervention will bring about an end to the New World
Order, the question would not so much be whether the draconian conspiracy
against planet earth -- working through the UN/NWO -- will or will not
succeed. The question is how many of US will survive to the end. I firmly
believe that this will depend on our own collective choices and our
willingness to work together as Americans, regardless of color or creed,
being unified around the National standard and holding fast to the inspired
documents upon which the United States of America was founded, or in the
case of the other American Republics... holding fast to the democratic
principles that all men are created equal and that the citizens of any
given nation have the right to determine through electorial freedom the
course and nature of their government and laws. We must strive as a unified
force to defend, by the grace of God, our fellow citizens -- men, women and
children -- with whom we share this oppressed yet nevertheless "last
bastion" of freedom, America.

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