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More information on the Nazi Antarctic efforts and their attempts to impose
a global dictatorship comes from Bulgarian physicist Vladimir Terziski. The
following interview between Talk Show host Sam Russell and Terziski took
place between 8-10 P.M., June 5th, 1993 on Sam Russell's 'OPEN MIND FORUM'
program, KTKK [K-TALK] Radio in Salt Lake City, Utah. We will quote only
those portions of the extensive conversation which tie-in directly with the
subject at hand (Note: Some of the spellings of the names mentioned in the
interview were transcribed phonetically from the tape. Actual spellings of
these names which are identified as such may be different than they appear
in the transcript, due perhaps in part to Mr. Terziski's Bulgarian accent):

SAM RUSSELL - ...I guess a place to start here, the Germans during World
War II evidently had what was called the 'Foo Fighter', and this I guess is
the name that the allied pilots gave to this curious-looking thing that
would bob and weave and run around through the squadrons as they were
flying over Germany to bomb and so on.

VLADIMIR TERZISKI - Exactly, the Foo Fighter, the 'fiery' ball. 'Foo' is
'fire' in French, it's also wind in Japanese... By the way Renato Vesco,
who was the Italian [counterpart of] Wernher von Braun, the research
scientist in charge of the ITALIAN Air Force and Space Research and
Development program during the war, in his highly suppressed book in this
country -- which is also available through our Academy -- 'INTERCEPT BUT
DON'T SHOOT', talks about the whole family of turbojet saucers that were
built by the Germans, all the way up to the Foo Fighter, the KUGELBLITZ and
the FEUERBALL, two different models of basically the same device. And he
also mentions a lot of ATTACKS of these machines on enemy bomber formations
with DEVASTATING results for the bombers. Some of the Foo Fighters were
doing 2900 kilometers an hour and up... a bomber would do maybe 300, 400,
500 at the most... so we're talking about 6, 7, 8 times the bomber speed.
The most interesting thing that has not come up into, let's say, the work
of Renato Vesco [because he talks only about the turbo-jet family of
saucers... basically very simple saucers made with piston engines with
propellers, spinning the lenticular airframe, the lens-shaped air frame of
the craft thus creating gyroscopic antigravity -- and some of them were
hybrids between helicopters with spinning rotor, basically aerodynamic lift
and the gyroscopic lift of the spinning heavy mass of rotary engines. I
wouldn't be amazed [if] the rotary engine itself were created to power a
gyroscopically spinning saucer that had a big helicopter propeller on top,
so it's kind of a hybrid between a helicopter and a saucer]... I even
discovered...extremely rare drawings by the genius of German aviation,
Lipish, the guy who built the first supersonic glider in the '30s and it is
not Chuck Yeager who broke the sound barrier, but probably the Germans 10
years earlier with their... supersonic gliders that Lipish built. Anyway,
Lipish was designing at the end of the war a supersonic ram-jet propulsion
craft with anti-gravity assists. They had the fuel tanks spinning inside
the jets...going through the engine part of the object to the engine duct,
spinning the fuel around thus creating additional anti-gravity lift and
greatly improving the lift capabilities and the inertial responses of the
craft. So to sum it up in a nutshell, I have...several very brilliant
videos with dozens of photographs and engineering drawings, sketches and so
on. The Germans had PROBABLY 50 MODELS of flying saucers powered by every
existing engine in their arsenal... piston engines with propellers,
rotary...engines with propellers, inboard and outboard turbo-jets, pulse
(?) jets, ram-jets and rocket engines. The rocket-engined craft... could go
into orbit, the bigger models could go to the moon and back with literally
a truckload of kerosene and oxygen. On top of the saucer space flights the
Germans had [an] extensive space program with rocketry. I discovered just
several days ago the man-made winged version of the V-2 rocket... was doing
sub-orbital flights with an altitude higher than the altitude of the
Mercury, the Vostock, space capsules. They had space programs with their
Zanger-Brent stratospheric ram-jet...bomber... antipodal, basically
circling three quarters of the globe trajectory... That was the grandfather
of the Aurora craft that is rumored so much these days in Area 51. (Take
note that both the American and Russian space programs depended on the
German scientists they had both acquired following World War II. It is
possible that these researchers were intentionally made-out to be the
'cream' of German aerospace science, when in fact the most intelligent
scientists may have found their way to the Antarctic base following World
War II - Branton). The aircraft industries of the Allies after the war had
a difficult time duplicating and regurgitating the German designs that the
Germans came up with...

S.R. - Wow! That's amazing...

V.T. - Many of these things have not been duplicated yet, but the most
astonishing photographs came -- and I have copies of these and they are
available -- from the GERMAN SECRET SOCIETY 'Tuligezelshaft' and the
'Templehofgezelshaft', the German branch of the KNIGHTS TEMPLARS which are
also the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS so they have absolutely no problems
financing these projects. Few of the (--indistinguishable-- lower-ranking
German scientists...? - Branton) even knew that these projects were
running. Many of them privately had been complaining that they were the
dumbest fools because all the smart guys disappeared after the war into the
German South Polar underground colony, and only basically the intelligent
weaklings [remained in Germany]... We made a brilliant audio-tape, by the
way all of these things that we will be talking about are available in two
dozen very good video tapes and about as many audio tapes.

S.R. - We will have to be sure and tell the folks how they can find out how
to get a hold of those, O.K.?

V.T. - It's very simple, they can call us here in Los Angeles at area code

S.R. - ...I'd like to ask a question about your knowledge of the Russian
technologies. It is said that the Russians are really a lot farther ahead
than we are...

V.T. - Not at all...

S.R. - Technologically.

V.T. - My feeling is that not only the French Revolution and the Paris
Commune and the Communism of Marx and Engels was financed and masterminded
and orchestrated by the [Bavarian] Illuminati, but so was the Bolshevik
Revolution, the Nazi uprising in Italy, or the National Socialist and Nazi
movement in Germany. And along that line, Wall Street has secretly been
going to painstaking efforts to help behind-the-scenes the Russians in
order for them to become a real strong external enemy and not to be just a
'paper bear', a flimsy paper bear. I have numerous accounts of how the
Germans built all the munitions plants, 14 out of 15 munitions plants
BEFORE the war started, the Second World War started. They were all built
by Germans... Rolls Royce built the turbo-jet factory for the MIG fighter
plane engines, just in time for the beginning of the Korean war. I have a
photograph in my possession of the best (at the time? - Branton) American
strategic bomber, the B-29, the one that dropped the bomb over Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. Under it's wing there is hanging the best German twin-engine
rocket interceptor, supersonic swept-wing rocket interceptor the DFS-346,
and all of this under the red star markings of the Russian Air Force. How
can somebody claim that there is not a secret siphoning of the most
advanced technology behind-the-scenes... of the Cold War in order to make
Russia the real enemy. I've heard rumors that the Russians were given
enriched uranium to build their first nuclear bomb, and when they couldn't
do even that they were given a whole nuclear bomb that was smuggled out in
the luggage of the Russian ambassador straight on a flight from Washington
to Moscow according to the words of Victor Suvaro, the genius of the
Russian Intelligence novels. And basically those are documentary books that
he has written. The best of them is 'AQUARIUM', for any one of our
listeners who would like to acquaint himself with the workings of a secret
society. Later on the Russians were sold a nuclear submarine in order to
make their sagging strategic fleet a more real, threatening menace. Why
would the [Bavarian] Illuminati need a strong enemy in the Russias? Very
simple, because otherwise they cannot keep the secrecy around these giant
underground projects going on. Now the best reason they use is 'Oh well, we
cannot tell you about that, we cannot discuss this even in Congress because
the Russians would know.' It was cleverly used on both sides of the
'curtain' in order for the [Bavarian] secret societies in both Russia and
the United States to quietly engage in -- and justify the massive financing
of -- these projects. Back to the Germans, the most interesting claim that
they are [making] in another documentary film... available from us, is that
they landed on Mars in mid-January 1946 after 8 months of heavy flight with
a basically volunteer suicide crew of Germans and Japanese in a giant 230
foot diameter dreadnaut... again running on free energy, basically the
Hanz-Kohler converters of gravity energy into electromagnetic energy of the
flight. Another interesting thing that I found is a whole range of mind
control experiments in Germany that were repeated verbatim by the super
powers after the war. Mind control with ultrasound, when they were inducing
and indoctrinating their crack S.S. troops, mind control with all kinds of
synthetic hallucinogenic drugs, or all kinds of the 'proper' mushrooms,
mind control that was developed using the Wilhelm Reichian technology. In
the initial states this [involved] types of sodomic mind control that was
practiced by certain of the Ahrimanic and Luciferian orders of Tibetan
monks that were visited by these numerous German ethnographic expeditions
in the '20s and '30s, and all of this secret knowledge was later brought to
Germany. We produce a fascinating tape here with Al Bielek and T. Johnson
from Las Vegas on the magical-occult connections of the Third Reich, and we
called the tape 'OCCULT NATIONAL SHAMANISM' in analogy to 'National
Socialism', a fascinating tape that basically brings together about a dozen
extremely rare books on the occult connections of the Third Reich, the
dabblings with satanism, with witchcraft, with all kinds of unspeakable
aberrations, including sexual aberrations... the Germans were in contact
with half a dozen [malevolent] alien races in these big underground
establishments, some of these underground bases were 2 kilometers long, one
kilometer wide. I have found the drawings of the tunnel systems with these
bases from incredible places including...the American Bombing Survey
reports of underground -- huge industrial establishments under the German
mountains... the bottom line is that by the time the war ended the Germans
were VERY HEAVILY doing all these major parts of the ILLUMINATI secret
technologies on the planet...

(Were the Nazi's the Military Research & Development arm of the Bavarian
Illuminati? - Branton)

Mind Control technologies, a whole dozen of mind-control... I mean we have
a tape here on mind control that was going on in the German bases. But the
most important thing about their research was GENETIC ENGINEERING... Quite
a well-known movie producer in southern California that produced one of the
best known UFO documentaries that won a big award has mentioned to me in a
private conversation that while researching for that film he saw in a
military-government archive a documentary, a silent documentary film about
horrific genetic experiments on live human beings, I mean cutting off
heads, dismembering, re-assembling, human bodies from parts -- all these
frankensteinian experiments in the German genetic program... and finally
the film culminated with footage of living, walking, breathing HYBRIDS
between HUMANS and ANIMALS that were produced in German concentration camps
half a century earlier. The Reife [spl?] microscope, the Royal Reife
microscope which is rumored to be a Tesla scalar-wave microscope that has
an extremely...high resolution power and can see many levels of complexity
beyond the hierarchical level of the cell, was probably the magical key to
the human genome kingdom, the microscope was discovered in the '20s in
Berlin and probably gave the key to the Germans to the human genome. The
big 10 billion dollar human genome project that is right now beginning to
drain budget dollars run through the Dept. of Energy here, is nothing but a
smokescreen for the REAL mastery of the human genome half a century earlier
by the Illuminati that are running computerized designs of clones and human
beings and all that stuff in the underground labs.

(Note: Bavarian cultists and Grey aliens are reportedly working together in
the production of so-called 'hybrids' within the underground
joint-operational facilities. Most of the hu-brids [human-hybrids] who are
born with imputed reptilian DNA or DNA from other animals are the unwilling
servants of the draconian collectivists from birth. Some of these 'people'
have escaped from the domination of the Collective and have joined with
more friendly 'Federation' forces, or have been rescued by the same from
captured bases or ships, according to contactee Alex Collier, and others. -

S.R. - Hmm.

V.T. - I take very seriously films, not only films like 'BOYS FROM BRAZIL'
about the secret experiments in 'education' of abducted children... the
[secret] government has been the biggest consumer of abducted children in
this country, and I called just on a hunch this Milk Carton 1-800 number,
chasing a rumor that 400,000 CHILDREN were missing from this country each
year, [close to] half a million each year. I thought 'Nah, maybe 20, 30
thousand, it's not possible.' And the lady there said... 'No, we don't have
ANY statistics.' 'Well, any newspaper articles, anything?' 'No, no, we
DON'T have anything.' And I was beginning to get more and more suspicious.
Finally she made an 'educated' guess, having worked for 5 years in the
system. She said, 'About maybe 200,000 children a year or so.' Within only
5 minutes...research I did, I got half of the wildest rumor that I've heard
of, half a million missing every year. Most of them disappear in the
underground...of the New World Order...

S.R. - Vladimir Terziski. He is a UFO researcher. He is a co-founder with
Al Bielek of the 'American Academy of Dissident Scientists'. [Sam Russell
takes a call at this point. The question is in regards to Vladimir's
professional background]

V.T. - Well, I studied Physics and Engineering at Tokai University in
Tokyo, I have a Bachelor Degree in Physics, and a Master Degree in
Electronics Engineering. I worked for four years at the Solar Energy
Research Institute for the Bulgarian Academy of Science before immigrating
to the United States. I studied for 3 and a half, 4 years, Sociology at
Arizona State University, and at UCLA, and I'm slowly dragging this
additional Degree of mine to a completion these days...

S.R. - ...Well, O.K., let us move along and pick up on what you were
talking about as we broke right there. This having to do with the genetic
cloning and so on.

V.T. - I have two more items, basically very important items to finish and
then we can go into the general discussions. To cap off the whole genetic
research effort on the planet, it is not an idea of a few crazy
frankensteinian scientists here and there in the secret underground bases,
it is not a crazy idea by the secret government or even by some high levels
of alien races that are using us as convenient guinea pigs... It is a much
higher level of 'party line' agenda coming, my feeling is, from the...
basically the fallen angelic presence on our planet that has been
masterminding [the conspiracy]... probably 90% of the alien races that have
visited our planet...most of them have been coming here on the planet
sub-contracting for that particular branch of the 'celestial management'
and the biggest point on their agenda is... on top of advanced interstellar
TRANSPORTATION and COMMUNICATION have been -- the creation of life (or
rather the RE-CREATION or re-arrangement of existing biological matter,
since created beings whether standing or fallen can only RE-STRUCTURE that
what has already been created. - Branton), and MIND CONTROL of course.
[These] have been the four extremely important points, the highest points
on their agenda. So the 'creation' of all of these frankensteinian monsters
is not an aberration of a sick mind or probably a latent satanist movie
producer. It is not a whim by some Financier that is financing these
projects... it is really an incredible saga on a Universal or Galactic
level... these hierarchies that are trying to outdo and outbid each other
and trying to prove to probably higher levels of celestial overseeing
bodies that they can do a better management and a better 'creation' of this
and that including living beings. So I put the whole creation of artificial
life from the crude mechanical robots created by the Illuminatial chemists
[alchemists] in the medieval centuries to the frankensteinian
conglomeration of human beings from...body parts in the late 19th century,
and the first creation of primitive clones in the early 20th century
through the limited experiments of hybridization between humans and animals
that were going [on] in German concentration camps during the war. And...
the biggest effort that was in front of the German hierarchy was the
creation of the 'Master Race', the 'super men'. And what they did on a
small scale in the concentration camps, later on in the late '40s and early
rumor is that these days there is a city called the NEW BERLIN, a big
underground city under the South Pole, south of South Africa in the Queen
Maud land... under the GERMAN jurisdiction, under the German nomenclature.
A 2,000,000 strong colony that engages primarily in space travel and human
genetic engineering. And basically, a very careful analysis of the German
technology -- and I repeat I am not a religious freak, I entered into
conspiracy theories only because of necessity, to figure out the
anti-gravity stuff that I was interested in. I'm primarily a physicist and
an engineer, and I'm fascinated a lot more by an explanation of the physics
of the local universe or of the energy management system in our Grand
Universe than of, should we say, standing or fallen angelic management
structures around our planet -- but tracing the technologies, I have come
to piece the big puzzle, this big galactic and universal puzzle together...

S.R. - ...We are just virtually out of time. Vladimir, we've had some
questions off the air regarding what you might have available to send
people in the written format or in electronic.

V.T. - I have a video list of probably 50 publications, videos, audios,
booklets, articles and so on. Anyone who is interested can give us a call
at area code [310] 473-9717. And I will be soon in one of the bookstores in
Salt Lake City, I actually sent a lot of material that was exhibited at the
Preparedness [Expo] Show.

S.R. - We have to leave it there, Vladimir I appreciate very much your
coming on, I know the notice was very short and I appreciate it. It's been
a fascinating hour for me, I hope for our listeners as well, and I'll hope
to do it again some time.

V.T. - Sam, with the greatest of pleasure. I repeat again, this was only a
'little revelation' of the working of the dark side... one should not be
pessimistic, on the contrary just by shining the light on these ugly deeds
of the Illuminati, that's all there needs to be done in order for them to
start melting like an old snow under the hot summer rays...

S.R. - Thank you very much Vladimir, a terrific way to end it...

(Note: Vladimir Terziski is "...a Bulgarian born engineer and physicist,
graduated Cum Laude from the Master of Science program of Tokai University
in Tokyo in 1980. Served as a solar energy researcher, Bulgarian Academy of
Sciences, before immigrating to the U.S. in 1984. [He is also an]
International UFO researcher with command of English, Japanese, Russian,
German, and Bulgarian [and] Creator/lecturer of UFOLOGY-101 course for
University level attendance. - Branton)

With the previous foundation laid, I feel that this would be an appropriate
place to include the following information which has made the rounds of the
electronic newsgroups:

From: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) Newsgroups:
alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy,alt.activism,sci.skeptic,misc. headlines,
alt.politics.bush Subject: UFO "October Surprise" and USA TAKEOVER?!
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