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                           FALKLAND ISLANDS WAR

The Falkland Islands War had more to do with NAZI'S [Antarctica] than with

The Germans, FROM THEIR ANTARCTIC BASE, began to INFILTRATE into Argentina,
Chile, etc., and bought large tracts of land and swept up corporations.
They also invested in corporations in Germany and elsewhere, with plans to
make a comeback. They used the German treasury, captured treasure from
other nations, and counterfeit American currency printed on real U.S.
currency printing plates given to the Russians and captured by the Germans.

(Note: It appears as if the German elite had begun to attempt to accomplish
via stealth what they failed to do by force in World Wars I and II -- by
infiltrating North and South America and engaging in economic warfare from
their extensive underground 'black budget' empire below Antarctica and also
South and North America, with the help of their allies in the CIA/NSA. We
are not talking Billions of dollars here, but TRILLIONS of dollars which
have been siphoned from the U.S. economy via numerous ingenious methods,
and used to 'feed' the Bavarian-backed underground network which stretches
throughout North America and which are inhabited by European, American and
Antarctican National Socialists. The wealth that has been siphoned from the
American economy could otherwise have been used to prime the economy to new
heights of prosperity, and that prosperity would have in turn overflowed
into the other nations of the world. Apparently the Nazis realized this,
and also realized that the 'Banksters' who had backed them during World War
II had the REAL power. They understood that ECONOMIC power ultimately
dictated political power, even in a supposedly 'democratic' country where
they could 'buy off' political power from those who were more interested in
immediate physical comforts and economic status rather then the long-term
fate of their own country. The 'Nazis' could not have done what they have
done without the help of the 'traitors' within. The same could be said for
the Greys also... not to mention the CIA/Nazi/Grey collaboration itself
existant within various underground bases: Neu Schwabia, Antarctica; Pine
Gap, Australia; Alsace-Lorraine Mts., Germany; Montauk, Long Island; the
Denver International Airport; Dulce, New Mexico; Area 51, Nevada, etc. -

Some plates were stolen by Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Harry
Dexter White [real name Weiss] under Henry Morgenthau and sent to the
Soviets for use in occupied Germany. He also arranged for the mass theft of
tons of our special money-paper. When J. Edgar Hoover went to President
Truman with all the evidence that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
was a Communist spy and thief, TRUMAN of course removed Weiss [White] from
his job -- and PROMOTED HIM to head of the International Monetary Fund. I
kid you not, look it up.

(This tells you whose side Truman was really on. - Branton)

The story has a rather common ending -- when a controversy developed in the
press concerning this incident, Weiss became a "suicide."

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