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                              HITLER ESCAPED!

I remember hearing, in the 1950s, rumors that Hitler had escaped to a
secret Nazi base at the South Pole. In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: "We
have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death.
Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin."

When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945
whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, 'No.' Stalin's top
army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy
Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: "We have
found no corpse that could be Hitler's."

The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No
one can say he is dead." Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding
general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had
been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and
Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped. Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith,
Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later
Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, "No human being can
say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin,
stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had
happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was:
"There was no evidence beyond that of HEARSAY to support the THEORY of
Hitler's suicide." He also stated, "On the basis of present evidence, no
insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler."

Nuremberg judge Michael Mussmanno said in his book "Ten Days to Die,"
"Russia must accept much of the blame [to the extent that it still exists]
that Hitler did not die in May 1945." However, Mussmanno STATED that he
interviewed Hitler's personal waiter, his valet, his chauffeur, his two
secretaries, pilots, top generals, etc., and they all 'agreed' perfectly
that Hitler committed suicide. He said they could not have gotten together
afterward and made up a story that agreed in perfect detail without one
flaw anywhere, so they must be telling the truth and he was absolutely
convinced that Hitler committed suicide. The story at first sounds
convincing, until you realized that they could have memorized a story
BEFOREHAND and these were all people who almost WORSHIPPED Hitler. Do
witnesses EVER agree "perfectly" in detail in real life?

Former Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes in his book "Frankly Speaking" [as
quoted in the April 1948 "The Cross and The Flag"]: "While in Potsdam at
the Conference of the Big Four, Stalin left his chair, came over and
clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to
him: 'Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?'
Stalin replied: "He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina.'"

I still have the September, 1948, issue of a magazine called "The Plain
Truth" with the headline article: "IS HITLER ALIVE, OR DEAD?," subtitled:
"Here is summarized the conclusions of an exhaustive three-year
investigation -- together with reasons for believing Hitler may be alive
and secretly planning the biggest hoax of all history."

Another article in November, 1949, says "The Nazis went underground, May
16, 1943!" and details a meeting at the residence of Krupp von
Bohlen-Halbach, the head of I.G. FARBEN, etc., at which they planned "FOR
Another article in August, 1952, entitled "HITLER DID NOT DIE," subtitled
"Adolph Hitler's fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as
History's greatest hoax! Positive evidence comes to light that Hitler did
not die -- here's new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing [the] Nazi
underground, today!"

The June, 1952, issue of "The Plain Truth" is headlined: "HITLER 'May Be
Alive!'" The article states: "Now, NEW FACTS, or purported facts, leak out.
It's reported now that in 1940 the Nazis started to amass tractors, planes,
sledges, gliders, and all sorts of machinery and materials IN THE SOUTH
POLAR REGIONS -- that for the next 4 years Nazi technicians built, on an
almost unknown CONTINENT, Antarctica, the Fuhrer's SHANGRILA -- a new

The report says they scooped out an entire mountain, built a new refuge
completely camouflaged -- a magic mountain hide-a-way. The recently
discovered continent is larger than Europe -- 5,600 miles from Africa,
1,900 miles from the southern tip of South America, 4,800 miles from

It is NOT a mere ice-covered surface, but a real continent, with plains,
valleys, mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet. The temperature in the interior
is around zero (?) in the summer, and never drops below 20 or 30 degrees
below in the winter. In other words, it is not as cold as in parts of North
Dakota or Canada." (especially underground, where the natural temperature
would be in the 50's, even below snow and ice. - Branton)

"Bonjour" magazine, the "Police Gazette," and the Paris newspaper "Le
Monde" all had articles about Hitler's South Pole hideaway. Admiral
Doenitz, in 1943, stated, "The German submarine fleet has even now
established an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress, for the Fuhrer,
in whatever part of the world." Although he did not specify where the exact
location was, "Bonjour" pointed out that in 1940 Nazi engineers had begun
construction of buildings that were to withstand temperatures to 60 degrees
below zero.

There have been strong rumors, from the end of the War, that Hitler escaped
to the South Pole. Yet, most people simply REFUSE to believe the evidence,
the idea that Hitler survived the war is just unacceptable! It is too
upsetting to too many people!

There is plenty of PROOF that the Americans and Russians LIED about what
happened to Hitler, and there are strong rumors that he escaped to
Antarctica. There is ample proof that a major group of Nazis escaped to
Argentina. What do YOU think? Why did Admiral Byrd lead an "invasion to
Antarctica," and why the extreme secrecy about the whole situation?
In 1981, Donald McKale wrote "Hitler: The Survival Myth" to try to lay to
rest the questions about what happened to Hitler. The flyleaf says: "In
this book a distinguished historian examines the postwar world's most
absorbing and persistent mystery, revealing why it has endured and where
the mystery leads" [emphasis mine]. The back flyleaf says "Absolute
certainty about what happened still eludes us today."

Just recently on TV there are STILL programs telling "at last, the final,
once and for all, this is the real story" about what happened to Hitler,
yet they all do not really answer the question. A recent TV program, called
"What Really Happened to Adolph Hitler," after investigating numerous
stories, ends by saying that, in spite of Glasnost and the new freedom of
access to Russian files, the files on Hitler are still some of the most
highly classified items of the Soviets.

The "Diario Illustrado" of Santiago, Chile, January 18, 1948 issue, said:
"On 30th of April, 1945, Berlin was in dissolution but little of that
dissolution was evident at Templehof Airfield. At 4:15 p.m. a JU52 landed
and S.S. troops directly from Rechlin for the defense of Berlin
disembarked, all of them young, not older than 18 years.

"The gunner in the particular plane was an engineer by the name of B...
whom I had known for a number of years and for whom I had endeavored to get
exemption from military service. He sought to tank up and leave Berlin as
quickly as possible. During this re-fueling interval Mr. B... was suddenly
elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain
"At about 100-120 meters he saw a sleek Messerschmitt Jet Model 332 [an
editorial comment says this should be an ARADO 234]. Mr. B.. and the radio
operator saw, and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER, standing in front of the
jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler, dressed in field-grey uniform
and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionaries, who were
obviously seeing him off.

"For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refueled the two men
observed this scene and around 4:30 p.m. they took to the air again. They
were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news
bulletin, some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed

On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called "As It Happens,"
September 17th, 1974 at 7:15 p.m., a Prof. Dr. Ryder Saguenay, oral surgeon
from the Dental Faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles,
said that Hitler had ordered a special plane to leave from Berlin with all
medical and dental records, especially X-rays, of all top Nazis for an
unknown destination. He said that the dental records used to identify
Hitler's body were drawn from MEMORY by a dental assistant, WHO disappeared
and was never found.

An editorial in "Zig Zag," Santiago, Chile, January 16, 1948, STATES that
on April 30th, 1945, Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his
wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof
Airport to Tondern in Denmark [still German controlled]. From Tondern, they
took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway [also German controlled]. From
there they joined a SUBMARINE convoy. ["U.F.O. Letzte Geheimwaffe des III
Reiches," Mattern, pp. 50-51.]

The Jewish writer Michael Bar-Zohar in "The Avengers," p. 99, said: "In
1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: 'The German U-boat fleet is proud to
have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer,
somewhere in the world.' He did not say in what part of the world it
existed, but fairly obviously it was in South America."

The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Doenitz told a graduating class
of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944: "The German Navy has still a great role to
play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to
take the Fuhrer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last
measures in complete quiet."

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