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...In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the
U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica [Operation
Highjump and follow-up], but encountered heavy resistance from Nazi "flying
saucers" and had to call off the invasion. A Rear-Admiral who was in that
invasion has retired in Texas, and said he was shocked when he read the
"Fire From The Sky" material. He knew there were a lot of aircraft and
rocket shoot-downs but did not realize the situation was so bad.

(Note: Here the writer is referring to accounts given in other writings,
suggesting that AS the Soviet Union was falling the Bolsheviks who were in
the process of being ousted from Russia took refuge in the CIA and
Pentagon, from where they attempted to provoke a nuclear war with Russia
which they would ride-out in their massive underground bunkers. In
response, the Tzarist Russian's sent a strong message to the Bolshevik
'elite' in the Pentagon and CIA that this would not be allowed -- by
shooting down satellites and aircraft in retaliation. The idea of a KGB
presence in the CIA might seem to conflict with the 'Nazi' presence there,
yet NOT if you consider the fact that the Rockefeller's -- according to
Economics expert and advisor Antony Sutton and others -- had financially
backed BOTH the Bolsheviks AND the Nazis in their military efforts as two
Hegallian or Machievellian 'clubs' to 'beat' the planet into submission to
a New World Order. This might explain the early treaty between Hitler and
Stalin, the close alliances that both Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler had with
the Jesuits, and the fact that the Bolshevik revolution was actually
planned in Bavaria with German Intelligence's plan to send their agent
Lenin from Germany to Russia to stir up the revolution. We must remember
that National Socialism [Nazism] IS 'Socialism' none-the-less. In this
context the polarizing 'left-wing' - 'right-wing' political theory turns
out to be FALSE. If this theory is taken to its logical conclusion then an
extreme left-wing system would tend to liberalism and anarchy while an
extreme right-wing system would tend to conservatism and totalitarianism.
You could say that both left and right wing philosophies compliment each
other in the sense that Totalitarianim cannot exist without the threat of
anarchy to justify it. For instance in order to JUSTIFY a totalitarian
takeover of the United States or the World the UN/NWO 'elite' would AND DO
support ANARCHY in order to create for instance a national emergency and in
so doing justify the implementation of certain executive orders and martial
law. The Bolshevik 'Socialists' certainly were NOT anarchists but
totalitarians just like the Nazi or National 'Socialists'. In reality TRUE
Communism would be control of the country by a UNION of workers, with power
equally distributed among all workers. Vladimir Lenin felt that the
'workers' were not worthy nor capable of running the government in a
collective sense, and that a small group who were 'trained' in the precepts
of 'Communism' should run the government and the Revolution instead. So in
essence 'Communism' as it exists in Asia is NOT Communism but dictatorship.
If anything, democracy would be closer to TRUE Communism than the FALSE
Communism of Asia, with the PEOPLE having control through the electorial
process. But of course that has been subverted with the rise of the
'Executive' Alien-Military-Industrial government within the United States,
which is controlled by a alien-corporate ELITE rather than being equally
control among the common citizens. Now are you getting the picture? The
so-alled ELITE gain their power through MISREPRESENTATION and DECEPTION!
They intentionally cloud the true nature of reality, lest the masses wake
up and see how they are being exploited, and take back control. The
'fraternal elite' were fully aware of the fact that their brand of
'Communism' was not Communism or Socialism at all, however they used the
promise of 'Communism' in order to LIE to and DECIEVE the targeted
countries into accepting their 'Communist Dictatorshiop' -- which would
seem to be a contradiction in terms, like 'Military Intelligence'. But for
the sake of the Machievellian 'game' that the Rockefellers and others were
running, the 'illusion' of polarity between the LEFT and the RIGHT had to
be maintained. And when the Bolsheviks began to lose power, the
Rockefellers did exactly what they did with the Nazis, they took their
'children' back under their wing and gave them refuge within their
Military-Industrial Machine. So in essense the most powerful government on
earth is a corporate empire, and this would confirm the Biblical proverb
that "the love of money is the root of all evil". When the Greek Orthodox
and Tzarist factions started to regain ground among the Russian Socialists
during WWII, Roman fascists apparently decided that they would put pressure
on the Nazi's to attack their 'Protestant' Greek Orthodox enemies in
Yugoslavia... the Serbians. Since the Roman-backed Croatian-Catholic-Nazi
USTACHI killer squads were determined to carry out genocide against the
Russian-backed Serbian Greek Orthodox, one can easily see how the Balkan
states became the tinderbox for both the first and second world wars, and
in both cases Germany was at the center. Remember that the German Kaiser
Wilhelm ['Kaiser' literally means 'Caesar' in German, a carry over from the
Roman and Unholy Roman Empire's] as well as Adolph Hitler himself was
determined to bring back the Roman Empire, which would obviously have been
Rome's goal as well. This is not surprising when we consider that the
blasphemously named 'Holy' Roman Empire -- which rose from the decay of the
earlier fallen Roman Empire -- had its headquarters in Germany. Getting
back to the conflict between the Tzarist and Bolshevik Russians... In
addition to attacks on American satellites, missiles or planes by
'Cosmospheres' manned by Tzarist or nationalist Russians, there is also
evidence of attacks against the same by the 'Nazi' and 'Grey' space forces
as well. These attacks have not come from only one source. One more
thought... the political struggle is, as suggested above, not so much
between the right and left 'wings', especially the extremists -- at one
extreme being slavery/tyranny and at the other extreme criminality/anarchy,
BOTH of which are co-dependent threats to Liberty and Freedom. The actual
struggle is between BALANCE and EXTREMISM. Anarchy would be symbolic of a
horse roaming wild and useless with no restraints. Tyranny would be that
same horse locked in a stall and never being able to see the light of day.
A true democratic-republic would be symbolized by that horse being allowed
to roam 'free' in a wide open pasture, however the pasture nevertheless has
its fenced-in 'limits' that the horse could not pass. However in that the
pasture provides plenty of freedom within its confines, the horse is
satisfied. - Branton)

The invasion of ANTARCTICA consisted of three battle groups from Norfolk,
VA, on Dec. 2, 1946. They were led by Byrd's command ship, the ice-breaker
"Northwind," and consisted of the catapult ship "Pine Island," the
destroyer "Brownsen," the aircraft-carrier "Phillipines Sea," the U.S.
submarine "Sennet," two support vessels "Yankee" and "Merrick," and two
tankers "Canisted" and "Capacan," the destroyer "Henderson" and a
floatplane ship "Currituck." A British-Norwegian force and a Russian force,
and I believe some Australian and Canadian forces were also involved.

On March 5, 1947 the "El Mercurio" newspaper of Santiago, Chile, had a
headline article "On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas" which quoted
Byrd in an interview with Lee van Atta: "Adm. Byrd declared today that it
was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures
against hostile regions. The admiral further stated that he didn't want to
frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a
new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects
which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. [Earlier he had
recommended defense bases AT the NORTH Pole.] Admiral Byrd repeated the
above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both
at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for
International News Service."

When Byrd returned to the States, he was hospitalized and was not allowed
to hold any more press conferences. In March 1955, he was placed in charge
of Operation Deepfreeze which was part of the International Geophysical
Year [1957-1958] exploration of the Antarctic. He died, some have suggested
he was murdered, in 1957...

UFO researchers are also aware of strange sightings of 'flying saucers'
with swastikas or iron crosses on them, 'aliens' speaking German, etc.
(Note: I have also heard of abductees who have been taken to underground
bases with swastika emblems on the walls, or as in the case of abductee
Alex Christopher, have seen Reptiloids and 'Nazis' working together aboard
antigravity craft or within underground bases. So Barney Hill was not the
ONLY one to describe the Nazi connection to UFO abductions. - Branton). An
example is the American Reinhold Schmidt -- whose father was born in
Germany -- who tells in his book "Incident At Kearney" [Nebraska] that he
was taken on a 'flying saucer' on several occasions. He said the crew spoke
German and acted like German soldiers. He said they took him to the Polar
region [if someone were making up a story, why would they claim to be
taken, of all places, to the pole?]

(Note: Other sources have implied that an -- underground? -- 'Nazi' base
exists somewhere in Nebraska. - Branton)

After returning he was subjected to persecution by the U.S. Government. His
description [of the aerial discs] matched pictures captured from the

(Note: For video's detailing an in-depth historical analysis of the Nazi
cults, numerous details on the Nazi aerial disc projects, AS WELL AS actual
photo-footage retrieved from classified sources of these aerial discs in
operation, and also investigations into the "New Berlin" bases below Neu
Schwabenland, Antarctica -- contact: Vladimir Terziski, President, -
American Academy of Dissident Scientists, 10970 Ashton Ave. #310, Los
Angeles, CA 90024, phone and fax: USA-[310]-473-9717. - Branton)

In 1959, three large newspapers in CHILE reported front page articles about
UFO encounters where the crew members appeared to be German soldiers. IN
the 1960s there were reports in New York and NEW JERSEY of flying saucer
'aliens' who spoke German, or English with a German accent.

In the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg atomic espionage trials, they spoke of
"warships of space." Since they had access to top secret information, about
what were they talking?

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