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                              THE COMING CHAOS

The plan is to unleash elemental forces of chaos that transcend government
philosophy. The primitive mandate for political/social structure seems to
be protection of the person from crime and disease, protection of property,
a system of justice to enforce those protections, and organization for
economic gain. All these refinements we've developed - democracy, fascism,
communism, monarchy - come after the primitive mandates have been met. The
theory is that if you remove enough of those basic protections the
government will fall because it is not performing the more important,
elementary functions. This subject is an enormous one which I could not
begin to describe in such a short piece as this. The reader will have to
fill in the blanks left by the following examples:

DISEASE: The Group developed the AIDS virus principally at Albert Ludwigs
University in Freiburg im Brisgau. It seems that Dr. Strecker and the
London Times [5/11/87] were correct in suspecting that the epidemic was
man-made and connected with the World Health Organization's smallpox
eradication program in Africa [My source identified the names of a senior
member of the Global Commission in 1979, who handled at least Ethiopia and
Somalia, and W.H.O. representatives for Central Africa, where the AIDS
virus is taking the largest toll, and for Western Africa] and the 1978-79
hepatitis B vaccine experiments among homosexuals in the U.S. [My source
identified the name of one member of the NY City team. I could not obtain
the names of the team members for S.F.] They chose homosexuals because they
believed that few would care what happened to them and hoped the disease
would spread throughout the country before anyone realized that it would
kill ANYONE -- not just gays. During the "incubation period" [1995-2000]
the Group plans to introduce new diseases that will be "far more
aggressive, far more vicious" than AIDS.

(Apparently, we must assume that if they release a disease, they will
already have developed an antidote in case one of 'them' gets infected -

CRIME AND DRUGS: ...Crime and illegal drugs go hand-in-hand. Drug traffic
has been fostered under the covert aegis of the Group's massive apparatus
within the CIA since at least Vietnam. My informant states that "Mr.
Halloran" as a "contract" CIA operative in Saigon was running hard drugs
from Laos and Cambodia to Bien Hoa to the US aboard military aircraft for
use on American streets. It went on for years and is probably still going
on, but now from other points of origin. There are alliances between the
Group's agents in CIA and the military and drug lords in South America. My
informant identified the names of most DEA agents-in-charge of major US
offices & many US Coast Guard and Navy officers ON drug interdiction duty.
ECONOMIC DEPRESSION: The plan is for there to be a disastrous [but
short-lived] depression, precipitated by a stock crash. The Group's members
in the financial community certainly have the muscle to do it. My informant
has identified [current=1994] either the presidents or chairmen of five of
the six largest banks in NYC, many of the key officials in the NY Federal
Reserve, most of the major London merchant banks, four of the largest
GERMAN banks, and five of the 11 largest US stock brokerage firms.

to covertly foster and finance a civil war on race lines through their
agents in black and Hispanic ghettoes in major cities. Once they are
successful in gun control legislation the Group will ARM the minority
insurgents with attack weapons to be used against essentially weapon-less
minority and non-minority individuals. The local police departments will be
out-gunned. The military will be called in, but will be unable to control
the situation due to an artificial "breakdown in the chain of command."
[The percentage of senior US Army, Navy and Air Force general officers --
brigadier general through general, rear admiral through admiral --
identified by my informant has been astoundingly high. The rate of
identification among generals and admirals in the military is equaled in
only two other organizations: the State Department and the Council on
Foreign Relations.] In the midst of the societal chaos, after the war
begins, the Group will conduct systematic assassinations of key American
civilian and military leaders who have not supported the Group's policies
or its key agents. That list is referred to by my main informant and by the
woman I first interviewed in 1983-84 as "all the king's men." The civil war
fostered covertly by the Group will frighten "middle America" into adoption
of the Group's government. After the year 2000 the civil war will be used
by the Group as the excuse for genocide against the Black and Hispanic
races. The genocide of the black races will be global. There are also
large-scale genocide plans for Hispanics and Chinese. Literally hundreds of
smaller races also targeted. This will take place over a much longer period
than [the] German experiment in WWII.

(Remember that the 'root' of the 'New World Order' agenda can be traced
back to the secret occultic societies connected to Bavaria, Germany -- the
Illuminati, Thule, Nazis, Vril, Rosicrucian, Black Gnostics, Skull & Bones,
Cult of the Serpent, Templars, Babylon Mystery Cult, O.T.O., Golden Dawn,
Jesuits, and all of the many lesser-known inter-locking secret societies
which grew out of the occult-military core of the early Roman Empire and
the later 'Holy Roman Empire' [HO.R.E.] -- a core that had its center of
power not only in Rome but also in Germany. - Branton)

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