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I must confess that I have thought very long and hard about the possibility
of publishing this text in book format in order to relieve the financial
burden upon myself that has resulted from a lifetime of mental and
emotional suffering due to my own personal involvement with the 'enigma'.
Angry at the personal loss, I justified to myself that if I can make a
profit by selling the innermost secrets of those hidden and insidious
powers working behind the enigma, as its overlords, then there would be
nothing wrong with benefiting at their expense.

I still believe this to be so. However, realizing that events in this world
are quickly leading to a final apocalyptic crisis, understanding the pain
that millions of 'abductees' around the world have felt and are feeling,
and hearing the 'distant cries' of those who are lost deep within the
labyrinthine depths of the Enigma itself, I have decided that the right
thing to do would be to send this information forth at no cost, other than
the heavy price that all those who have brought this information to you
have paid. Consider it my 'patriotic' duty. All I ask in return would be
for your prayers: for the many abductees who have been rejected by an
unbelieving and cynical world; for myself and those who have contributed to
this work so that our sacrifices will not have been in vain; and especially
for those who are the most desperate of all... those who have become lost
within the cruel dungeons of the Enigma itself. Pray that they might be
protected and preserved even in the midst of the fearful hopelessness and
despair which they face, so that they might once again see the light of


Much of the information in this volume is of an incredible and, some might
say, an unbelievable nature.

I have decided NOT to hold back ANY information or claims regarding the
Dulce enigma and related scenarios, the reason for this being that
underground or earth-based anomalies are always there for anyone who is
interested or daring enough to probe and investigate.

UFO events often appear and disappear [along with the evidence] when the
object or objects depart. Underground or earth-based anomalies on the other
hand cannot and do not 'disappear' at will, and because of this they are
far more vulnerable to being exposed -- as legitimate or not.

Throughout this volume I have nevertheless offered my own 'opinions' and
'perspectives' based on circumstantial evidence [two or more reports from
different sources which relay identical themes, and so on]. These
admittedly are my own opinions and can be recieved or discarded according
to the readers own perceptions in regards to the nature of reality. I have
formed these opinions based on my own perceptions of the overall data, and
since these are my perceptions, they are not infallible but are subject to
change or revision with the revelation of new information. The reader is
free to form his or her own conclusions and opinions based on the
accumulated data, just as I have done.

Whether you consider the information which follows science fact, science
fiction or perhaps a little of both ["science faction", you might say],
this should not detract from the fact that these reports -- which have
arrived from HUNDREDS of different sources and have been condensed within
this one volume -- make for fascinating reading, either way one looks at

So with this there is nothing else to share in the way of introductions,
other than to say...

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Beyond Weird

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