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-- Psalms 74:20

What's going on near Dulce, New Mexico?

Above Top Secret Military-Industrial Black Projects?

Headquarters for a Bavarian-backed New World Order?

Vanguard for Alien Infiltration and Invasion?

Massive Intelligence Agency Disinformation?

Collective Mind Control or Mass Hallucination?

All of or a Combination of The Above?

For several decades, researchers of "paranormal phenomena" have devoted
themselves to specialized fields of "fringe scientific" investigation. Some
of these various fields of 'borderline' research -- which have surfaced in
order to document or attempt to explain a wide divergence of phenomena --
have included:

Aerial or UFO phenomena, Psychic or Psichotronic investigation, Cattle and
Animal Mutilations, Vampirism, Men In Black, Conspiracies and
Assassinations, Secret Societies, Underground Anomalies, Quantum Mechanics,
Legends and Mythology, Ancient Civilizations, the 'Mothmen' and other
'Crypto-Zoological' encounters, Energy Grids and other Geo-Magnetic
anomalies, Biogenetics and Cloning, Cybernetics and Artificial
Intelligence, Abductions and Missing Time, Hypnotherapy and Mind Control,
Missing Persons... There are no doubt many others that I have not

In the 1950's, experts in some of these areas of investigation began
hearing the first faint hints that 'something' was going on in the American
southwest, near the "Four Corners" region of the United States. First these
hints and rumors were brief, vague and confusing, yet they sparked enough
interest to provoke further investigations as the years passed.

At first these fringe scientists who concerned themselves with the
mysteries and anomalies of this region began raising more questions than
answers, as they continued to probe into an 'enigma' which seemed to
eventually focus itself in and around a small desert town lost amidst the
mesas of northwestern New Mexico.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, the mystery -- and subsequently the
interest -- deepened as reports began to slowly emanate from the area
suggesting that something significant and horrifying had taken place there,
near the small town of Dulce [pronounced "dul-see"], New Mexico. The many
different 'phenomena', those previously mentioned, seemed for some strange
reason to converge and coagulate into one vast enigmatic scenario of high
strangeness in and around this seemingly insignificant and small New
Mexican town. Researchers commenced to analyze and categorize their
respective phenomena, looking for patterns and concentrations, and came to
the realization that several of these phenomena apparently converged in the
American southwest... the charts showed the largest concentrations of UFO
sightings -- Northwestern New Mexico; the epicenter of Cattle Mutilation
Phenomena - Northwestern New Mexico. Other experts in their fields began to
find similar patterns merging and linking with other 'phenomena' at
underlying levels. Researchers into Conspiracies, Secret Societies,
Underground Anomalies, Legends and Mythology, Ancient Civilizations, Energy
Grids, Geo-Magnetic anomalies, Biogenetics, Abductions and Missing Time,
Missing Persons and investigators of other specialized 'vanguard' fields of
research began looking toward this small desert town. These unusual
convergence's of phenomena in a singular locale sparked even more interest
and investigation.

From that point on, it was as if some ancient seal had been broken, as if
an ancient cloud of darkness had begun imploding in upon itself, broken
apart by the piercing light of human perception and the relentless
probing's and scrutiny of brave and daring souls. Sensing that something
very wrong and unnatural was going on here, something ancient and evil,
some of these brave souls -- who by choice or chance found themselves
battling-it-out on the front lines against ancient forces that were
determined to keep themselves from being exposed -- continued to wage their
all-too-often personal battles against the enigma... some of these
inevitably losing their minds if not their very lives in the process. As
these brave souls were worn down by the intensity of this psychic warfare
in their efforts to expose and defeat this 'mystery of iniquity' [to coin a
Biblical phrase], they sent out desperate calls for 'reinforcements'. Many
answered the call, and the ancient and formerly invisible 'beast' that had
managed to hide itself below the deserts of the southwest like a dragon in
its lair, began to stir in rage and terror at these new exposures, and to
lash back at its new-found enemies. The repercussions began to be felt
throughout the whole country, through which the beast had reached out its
deadly tentacles -- which were also in the process of being exposed along
with the black 'heart' of the beast itself.

The walls of the ancient fortress concealing the 'beast' or the 'enigma'
began to crumble and fall with increasing intensity. From the murky
blackness within, a faint collective cry was 'heard' as if from another
world -- the voices of multitudes who were desperately calling out for help
to the only ones who could hear them, those who were beginning to 'see' yet
had not yet become the slaves of the 'enigma' itself.

Many of 'us' who have continued the battle have sacrificed our comfort, our
social and economic welfare, and in some cases even our very lives to fight
the Enigma, because we have caught a brief glimpse of the potential threat
that "the enemy within" poses to the future of Liberty and to this great
Independent nation of America. What you will see throughout these pages is
the collective results of our efforts and -- I'm not ashamed to say -- the
results of more than a little Divine Intervention as well. Many of us, such
as yours truly, have been 'victimized' by the enigma for the greater part
of our lives, and have decided that the only way to be 'free' from its
grasp is to practice the old military rule: "The best Defense is a good

So there you have it. Like those before us, we send this work forth as a
warning and a call to arms, to others who value truth and freedom. For
those who may not believe everything that follows, I challenge you to
become personally involved [however using caution in the event that these
collective reports DO turn out to be true] and PROVE the claims made herein
point-by-point, one way or another. This is the challenge that those of us
who have contributed to this work leave with you. I remain...




To the woman of my 'dreams', whose distant cries have reached me in the
night. Whoever you are, wherever you are, this 'book' is for you.

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