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It has been fairly well established that the Dulce, New Mexico network is
the largest and most significant alien [Reptiloid/Gray] base network in
North America. However according to one source there is also another 'nest'
near Deep Springs, California. This [Dulce-connected?] base -- because of
its proximity -- may pose an even greater threat to the humanoid residents
of the 'subterranean network' who have major city-complexes below
California: Mt. Shasta, Panamint Mountains, 29 Palms area, etc. These
colonies are reportedly being contested by 'Draconian' vanguard positions
near Lakeport-Hopland, Mt. Lassen and Deep Springs, California. On the
other hand, some of the non-interventionists 'Nordic' cultures reportedly
have their own forward positions near the Four Corners or Colorado Plateau
region where the Reptiloids/Greys have their major center of activity. Then
there are other areas BETWEEN the two sectors [between the Andro-Pleiadean
bases centered under Death Valley and the Draco-Orion bases centered under
Archuleta Mesa] where the 'collaborators' meet.

There are basically three alien networks at work on earth: The Anti-Grey
Nordic [Federation] factions, the Anti-Nordic Grey [Empire] factions and
the Nordic-Grey collaborators, which would also include those Terran
intelligence agencies and occult lodges who are involved in the
collaboration for whatever motive. Even within the collaboration, there is
a great deal of struggle over whether the humanoid or reptiloid agendas
should have the upper hand. Within the collaboration itself 'speciesism'
[akin to racism] exists at certain levels, so in spite of the species
prejudices the collaboration continues nevertheless because of a 'marriage
of convenience'. In other words the Greys want to take over the planet and
impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire, but the need the
Illuminati's international economic connections to do so; and the
Illuminati wants the same thing but they realize that they need the alien
mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals.

So then, it is more of a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order
to set up a planetary government, however both the humanoids and reptiloids
are constantly plotting for the time when the world government arrives so
that once it is established they can move-in and take full control and
expel the necessary collaborators -- the humans doing away with the Greys
or the Greys doing away with the humans or whatever the case may be. For
instance the Illuminati might negotiate with the Greys while at the same
time develop SDI weapons to potentially use against them. On the other hand
the Greys may continue negotiating with the humans while at the same time
implanting micro-electronic mind-control devices in the human agents with
whom they negotiate in order to ensure that they remain under ALIEN control
once the planet succumbs to the New World Order. So a one world government
will NOT bring peace to the planet, it will merely be a matter of fighting
for control of one super-government rather than for many smaller ones.

What many do not realize is that there appears to be a third element behind
this agenda, a 'race' of paraphysical entities that some might refer to as
the 'Luciferians' or the 'Poltergeists' -- who are often described, by
abductees who have encountered them, as being in the appearance of
quasi-physical etheric or energy beings who have often been seen overseeing
and directing the actions of the humanoid-reptiloid collaborators.

Although it might sound simplistic to imply that this cosmic battle is
essentially being fought between the 'Nordic' bases near Death Valley and
the 'Grey' bases near Archuleta Mesa, the true fact of the matter is that
when we are dealing with multi-levelled subterranean systems the 'border
zones' are a little more complex than on the surface, where we have obvious
horizontal borders between countries. In 'inner-planetary' warfare the
'battle-lines' are horizontal, vertical and in some cases
inter-dimensional. The battle would be one that is being waged above, below
and within our society, even though the outward manifestations of that
'war' might not be immediately seen for what they are, unless one is aware
of the REAL conflict behind the scenes. There are also indications that at
least CERTAIN factions of the NSA-MJ12-CIA-AVIARY agencies have 'defected'
from the neo-Nazi New World Order agenda of "joint interaction" with the
Reptiloids/Grays, and are now AT WAR with the same...

Recently a researcher with the initials K.S., was approached by the family
of a U.S. Intelligence worker [O.S.I.] by the name of 'Tucker', who had
disappeared mysteriously. The family was concerned and frightened as they
had discovered, in a personal locker of his, SEVERAL papers describing
INTIMATE details of activities surrounding the Dulce, New Mexico and Nevada
[S-4, etc.] underground installations. Several of these papers are
reproduced throughout this present work. Among this large stack of papers
was hidden the following letter which was stamped 'SECRET'. The letter,
copies of which were apparently also in the hands of a few other
researchers as well, stated the following:

"Dear John...

"I am writing to you in the event that I do not return.

"There is a triangle surrounding the Nevada Test Site.

"There are in fact two of them. Each one frontiers on the other. One is the
ELECTRO-MAGNETIC TRIANGLE, installed by MJ-12. This is a shield to protect
the 'Benevolents' [very human looking] from the EBEs (the so-called
"Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" or Grays - Branton) while they help
us develop our counter-attack/defenses. The other is the EBEs' 'trap'
keeping the Benevolents in the redoubt... At each corner of the EM Triangle
you will find BLM stations and they are the transmitters of the shield.

"Facing each one of these is an EBE transmitter... THERE ARE MANY OF THESE
STAND-OFFS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. It is important that you do not interfere
by attempting to destroy one of their 'surrounds', they would be able to
'double-up' somewhere else and overthrow that position. Once that link is
over-thrown, our support team would fail. Their over extension is
deliberate on our part. We are like the Chinese, we can't out technology
them but we can out number them. Especially since they can't breed here and
it is too far for them to go back home without our help. Many of our EM
Triangles are ruses to keep them over extended. They can't get out of our
solar system because our electro-magnetic field (at this time? - Branton)
is the wrong frequency for their propulsion system to work efficiently.
This explains why the EBEs can not commit more vehicles to our solar

There have been comments among some 'contactees' to the effect that
occasionally the Solar system passes through areas of differing
electromagnetic variations as it moves in and out of cosmic energy streams
that flow through the universe like a vast universal electromagnetic
'circulatory system'. Certain energy fields are conducive to certain types
of propulsion systems whereas others are not, and in these cases alternate
or more 'conventional' forms of propulsion must be resorted to. Some even
suggest that large ships disguised as asteroids, planetoids or even comets
are being used by the Greys and Reptiloids in order to get around this
propulsion problem and also to conceal their presence. These 'engineered'
planetoids are accompanied with conventional drives to serve as platforms
for various operations: abductions, implantation's, mutilations, and also
mind control and infiltration activities taking place on or under planet
earth. All of this would seem logical, so as not to attract a great deal of
attention and in return resistance from the masses. Some of these converted
'planetoids' have been identified as Geographos, Phobos, and even Hale-Bopp
comet -- which is accompanied by many unusual anomalies not observed in
most 'comets'. For instance Hale-Bopp comet was 1000 brighter than Haley's
Comet was at the distance from the sun where it was 'discovered'. This is
because the 'halo' is NOT caused by ICE-GAS being blown from the surface of
the object by solar winds as in the case of most comets. For some
unexplained reason THIS comet is ejecting 7 large streamers or jets of
DUST-GAS from its INTERIOR, many of these jets activate and deactivate at
regular intervals. THIS is what creates the halo, and because of this the
halo might have a distinct appearance when compared to past comets.

Some contactees state that Hale-Bopp is being used by Reptiloid entities
from Draconis and Greys from Orion who have joined with a renegade 'Ashtar'
faction from Sirius-B, resident within Hale-Bopp's 'companion'. They are
determined to back a world dictatorship by bringing the 'comet' close to
earth in order to 'trigger' the implants within abductees and
simultaneously activate their unconscious subliminal programs via powerful
transmitting devices. This is not to mention the potential and
destabilizing 'shock' value that this comet might pose to planetary
political, economic and religious systems. It would seem that a Federation
of Worlds, based in the Andromeda and Pleiades constellations, are
attempting to 'blockade' the interventionist actions of the Draco-Orion
empire in the Sol system. According to contactees these Federation forces
will soon be joined by a massive fleet from Sirius-B, who are apparently
Federation allies who have [let us hope] severed themselves from a large
segment of the Ashtar collective which has since been infiltrated and
taken-over by Orion-based Reptiloids and Greys. These Andro-Pleiadean
backed Sirians have reportedly waged, and won, a civil war in Sirius-B with
the 'dark side', or the cultic renegade Ashtarian collaborators. They are
now reportedly en route to the Sol system to do battle with the
Draconian-Orion forces and to convince the renegade Sirian collaborators
who are working with them that they have and are being misled into an
interventionist agenda. Like fanatical cultists, the rebel Sirians have
blindly succumbed to the deceptions of the Reptilians, Greys and the Rebel
Angels in Hale-Bopp who are controlling the infiltrated segment of the
Ashtar collective and are masquerading as "ascended masters" of the
'Ashtar' command. At least this is what some contactees have implied. Are
these contactees relaying the truth? I would guess that time will tell.

As for the humans at the Nevada Test Site, these 'may' be in fact -- if we
are to believe the collective revelations within this volume -- victims of
subtle reptilian propaganda and intimidation. For instance, this source who
authored the letter about the 'EBE's' apparently believes that ALL of the
saurian-grays or EBE's come from extra-terrestrial realms. However as we
have indicated, there is much evidence suggesting that reptiloid or
homosaurian activity exists deep within the subterranean cavernous levels
throughout planet earth, an intra-terrestrial presence that has existed for
many centuries if not for thousands of years. This is one fact that the
reptiloids have tried to hide from humankind, both terrestrial and
extraterrestrial. Also, there are accounts suggesting that the reptiloids
and greys ARE IN FACT breeding profusely and reproducing themselves via
deep subterranean polyembryony, cloning and incubation facilities below
Dulce and elsewhere and are not as 'over-extended' as they might have us to
believe. Some estimate that at the very least 20 million grays are now
actively operating under the surface of planet earth within bases or within
natural cavern systems. According to still others, 20 million is a
conservative estimate.

However, on the other hand, the fear the humanoids might have of
prematurely attacking the 'enemy' positions may possibly be the result of
intimidation and propaganda intended to keep humans from taking OFFENSIVE
action, believing that they are keeping the grays, etc., 'at bay' when in
hidden fronts via mass abductions, subliminal programming, implantation,
psychic manipulation, recruiting of 'fifth column' human agents, and
infiltration. I personally do not believe in 'standoffs'. In war there is
no 'neutrality', one is either attacking [in various ways] or capitulating
themselves over to the enemy, in various ways -- ways which those on the
defensive side might not even be aware of. The letter which we have quoted
earlier continues:

"The 'headquarters' of this particular 'surround' is Deep Springs,
California. At this location one can find a 'school' for Communist
homosexuals who have defected to the EBEs in exchange for a cure for AIDs
and a promise to their own little world, including reproduction via cloning
and artificial wombs. Their sperm fertilize eggs taken from abductees. You
will not likely see the hybrids hidden inside the mountain, unless you
have... starlite binoculars. Some homosaphien APPEARING malevolents
[mercenaries] are also there. Nine Soviets were there at the same time
Soviets were at the NTS. They were there in the hopes of talking them into
defecting back to our side. We are still hopeful.

"The collaborators use the cover organization Natural Resources Defense
Council, with front offices in New York and 1350 New York Avenue, N.W.,
suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20005 [tel.(202) 783-7800]. It is headed by Tom
Cochran, staffed by Kevin Priestly UNR, John Brune UNR, Holly Eisler UnSan
Diego, Gary Reisling Univ. Ca. Pasadena, Holly Nelson NY, Mary Manning LV
Sun, Ed Vogel LVR; and many others I can reveal later.

"One will also find that each corner of their triangle is at the base of a
mountain. At each location you will find several entrances to underground
systems. Do not attempt to enter, unless you wish to become liquid protein.
You may however harass the EBEs' two other corners by placing a large
magnet on the vaults... [placing a magnet on the other two entrances at
each location will not affect anything]. This temporarily interrupts their
communications with Deep Springs until a collaborator team comes out to see
what is going on. If you place a large magnet on this entrance [it has a
large computer near the surface, you can hear it], it will affect an
immediate interruption. So, you can take it off in a short time [1 hr] and
take it with you. They will still have to come and reset the system. If you
plant magnets [camouflaged like rocks] around these entrances, the EBEs
won't come out & the sell outs won't be able to find them. The EBEs are
also allergic to high concentrations of sugar (and apparently other
substances with a 'left hand atomic spin', it has been claimed. - Branton).
You will find that at two locations I have poured sugar around their exits.
Always wear magnets near these locations, they interrupt the EBEs' sense of
direction [due to an internal compass much like those found in migrating
birds] similar to our loss of balance when our ear drum is affected.

"Please wait until I have returned, if you have an airplane, I would like
to take aerial photos, we can photograph them together.

"Our alliance crest, symbolic of the EM Shield, and our sign/mark/graffiti
is inclosed. Do not reveal them or else everybody will use them & you won't
know the real from the pseudos.


Another researcher by the name [pseudonym] of Jason Bishop has revealed
that 'John', to whom the letter was addressed, is non other than John Lear
who himself claims many connections with people 'in the know' who go 'right
to the top'. According to the letter, both the Nevada Test Site and Deep
Springs are areas of conflict between a U.S. Goverment - 'Nordic' Alliance
AND a Socialist - Reptiloid [Gray] Alliance. In this context 'Socialist'
could indicate either National Socialist or Global Socialist. Both hold the
same basic philosophies of tyranny yet different methods for bringing them
to pass. Both have the same roots and are apparently twin pincers in a
deadly Machievellian game that is being carried out by the Bavarian
Illuminati [which backed the Communists by sending Lenin from Germany to
Russia to incite the Bolshevik revolution] and the Bavarian Thule Society
[which backed the Nazis by grooming Adolph Hitler for his part as Nazi
dictator], yet most importantly it is being orchestrated by the
International "Black Nobility" Banking cults that have kept Europe under
their financial grip since around 500 A.D. These are the same bankers who
claim direct descent from the royal families of the ancient Roman and
[un]Holy Roman empires, families who have ties to BOTH Bavarian cults --
Thule and Illuminati... and in turn with the 'aliens'.

Jason Bishop also released some other information he received by way of
John Lear, from the individual whose letter we've just quoted. According to
Lear, the author of the letter was actually a Security Officer at the Test
Site who had called-in to the Billy Goodman talk show [KVEG radio - Las
Vegas, NV] on a few occasions, before Goodman went to Southern California
to take over a more lucrative Talk Show position.

This person used the codename: 'Yellowfruit,' which he claimed was actually
the codename for a top secret security division that worked at the site,
with which he was involved. YF also sent to Lear a copy of the 'Benevolent'
teachings. The 'Benevolents' are reportedly working at the Test Site with
MJ-12 and are 'Blond-Nordic and/or Aryan-like' people. I would personally
guess that the 'Benevolent Ones' are members of the exterran
Andro-Pleiadean Federation and/or members of the subterran Telosian-Agharti
Alliance which has maintained ties with the ASHTAR collective, or in this
case the non-collaboration faction of that collective.

The BENEVOLENT TEACHINGS [not limited to the below] were identified as

Nonsporting Life] motocross, auto-racing, skateboarding, roller skating,
football, baseball, hockey. Also Discouraged: Processed Sugar, Recreational
Carbohydrates, Recreational Fluids, White Bread.

SPORTS [Activities That Can Be Used In Nonsporting Life] swimming, running,
hiking, martial arts, survival arts. Teach Your Children!

"FORBIDDEN -- Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Nicotine, Recreational Drugs,
Unjustifiable Homicide.

"MUST -- Avoid Weakness [evil grows in weakness]. Execute Evil Prisoners In
Order To Help Other Prisoners (Editors Note: Another possibility that might
be interjected here is to establish a completely secured underground
prison-cave and place all of the worst offenders there and leave them to
themselves, to either work out their problems or destroy each other,
whichever they choose. - Branton).

"MUST -- Quarantine Contagious Disease [AIDS] Victims Humanely. Show
Strength. Stop Illegal Drugs. Stop Destruction of Environment. Stop
Pollution. Use Nuclear Power.

"STUDY - Bill Of Rights, Biology, Computers, Economics, Geography, History,
Latin, Mathematics, Philosophy, Survival Skills, United States Of America's
Declaration Of Independence, United States Of America's Constitution,
Vocational Skills."

Yellowfruit also provided coordinates for the Electro-magnetic Triangles he
referred to in his letter. These include: N 37 22 30 - E 117 58 0; N 38 21
0 - E 115 35 0; N 35 39 0 - E 114 51 0; also Yucca Lake: N 37 0 30 - E 116
7 0.

The following information, from William F. Hamilton III, describes further
details on the "Yellow Fruit" account -- including claims which the Nevada
Test Site agent made over the air during the few 'interviews' which were
heard over KVEG Radio's Billy Goodman talk show. It is also interesting
that COM-12 member Michael Younger [who has given lectures on the 'Nazi'
presence within the Rockefeller-backed Oil companies -- Nazi war criminals
and their families who were smuggled into America following World War II
and given refuge within the Rockefeller's corporate empire; the plans the
Nazi's/Bavarians have for selling-out the planet to the aliens in exchange
for one quarter of the "New World Order"; and a MASSIVE Nazi child
abduction & satanic-ritual-sexual abuse & murder ring operating within
ARCO, etc.] is or at least was at one time also a worker at the Nevada Test
Site. This suggests that COM12 is intimately involved in the
counter-offensive against the Grays.

"...Yellow Fruit revealed that A CONFLICT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN THE
BENEVOLENT ONES and THE EBE's and that now the benevolent ones had gained
the upper hand at Dreamland where he said a contingent of 37 benevolent
ones were stationed and where 3 EBE's were held in captivity.

"Bizarre! Science Fiction? Yellow Fruit knew a lot about the test site
area. I resolved to go to the location he gave of the EBE installation in
Deep Springs, California and then on to visit Pat at the Rachel Bar & Grill
to make contact with Yellow Fruit [the name for the first level of security
force at Area 51 and also the name of an old Army-CIA unit]. The second
level of security he called "Sea Spray" and intimated that you would have
an encounter of the unpleasant kind if you ever met with them.

"Callers to the Billy Goodman Radio Happening had already organized trips
to mile-marker 29 1/2 on highway 375 where a dirt road left the highway to
intersect the road to Dreamland. There was a heavy black mail box on this
road which identified it. I got to Rachel early one October morning and
left my card with Pat at Rachel's Bar and Grill to pass on to Yellow Fruit.
She knew him by sight. I then inspected the dirt roads where people stood
to observe the test flights. I had already interviewed four witnesses by
phone who testified that they had seen UFOs over the Groom Mountains on
certain nights in the same area they were seen by John Lear. I made a
second trip to the area in late October where a public group visited Rachel
and that is when I saw the mysterious Yellow Fruit in the cafe. He later
called me on the phone. I left him with a copy of my book, 'Alien Magic'
and he remarked on the research I had done concerning the search for
underground bases.

"According to Yellow Fruit and others there are underground bases and
tunnels that conceal the activities of the aliens and secret government

One more note on the Nevada Test Site - Area 51 - Groom Lake - 'Dreamland'
underground facilities: Aside from reports that Dougway, Utah serves as an
underground 'link' between Dreamland and DULCE, there is the added claim
that another underground link exists farther south, at Page, Arizona.
Anyone who has been to the Glen Canyon dam [Lake Powell] could easily
observe how the dam might be used as an entrance to such a base, and how
the large hydroelectric facility might power the base operations. The Glen
Canyon Dam connection was not specifically mentioned [by former Dulce base
security officer Thomas E. Castello who named Page, Arizona as a
'connecting' base], however if there is a base under Page, then it would be
logical to utilize this hydroelectric facility in one form or another...

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