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Michael Wolf, in his trilogy THE CATCHERS OF HEAVEN [Dorrance Publishing
Co., Pittsburgh, PA] makes the following 'disclaimer' at the beginning of
his volume: "The following events, which purport to involve the United
States of America, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, France,
Belgium, Italy, Germany, Israel, and the U.K., officially, according to
repeated statements issued by all governments involved, never occurred."
Incidentally the author expressed a deep concern for the children of this
planet and for the legacy we are leaving them, and therefore directed all
of the royalties for his work to an organization devoted to helping

To paraphrase some of the more relevant [to this work] points brought out
in the Trilogy:

-- Black Budget Operations utilizing billions of dollars raised by CIA drug
running, were classified Above Top Secret, thereby escaping audit by
Federal auditors who possessed only a "secret" or "top secret" security

-- We are now living, as of the latter part of the 20th century, in an
regulated-taxated-inflated economic slave system carefully designed to
serve the elite.

-- The author possessed one of the highest security clearances in the
world, and reported only to the U.S. President, even though his knowledge
and briefings of cosmic affairs often surpassed his one-and-only superior
in several areas. He was warned against writing the trilogy -- which
contains sensitive information yet which deals mostly with his interactions
with his friends and family on this and other worlds -- by fellow friends
and insiders within MJ-12. Wolf however chose to go ahead with the project
as he felt that we have the right to know what's going on, and for the sake
of "the children" and their future on this planet, swearing "ETERNAL
insists "MUST END NOW!" Also, Wolf states that many of the new generation
of younger politicians and intelligence agents are trying to do away with
the self-destructive policies of former administrations in regards to the
alien scenario.

-- The author claims to be a genetically engineered human who came from
extraterrestrial 'Nordic' genetic lines and was placed on this planet for a
purpose. He possessed an above-genius mentality which made him an
Intelligence "head hunter's" dream come true. Even the President's were
aware of his talents and sought his expertise. His advanced mind led to his
involvement with a super-secret project involving the development of an
actual cyber-cloned humanoid with self-programming artificial intelligence
if not sentience -- as well as other projects involving super-advanced
quantum mechanics that one will never hear about in the public domain, at
least not for many years to come. Michael Wolf was raised in a Jewish
family and experienced abductions/contacts ever since childhood... as had
his human mother who became the 'host' for his existence on planet earth.
The author also claims to have a genetic 'brother' names SA who served or
serves as the Prince of THE ALLIANCE, a Nordic collective in Altair Aquila
which is affiliated with THE CORPORATE, a Grey species collective. Although
the Human ALLIANCE and the Grey CORPORATE interact [or have interacted in
the past] with the other, the Nordic 'Alliance' ALSO maintained contact
with the FEDERATION OF WORLDS. The Grey 'Corporate' in turn maintained an
allegiance with something called the UNIFIED RACES OF ORION. The
MAJESTIC-12 organization was aware of all three MAJOR confederation groups,
the joint humanoid-reptiloid CORPORATE/ALLIANCE, the mostly-humanoid
FEDERATION OF WORLDS or F.O.W, and the mostly reptiloid UNIFIED RACES OF

-- The 'Black' programs are so named because presumably no one can shine a
'light' on their activities and expose the corruption within. According to
agent Wolf, there can be governments within governments within governments,
and the "black ones" or secret government can be invisible to the
electorate government itself.

--There are 'Nordic' extraterrestrials walking the streets of several major
cities on earth, unknown by others for who they are.

-- The author knew Dr. Edward Teller, the developer of the H-Bomb, on a
personal basis.

-- The author was a member of an organization called the ALPHACOM Team.

-- The author at one point was visited by two FBI/NSC agents who reminded
him that his introductory briefings on the alien subject must of necessity
remain secret "until it is all figured out" so as not to create mass panic
or social instability.

(Note: Actually the cosmic scenario seems to be more-less-figured "figured
out" at this point as far as myself and others are concerned, so such an
excuse should be OBSOLETE, and more-so as time goes on. - Branton)

-- The author states that in a hyperspacial environment, using a ship-board
generation of amplified gravity waves, it isn't speed that increases, it is
the relative time-space, when acted upon by a force such as gravity waves,
which REDUCES itself within the hyperspace field generated around the hull
of the craft where space-time becomes 'warped'. An Einstein-Rosen bridge
'wormhole' created by a gravity-exerting craft in space is but one example.
The STAR TREK scenario may be based on an actual reality! Artificially
created gravity waves can theoretically reduce time to near zero and
acceleration to near infinity. Einstein only had a problem with gravity in
his unified field theory, as it did not seem to fit, although he did come
to the conclusion that gravity and acceleration were somehow connected.
With such travel it is not space itself which is physically traversed,
since space folds in on itself as gravity waves act upon time...

-- The author refers to the work of Theodore Kaluza, who used a fifth
dimension algebraically to equate Einstein's four-dimensional gravity with
Maxwell's electromagnetism, and this extending of space-time to five
dimensions instead of four was a foundation for further relational
unification theoretical development. The author also speaks of quantum
mathematical theories and calculations that allow for as many as 12
dimensions, however he warns that one must be careful as the normal laws of
"human logic" seem to break down the closer one delves into the sub-atomic
or quantum levels of reality.

-- A natural disaster may be immanent, considering that in 1950 one quarter
of the land surface of planet earth was forested, whereas today it is less
than one fifth, and the oceans cannot soak up all of the excess atmospheric
carbon dioxide.

-- The JASON project existed, and was discontinued after the war in Viet

-- On May 1st, 1975, two Zeta Reticulan Greys were demonstrating a 100
percent power-producing annihilation reaction in a relatively small
antimatter reactor, to two deep-cover scientists within the tunnels below
Area 51, using a super-heavy element, bombarding it with protons. One Ret.
Four [a slang term for a resident of the fourth planet of the Zeta II
Reticuli system] was doing the display and demanded first that all rifles
and especially bullets in them be removed from the room. The elite military
guards refused to surrender their weapons, and in the chaotic disorder and
commotion that ensued, one alien, two scientists and forty-one military
personnel were killed, simply because the colonel in charge of security
questioned the Grey's orders. One witness to the scene survived. All the
humans had died of head wounds and resultant damage of brain matter. Since
no weapon was seen by this witness, the author suggested that the Greys
might be able to use their minds as weapons, in essence using their brains
as a bio-chemical circuit board through which to channel electromagnetic
energy via specific neural patterns or pathways. This may explain, he
suggests, why the Greys have the ability to walk or phase through solid
matter, read minds, send mental messages, and are able to lift and float
themselves as well as abductees without observable instrumentation. The
Groom war or massacre ended certain exchanges between the Government and
the Greys. (Note: Other sources imply that this was only the initial
incident in the 'Groom Wars', and that other incidents have since occurred
resulting in the deaths or disappearance of aliens and human scientist,
workers and military personnel. - Branton)

-- The author was told by a Grey that his genetic Nordic 'brother' Prince
ANON SA RA was involved with "arguing the HU MAN's case for existence
before THE CORPORATE" (Apparently these vermin have a rather high opinion
of themselves for creatures that have no souls, and a low opinion of
human-kind, considering that humans are considered by many within the
reptilian CORPORATE as being unworthy for existence. - Branton).

-- The ALPHACOM Team which Michael Wolf headed was or is the lead agency
for Majestic 12's Special Studies Group, or MJ12SSG.

-- The author initiated an organization called Project D.A.R.T. [Defense
Alien Research Training], within the context of the C&E Teams.

-- The author was aware of and had even visited several of the following
underground bases: Luke, Nevada; Roswell, New Mexico; Dayton, Ohio; DULCE,
NEW MEXICO; Nellis, Area S-51 and S-4, Nevada; an MJ12 meeting center under
the Greenbriar Hotel in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia; "Raven Rock"
or "Site R-0001"; Mt. Weather, near Bluemont, Virginia; Mt. Poney, near
Culpeper, Virginia; the Viewtree Mountain facility; Manzano Mountain
facility with rail-tunnels to Kirtland AFB and Sandia National Labs in New
Mexico; and about twelve other underground facilities "that cannot even be
mentioned by name". Some of them have no names, just site numbers.

-- There is a division within the Intelligence community between those who
want to attempt continued negotiations with the Greys and those who want to
take military action against them. The author states that he and several
others within MJ12 had been abducted and manipulated by the Greys from
childhood [or 'hived', you could say], suggesting that it was the Greys
themselves that may have manipulated them into their positions within
Military Intelligence. This does not necessarily mean that men like Michael
Wolf were intentionally compromising our National Security over to the Grey
collective, it may mean that they were the ones who must be dealt with and
as a result the ones who were targeted for mental conditioning. The author
tends to be FOR continued negotiations with the Greys, having been
influenced by Nordic 'relatives' of his who share the Altair system with
the Greys and are therefore pressed to maintain diplomatic relations with
them, especially since the Greys are "arguing the Hu Man's case for
existence" altogether. (It seems to be the old "appease the enemy" tactic
like the one Neville Chamberlain tried to use with Hitler by essentially
turning Czechoslovakia over to the mad dictator in an attempt to appease
his appetite for conquest. In fact it only increased Hitler's appetite and
boldness, and he began viewing the Allies as pathetic cowards who would be
willing to give-in to his demands and intimidation. Have some members of
MJ12 aka PI40 committed this same mistake with the Greys? - Branton). All
this does not mean that the Greys are completely beyond hope however,
considering that one of the Greys by the name of Kolta had begun to show
significant signs of emotional individualism because of his close contacts
with the author. By referring to the 'Greys' we are in most cases referring
to the individuality-killing COLLECTIVE HIVE itself. The MJ12 ALPHACOM team
which the author led, and some of the policies of MJ12 itself, are being
challenged to some degree by another agency operating within Naval
Intelligence, known as the CABAL. Mj12 is or WAS for negotiation with the
Greys, especially in the higher MAJIC levels which tie-in with the global
power groups like the Rockefeller empire, etc. According to other reports
however some segments of MJ12 ARE NOW working WITH Nordic or 'Benevolent'
forces at Area 51 and elsewhere to develop a defense against the Greys in
response to the continual betrayals of the treaties by the same. So MJ12
seems to be a factioned agency to some degree, with some advocating
negotiation, others advocating annihilation, and others advocating
continued negotiation combined with continued development of Earth's "Star
Wars" defenses in case the negotiations sour. The CABAL itself is far less
wavering in its intent and makes no excuses about it. They apparently
believe that there is enough evidence at hand from past interactions with
the Greys that they will NEVER abide by any established treaty, and that
the only 'negotiation' they understand is brut force! As 'Scotty' of the
old STAR TREK series was known to say, "Sometimes the best negotiator is a
fully-loaded phaser bank!" Although the CABAL and COM-12 may be excessively
militant in some of their dealings with the Greys, can you really blame
them? According to the CABAL, etc., the Greys have repeatedly shown that
they can NOT be trusted and therefore no more negotiations should be
attempted or allowed between 'us' and them. Colm McGrath, an undersecretary
of the Navy, initiated the CABAL agency, as well as various projects
involving neutral particle beam weapons and their hybrids which are
intended to be used against the EBE's or Grays -- and one would guess their
Reptiloid overlords as well.

-- The author's "home world" [so to speak, in that he possessed a Terran
mother and apparently a 'Nordic' father, as do a large number of young men
and women now on earth who possess Terran and extraterrestrial genetics] is
in ALTAIRA, the fourth planet from the sun called ALTAIR, a very bright
double variable star in the constellation AQUILA at 15.7 light years from
SOL. Altair Four as it is also known possesses two moons, Alta One and Alta
Two. The atmosphere of this planet which is jointly occupied by Greys and
Nordics is controlled -- no turbulence or violent weather patterns exist.
The alien craft visiting planet earth and other wild-weather planets often
find it difficult to navigate in our unpredictable atmosphere. On Altara OR
Altair Four there are elevated cities, balanced on permanently created
Gravity-A waves. The author's Nordic brother, Prince ANON SA RA, is the
human moderator and Chairman of the Head Council of THE CORPORATE /
ALLIANCE OF PLANETS, based on Altaira.

(Note: The Corporate/Alliance is or was a Grey/Nordic Ashtarian collective,
although it would seem that the Greys have subverted any human majority
power OR equality within the 'council' in spite of the fact that the
'chairman' is or was a Nordic. This might be the same ruse that some
power-mongering forces on earth have used. Namely, to allow the targeted
culture to choose whatever 'president' they wish -- so long as the economic
power and the 'councils' are dominated by THEIR OWN 'people'. If much of
the Grey majority is "arguing the existence" of the humans in Altair, and
possibly on earth... then isn't it fair for us on earth to "argue the
existence" of the Greys in our system, and in Altair? Although not an
ABSOLUTE collective like the Reptilian Empire based in Draconis, Bootes,
Orion and Reticuli, the 'Ashtar' collective in Altair and other systems is
constantly attempting to over-ride the individuality factor of the
humanoids and attempting to conform and assimilate them into the reptilian
group mind... the ultimate dictatorship against 'individual' freedom. This
may be a major root of the current conflicts taking place between the
reptiloids and humanoids within the Ashtar or Astarte collective, a
conflict that has led to all-out warfare in Sirius-B and elsewhere where
the Ashtar collective is dominant. It is also apparent from Michael Wolf's
volume that one of the reasons why the author believes that peaceful
negotiations must continue is because he may have been influenced by the
DECEPTION that the Greys genetically CREATED us. Several members of MJ-12
also hold to this dubious believe system, and have apparently been
manipulated into their positions of power by life-long encounters with the
Greys. The Greys/Reptiloids may have genetically altered certain human
lines throughout history, however they certainly didn't CREATE our race.
And besides, how can a reptilian race possessing no soul-matrix 'create' a
race that does? Incidentally, based on the accumulated data acquired from
several independent sources, we can now establish a basic framework for the
three major extraterrestrial confederations and identify SOME of the core
star systems in this sector of the galaxy which lie at the very HEART of
each confederation: 1) The CORPORATE COLLECTIVE -- humanoids, reptiloids,
the Ashtar collective, etc. Based in Altair Aquila, Sirius-B, Arcturus,
Aldebaran, Zeta I Reticuli, Bernard's Star, Bootes Centaurus, , etc.; 2)
The ANDROMEDAN FEDERATION -- mostly but not entirely excluded to humanoids.
An Andromeda constellation-backed Federation based in Taygeta Pleiades,
Vega Lyra, Iumma [Wolf 424], Procyon, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Epsilon
Eridani, etc.; 3) The DRACONIAN EMPIRE -- mostly yet not entirely excluded
to reptiloids. Based in Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta II Reticuli,
Polaris, Rigel Orion, Bellatrix Orion, Capella, etc. The Federation and
Empire especially, have waged wars with each other in past centuries and
millennia throughout the Sol system, in Lyra, and also the Pleiades, Orion,
Procyon, Reticuli and Sirius. There are those who believe that the Greys
are incapable of taming their own base animal or predatory instincts, and
are conscious of little other than the drive to consume and increase their
power-base and feed their unbounded appetites, even if it means devouring
and destroying other cultures or worlds in the process. Or, you might say
they are operating under a 'locust' mentality. Because the collectist
mind-set automatically opposes sovereigntist philosophy which advocates
personal freedom and sovereignty, there are those who believe that the
Draconian/Grey collective of its own initiative will not and can not cease
from its violations and abuses of human cultures throughout the galaxy
unless FORCED to do so by humanoid cultures who have succeeded in taming
their OWN base or lower predatory instincts. This could only be
accomplished by those possessing a nature higher than the base
predatory-physical nature, by those capable of utilizing and exercising the
power of their higher spiritual or soular natures. An extreme philosophy
would be that the Greys/Reptiloids [and in some cases Insectoids or
genetically engineered Reptilinsectoid/Insectilian hybrids] MUST be
conquered and brought under the absolute and unconditional subservience to
or at least supervision of the humanoids with no chance of again being
allowed to attain equality or superiority over humanity -- an unnatural
superiority which has in the past been accomplished mainly as a result of
their COLLECTIVE. Otherwise they will be an eternal thorn in the side of
the human races and a threat to their prosperity or even existence for
untold generations to come. The COLLECTIVE is the core of the problem. Find
the control-mainframes of the collective and the 'Queens' of the 'Hive',
and you will find the core of the problem. - Branton)

-- The author states that the new quantum sciences tend to reject the "big
Bang" theory for universal creation and also the theory that the universe
is in decay. To prove that the universe is in decay, scientists would have
to prove that protons decay, which they have not yet been able to do.

-- The ALPHACOM team released some of the captive Greys taken from Crash
sites, yet only after they were certain that these Greys could draw a
logical parallel between the terror, fear, panic and fright that they
experienced while they were 'guests' of the U.S. government, and the fear
and victimization that human abductees often feel when they are unwilling
'guests' of the Greys.

-- The ALPHACOM team was told that there is a growing number of young men
and women on earth who are half Terran and half Nordic-extraterrestrial,
whether they are consciously aware of this reality or not. They are
apparently here on earth to take part in some important mission, and most
are silent or unknowing contactees from birth.

-- The MJ12SSG Alphacom team was prepared to make a public announcement
about the aliens at one point in time, however certain unpredictable
factors led them to postpone the "Great Announcement".

-- The authors' wife and only son died in a car accident after the author
seemed to have a lapse in consciousness and drove over a cliff. Strangely,
his wife and son were not in the wreckage when their bodies were found,
although Michael Wolf's comatose body was. His staff and all of the field
operatives under his command suggested that the 'accident' may have been
linked to an action taken against him by another deep level intelligence

-- During contactee experiences, the author became 'friends' with a silicon
entity which had 'adopted' him. This entity was actually a LIVING
CONVEYANCE or a starship with its own consciousness and identity, which the
aliens had developed or grown through some process far more sophisticated
than our own technology, although the author did admit that our own
government was developing artificial intelligence craft, virtual "flying
computers" which could be used for a variety of purposes.

-- The author was involved in briefing military officers from a number of
countries concerning the aliens, officials from France, Israel, Russia,
Japan, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Canada, Mexico, etc., with
each foreign dignitary being accompanied by their military and scientific
support teams. One such major meeting occurred at Wright Patterson Air
Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio. This is where a multi-leveled underground
facility houses a whole warehouse of alien hardware and cadavers taken from
crash-retrieval sites over the past decades.

-- MJ12 has never been able to fully brief a Nordic type alien before [not
until the Nordics 'officially' began working with segments of MJ12 at AREA
51, possibly some time during the 1980's, following the Groom and Dulce
wars]. Previously, they had never had an actual ET 'Nordic' in captivity
long enough to do so. It seems they simply said goodby and disappeared.
(Note: Other sources claim that many 'Nordic' type people have the natural
ability to phase-in and phase-out of the third dimension. There is also the
possibility that they may have been "beamed out" by their people?. -

--The MJ12SSG Alphacom team's mission objective was/is to determine the
extent of visitation, the number and types of visitors, the many reasons
for the visits, human interaction with them now and in the past, and a
multiplicity of other related subjects such as intelligence on each
visiting race, their sociology, ethics, morality or laws, cosmologies,
degree of technical advancement, and specifically how we can negotiate with
them and preparations for doing so.

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