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The following information was released by Jefferson Souza, a contactee who
has had repeated encounters with the Vega Lyrans, who according to Souza
are similar in appearance to the "dark skinned Orientals" of India. Souza
also claims contacts with Scandinavian-appearing humans from Iumma or Wolf
424 [the 'Ummo' people]. Both cultures utilize a huge 'Federation' base
located within a vast system of caverns deep beneath the Death Valley -
Panamint Mts. region of California. In fact, several federation groups
utilize the base according to Souza, which contains whole areas
specifically conditioned with the various gravitational, atmospheric and
environmental conditions necessary to meet the needs of the various
Federation visitors and dignitaries.

The Paihute Indians of the southwest USA claim that a Greek or
Egyptian-like race first colonized the massive caverns within the Panamint
Mts. thousands of years ago [one source claims the base was established
around 2500 B.C., which is incidentally about 600 years following the
beginnings of the rise of Egyptian intellectual culture] when Death Valley
was part of an inland sea connected to the Pacific Ocean. When the sea
dried up these people -- who were described as wearing flowing robes draped
over one shoulder, head-bands holding back their long dark hair, and
bronze-golden skin -- out of necessity began to develop their collective
knowledge and intellect and soon afterwards began to construct "silvery
flying canoes". At first these flying machines possessed wings, were
relatively small, and flew with a dipping movement and a loud 'whirring'
noise. As time passed the ships became wingless, grew larger in size, and
flew ever more smoothly and silently. Eventually these people, the
HAV-MUSUVS moved their civilization into still deeper caverns which they
had discovered farther underground, and commenced to explore the nearby
planets and eventually other star systems as their own technological
explosion began to refine every aspect of their society. These Hav-musuvs
have apparently had interplanetary or interstellar travel for 3000-4000
years since they first developed their flying machines. Could they have
been one of the many native-terranian "ancient astronaut" civilizations
which apparently had colonized Lyra and other systems? The story of the
Panamints was related by a Navaho Indian by the name of Oga-Make, who in
turn heard it from an old Paihute medicine man.

What about Souza's reference to the Vegans, who are similar in appearance
to East Indians? I believe that India is a major key to understanding our
planet's lost history. The ancient Vedic texts speak of flying ships called
"viminas" as well as nuclear technology which was utilized by the ancients
there. Hinduism itself arrived in India as a result of the Pre-Nordic
'Aryan' invasion from the North [the Gobi region?]. Some researchers insist
that the Mayas AND Egyptians were originally navigators from India,
possibly explaining the similarity in architecture and their advances in
medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and so on. Swiss Ethno-archaeologist Yves
Naud also quotes from ancient Indian texts which state that the leaders of
ancient India later collaborated with secretive Grecian intellectual
societies in the development of aerial ships. So then, the "Hav-musuvs" may
have been representatives of any one of these cultures [Nordic-Aryans,
East-Indians, Egyptians, Mayas, Greeks] or a combination of cultures.
However one thing is certain, only a VERY SMALL portion of the true history
of planet earth, as of this writing, can be found in the standard
historical textbooks.

Jefferson Souza claims that the following revelations are from the personal
notes and scientific diaries of a scientist who was commissioned by the
U.S. Government over a period of several years to visit all crash sites,
interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from
that endeavor. Eventually this person was discovered to have kept and
maintained personal notes on his discoveries and was therefore scheduled
for termination [not just "job termination"!]... which he narrowly escaped.
Following 33 years of investigations, he went in to hiding in 1990:





The following material comes from people who know the Dulce underground
base exists. They are people who worked in the labs; abductees taken to the
base; people who assisted in the construction; intelligence personnel,
[NSA,CIA; etc.] and some specific UFO inner Earth researchers. This
information is meant for those who are seriously interested in the Dulce
base. For your own protection, be advised to "Use Caution" while
investigating this complex. An ongoing investigation made by J.B. III,
[Code: SR24.3B7]...

(Note: The author is no doubt quoting from some of the writings of a
researcher and friend of yours truly, who has been at the very center of
the Dulce investigations and has met with Thomas Castello personally. J.B.
III would be "Jason Bishop III" - Branton)

WHO's PLANET IS THIS? - These specific Aliens [Grays, Reptiloids] consider
themselves Native Terrans. They are an Ancient race, descendants of a
reptilian humanoid species... They are untrustworthy manipulator mercenary
agents from another Extra-Terrestrial culture, "The Draco's" who are
returning to Earth -- which was their ancient outpost before the coming of
the original Uni-Terrestrials -- to try to use it as a staging area, which
is not easy at all because it causes all the other one hundred seventy
[170] different Alien species to want their share of the Metagene secrets
(Note: These 170 are in most cases various sub-species of the humanoid and
reptiloid root species, although various other trans-dimensional species
are also visiting earth, like the 'Insectoids', etc. This also includes
various humanoid and reptiloid species who are the products of genetic
integration with various bizarre 'animal' life forms. The meta-gene is an
inbred gene within humans on Terra resulting from the mixture of various
cultures upon the "mother" world or "genesis" world, a genetic anomaly
which can produce extraordinary characteristics and abilities in
individuals, allowing them to accomplish what would be considered by many
ET's to be extraordinary physical and psychic feats. - Branton). But, these
Alien cultures are in conflict over who's agenda will be followed for this
planet. All the while mind control is being used to keep humans in place,
artificially of course, especially since the forties. The Dulce complex is
a joint U.S.[?] Government and Alien base. It was not the first one built
with the Aliens, and others are located in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona,
Alaska, etc...

The NAVAJO DAM is a main source for conventional electrical power, with the
second source in ELVADA [which is also an underground entrance to the Dulce
base]. NOTE: If RAND is the mother of "Think Tanks", then the "Ford
Foundation" must be considered the Father. Rand's secrecy is not confined
to reports, but on occasion extends to conferences and meetings. On page
#645 of the Project Rand, proceedings of the Deep Underground Construction
Symposium of March 1959, we read:

"Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have given man mastery of the
surface of the Earth, tunnel boring machines will give him access to the
subterranean world."

NOTE: The September 1983 issue of OMNI, page 80, has a color drawing of
"The Subterrene", the Los Alamos Nuclear powered tunnel machine, that
burrows through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it
encounters into molten rock [Magma], which cools after the subterrene
machine has moved on. The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazed lining.
These underground tubes are used by electro-magnetically powered
sub-shuttle vehicles, which can travel at great speeds. They connect the
so-called "Hidden Empire" sub-city complexes. Also, the top secret project
code-named "NOAH'S ARK" used the tube shuttles in connection with a system
of over one hundred [100] bunkers and "bolt holes", which have been
established at various places on Earth (including beneath nearly every
military base and many Airports in North America. - Branton). They built
the same type of subterranean tunnels at the ultra-top-secret Moon and Mars
bases as well. Many of these underground cities are complete with streets,
sidewalks, lakes, small electrical cars, buildings, offices and shopping

Deep sections of the [Dulce] complex connect to natural cavern systems. A
person who worked at the Base [CR-24/ZM 35-File IV], who had an "Ultra 7-B"
clearance reports the following:

"There may be more than seven levels, but I only know of seven. Most of the
Aliens are on levels 5, 6, and 7. Alien housing is on level five [5]."


Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and New Mexico's Los
Alamos National Laboratory to house new advanced genetic research centers
as part of a project to decipher the Human Genome. The Genome holds the
genetically coded instructions that guide the transformation of a single
cell, a fertilized egg, into a biological being (Note: Contactee Alex
Collier claims that the reptiloid species of Alpha Draconis and Rigel
Orion, although involved in short-term mind-control projects, are also
interested in long term genetic-control, that is introducing genetic
information into a conquered race in order to keep succeeding generations
subjected to the Draconian elite by sabotaging certain genetic strengths -
Branton). "The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct
impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today", said
David Shirley, Director of the Berkeley Laboratory.

Covertly, this research has been going on for years, at Dulce labs. Level
#6 at Dulce is privately called "Night Mare Hall", it holds the Genetic
Labs. Reports from workers [CR-24/ZM 52-Files VII], who have seen bizarre
experimentation, are as follows:

"I have seen multi-legged humans that look half-human, half-octopus. Also
reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cry
like a baby, it mimics human words, and also huge mixture of lizards [and]
humans in cages."

There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those
species. There are several cages and vats of winged humanoids, grotesque
bat-like creatures about three and a half to seven feet tall. Gargoyle-like
beings and Draco-Reptoids.

Level #7 is the worse, row after row of several humans and humanoids
[hundreds, perhaps thousands] in cold storage. Here too are embryo storage
and storage vats of humanoids, in various stages of development...


1 -- Human and animal abductions, for their blood and other parts, slowed
in the mid-1980's when the Livermore Berkeley Labs began production of
artificial blood for Dulce and its sister complexes.

2: About the confrontation, Human and Alien at Dulce, eighty-two [82]
people were killed between scientists and the National Recon Group
(apparently 66 from special forces and 16 scientists!? - Branton), the
DELTA GROUP, which is responsible for security of all Alien connected
projects. Also, there were hundreds of other wounded people and one hundred
thirty two [132] dead Aliens...

The Dulce facility is the most well-known place where this
[joint-interaction] activity occurs, although there are at least another
twenty six [26] bases within the United States that have similar

In the book "ETS AND UFOS -- THEY NEED US, WE DON'T NEED THEM," was an
original idea for one title, but not my personal choice, by Virgin 'Posty'
Armstrong. He reports how his friends Bob and Sharon stopped for the night
in Dulce and went out to dinner, they overhead some local residents openly
and voicefully discussing Extra-Terrestrial abductions of the townspeople
for purposes of experimentation. The ETs were taking unwilling human guinea
pigs from the general populace of Dulce and implanting devices in their
heads and bodies. The townspeople were frightened and angry but didn't feel
they had any recourse since the ETs had our Government's knowledge and
approval [CODE: SR-24/AK.5]...

Several Dulce residents are not naturally from this area, single people and
even couples with children, have just come to the town of Dulce since 1948.
Generations of frozen agents occupied in suspect positions... work in a gas
station, drugstore, bar, restaurant, etc. They're there to listen and
report anything which violates their limit of security. Always in the town
of Dulce, you never know who is who!...

The Dulce Base is run by a Board: The Chairman of the Board is John
Herrington; Jim Baker of Tennessee is the NSA/CIA link to Dulce; House
speaker Jim Wright of Dallas Texas, the Nation's third highest office, is
the Treasurer at Dulce.

There is currently a power struggle going on, as Rep. William Thomas,
R-California, put it, "Part of Jim Wright's problem is he fails to
understand what's equitable and fair. It's the arrogance of power." Even
among his fellow Democrats, many find Wright to be uncomfortable, Wright's
operating style leaves him vulnerable.

Most meetings of the Dulce Boards are held in Denver, Colorado and Taos,
New Mexico. Former New Mexico Senator Harrison -- publicly known as "Last
Man on the Moon" -- Schmitt has full knowledge of Dulce. He was one of
seven astronauts to tour the base. In 1979, he held an "Animal Mutilation"
conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was used to locate researchers
and determine what they had learned about the links between the 'Mute'
operations and the Alien/Government deals.

Senator Brian of Nevada knows about the "Ultra Secrets at Dreamland" and
Dulce. So do many others in the Government, "This is what the UFO
researchers are up against," SO BE CAREFUL! They have killed to keep this
information secret, and by reading this document, you now know more than
they want you to know!... After all, a FASCIST group, within this country,
had John Kennedy assassinated and got away with it. Look to the links
within the larger umbrella, the 'Web' of a fascist totalitarian Secret
Police State, within the Pentagon; JCS; DIA; Division Five of the FBI;

Other information contained in the BLUE PLANET PROJECT manuscript includes
information on various secret government projects, including the following:

THE 'MAJI' [Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence] PROJECTS:

SIGMA -- Initial project involved with attempts to establish communication
with alien intelligence.

PLATO -- Responsible for establishing Diplomatic Relations with the Aliens.
This project secured a formal treaty, illegal under the U.S. Constitution,
with the alien Grays.

AQUARIUS -- Concerned with investigating the history of alien presence on
earth and interaction with human beings. An outgrowth of this project is a
huge Thesaurus-like document called the YELLOW BOOK describing aliens,
their history in regards to humanity, and technology. (Some believe that
the YELLOW BOOK is filled with alien propaganda meant to make government
agents vulnerable to alien psychological manipulation... for instance this
would include the deception that humanity is a genetic creation placed on
this planet by the reptilians, and so on... and the potential results of
such propaganda, for instance: that since they are our 'creators' we have
absolutely no defense against them and might as well try to negotiate with
them and attempt to appease our 'creators' by giving them what they want. -

GARNET -- A project responsible for control of all information and
documents regarding the Alien subjects and accountability of their
information and documents.

PLUTO -- A project responsible for evaluating all UFO and IAC [Identified
Alien Craft] information pertaining to Space technology.

POUNCE -- A project that was formed to recover all downed and/or crashed
craft and Aliens, and provide cover stories and operations to mask the true
endeavors whenever necessary, i.e. such as cover stories of crashed
'experimental' Aircraft, Construction, Mining activities, etc.

NRO -- National Recon Organization, based at Fort Carson, Colorado.
Responsible via DELTA FORCES for security on all Alien or Alien Spacecraft
and underground base projects.

DELTA -- The special arm of the NRO which is especially trained and tasked
with SECURITY of all MAJIC projects [MAJI or MAJIC oversee MJ-12]. Also
code-named "MEN IN BLACK", the Delta Forces are trained to provide Alien
tasked projects and LUNA base security.

BLUE TEAM -- The first project responsible for reaction and/or recovery of
downed and/or crashed Alien craft and/or Aliens. This was a U.S. Air Force
Material Command project. Also synonymous with ALPHA team crash/retrieval

SIGN -- The second project responsible for collection of Intelligence and
determining whether Alien presence constituted a threat to the U.S.
National Security. SIGN absorbed the BLUE TEAM projects. This was a U.S.
Air Force and CIA project.

REDLIGHT -- The project involving the test-flying and back-engineering of
recovered Alien craft at AREA 51 - Groom Lake - Dreamland, Nevada. UFO
sightings of craft accompanied by Black unmarked Helicopters are project
Redlight assets.

SNOWBIRD -- Established as a cover for project Redlight. This project is
activated from time to time when it is necessary to provide cover stories
for Redlight operations, etc., by releasing information on advanced
conventional military aircraft which are used to explain 'unexplained' UFO

BLUE BOOK -- A U.S. Air Force, UFO, and Alien Intelligence collection and
disinformation project. This project was terminated and its collected
information and duties were absorbed by Project AQUARIUS. A classified
report named "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK, REPORT No. 13" is the only significant
information derived from the project and, other than information from
second hand sources, is unavailable to the public. Reports No. 1-12 and No.
14 ARE available to the public. The Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13 mentions
that many military government personnel AND CIVILIANS have been terminated
[murdered without due process of law] when they had attempted to reveal the
alien interaction with the SECRET government.


GABRIEL -- A project to develop HIGH Frequency pulsed sound generating
weapons that would be effective against alien crafts and beam weapons. The
project also involves working with high frequency microwaves.

JOSHUA -- The development of LOW Frequency pulsed sound generating weapons.
This weapon was developed and assembled at Ling Tempco Vaught in Anaheim,
California. It was described as being able to totally level any man-made
structure from a distance of two miles. It was tested at the White Sands
Proving Grounds, and developed between 1975 and 1978. It is a long
horn-shaped device connected to a computer and amplifiers. The project also
involves low frequency and microwave projection.

EXCALIBUR -- This is a weapon designed to destroy alien underground bases
[developed and funded mostly by intelligence branches connected with the
U.S. Navy and SDI projects who have rejected any further interaction with
the Greys after they turned on 'us' during the Groom massacre and the Dulce
wars. Some patriotic elements of MJ12 and the M.I.C.--Military-Industrial
Complex--support this agenda of resistance, whereas other elements tied-in
with the 'corporate imperialists' of the international banking community
support continued collaboration for purposes of acquiring further
mind-control technology for their 'New World Order']. Excalibur is a
missile capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of Tufa/Hard packed soil, such
as is found in New Mexico, with no operational damage resulting. The
missile's apogee is not to exceed 30,000 feet Above Ground Level [AGL] and
impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The
device carries a one to ten Megaton Nuclear Warhead. The secret for a self
contained missile 'drill' [a vertical shaft over 1,000 meters deep]
consists in an energosintetizer macrowave deflector in the "Missile

MAJIC has five other major weapons to be used against the Aliens, however
little if any information on these is available.

Also from the same report we find the following information on Reptiloid
alien forms:

Average Height: Male - 2.0 Meters; Female - 1.4 Meters

Average Weight: M - 200 Kilos; F - 100 Kilos

Body Temperature: M - Ambient Temperature; F - Ambient Temperature

Pulse/Resperation: M - 40/10; F - 40/10

Blood Pressure: M - 80/50; F - 80/50

Life Expectancy: M - 60 Earth Years; F - 23 Earth Years

Cold-blooded like all reptiles, the Reptiloid is found to flourish in a
warm, tropical clime [normally artificial... big caves]. With imperfect
respiration providing just enough oxygen to supply tissues and maintain the
processing of food and combustion, their temperature can be raised only a
few degrees above the ambient [this suggests that 'heat' weapons, like
flame-throwers and so on, may prove to be nearly immediately effective and
fatal to this species under battle conditions]. The reproductive system is
ovouniparous, with eggs hatching in the oviduct prior to birth. The
underdeveloped Reptiloid [for faster activities, physical activities]
cerebellus results in a slowness and simpler city of movement. The
Reptiloid eye is composed of thousands of microscopic facets, each facet
with its own independent protective lid. The eye is almost never closed
entirely during waking hours; rather, sections of the organ are shut down
in conjunction with the dominant light source. The reptiloids survived
'hidden' inside the Earth [within] Big Caves Underground.

Information on the Insectoids:

Average Height [Master Race]: Male - 1.6 Meters; Female - 1.2 Meters

Average Height [Servant Race]: M - 1.0 Meters; F - 1.0 Meters

Average Weight [Master Race]: M - 70 Kilos; F - 40 Kilos

Average Weight [Servant Race]: M - 35 Kilos; F - 35 Kilos

Body Temperature: M - 110/2; F - 110/2

Life Expectancy: M - 130 Earth Years; F - 130 Earth Years (Note: are the
current attempts to create a genetic reptilian-insectoid hybrid race, like
those genetically mutated species reportedly existing in Bellatrix Orion, a
result of the Reptiloids' desire to increase their life-span? - Branton)

The Insectoid retina is composed entirely of tone-sensitive rods, and is
incapable of discrimination between different wavelengths of light.
Therefore, the addition of 'color' to the insectoids vision is accomplished
by the dual antennae which, in addition to being auditory receptors, are
made up of a complex network of wavelength-sensitive cones. Owing to the
highly directional nature of the antenna, the corona of vision is perceived
by the subject in the tones of grey. Because of this correlation of four
independent light-receptive organs, Insectoid vision can be correctly
termed 'Quadroscopic', resulting in relatively superior depth perception.
Insectoid auditory capabilities are highly developed, and Insectoids are
capable of distinguishing from among a wider range of audio frequencies
than is normal for humanoids. Because of the mono-directional antennae,
Insectoids (most of which have been observed in the form of giant mantis,
locust or grasshopper type entities - Branton) usually listen with their
head tilted slightly

downward. They also have a limited exoskeleton.

More alien races mentioned in the secret report:

1. Type A: Rigelian, Rigel, or the Gray

2. Type B: 2-Reticulae, Z-Reticulae 1, or Grey

3. Type C: 2-Reticulae, Z-Reticulae 2, or Grey

4. Type D: Orion, Pleiades, or Nordic

5. Type E: Bernards Star, the Orange

Information on the Rigelian Reptilian Grays:

LUNA-1 is the Rigelian base on the far side of the Moon. It includes a
base, a mining operation using very large machines, and very large Alien
Crafts or carrier ships. WAVENEST is the Rigelian base in the Atlantic
Ocean, and includes an underwater Alien base, mining and big cigar-shaped

Rigelians made contacts with certain members of the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL
['Corporate' or 'Secret' government] complex from 1947-1971... The
'government' thought that the Grays meant us no harm, but in 1982 and 1988
the picture that emerged was exactly the opposite. The story now is one of
great deception at several levels. The Grays 'Trojan Horse' style
manipulation and lying involved MJ-12/MAJIC Forces (The CURRENT agreements
with the Grays within the NSA-connected levels of the Military-Industrial
Complex, some sources have implied, continue as a result of the large level
of alien infiltration and mind-control that exists throughout certain
levels of the Intelligence Community - Branton). The inner core of the
CIA/NSA is deeply controlled by the Grays... Working under the instructions
of the aliens from Rigel, the CIA and former[?] Nazi scientists have
developed and deployed malignant strains of bacteria and viruses, including
AIDS, in order to exterminate 'undesirable' elements of the human

Information on the Nordic races:

Average Height: Male - 2.0 Meters; Female - 1.7 Meters

Average Weight: M - 90 Kilos; F - 70 Kilos

Body Temperature: M - 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; F - 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Pulse/Respiration: M - 72.5/16; F - 72.5/21

Blood Pressure: M - 120/80; F - 80/50

Life Expectancy: M - 60 Earth Years; F - 23 Earth Years (According to other
sources, this low life expectancy is probably greatly exaggerated. -

Information on the Orange (The Orange are reportedly humanoids with red,
stalky hair and in some cases may have been genetically tampered with and
imputed with various levels of reptilian genetics, making them a
quasi-hybrid race although apparently mostly 'human' in many cases. Unlike
the reptilians however they have external reproductive organs and are
apparently capable of mating with other 'humanoid' races. They come from
the Bernards Star system. On certain rare occasions they have been seen
with facial hair, beards, etc. Apparently some strains of the Orange
hybrids are more 'humanoid' than are others. - Branton):

Average Height: Male - 1.7 Meters; Female - 2.0 Meters

Average Weight: M - 70 Kilos; F - 50 Kilos

Body Temperature: M - 91 degrees Fahrenheit; F - 91 degrees Fahrenheit

Pulse/Respiration: M - 242/61; F - 242/61

Blood Pressure: M - 80/40; F - 80/40

We will close this section by quoting from one more installment of the BLUE

THE METAGENE FACTOR: The Metagene is a biological variant lying dormant in
select members of the human race [especially on planet earth], until an
instant of extraordinary physical and emotional over-stress activates it.
(Apparently a latent self-preservation 'gene' capable of producing
seemingly 'superhuman' abilities in earth humans during times of extreme
stress or crisis. - Branton)

That's an energochemical, in response to adverse stimuli. A chromosomal
combustion takes place, as the Metagene takes the source of biostress, be
it chemical, radioactivity, or what ever and turns the potential
energoresponse into a catalyst for genetic change. The main focus of the
catalyst power is a gland in the middle of the human brain called the
PINEAL gland, and the nutrient for increasing the Pineal's action is the
adrenaline. The Metagene factor gives the ability of Psionic Power [for
better or worse].

The main interest of the Aliens, especially the Grays, is to understand and
control the Metagene for their own race. They try to do this using
Biological Experiments to make Hybrids from both humans and aliens. They
THE UNIVERSE. Because ONLY on Earth people are apparently capable of
generating the Metagene Factor, which means Natural Psionics ability, "Real
Power" (Note: Power for good OR evil, you might say. One of the reasons
that humans on earth are being controlled/harnessed as is the case with the
Nazi-NSA-Military-Industrial space forces, or DENIED advanced
interplanetary technology as in the case of those who have NOT been brought
under their control, is simply because the aliens -- especially the
malevolents -- are terrified that if a FREE non-collectivist human society
from earth gets a foothold in space, then they/we would pose a deadly
threat to their alien agendas of conquest and manipulation throughout the
galaxy. This is why they are INTENT on taming or harnessing the Metagene
factor as they have done with the fascist forces based in Antarctica via
massive mind control, so that these forces can be channeled as 'human
shields' or 'warriors' to fight their battles in space against interstellar
cultures who would otherwise resist the activities of the draconian
collective. We must DEMAND from the Military-Industrial complex which has
been built with OUR tax dollars -- and which is being deeply influenced by
alien/fascist forces -- that they CEASE from selling-us-out, and share
their interplanetary technology with the rest of us, so that we as a whole
can access the stars rather than just a core of super-wealthy and
alien-controlled 'elite'. If we as a Constitutional Republic [and Congress]
rightfully take overt control of whatever space projects have and are being
financed BY OUR TAX DOLLARS, then the open space policy and public
conscience itself will prevent these space forces from engaging in any
unjustified military actions against peaceful worlds that would defy the
foundational ethics of the U.S. Constitution on the one hand; or will
prevent us from allying ourselves with any exploitative and manipulative
alien force on the other hand. - Branton).

The principle races in the Universe are psychologically the same. The pure
cold logic is a normal order to most important races. Basic sameness makes
for predictability and security, the enemy one knows, are the ones you can
guard against. This is not the case with [unpredictable] mankind.

While most are uniformly human, some [many more, apparently, than anyone
had dreamed] possess a latent tendency towards super humanity, Natural
Psionic Abilities. That in itself could prove dangerous for any idea of
Alien domination on Earth.

(Note: for instance, some Terrans have the ability to 'scan' the UPF or
universal psionic field with their superconscious minds via projecting and
focusing their 'magnetic' body at various levels on a conscious or
unconscious basis, and any subjective 'danger' that is detected through
this process is converted to consciousness via 'intuition'. This might be
compared with 'remote viewing', which is simply the human brains' ability
to 'tune-in-to' and 'ride' the Universal Psionic Field or the 'Flowline'
like a biochemical radio receiver scanning the psionic 'air' waves -- and
psionic-waves ARE a tangible energy-form that can be measured just as radio
waves can. The electro-magneto-gravitic 'grid' of any planet, and
supposedly the EMG fields which connect the planets and stars at a subtle
level, serve as the energy 'web' in which thought forms are trapped and
contained. Humans are multi-dimensional beings and therefore have the
ability to perceive the vast 'reservoirs' of thought forms within these
interstellar grids on an intuitive level, for instance when they are
dreaming. During the dream-state the brain operates on a lower frequency --
and what we might call psionic LONG waves are produced which can reach out
and connect with others 'long' waves on the same frequency, or connect with
the psionic field itself and observe the 'psychic atmosphere' resident
within any certain area through tapping-in to the reservoir of 'thought
forms' there. This would explain why people often have 'vivid' dreams near
high energy grid areas, simply because these areas tend to 'trap' more
thought form, psionic or psychic energy residue than do other areas. Also
astral, human or animal lifeforms which have become 'trapped' within these
psionic energy grids by encountering powerful EMG zones like that which
exists in the Bermuda Triangle area -- essentially having entered into or
become part of a "world of thought forms", a dimension density where events
and objects are more 'fluid' than they are in the 3rd dimension -- might be
contacted, for better OR worse, while in the 'dream' state. Not ALL of the
'beings' or even 'dreamscapes' that one encounters within the dream-state
are the exclusive products of ones own subconscious mind. - Branton)

By coupling mankind's inherent belligerence with the fact of the Metagene
affect, each human is unique and Earth becomes a spawning ground for an
unpredictable super-race, "if we have the chance". Others have already
demonstrated an awareness of Man's Potential [throughout] human history.
This is because the Aliens are here to try to CONTROL Earthlings before WE
dominate THEM, and they want our most important secret: THE METAGENE
FACTOR, which is the Aliens' only hope.

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