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On Oct. 20, 1991, California researcher Michael Lindemann, founder of 'The
20/20 Group', gave a lecture before a large crowd of interested
investigators. During the course of his lecture wherein he discussed the
Military-Industrial Complex's underground bases outside of Lancaster,
California, he made the following statements:

"...How many of you have seen the book 'BLANK CHECK'?... It is not a UFO
book. I strongly recommend that you read the book 'BLANK CHECK' so that you
can understand something about how these projects are funded without your
say so, indeed without the say so of Congress. Most citizens don't know for
example that the National Security Act of 1947 made it illegal to ever say
how much money is spent on the CIA. Indeed all of our tremendous alphabet
soup collection of Intelligence Agencies. Whether your talking about the
CIA, or the NRO, or the NSA or the DIA, etc., all of them are in the same

"You cannot say how much these things cost. All you can do if you want to
find out is add-up the numbers on the Budget that aren't assigned to
anything that actually means anything. There are these huge categories that
have tens of billions of dollars in them that say nothing but 'Special
Projects...' And every year the Congress dutifully passes this bloated
budget that has some $300,000,000,000 or more with HUGE chunks of cash
labeled like that: 'Special Projects,' 'Unusual Stuff.' -- Ten billion
dollars. O.K., well where does the 'unusual stuff' money go? Well, it DOES
go to 'unusual stuff', that's for sure, and one of the places it goes is
that it goes into the underground bases. Indeed TIM said recently since the
publication of his book [BLANK CHECK]... MORE Black Budget money goes into
underground bases than ANY OTHER kind of work.

"Now I don't believe that 35 billion, which is the approximate size of the
black budget money that you can find by analyzing the budget, I don't think
that comes CLOSE to the real figure because there is absolutely unequivocal
evidence that a great deal of additional money was generated in other ways,
such as the surreptitious running of guns and drugs. And one wonderful
example of that is coming to light with the B.C.C.I. scandal which I hope
you've heard of... a number of very high-ranking American officials are
caught in the undertow of the BCCI tidal wave... Even though these guys are
tying to pull 'fast ones' on an immense scale they are getting caught.
These things don't always work. Indeed they are very, very vulnerable.

Indeed this whole 'end game' is very vulnerable and that's why they feel it
requires such secrecy. The American people wouldn't stand for this stuff if
they had the information, and that's the reason why we have to get the
information out and take it seriously because it really is a matter of our
money and our future that's being mortgaged here.

"But my friend who worked in the underground bases, who was doing
sheet-rock was down on, he thinks, approximately the 30th level
underground... these bases are perhaps 30-35 stories deep
['ground-scrapers']. As I say they are not just mine shafts, these are
huge, giant facilities... many city blocks in circumference, able to house
tens of thousands of people. One of them, the YANO Facility [we're told...
by the county fire dept. director, the county fire dept. chief who had to
go in there to look at a minor fire infraction] there's a 400-car parking
lot on the 1st level of the YANO Facility, but cars never come in and out,
those are the cars that they use INSIDE.

"O.K., so... a very interesting situation down there. Our guy was doing
sheet-rock on the 30th floor, maybe the 30th floor, underground. He and his
crew are working on a wall and right over here is an elevator door. The
elevator door opens and, a kind of reflex action you look, and he saw three
'guys'. Two of them, human engineers that he's seen before. And between
them a 'guy' that stood about 8 to 8 1/2 feet tall. Green skin, reptilian
features, extra-long arms, wearing a lab coat, holding a clip-board...

"I tend to believe that story because, first of all because we have other
stories like it, but more importantly because he walked off that job that
very day. And he was getting paid a GREAT deal of money... If your
basically a sheet-rock kind of guy, if you can do sheet-rock in a place
like that then you get paid way more than standard sheet-rock wages, you
can count on it.

"So, he walked off that job. His buddy on that same crew turned into an
alcoholic shortly after. This is an extremely upsetting thing. You know, it
wasn't like this alien jumped out and bit his head off or anything, it was
just standing there for a few minutes, the doors closed. He has a feeling
that that elevator was malfunctioning, otherwise he never would have seen
that except by accident..."

According to former Wackenhut employee Michael Riconosciuto, there is a
direct underground connection between the Nevada Military Complex and the
underground facilities near Lancaster, California, such as the Tehachapi
mountain base. Several people have referred to the subsurface as well as
the operational 'connections' between the Dulce base in New Mexico and the
Dreamland or Area-51 base in Nevada, connections that exist via Dugway,
Utah and Page, Arizona. If alien forces are intent on taking control of
this planet, then it would be logical for them to target our major military
weapons research and development centers. This might involve actual
'infiltration' of our military-industrial complexes and control of the
line-of-command through mind control of specific and strategic personnel.
The 'deeper' one descends into the underground 'alien empire' the greater
the security and therefore the greater the 'control' will be in regards to
this "...from the bottom up..." takeover attempt. In many cases patriotic
Americans have become caught in the middle of this 'underground war'
between loyal American military personnel and alien or alien-controlled
'personnel', as was the case in the Dulce and the Groom wars themselves.
Some have managed to escape from their terrifying encounters and -- whether
intentionally or unintentionally, as in the following incident -- have
voiced their fears, concerns or even rage to those on the 'outside' who
will listen.

The following conversation, in relation to the Nevada Military Complex and
the 'underground facilities', took place on the "Billy Goodman Happening" -
KVEG Radio 840 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 19, 1989. It was
transcribed by a Las Vegas resident.

Billy Goodman incidentally, has personally planned visits, in collaboration
with KNBC Radio in Los Angeles, to observe the 'disks' which are being
tested at Groom Lake, Nevada. Goodman and others claimed to have seen these
disks in operation, and back-up these claims with video documentation. One
such video shows a hovering object making a vertical ascent, stopping in
mid-air, followed by a horizontal traverse, followed by another vertical
ascent. Something like this would be impossible for any conventionally
known aircraft of the time to duplicate. Billy Goodman, who has since moved
to another radio station in Los Angeles, has been very instrumental in
getting the information out about the underground base at Site 51 [or
Area-51]. One contact of ours has informed us that a good friend of hers in
Las Vegas, Nevada, had uncovered some very disturbing facts and testimonies
concerning construction workers and others who had been involved in the
installation of certain equipment within the tunnels beneath the Nevada
Military Complex, and particularly under the Mercury, Nevada area. Many of
these later died under bizarre circumstances, and there were rumors that
others were being held captive underground because they "saw too much".
This informant, Stacey Borland, was later found dead -- along with a
brother of hers -- in Las Vegas, as the result of a gangland-type
execution. Someone had apparently entered her place and murdered them in
cold blood.

In the following annotated transcript, the caller who claims to be a worker
in the underground facilities below Mercury, Nevada, will be identified as
'C' and Billy Goodman as 'G':

G: Hi! Your on the Billy Goodman Happening on KVEG! Sir, what can I do for
you tonight?

C: O.K. Are you ready? Hang on to your seats! Here goes! We are going 3,000
feet underground! O.K. We get to that point, 3,000 feet. We come out into a
stainless steel atmosphere... and we come upon people that are ah...
construction people... working people, and so forth that are supposed to be
in that area. Then we come upon another people who push us into another
little room. They tell us, "Do not come out of that area, until you're told
to." These guys are 6 minute marines, all right? They tell us, "If you do,
you are going to get hurt!" OK? So we are construction workers!

G: Where are you working? Where is what you are describing to us.

C: On a certain test site!

G: A certain test site! Which one? You can't reveal which one?

C: We're kind'a mixed up! We don't know what the hell is going on. We're
making ah... good bucks... and everything has come down on us... and they
are hurting us! OK? So we are contractors! We are workers! OK? So there's a
person that I called and explained what is happening to me and they told me
to call you and tell you! So, that is what I am doing right now! Calling

G: You presented it in a very odd way! First of all I didn't know if you
were going to be serious or what! Are you saying to me that you are a
construction worker and you had to go 3,000 feet under ground? First of all
what would you be doing underground? Let me ask you that!

C: We are running lights and power.

G: And who assigned you this job?

C: It's through Reynold's Electronics. I have to say that because I get my
pay check from someone else! (Note: Reynold's Electronics is a branch of
"E.G. & G." Corporation which DOES IN FACT work with and contract through
the Nevada and Utah Test Sites - Branton)

G: They tell you to put these lights underground?

C: Yeh, but there's more to it than that! I'm sort of afraid of expressing.
Am I talking to you or what?

G: Yes, you are talking directly to me!

C: OK. You know some of the things that are happening, shouldn't be. It
should be made public! The public should know what the hell is going on!
And it scares the hell out of me. What is not being brought out you know?
For example, can I give you an example? Here's an example! A few weeks back
we were inside a certain cavern going through stainless steel halls, going
north, and as we move along we are hanging lights. In the rooms are...
they're like operating rooms. All of a sudden, off the elevator, our U.S.
Marines come out, crash us down off our scaffold, pushing us down, and then
into a room. This is taking a hell of a lot out of me to tell you this
right now! The bosses come into the room and we're getting debriefed and
all this kind of stuff and all of a sudden they are carrying fixed
bayonets. Now I fought in Vietnam and I thought these guys were my buddies!
Oh, no way! Forget it! These guys are from outer space! These people
brought these little characters on gurneys, OK? They had big heads and
little bodies and they went into this little room. Then, behind them, these
doctors in white coats and stuff! And we was really at ah... we didn't know
what the hell was going on! We were shocked to hell! ...I was SCARED man!

G: Well, sure you didn't know what was going on and didn't expect it! I
guess them handling you upset you first of all. Being man to man, you
thought why should you treat me this way! And that's to be expected. As far
as knowing where you are I have no idea.

C: I know where I was! I worked there every day! I keep a log and if
someone asks me I know what's going on! I'm telling you man they're not
telling us the truth. There is something damn wrong within our government.
I only got a glimpse of this scientist on television (i.e. most likely
referring to Robert Lazar - Branton), but I know he's not telling much of
what he knows. I'm just a worker. A hammer and nail man. This guy's got
more brains than I do, and would know more about it than I do. There's
something INSIDE they aren't telling us!

G: OK. I understand that! Now what do you want us to do about it?


G: I think you've done that yourself, just now! Now you haven't told us
your location and I think that's important so we have some idea where this
is. I hope you understand at this moment...

C: I work at Mercury, Nevada and I'm the best electrician there. This is
between you and me now. I don't want anybody else to know about this!

G: But you're on the air Sir!

C: You mean somebody knows about this besides you and me?

G: But you are talking over the radio, Sir! Everybody, all over the West
Coast that is listening has just heard you! So you've gotten your word out.
Now let's see if anybody else knows about it. Maybe just maybe, we'll get
some calls from some of the people that work with you.

C: Wait a minute! You mean somebody else knows about this besides you and

G: Now, this is a talk show, you called a talk show. I am over the radio --
that's where you called!

C: OH, MY GOD!!!

G: Why, what's wrong with that? You called a talk show!

C: I thought I was just talking to you!

G: Now you said someone told you to call me. Was it someone you work with?

C: Yes.

G: Nobody knows who you are. You haven't said your name or anything! Now,
let's see if anyone will back up your story!

C: But I didn't know other people would hear this. Now I'm scared for my
life! There's tremendous stuff out there that's being hidden. It's being
corrupted inside. It's being stashed away.

G: Well that's what we do here. We are trying to bring the information out,
and it's people like yourself who are making that happen. They bring us
information all the time! Are you trying to bring the information out
yourself because you don't like what's going on?

C: I fear for my life because I've seen what happened. I fear for my life
because the government is lying to me.

G: OK. Why do you fear for your life? Have you been threatened?

C: Before you even go down in the pit they threaten you! That is you tell
anything of what you saw, you are dead!!!

G: But you're not saying more than what you saw. Is there anything else you
want to say before we say thank you for calling?

C: Yes, one other thing. Whenever it gets down to the nitty gritty, it will
be clear to the people, that what they are seeing on the news, is true!
We've got six little bodies under ground, man!!!

G: Please keep in touch, OK? [end of transcript]

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