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(The following is an edited version of a very extensive file downloaded
from the Internet. Some of the highlights/emphasis are mine. - Branton)

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Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors

Subject: Dulce Report

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Date: 5 Jul 92 03:20:06 GMT

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Date: 7 Jul 92 00:00:18 GMT

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Didn't Bill Moore get tangled up in this situation? Didn't this whole
episode cause Paul Bennewitz to have a nervous breakdown? Do you have any
further documentation on this aspect of the investigation? I for one would
like to find out where some [if not all] of the disinformation came from.
Are there any other investigations "The Phoenix Project" is working on?




Rod Beckwith |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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From: Michael.Corbin@p0.f428.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Michael Corbin)

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors

Subject: Re: Dulce Report - Conclusion

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Date: 8 Jul 92 23:19:02 GMT

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Organization: FidoNet node 1:104/428.0 -  Dear Michael:

> I read all of the information that you posted and appreciated your

> work and the work of the Phoenix Report but I don't believe it. It

> doesn't add up to me and I won't explain why. You may be right

> and I'm wrong. I hope I am wrong in this case. That's all folks.

> John Winston.

First, that was not my work, nor did I have anything to do with it. Someone
uploaded that material to ParaNet and I simply reposted it with permission.
I have found numerous problems with it myself and, although I do not
necessarily believe that something is happening at Dulce, I think that the
Phoenix material is just more disinformation...



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Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors

Subject: Rating on Dulce Report and K2 Report

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Date: 13 Jul 92 05:02:02 GMT

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Date: 27 Jul 92 06:56:03 GMT

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Date: 6 Aug 92 18:16:01 GMT

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Date: 20 Aug 92 20:25:07 GMT

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Organization: FidoNet node 1:104/428.0 -  In our opinion, the public deserves the truth regarding the real

PP> story of UFO's, government involvement and the Alien threat.

PP> That should be our objective. ... Perhaps you'll agree that, that

PP> objective is more productive than entertaining the public via the

PP> BBS links with a side-show of petty squabbles and bickering

PP> between individuals and organizations.

This is a noble sentiment, and one which we at ParaNet wholeheartedly agree
with. Hopefully in the future the Phoenix Project's representatives will
take some of their own advice and try to keep the rhetoric down to a more
civilized level.

Having said that, let's look at the actual issues raised by this latest
salvo from the Phoenix Project, and see how they stack up.

PP> Let us review the facts. You reacted by issuing a public warning

PP> to the members of ParaNet, which was also widely distributed via

PP> other BBS's nation-wide. That warning contained language which

PP> implied the information, and the source, were highly suspect.

PP> Thus, single-handedly, you created a strong impression throughout

PP> the UFO community, that our information was false. Many sincere

PP> people, trusting your qualifications, accepted your warning.


PP> You took it upon yourself to make a snap judgement without

PP> examining the evidence.

False. We did not arrive at our conclusion single-handedly or
instantaneously. Our analysis and the resulting warning were the products
of considerable discussion among ParaNet's researchers and subscribers.
They were also labeled as tentative, pending further investigation.

PP> In your message, you mention that you wrote to the Phoenix Project,

PP> after the fact and your preliminary judgement, requesting further

PP> information. You made the same comment in other BBS messages.

PP> You state that we did not respond to your request. You also imply,

PP> by insinuation, that this is a mark against us and a further indication

PP> that we are suspect. ... To date we have not received your letter of

PP> inquiry. Apparently, of all the mail we receive, your letter is the

PP> only one that has gone astray. We can only conclude that it was either

PP> lost in the mail or you didn't mail it. Did it ever occur to you to

PP> mail us a second request, when you did not receive a response to your

PP> first inquiry?

The letter was followed up with electronic mail to the Project's spokesman,
Jack Mathias. The request for information was repeated through that
channel. The request was refused.

PP> But, this was not the end of your attitude problem regarding the

PP> Phoenix Project. You did the same thing, again, issuing warnings,

PP> etc., with our release of the K-2 and the Ultimate Secret Reports.

PP> And, again, you had not seen or examined the supporting documents

PP> at the time you issued those warnings to ParaNet and the public.

We have already stated our reasons for suspecting the 'K-2' and "Ultimate
Secret" reports. As with the 'Dulce' report, our suspicions went to the
core of the entire concept and execution of both reports; consequently, it
seemed unlikely that the "supporting documents" would make much difference.
Our judgement in this matter was borne out when we received the "supporting
documents" from another source. We were not impressed.

PP> Would we be out of line in concluding that your mind was already

PP> made-up?

Yes, that would be out of line, since our minds were not and in fact are
not yet entirely made up. Our warnings were tentative, and in our view
totally justified. So far we have not been provided with any evidence to
the contrary. If such evidence is provided, we will not only change our
minds but say so publicly.

PP> Fortunately, for the UFO Movement, other investigators and

PP> researchers don't share your opinion.

That's not the feedback we've been getting.

PP> You state in your initial message that "much of the information

PP> in the Dulce Report about Dulce and the Archuleta Mesa contradicts

PP> information already provided to ParaNet by other capable

PP> investigators." What information? Who provided it? How did

PP> you determine its validity?

Our information consists of the testimony of ParaNet investigators and
others who have been in Dulce and on the Mesa. Their experiences were very
different from what you describe, and it is difficult to reconcile your
claims with the findings of our own people.

PP> We formally request access to that information. We'd like to

PP> examine it ourselves. Can we obtain copies of 'that' information?

Our investigation continues, and the information will be made public when
it is complete. At that time we will be glad to provide you with a
complimentary copy of our report.

PP> Now, let us get to the main thrust of your message - your

PP> investigation to reveal the personnel of the Phoenix Project.


PP> [several paragraphs of meaningless abuse deleted]


PP> What, if anything, is the Phoenix Project guilty of? Is it

PP> the fact that we dared to question and investigate two of the

PP> sacred cows of UFO-dom namely the ones you mentioned, i.e.,

PP> "underground alien bases, and the cluster of government projects

PP> referred to collectively as Operation Majestic Twelve?"


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Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors

Subject: Phoenix Response - Part 2

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Date: 20 Aug 92 20:25:09 GMT

Sender: ufgate@paranet.FIDONET.ORG (newsout1.26)

Organization: FidoNet node 1:104/428.0 - 

No. ParaNet has long questioned both of those sacred cows. To this point we
have seen no acceptable PROOF for the existence of any underground alien
base near Dulce, nor have we seen adequate proof for the existence of
"Operation Majestic Twelve". We have publicly stated as much on many
occasions. (Note: I personally believe that there is much 'evidence' for
underground activity near Dulce. As for 'proof' -- along the line of a
Network video crew broadcasting a Live Special Report from inside the Dulce
underground labs or something of the sort -- admittedly that kind of
'proof' is yet to be forthcoming. - Branton)

PP> According to our sources within the intelligence community, the

PP> Dulce Scam, perpetrated by the disinformation specialists of MAJI,

PP> better known to you as Majestic Twelve with help from the CIA and

PP> NSA, is considered one of their most brilliant success stories.

But, of course, these 'sources' cannot be named, and all we have to go on
is your word that they even exist. And, unfortunately, you are making a
concerted effort to keep anyone from knowing who *you* are, either.
Anonymous stories relayed by anonymous story tellers. Sorry, but that's not

PP> We sent in experienced investigators, not amateurs, to check out

PP> the alleged Dulce Base. Those people knew what to look for, how

PP> to look for it, how to get answers, and are not easily mislead.

We have no evidence for this except your say-so.

PP> If you do not agree with our findings, get off your posterior, go

PP> to Dulce, and check it out for yourself.

We have.

PP> In fact, we invite anybody to do the same thing. We're sure you'll

PP> find exactly what we did ...

We didn't.

PP> You imply that you're good at asking questions -- how are you

PP> at answering them? We have a few questions ... Would you mind

PP> sharing with all of us, everyone on the BBS's and the public, what

PP> hard evidence you have that, without question, supports the presence

PP> and validity of the Dulce Base.

Would you mind sharing what hard evidence you have that we ever said
anything of the kind? We have never said anything in support of the
presence of a secret alien base at Dulce. In point of fact, we consider it
extremely unlikely that any such base exists -- at Dulce or anywhere else.
That's one of the reasons we have so much trouble with your 'K-2' report,
which purports to document the existence of just such a base in California.

PP> Unless you have irrefutable evidence to present, made available

PP> for public scrutiny and evaluation, which invalidates the findings

PP> of the Phoenix Project regarding Dulce, K-2, or the Ultimate Secret,

PP> or our future reports, back off. Either put-up or shut-up. In other

PP> words, get off our back.

All right, challenge accepted. Let's start with this statement from your
"Ultimate Secret" report:

PP> According to eye-witness testimony, the CIA agent

PP> in charge of this covert operation, wearing the

PP> uniform of an AF Colonel, was William C. Cooper. ...

PP> This witness testifies that this is the same William C.

PP> Cooper, who has been prominent since 1988 in the

PP> civilian UFO movement.

Is this "William C. Cooper" supposed to be the famous Bill Cooper we have
all come to know so well? Apparently so. Unfortunately, in his own
published documents Bill Cooper gives his full name as "Milton William
Cooper", not "William C. Cooper". Either Cooper doesn't know his own name,
or the Phoenix Project's "eye witness" doesn't know what he's talking

And while we're on the subject of Bill Cooper, it is instructive to compare
some of the text of the Phoenix Project's "Ultimate Secret" document with
some of Bill Cooper's material on the same subject. Cooper writes in his
"Operation Majority -- Final Release":

BC> [Project Grudge] was financed by CIA confidential funds

BC> [nonappropriated] and money from the illicit drug trade ...

BC> The purpose of Project Grudge was to collect all scientific,

BC> technological, medical and intelligence information from

BC> UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This

BC> orderly file of collected information has been used to advance

BC> the United States Space Program.

Now look at the corresponding paragraph of the Phoenix Project's "Ultimate
Secret" report:

PP> Project Aquarius was funded by CIA confidential funds

PP> [non-appropriated] ... The purpose of Project Aquarius

PP> was to collect all scientific, technological, medical

PP> and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and

PP> contacts with alien lifeforms. This orderly file of collected

PP> information has been used to advance the United States'

PP> Space Program and provided the data needed to develop

PP> present stealth technology.

You don't have to be an intelligence agent to see that these two passages
are virtually identical in both content and phrasing. Since Cooper's
statement is dated 10 January 1989, more than half a year before the
"Ultimate Secret" report's 'origination' date of 4 August 1989, we seem to
be left with three possibilities: (1) Cooper was somehow privy to the
Phoenix Project's investigative results even before they were first put to
paper; or, (2) the Phoenix Project plagiarized Cooper's writings; or (3)
the Phoenix Project's own investigations drew on the same [original]
sources as Cooper apparently did in compiling his own materials. Whichever
one you pick, it's not a pretty picture.

But it gets worse:

PP> The basic information revealing the existence of

PP> Operation Majestic-12, the crashed UFOs, alien beings,

PP> and their secret bases within the United States, was

PP> obtained through the Freedom of Information Act from the

PP> files of the CIA, NSA, FBI, State Department, the U.S.

PP> Air Force.

This is utter nonsense, as any perusal of published FOIA documents on UFOs
would quickly reveal. FOIA requests have forced the government to disgorge
many hundreds of pages of UFO documents over the years, but they provide
little if any support for the existence of Operation Majestic Twelve,
crashed saucers, alien beings, or secret bases. If the Phoenix Project is
relying on already published documents as their source for this claim
[e.g., "The UFO Cover-UP" by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Green-wood, or
"Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good], then clearly they have not examined
them very carefully. On the other hand, if the project really does have
such explosive FOIA documents in its possession, let's see them; their
publication would do more to establish the project's credibility than
anything else it could possibly do short of producing a live alien.

PP> PROJECT GRUDGE: This project was originally

PP> established in 1953, by order of President Eisenhower

PP> and is under the control of the CIA, NSA, and MAJI.

PP> Project Grudge went underground and another project,

PP> Project Sign, was established as a cover operation.

PP> In 1960, the Project's name was changed from Project

PP> SIGN to Project Bluebook.

This is demonstrably and totally wrong. Project Sign was established first,
in 1947, and it was under the control of the Air Force, not the CIA. The
name was changed to Project Grudge in 1949, and to Blue Book in 1952 -- not
1960. [For details, see "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" by
Edward J. Ruppelt, who headed the project from 1951 to 1953.] The exact
dates slide around a little bit depending on whether you're talking about
when the decision was made, when the order was signed, or when the order
became effective; but the differences are on the order of months, not
decades! How could the Phoenix Project's experienced intelligence agents
make so many ludicrous errors in a single paragraph?


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Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors

Subject: Phoenix Response - Conclusion

Message-ID: <139865.2A9405B4@paranet.FIDONET.ORG>

Date: 20 Aug 92 20:25:11 GMT

Sender: ufgate@paranet.FIDONET.ORG (newsout1.26)

Organization: FidoNet node 1:104/428.0 - >

In fact, this whole business was such an embarrassing mess that the Phoenix
Project issued a 'correction' document to try to straighten it out. But,
ironically, the correction is also wrong -- just less obviously so.

We could go on, but I think you get the point. The "Ultimate Secret" report
is, at best, a rehash of other people's garbage. At worst, it is a
deliberate effort to confuse and disinform.

PP> We actively encourage other serious investigators to use the

PP> information we have provided as a basis for conducting their

PP> own inquiry and to carry-on our effort. Can you, Mr. Corbin,

PP> or ParaNet, or Mufon, make the same claim. Or, is it true that

PP> the results of critical investigations are held sacred by the

PP> elite leadership of these organizations, and are not shared with

PP> the member's of their organizations or the public?

We can't speak for other organizations, but in the case of ParaNet we have
always made our results public as soon as our investigations are complete.

PP> In your message, you insinuate that because of our past military

PP> and intelligence backgrounds, our area of expertise so-to-speak,

PP> that the motives of the Phoenix Project are suspect. You further

PP> insinuate that we are possibly government operatives attempting

PP> to send serious researchers off on a variety of wild goose chases.

Given the prior history of government disinformation in ufology, most of it
purveyed by active or former intelligence agents and their victims, anyone
who (1) purports to have a military intelligence background, (2) refuses to
divulge their identity, and (3) propagates known disinformation as reliable
intelligence [whether deliberately or not] should expect his motives to be
considered suspect until proven otherwise. It is extremely naive of you to
think it would happen any other way.

PP> If anyone needed assurance that the truth regarding UFO's

PP> will remain a deep, dark, secret -- they can rest secure in

PP> the knowledge that you, are on the job. There are any number

PP> of government agencies who would welcome you with open arms.

PP> Expect some offers.

Sorry, none so far. We'll let you know if we get any.

PP> We are sure that the honest and sincere members of ParaNet and

PP> other UFO investigative organizations [and there are many] must

PP> be seriously considering whether your qualifications, fitness and

PP> investigative ability warrant your continuance in a position of

PP> leadership within what used to be a respected research organization.

(Note: In my own experience with misiformation, disinformation and dubunker
'agents', very little effort is made to address the information at hand or
rationally explain-away information, claims or data that is being released
by an individual. Most of the efforts on the part of such agents are
directed against the individuals themselves, as in character assassinations
and attacks. In many cases they KNOW that they cannot refute the
information, so they attempt to discredit the information through character
assassination. Do police officers immediately "discredit" what a drug
dealer tells them when he is exposing his superiors so that he himself can
aquire a lesser sentence, or what a convicted child molester might tell
them about a ritual child abuse ring that he has been involved with? No,
especially if there is sufficient evidence to back up their claims. Someone
who has been involved personally with some illicit activity can be more of
a reliable source than someone who just hears about it second-hand. So the
character assassination strategy by certain agents does not hold water
especially in a case such as this, wherein ParaNet officials have had their
character and integrity UNJUSTLY attacked in order to DIVERT ATTENTION from
claim to be the infallible specimen of a perfect human being. I have a jail
record, and suffer from emotional and psychological disabilities resulting
from years of suppressed interactions with what I believe to be malevolent
alien agendas and certain human agencies which are or were involved with
them. Although the psychological-emotional turmoil or instability may not
be entirely my fault, the jail term was a result of my own
irresponsibility. What I am trying to say is that I do not CLAIM to have it
all together any more than the average human being does, so why engage in
'character assassination' against someone who lives in a world whose
overall inhabitants are generally lacking in perfect character? Show me
someone with full awareness of "good and evil" who has never broken a law
or one of the ten commandments. Aside from the Messiah Himself, there is no
human being on earth that can make such a claim. And most often then not,
when someone targets an individual for character assassination, as they
say, "It takes one to know one." So in the search for the truth about what
is really happening in this world, I would suggest that you do not get
caught-up in emotional exchanges and character attacks which only serve to
cloud the real issue -- which is WHETHER THE INFORMATION ITSELF IS OR IS
NOT CORRECT! This is not to say that 'character' has no bearing whatsoever
on information. For instance someone who has been known in the past to be a
con artist might not be taken as seriously as an ORIGINAL SOURCE of
information as, you might say, someone who has won a Pulitzer prize for
investigative journalism. However we do need to keep a 'balance'. -

Exactly the opposite, actually. Most of our people are grateful for the
warning, and are coming to the same conclusions as we did.

PP> Instead of making an honest attempt to validate or disprove our

PP> findings regarding the subjects mentioned -- missing the point

PP> completely, you chose to become obsessed with determining

PP> the identity of Phoenix Project personnel. For what reason? Do

PP> you intend to judge the validity of the information based on the

PP> credentials of those providing it? Some people would interpret

PP> that as putting the cart before the horse.

And some people would interpret it as a determination not to fall prey to
the same fate as far too many others in this field, who trusted strangers
too easily and ended up wasting years chasing wild geese -- or worse...

PP> You suggest a possible link between our organization and America

PP> West. Sorry about that, but you're dead wrong. It has come

PP> to us from several sources that we're not on their list of favorite

PP> people. We will take this opportunity to categorically deny that

PP> we have any affiliation with America West, their publication the

PP> "Phoenix Liberator," or any other publication they provide. Do

PP> not expect us to respond to the other coincidences, suppositions,

PP> insinuations or innuendoes contained in your message.

Why? Perhaps because there are other 'insinuations' that cannot be
truthfully denied? As a matter of fact, we now have solid confirmation of
another one of our 'insinuations' -- i.e., the fact that the Richard Miller
who owns Advent Publishing is indeed the same Richard Miller who used to
channel 'Hatonn'. That confirmation came from none other than Mr. Miller
himself. So I guess we're not doing too badly.

In consideration of your explicit denials of any ties to America West, and
in view of the additional information provided privately by Mr. Miller, we
withdraw our previous suggestion of possible connections between the
Phoenix Project and the America West/Phoenix Liberator operation. As we
stated before, those suggestions were tentative pending further
investigation, and further investigation has not uncovered any additional
evidence to support them. Unfortunately, this is the kind of burden that
the Phoenix Project inevitably took on when it chose to publicly portray
itself as a clandestine organization.

PP> Since you brought up America West and The "Phoenix Liberator,"

PP> why not turn your investigative abilities loose on their

PP> organization. Just suppose that Milton Cooper is, quietly,

PP> linked to their organization. That should intrigue you...

PP> Equally intriguing, is where their funding comes from - not the

PP> obvious subscription income - the covert funding. Or, how about

PP> the busy and numerous, off premise, writers that prepare the volumes

PP> of 'Hatonn' material, and their use of high-speed modems to provide

PP> the copy for each weekly issue of the "Phoenix Liberator" and the

PP> dozens of books they produce. In our supposition, we're talking

PP> about a big-time operation. You might also check out their printing

PP> facilities, distribution centers, and world-wide circulation. Equally

PP> fascinating is their sudden rise, in a few short years, to the top of

PP> the New Age Movement. You might even think to ask yourself, why the

PP> New Age Movement? What possible connection is there with covert

PP> government UFO activities, or a New World Order, with the New Age

PP> Movement? The answer to that might be revealed, if you dig deep

PP> enough, and discover high-speed modem links between their headquarters

PP> and certain organizations located at Langley and Ft. Meade. Yes, if

PP> you really dig, you might uncover all kinds of interesting things

PP> about America West.

Thanks for the tip.

(I may be wrong, but this sounds very similar to the ramblings of cultists
who have broken off from the 'mother' sect to establish their own branch
cults... essentially agreeing with the basic 'belief system' -- which in
this case might be the channeling of 'Ashtar' intelligence's -- while at
the same time claiming that 'they' and not their former 'apostate leaders'
are the sole spokesmen for the 'higher powers' on earth. As for the
religious 'denomination' in which I was raised, one which dominates a major
western state and stretches the Constitutional restrictions on separation
of church and state to their uttermost limits, I have come to find out that
over 500 'branch' religions ranging from a few followers to tens of
thousands of followers have separated from the 'main' denomination. This is
one of the main reasons why I became a non-denominationalist
Judeo-Christian. One of these 500-or-so branches incidentally was the
'Freeman Order' which was involved in a drawn-out FBI stand-off in 1996.
The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights allows for the right to worship as
one wishes SO LONG AS one does not infringe on the constitutional rights of
others and the laws of the land. Of course 'inquisitional' or 'terrorist'
religious practices, or the 'religious' practice of ritual child abuse, or
religious institutions that attempt to force their will upon an elected
government, or one whose members in government use taxpayer funds or
personal influence to show political favoritism towards their 'churches',
have no place in a Constitutional Democratic-Republic. Nor does a our
Constitutional system have to put up with cults like the 'Freemen' who have
blatantly resisted the PUBLICLY-instituted legal restrictions against money
fraud or child sexual abuse, even if the 'Freeman' or similar cults
hypocritically use 'Ruby Ridge', 'Waco' or other legitimate yet incendiary
catch-phrases to justify their own illegal activities. - Branton)

PP> As to your effort in trying to identify staff personnel of the

PP> Phoenix Project -- good luck. However, we do have to admit that

PP> you may get lucky and hit on a couple of them. However, since

PP> there are many, it is doubtful you will ever get beyond that point.

Our only interest in the personnel of the Phoenix Project is to determine
whether the Project has a hidden agenda, and whether it is covertly linked
to other organizations whose agendas are known. That interest was made
necessary by the Project's clandestine nature and consequent lack of public
accountability. You brought it on yourselves, and your continuing hostility
and evasiveness suggest that we were not entirely mistaken in our

Our investigation continues. We'll let you know what we find out.

Michael Corbin


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