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Researcher Paris Flammonde gives a description of what appears to be the
'Dulce' underground base-network, as described by UFO 'researcher' James

"...The intimations of strange pressure groups, purportedly intent upon
obscuring the true meaning of Flying Saucers, began arising in the early
1950's, the most famous of these being the 'three men in black' and the
'silence conspiracy,' which Major Keyhoe and others regard as an ominous
element functioning within the Air Force. During the summer of 1956, SAUCER
NEWS editor James Moseley postulated an addition to this enigmatic company
in the June, 1956, issue of his magazine. Theorizing that Flying Saucers
were originally being researched by the United States in 1946, were capable
of speeds exceeding four thousand miles an hour, and were operating from a
supersecret subterranean base below a southwestern state, he continued:

"'The whole project is so highly classified that ordinary military pilots
and even the Air Force's saucer investigators on Project Blue Book could
not possibly know about it. In fact, this type of saucer IS NOT built by
As fantastic as this might sound... these saucers are actually built,
operated, and maintained by an organization which is ENTIRELY SEPARATE from
the military and political branches of the Government that we know about.
Although a handful of people at the very top of the Government know about
the existence of this project, they have no direct contact with it... I
shall call this secret project, 'The Organization.'"

Moseley, according to Flammonde, "...considerably elaborated on the
activities of this shadowy cabal with some very extravagant revelations."

This 'Secret Society - Secret Government' base in the 'Southwest' is no
doubt the very same DULCE facility which we have been exposing throughout
this work. Secret Societies, if not Secret Agencies, have their own symbols
or emblems. The 'Symbol' for the Dulce Base that is worn by many of the
workers there consists of an UPSIDE-DOWN or inverted triangle or pyramid
with an upside-down 'T' superimposed over it, as shown in the "dlcpic."
graphic file at the beginning of this series of files. William Hamilton
reveals the following in regards to the Dulce base:

"...Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples
[of the affected hides of mutilated cattle studied by Gomez and Burgess,
that were discovered near Dulce] and found significant deposits of
potassium and magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal.

"...Level 1 [of the Dulce base] contains the garage for STREET MAINTENANCE.
Level 2 contains the garage for TRAINS, SHUTTLES, TUNNEL-BORING MACHINES,

"...The Greys and reptoid species...have had ancient CONFLICTS with the
NORDIC humans from outer space societies, and may be staging here for a
future conflict."

The late Thomas Edwin Castello, who worked within the underground 'Dulce'
facility, suggested that the early experiments by Rand and Los Alamos labs
in nuclear-powered 'earth-boring' technology has been taken to the extreme.
In a letter dated Sept. 1990, he made mention of the nuclear BORING
mechanisms which can allegedly bore a tunnel through the earth at a rate of
5-10 mph by cracking the surrounding rock and heating the rock and earth
into a state of liquid incandescance using super-hot cones, pulsed lasers
and other methods [see: U.S. Patent numbers 3,881,777; 3,885,832 and
3,693,731 for instance, via their Patent Search engine which can be easily
accessed by doing a "web search" of the "United States Patent Office"] and
pressing the liquid or molten rock into the peripheral cracks where the
cold earth cools and solidifies it in a matter of minutes, leaving no
leftover materials that would otherwise have to be removed from the tunnel,
as in more traditional and expensive tunneling or mining operations:

"...On level one is the garage for the street maintenance, level two is the
garage for trains, shuttles and TERRON DRIVE [bore machine] and disk
maintenance. [Requires ULTRA 4 to even SEE the disk garage]...

"The chief of the Genetic Experiments is LARRY DEAVEN [Los Alamos AND

Another confirmation that the DULCE base is a major terminal -- not only
for other-planetary craft but also a nexus connecting several other
underground systems -- was sent to us by a woman who knew Thomas Castello
on a personal basis, and whose father had worked with Castello in what was
referred to as "The Organization" [her exact words] which operated in the
upper levels of the joint-interaction facilities near Dulce. The following
description of one of the more ancient tunnels was given by Thomas Castello

"The halls around the Dulce Base are slightly curved, and in most locations
you can see what looks like an endless corridor. It is only when you glance
up and see the high ceiling of the natural rock covering do you remember
you are inside an immense cavern. The place has the feeling of infinity, or
a sense of seeing something immemorial.

"I realize this place has been expanded repeatedly over many years. But
somehow, a person tends to forget the written history the manual describes.
The place feels ANCIENT. The Native Races of this planet have used the
tunnels and caverns for centuries. Human hands too, added their personal
touch in a way that makes you feel the passing of age. Here and there the
architectural designs resemble the fantasy of Art Deco. Doors display the
designs and angles that recall the playful grace of that era.

"From tunnel entrances stare down carved gargoyles and winged beings that
cling to your memory much longer than they should. Those grotesque
gargoyles are dark and look like a preview of the Nightmare Hall. Some of
the faces of the frightful creatures depicted have lost details in a way
that softens the ugliness. History has a way of erasing details and the
memory of the original form. Just as well, perhaps the gargoyles were
carved from live models. Maybe from some thing seen on the sixth level.

"One specific tunnel, the long tunnel to Taos, is completely different. The
symbol that marks the portal is the symbol for marsh, or wet lands. The
shape resembles the letter 'Z' with two cross lines.

"It was not until I had to make a 'goodwill run' to Taos to escort a
foreign dignitary on a tour of the base, did I realize why the tunnel was
so named. After a few miles the rock tunnel walls became mostly white in
color and were decorated with carved plant life of all kinds. Here, I saw
ancient fern trees with huge Rose like flowers depicted in beautiful
relief. These beautiful walls portray a dense archaic tropical thicket.
Beyond the trees, in the background, some unknown ancient mountains are
depicted in the same clear style. I slowed the car, searched the scene,
hoping to see animal or humanoid creatures, but there was none. No signs or
signatures in sight, unless they were written in a long lost unrecognized
hand. (Note: Was this one of the more ancient tunnels that was left by a
prehistoric race, a tunnel which was already ancient at the time that the
U.S. government AND the Reptiloids/Greys 'discovered' or 'took control of'
the original underground systems? Perhaps a tunnel and an underground
system that was excavated in prehistoric times by the ancestors of the
Pueblo Indians of the four corners area whose legends claim that they were
chased-out of the cavern world by invading reptilian forces - that is,
according to Hopi-Apache descendant Robert Morningsky? - Branton)

"It looked like every plant on earth, ancient and modern, were faithfully
displayed. Mile after miles of trees, wheat, corn, flowers and grasses
graced the gleaming walls.

"It must be the most beautiful place on earth. Maybe it was created as a
museum. Or perhaps a shrine to plant life. Regardless of the reason, there
is NO WAY that place could have been made by the hands of MODERN man. These
carved plants are in minute detail, and they look brand new.

"My eyes had quickly scanned the upper sections of the tunnel in hoping to
find the source of the soft illumination that now seems to be coming from
every where. I found no answers.

"I had stopped the electric car, wanting to touch those walls, in the hope
I might guess the age upon closer examination. To my surprise the walls
were covered with some transparent covering. Those walls felt like polished
glass, and looked about a foot thick! The biggest shock was when I touched
the astonishing gleaming wall. The slightest contact created a wave of
quivering of the lights. What is even more surprising, was that the lights
were INSIDE the glass! Starting as a soft gentle harmonic sound that
resonated with the shimmering lights, and grew to a bone deep vibration
that was subtle and surprisingly invasive, like someone speaking to me when
I'm meditating. The tunnel echoed with musical tones. I struggled to
isolate the difference between what I was hearing and what I was feeling. I
could not separate them.

"I sensed that the tones were designed to provide information in ancient
language. The changing tones were at first recieved at a rapid rate, that I
couldn't understand. Like learning a foreign language, at first the words
are endless sound, but after a while separate words are recognized. I know
the musical tones are words and I recognize it as a lost language.

"I started the car, almost feeling light headed from the ongoing sounds. I
wanted to stop the flow of words that were musical and pleasant. After I
knew they were words [that I couldn't understand] I wanted the dialog to
end. I felt those tones clear to my bones, and the tonal vibrations refused
to leave me until I left the tunnel!

"It was one of the most profound experiences of my life, but I'm sure I
wouldn't want to do it again!

"At the Dulce Base, the roadways exit on the first three levels. From all
other levels the roads will climb in a steep spiral to join the upper
levels. After a few miles more those three levels too, join in a huge
intersection that rivals any 'cloverleaf' exchange, anywhere. The five main
exit roads that leave the base have no markings any where, but after the
exchanges, there are mileage markers IN ENGLISH posted in the walls of the

"The underground highways occasionally follow the same direction as the
Terradrive shuttle. That shuttle is also known as the Sub-Global System
(Note: Different sources claim that one must be a very high ranking Mason,
Corporate-Intelligence Agent, or a Native Sub-Terran to gain access to the
Sub-Global System. There are several access terminals in North America and
elsewhere where identification must be provided, however according to Al
Bielek and others, when one has passed the security checks they are free to
go wherever they please in the Sub-Global network, and the inner dwellers
just generally assume that if one has made it that far, then they more or
less have authorization to be there. Many of the residents of the
underground, whether Exterrans, Subterrans or visitors from the Surface,
are tied-in to a collective mind or group intelligence matrix called the
'Ashtar' or 'Astarte' network which has its roots in the underground
systems below ancient Egypt. This has been the main framework for
collaboration between humanoids and reptiloids and other alien life forms.
Although there have always been independent humanoid and reptiloid factions
that have been at war with each other for centuries, in more recent decades
following the Dulce Wars, et al, these conflicts have been increasing
within the "inner earth" between the "collectivists" and the
"individualists". Because of this we might reason that the inner-world
'highways' may not always be safe places to travel alone, even if one has
the 'clearances' to do so. Although there is a collaboration-of-convenience
between certain human and reptilian groups, this mainly grows out of the
aliens' NEED for human cooperation in implementing total global electronic
control, and vise versa, not necessarily out of any major level of
friendship or tolerance between the two races. For instance in order to
implement the New World Order the human elite must absolutely DEPEND on the
alien mind-control technology and the aliens in turn must DEPEND on the
humans' social structure connections. They MUST have each others'
assistance and cooperation in order to implement a world government.
Apparently they will worry about fighting over WHICH SIDE comes out with
absolute control WHEN and IF the global dictatorship is implemented. We
must realize that the underground 'world' is just as 'alien' to dwellers on
the surface as are the worlds from which many of the interstellar starships
that have been seen in our atmosphere hail. It is a very ancient world
whose inhabitants have interacted with other worlds, or have even colonized
other worlds, over a period of thousands of years. - Branton)

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