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The following is an excerpt from an article which appeared in a UFO-related
publication. We do not know exactly who the author of the article is or
what publication it appeared in, as our source sent us only some Xeroxes
with no references. We relate the information as recieved:

"...Lear directed my attention to a large map of Nevada, which delineates
all the areas which civilian maps coyly leave as uncharted military
reserves. 'Right in the very center is a place called Area 51. It is our
most secret complex. There are 1900 people there -- it takes presidential
clearance to work there -- and they're ferried in by aircraft in the
morning and taken out about 5 o'clock in the evening. They have nothing to
do with the saucers. The people who work on the saucers go up later in the
afternoon, and go home about midnight. The saucer facility is called S-4.'
S-4 is in the southwest corner of Area 51.

"Unfortunately, this facility -- AND A SIMILAR SET-UP NEAR DULCE, NEW
MEXICO -- may now belong to forces not loyal to the U.S. Government, or
even the human race. 'It's horrifying for us to think that all the
scientists we think are working for us are actually controlled by the

"'...A deal was made with them in the latter part of the 1960s (Probably a
revisioning of the 1954 treaty, which was in turn an outgrowth of the
secret Bavarian Illuminati treaty with the Grays in 1933. - Branton). In
exchange for technology, we would cover up the existence of the aliens.'
Apparently this agreement -- engineered by an arm of government so covert
that even the President may not be on the 'need to know' list -- also
sanctioned the abduction of humans, which the aliens rationalized as an
ongoing monitoring of a developing civilization. We asked only for a list
of the abductees.

"In 1973, the deal soured. 'Hundreds of people -- thousands -- were being
abducted that weren't on the list. In 1978-79, there was an altercation
between us and the aliens, in which they killed 44 of our top scientists,
and a number of Delta force who were trying to free them. I'm not sure
where this altercation occurred -- it could have been Dulce, or it could
have occurred in Groom Lake

(Note: According to Robert Lazar, an underground facility below Groom Lake
was the sight of an intense fire-fight between Grays and U.S. Military
personnel after a human Security officer had challenged an alien dictate
not to enter a certain alien-controlled area with a loaded weapon, and was
subsequently killed as a result of his challenge. This 'war' was actually a
'massacre' according to MJ12 Special Studies Group [MJ12SSG] agent Michael
Wolf, since the first outbreak of violence in 1975 resulted during a
demonstration of an anti-matter reactor within an underground chamber. The
Greys operating the demonstration ordered the human security officers to
remove the bullets from their weapons. One Security officer questioned this
order and just for having the audacity to question, one of the Greys
apparently let their true colors show. That is, it prematurely exposed the
fact that 'they' were not really the 'allies' of the American government,
but actually an occupational invasion force that had to maintain absolute
discipline among its 'conquered subjects'. This 'thing' from out of this
world decided that it would make an 'example' out of those who questioned
their orders, and its comerades followed suit. The Greys commenced to
slaughter SEVERAL dozen Security personnel and Scientists, although only
one alien Grey died in that initial altercation. Thomas Castello claims
that another battle occurred below Dulce four years later in 1979, after
several scientists who had discovered the 'Horrible Truth' -- of thousands
of human abductees in cold storage or imprisoned in cage-like enclosures in
the deeper 'Alien' sectors under Dulce -- were themselves captured by the
aliens following this discovery. These were some of the best minds America
had to offer. As we will see later on, the "Dulce Wars" were somewhat more
complex than this brief explanation might suggest, however. - Branton).

"This battle, Lear claims, left us bereft of our own facilities [and some
of our best scientists]; ever since, we have attempted to create a
counterforce to meet the alien challenge.

"The Strategic Defense Initiative was one such scheme. 'SDI, regardless of
what you hear, was completed two years ago; that was to shoot down incoming
saucers. The mistake was that we thought they were coming inbound -- in
fact, they're already here. They're in underground bases all over the
place.' It seems that the aliens had constructed many such bases without
our knowledge, where they conduct heinous genetic experiments on animals,
human beings, and 'improvised' creatures of their own devising."

In battle, even in a conflict as unusual as the "Dulce Wars", there are
bound to be prisoners of war or POW's. In his LEADING EDGE Report,
researcher Val Valerian revealed the following:

"DULCE LAB TECHNICIAN HELD: In early November, 1988, we received word that
the scientist son of [B.M.] is now being held in the underground facility
at FORT WAYNE, Colorado. The underground base is located in southwestern
Colorado near the UTE mountains. The son apparently worked at the genetics
lab under Archuleta mesa near DULCE, NM and finally grew disgusted with
what he was observing. Subsequent probes into the retention of this person
have yielded several interesting project names. His father, B.M. apparently
encountered two Nordic appearing men in Pomona, CA on 22 Oct. '88..."

Note: The "Ute Mountain" Indian reservation border -- which super-imposes
the southern border of Colorado, lies only a relatively few miles north of
the Archuleta plateau. It extends from that point westward along the border
to the four corners area. Just across the border in Utah another branch
facility apparently exists, according to John Lear, where another Dulce
scientist is reportedly being held. Lear spoke with the father of THIS
young scientist, referring to the father only as 'Mr. K.', and attempted to
locate the exact position of the base. Lear stated:

"...The son, whose father I met and who passed away several years ago is
apparently being held in a base near or around Sleeping Ute Mountain
(Sleeping Ute mountain is in the extreme southeast part of Utah, near the
four corners area on the Ute Reservation, south of Utah highway 666 which
also runs through Colorado and down through New Mexico. - Branton). I don't
remember how I came by that information but it had to do with some research
I was conducting in a search for the Project BLUE LIGHT base near Delores
[which I never found]."

In regards to Utah, there have been rumors of "New World Order" bases being
constructed below southeastern Utah with containment facilities where
'dissidents' are intended to be apprehended underground when and if the New
World Order takes control of the United States. There are reportedly
numerous such underground containment facilities throughout North America.

The U.S. Military is not the only force that has become involved with the
'war' against the Grays. One of the major underground human forces who are
VERY upset at the Grays -- over their violation of territorial agreements
and abuses and atrocities that have been committed against various
intra-planetary human colonies -- include certain segments of the
Telosian-Agharti alliance, as well as some of their Sirian allies who are
against the Greys. The following information was sent to a Utah researcher
by Juliette Sweet, a personal friend of Sharula Dux who is reportedly an
Aghartian 'princess' from Telos, the city-complex below Mt. Shasta. The
central metroplex of Telos is said to consist of a multi-leveled complex
over 5 miles deep and at least 20 miles in circumference, which extends
outward to suburban colonial systems beyond. According to Sharula, Telos
has subterranean connections via tube-shuttles to at least 100 other
subterranean cities below North America as well as cities below South
America, such as the allied city of POSID below the Matto Grosso region of
Brazil. Many of these cities are maintained by ancient 'native' North,
South and Central Americans. The following letter was dated 2/7/93:

"...last month I had your disk transcribed and read your materials in their
entirety. Very interesting, and full of well cited facts. I appreciate your
sense of groundedness when presenting your ideas... I am not familiar with
the saurian race, nor have I heard mention of them from Sharula or Adama...
The Greys do come up from time to time, and what has been communicated by
the [Telosian] Hierarchy is that they are indeed being asked, forcibly if
necessary to leave. The ousting process has been active for the last year
or so, and Adama has indicated that Los Alamos will be one of the last
areas to clear out... there has been some "star wars" type of conflicts of
late, but the [Telosian] masters tell us not to worry about it, that they
have things well in hand... Sharula's age is actually 267 years. Although
for surface ID purposes, she says she was born in 1951. It helps where
social security and passport purposes are concerned. You might want to
update your materials to reflect her actual age..."

Note: During one lecture, Sharula was asked what the Telosians were doing
about the problem with the Grays. Sharula stated that the Telosian-Agharti
Silver Fleets had confronted the Grays and told them to cease their abusive
activities on this planet, to which the Grays responded that they have the
right to continue their activities since the "U.S. Government" has
authorized their activities on earth and in America. Are the Grays
referring to the Nazi-backed CIA-NSA "secret government" which has
infiltrated America through murder and manipulation, and established the
"alien interaction" projects WITHOUT Congressional consent? It's AS IF
these green-blooded, pencil-necked, melon-headed, blood-sucking parasites
-- who break treaties, violate human will, permanently abduct and even kill
humans for scientific or sustenance purposes, lie and deceive, disregard
non-intervention ethics, destroy animals and property, manipulate the
thoughts of the masses and their leaders against their conscious knowledge,
ruin human lives on mental-emotional-physical levels, and literally 'feed'
off of human LIFE including that of our children -- have ANY place to give
such excuses!

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