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The Feb.-Mar. 1991 issue of 'UFO UNIVERSE' carried an article titled 'THE
DEEP DARK SECRET AT DULCE', written by Bill Hamilton and 'TAL' LeVesque. If
planet earth is to be the central 'battleground' or staging-ground for a
final cosmic battle between galactic superpowers, and if the U.S. is one of
the major areas on earth where the 'final outcome' will be decided, and
since the Dulce, New Mexico area is considered to be THE MAJOR BASING SITE
where human - alien collaboration AND/OR conflict is taking place, then we
should focus our attention on what has been going on deep beneath this
small southwestern town. More than any other area in the U.S., if not the
world... this small town has been the epicenter for nearly ever form of
paranormal activity one can imagine, including: UFO sightings, UFO
landings, Abductions, Implantation's, Human & Animal mutilations, PSI
Warfare studies, Secret Government-Alien interaction, U.S. 'Constitutional'
Government vs. Alien Agenda conflicts, 'Reptilian' sightings,
Cryptozoological or Bioengineering phenomena [this was the general area
where the famous 'Cabbit', the half cat / half rabbit was captured],
Underground bases, Conspiracy scenarios, Alien Infiltration, Deep-Cavern
phenomena, Super High-Tech activity, & MIB encounters. In fact a higher
CONCENTRATION of such activities has been evident in the vicinity of Dulce
than any other area in the world, to the point that the inhabitants of this
town have for the most part resigned themselves into acknowledging --
although not necessarily accepting -- the reality of such activity, whether
they like it or not.

Bill Hamilton and 'TAL' Levesque take us 'inside' the Hadean-like
labyrinths deep within this underground megacomplex, through the eyes of
those who have actually been there, so brace yourselves:

"Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico. It's population is
about 900 and it is located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian
Reservation. There is one major motel and just a few stores. It is not a
resort town and it is not bustling with activity. Yet, according to a few
outsiders, Dulce harbors a deep, dark secret. That secret is said to be
harbored deep below the tangled brush of Archuleta Mesa. That secret
involves a joint government-alien biogenetic laboratory designed to carry
out bizarre experiments on humans and animals.

"New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez was drawn into the mysteries
of Dulce when called out to investigate a mutilated cow on the Manuel Gomez
ranch in a pasture 13 miles east of Dulce. Gomez had lost four cattle to
mutilations between 1976 and June 1978 (and SEVERAL more in ensuing years.
- Branton) when a team of investigators which included Tom Adams arrived
from Paris, Texas to examine the site of the carcass.

"Curious as to how cattle were being selected by the mysterious mutilators,
an interesting experiment was conducted on July 5, 1978 by Valdez, Gomez,
and retired scientist Howard Burgess. The three penned up about 120 of the
Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a squeeze chute under an
ultra-violet light. They found a 'glittery substance on the right side of
the neck, the right ear, and the right leg.' Samples of the affected hides
were removed as well as control samples from the same animals.

"Some investigators attribute the mutilations to aliens from UFOs.
Sightings of strange lights and other aerial phenomena have been reported
in many areas where the cows have been found at the time of the reported
mutilation. UFOs have been seen frequently around Dulce.

"I arrived in Dulce on April 19, 1988, to visit with Gabe Valdez and to
inquire about the sightings, the mutes, and the rumors of an underground
alien base in the area. There was still snow on the ground by the Best
Western motel when I checked in and called Valdez. He made an appointment
to see me at 9:30 PM. I found Gabe to be a very congenial host as he
offered to show us around the roads of Dulce that night and point out the
various locations where he had found mutilated cows or had seen strange
aerial lights. He made the astounding statement that he was still seeing
unidentified aircraft at the rate of one every two nights. We took a look
at the Gomez Ranch, the road by the Navajo River, and the imposing
Archuleta Mesa. Gabe had found landing tracks and crawler marks near the
site of the mutes. Gabe was convinced that scientist Paul Bennewitz of
Thunder Scientific Labs in Albuquerque was definitely on the right track in
his attempts to locate an underground alien facility in the vicinity of

"I had first heard of Paul Bennewitz in 1980 when my friend Walter called
me from Albuquerque and told me he had been working with Paul on electronic
instruments. Walter said Paul had not only photographed UFOs, but had
established a communication link with their underground base at Dulce.
Bennewitz had first come to prominence during the August 1980 sightings of
UFOs over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area and Kirtland AFB. A KIRTLAND AFB
INCIDENT REPORT dated October 28, 1980 mentions that Bennewitz had taken
film of UFOs over Kirtland. Paul was president of Thunder Scientific Labs
adjacent to Kirtland. Bennewitz gave a briefing in Albuquerque detailing
how he had seen the aliens on a video screen (via a computer-radio-video
link he had developed using a hexidecimal code after tapping-in to their
ship-to-base communications frequency, Paul himself being a brilliant
scientist who has developed equipment for the Space Shuttles and several
Fortune 500 companies. - Branton). The aliens were transmitting signals...
from a base underneath Archuleta Mesa.

"Researcher William Moore claims that government agents became interested
in Bennewitz' activities and were trying to defuse him by pumping as much
disinformation through him as he could absorb. Whether Paul's communication
with supposed aliens at the Dulce Base was part of this disinformation
campaign is unclear. If one were to believe that Paul is the SINGLE source
of reports on the Dulce Facility, then it could also be a tactical maneuver
to discount and discredit Paul's allegation of an underground base if such
reports were meant to remain secret. Then the actual disinformation
maneuver would be to dis-inform the public and NOT a single individual.

"In a report entitled 'PROJECT BETA', Paul states that he had spent two
years tracking alien craft; that he had constant reception of video from an
alien ship and underground base viewscreen; that he had established
constant direct communications with the aliens using a computer and a form
of Hexadecimal code with graphics and printout; and claims to have used
aerial and ground photography to locate the alien ships' launch ports and
charged beam weapons. Paul claimed that the aliens were devious, employed
deception, and did not adhere to agreements. Paul and Walter were working
on a weapon that would counter the aliens.

"Some will think at this point that we have crossed-over from the land of
clear thinking concerning anomalous phenomena to the land of
science-fiction. But let us remember that bizarre phenomena such as the
UFOs represent may have its roots in a bizarre reality. It is expected to
be bizarre at first, but as we continue our studies we will evolve to
understand it.

"Paul Bennewitz had investigated the case of abductee Myrna Hansen of New
Mexico who reported having been taken to an underground facility in May
1980. Christa Tilton of Oklahoma has reported that she had an experience of
missing time in July 1987 where she had been abducted by two small grey
aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she
encountered a man dressed in a red military-like jump suit. She was taken
into a tunnel through computerized check-points displaying security
cameras. She reported having been taken on a transit vehicle to another
area where she stepped on a scale-like device facing a computer screen.
After the computer issued her an identification card, she was told by her
guide that they had just entered Level One of a seven-level underground
facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually taken down to
Level Five. She reports having seen alien craft and little grey alien
entities in some of the areas that she passed through.

"Christa reports going into one large room where she saw large tanks with
computerized gauges hooked to the tanks and large arms that extended from
some tubing down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled
formaldehyde, and was under the impression that some liquid was being
stirred in the tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she had
witnessed during her abduction.

"These tanks Christa talks about were depicted in a set of controversial
papers called the Dulce Papers. These papers were allegedly stolen from the
Dulce underground facility along with 30 black and white photos and a video
tape by a mysterious security officer who claims to have worked at Dulce up
until 1979, when he decided that the time had come to part company with his
employers. The rest of the story is about this security officer who has met
with one of us in an attempt to tell us the truth about the aliens, the
[so-called] U.S. Government, and the Dulce base. He is announcing his
intention to come out of hiding and present soft and hard evidence of his
claims. It will be up to you to decide whether this evidence constitutes an
addition to the growing proof that a government cover-up exists.

"In late 1979, Thomas Castello could no longer cope with the awesome
reality he had to confront. As a high level security officer at the joint
alien-U.S. Government underground base near Dulce he had learned of and had
seen disturbing things. After much inner conflict, he decided to desert the
facility and take various items with him.

"Using a small camera, he took over 30 photos of areas within the
multi-level complex. He removed a security video tape from the Control
Center which showed various security camera views of hallways, labs,
aliens, and 'U.S. Government' personnel. He also collected documents to
take with him. Then, by shutting off the alarm and camera system in one of
the over 100 exits to the surface, he left the facility with the photos,
video, and documents. These 'originals' were hidden after five sets of
copies were made. (These were placed in the hands of five individuals, who
were told that if they failed to hear from Castello for three consecutive 6
month periods -- normally he would visit each of them every six months --
then they could release the information or do whatever they wanted with it.
No one except Castello and the recipients themselves know who these people
are, however with rumors of Castello's death or disappearance in Costa Rica
in recent years the recipients CAN release the information if they choose
to do so, although they may decide to wait until the subject reaches
critical mass among the public, and then come forward with little fear of
repercussions. - Branton)

"Thomas was ready to go into hiding. But, when he went to pick up his wife
and young son, he found a van and government agents waiting. He had been
betrayed by K. LOMAS [a fellow worker] who was instrumental in the
kidnapping of his wife and child. The agents wanted what Thomas had taken
from the facility for which he would get his wife and son back. It became
apparent to him that his wife and son would be used in biological
experiments and were not going to be returned unharmed. That was a little
over ten years ago...

"How did Thomas get involved in all this covert intrigue?

"Thomas is now about 50 years old (at the time that the article was written
in 1991 - Branton). When he was in his mid-twenties, he received top secret
training in photography at an underground facility in West Virginia. For
seven years, he worked for the RAND Corp. in Santa Monica, California when
in 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility (in a similar manner as
scientist Robert Lazar who worked for LOS ALAMOS LABS was transferred to
AREA-51 in Nevada, which is an alternate base similar to DULCE. Lazar
claims that he replaced a scientist who had died during an 'altercation'
with aliens in the tunnels below the Nevada Military Complex. The point I'm
trying to make is that both RAND LABS and LOS ALAMOS LABS apparently have
the answers to what is really going on under DULCE and AREA-51, if anyone
does. - Branton)

"He bought a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked Monday through Friday
with weekends off. All Dulce Base personnel commute via a deep underground
tube-shuttle system.

"At the time, one of us [TAL] was working security in Santa Fe, N.M. and
was privately investigating UFO sightings, animal mutilations, Masonic and
Wicca groups in the area. Thomas had a mutual friend who came to Santa Fe
in 1979 to visit both of us. This individual would later view the photos,
video tape and documents taken from the Dulce Base. Drawings were made from
what was seen and circulated later in the UFO research community as the
'Dulce Papers.'

"Thomas alleges that there were over 18,000 of the short 'greys' at the
Dulce Facility. He has also seen [tall] reptilian humanoids. One of us
[TAL] had come face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had
materialized in the house. The Reptoid showed interest in research maps of
New Mexico and Colorado which were on [my] wall. The maps were full of
colored push-pins and markers to indicate sites of animal mutilations,
caverns, the locations of high UFO activity, repeated flight paths,
abduction sites, ancient ruins, and suspected alien underground bases.

"...The security level goes up as one descends to the lower levels. Thomas
had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there MAY have
been more. Most of the aliens are on levels 5, 6, and 7. Alien housing is
on level 5. The only sign in English was one over a tube shuttle station
hallway which read 'to Los Alamos.' Connections go from Dulce to [the]
Page, Arizona facility, then to an underground base below Area 51 in
Nevada. Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.;
Datil, N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creede, Colorado; Sandia; then on
to Carlsbad, New Mexico. There is a vast network of tube shuttle
connections under the U.S. which extends into a global system of tunnels
and sub-cities.

"At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in the alien
symbol language and a universal symbol system understood by humans and
aliens. Thomas stated that after the second level, everyone is weighed, in
the nude, then given a uniform. Visitors are given off-white uniforms. The
weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. Any change in
weight is noted. Any change in over three pounds requires a physical exam
and X-ray. The uniforms are jump suits with a zipper.

"In front of all sensitive areas are scales built into the floor by
doorways and the door control panels. An individual places his computer
I.D. card into the door slot, then presses a numerical code and buttons.
The person's card must match with the weight and code or the door will not
open. Any discrepancy in weight will summon security. No one is allowed to
carry anything into sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor
belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in leaving sensitive areas.

"All elevators are controlled magnetically, but there are no elevator
cables. The magnetic system is inside the walls of the elevator shaft.
There are no normal electrical controls. Everything is controlled by
advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no regular light bulbs.
The tunnels are illuminated by Phosphorous units with broad, structureless
emission bands. Some DEEP TUNNELS use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to
temporarily illuminate certain areas. The aliens won't go near these zones
for reasons unknown (Note: This suggests that these DEEPER tunnels may have
originally been constructed in more ancient or prehistoric times by beings
OTHER than the current reptiloid-draco residents of the deeper levels of
the Dulce 'base' itself. - Branton).

"The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects
of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams. Thomas says that they know how to
separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body and place an 'alien
entity' force-matrix within a human body after removing the 'soul'
life-force-matrix of the human. (Or in more simple terms, 'kill' the human
being and turn it into a vessel to be used by another entity -- whether
alien OR paraphysical -- in order to allow that entity to work and operate
in the physical realm. This appears to be a complex high-tech version of
the old 'zombie' traditions, IF in fact such horrific applications of
occult-technology are taking place within this installation. Incidentally
the interlinking underground systems converging below Dulce, NM, have been
described ONLY IN PART within this and other related accounts. Those
sectors of the underground that are 'forbidden' to most humans and under
reptiloid control, are of course those areas that we know the least about.
- Branton).

"Level 6 is privately called 'Nightmare Hall'. It holds the genetic labs.
Here are experiments done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly
altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged
humans and several cages [and vats] of humanoid bat-like creatures
(deceased 'Mothmen', or those creatures that John Keel refers to in his
book THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES? - Branton) up to 7-feet tall. The aliens have
taught the humans a lot about genetics, things both useful and dangerous."

TAL then describes something which might seem unbelievable if it weren't
for the fact that dozens of other sources seem to have confirmed it. This
discovery was reportedly one of the REAL reasons for the incitation of the
'Dulce Wars':

"...LEVEL #7 is the worst. Row after row of 1,000's of humans &
human-mixture remains in cold storage. Here too are embryos of humanoids in
various stages of development. Also, many human childrens' remains in
storage vats. Who are [were] these people?"

"[My sources of information include...] people who worked in the labs,
abductees taken to the base, people who assisted in the construction,
intelligence personnel [NSA, CIA, etc.], and UFO-Inner Earth researchers.
This information is meant for those who are seriously interested in the
Dulce base. For YOUR OWN PROTECTION, be advised to 'USE CAUTION' while
investigating this complex...

"The Greys, the Reptoids, the winged Draco species are highly analytical
and technologically oriented. THEY HAVE HAD ANCIENT CONFLICTS WITH THE
EL-HUMANS and may be STAGING here for a FUTURE CONFLICT...

"Principal government organizations involved with mapping human genetics,
the so-called genome projects are within the Department of Energy; the
National Institute of Health; the National Science Foundation; the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute; and, of course, the Dulce Underground Labs run by
the DOE (the "Department of Energy", which ALSO runs the Nevada Test Site.
- Branton)

"Is the alien and human BIO-TECH being used to nurture and serve us or is
it being used to CONTROL AND DOMINATE US? Why have UFO abductees been used
in genetic experiments?

frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but
sometimes THEY CRIED AND BEGGED FOR HELP. We were told they were hopelessly
insane, and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told
NEVER TO SPEAK TO THEM AT ALL. At the beginning we believed the story.
Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. THAT BEGAN

"We may find it hard and unpalatable to digest or even believe Thomas'
story and why should we even give it a hearing at all? Probably for no
other reason than the fact that MANY OTHERS are coming out and telling
bizarre stories and the fact that there may be a terrible truth hidden
behind the continuing phenomena of UFO sightings, abductions, and animal
mutilations. Our government intelligence agencies have had an ongoing
watchful eye on all UFO activities for many decades now. This bizarre
phenomena must have a bizarre explanation. We may be only one outpost in
[a] vast interstellar drama.

"Recently, researcher John Anderson went to Dulce, N.M. to see if there is
anything to the reported UFO activity. He says that he arrived in town
coincidentally to see a caravan of cars and a McDonnell Douglas mini-lab in
a van going up a rural road near the town. He followed them to a fenced-in
compound where he waited to see further developments. Suddenly, six UFOs
descended rapidly over the compound, hovered long enough for him to snap
one picture, then shot up and out of sight. When later stopping in a store
to tell the owner of the UFO photo he had taken, the store owner listened
and revealed how he had been a victim cattle rancher of cattle mutes. Their
conversation was interrupted by a phone call after which the store owner
told John to leave at once, then closed the store after John went to his
car. John then saw a mysterious van drive up to the store and a man got out
and went in. John decided to leave Dulce at that moment but was FOLLOWED by
two men in a car as he left town.

"Even more recently a research team has gone up to Archuleta Mesa to take
soundings under the ground and preliminary and tentative computer analysis
of these soundings seem to indicate DEEP CAVITIES UNDER THE MESA (one
source has stated that according to the data recieved these cavities
extended to a depth of over 4,000 FEET! - Branton).

"Perhaps, someday, we will discover the deep dark secret of Dulce...
Whatever the future beings it won't be dull."

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