---------------                        ----------------
  AM/FM Radio / Solar Powered            Hydrogen Peroxide
  Baking Soda                            Multi-vitamins/Aminos/Vitamin C
  Batteries / Large & Small              Stitching Kit (for serious cuts)
  Beef Jerky                             First Aid Kit
  Blankets                               Penicillin if available
  Booze & Beer                           Snake Bite Kit
  Bottled Water                          Pain Killer (Tylenol, Advil etc)
  Boullion Cubes
  Candles                                CLOTHING ITEMS
  Canned Foods / all kinds               --------------
  Coffee                                 Fatigues
  Decks of Cards                         Hiking Boots
  Feminine Pads                          Rain Gear
  Flashlights                            SURVIVAL ITEMS
  Garden Hose                            --------------
  Garden Supplies                        Air Compressor / DC power source
  Ice Chests                             Backpacks
  Knives                                 Battery Charger
  Light Bulbs                            Binoculars
  Lighter Fluid                          Canteen
  Matches / Lighters                     CB Radio
  Needles & Thread                       Campstove / Fuel
  Notebooks                              Chain Saws
  Pens/Pencils                           Coleman Lantern / Fuel
  Plastic Bags / Garbage Sacks           Elecrical Wire
  Pots / Pans / Silverware               Fishing Gear
  Rags (cloth)                           Gasoline / 5 Gallon Plastic Cans
  Sardines                               Gun Oil
  Scissors                               Guns & Ammo
  Soap / Shampoo                         Inflatable Raft
  Spam and other canned meats            Lamps - 12V
  Spices                                 Machette
  Suntan Lotion                          Magnesium Fire Starter
  Tang & Vitamin C                       Maps
  Tape / Duct & Electrical               Oil
  Tea                                    Ammunition Reloaders & Supplies
  Thermos                                Rope
  Toilet Paper                           Scuba Gear
  Tools                                  Seeds - All kinds
  Water pump/purifying filters           Tent & sleeping bag(s)
  WD-40                                  Water Purifier Tablets
This represents a list that you can fill all, or part of, depending on your
needs and requirements.  Print the list and put a check-mark next to each
item as you store it away.  Don't try to fill this in a few weeks, but just
try to get 1 item at least per week, store it away, and then go on to next.
Some of the items are common sense, things that you should have in your house
anyway in case of emergency or need.  Others are more "hard-core" and you
may opt not to purchase it - in that case, line through the item.