By: The Nimpha
                              Dedicated to the 2600 Club
This file contains the elements of street fighting and fighting with weapons.
Into corner of eye. (Will blind, and hemorrhage)
*Into pupil of eye. (Will blind, hemorrhage or kill via optic nerve)
Throat. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
*Into esophagus. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
*Into heart muscle. (Fatal stoppage)
Into stomach or sides. (Can hit vital organs, hemorrhage)
Groin. (Hemorrhage, and very "uncomfortable")
*Into mastoidal opening behind ear to brain. (Fatal)
Anywhere along the spinal chord between the vertebrae. (Causes paralysis,
hemorrhage, possible death)
*Base of skull upwards into lower brain. (Same as above)
Kidneys. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
The items marked with a '*' are extremely dangerous to hit. The shock of the
blow or the actual blow can be fatal.
Have you ever wanted to know just what these blows and kicks were doing to the
victim??? (You should print this part out, because
it refers to the list all the way through)
A. Considerable pain
B. Possible bleeding
C. Disorientation
D. Serious injury unlikely
E. Greater possibility of serious injury
F. Possible brain damage, shock force
G. Breaking of nasal bone; nose bleeding
H. Impractical
I. Numbing of arm
J. Unconsciousness
K. Convulsions possible
L. Damage of carotid artery
M. Possible diaslocation of 7th cervical vertebra
N. Startle, stun, hemorrhaging
O. Brain damage
P. Little serious injury
Q. Knockout
R. Gasping/choking; possible death
S. Muscle spasms
T. Broken rib; could rupture kidney
U. Internal injury to organs
V. Fracture, tear cartilage or broken bone
W. Dislocate knee; tear ligaments
X. Dislocation
Y. Fracture
Z. Fracture, metatarsal bones
A1. Permanent injury
A2. Blindness
A3. Possible fatality
Small person vs. large person------\
Large person vs. small person----\  \
Two equally sized people-------\  \  \
FORCEFUL side of hand slash or A  E  H
         hammer fist to bridge B  F
         of nose               C  G
FORCEFUL open hand slash or    I  F  H
         hammer fist to side   J  J
         of neck               K  L
FORCEFUL hammer fist or open   A  A  H
         hand blow to base of  M  M
         neck                  E  E
FORCEFUL temple blows by heel  F
         of palm, hammer fist, J
         or elbow blow         K
FORCEFUL blow to side of nose, A  A  N
         fist slash, elbow     B  B  P
         smash                 G  G
                               C  C
FORCEFUL blow, up under nose,  A  A  N
         heel of palm, elbow   B  B  P
         smash, slash          G  G
                               C  C
FORCEFUL claw, poke, thumbing  A1 A1 A1
         to eyes               A2 A2 A2
FORCEFUL blow, up under chin,  Q  Q  C
         fist, heel of palm,   A  A
         elbow smash           C  C
                               E  E
FORCEFUL blow to ear, fist or  C  C  H
         cupped hands
FORCEFUL blow to Adam's Apple, E  E  C
         straight hand hit     R  R  D
FORCEFUL blow to hollow of     E  E  C
         throat, straight hand R  R  D
FORCEFUL blow to side of neck, J  J  C
         slash, hammer fist    A  A  J
                               C  C  A
                               A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to collarbone,   D  P  H
         slash, hammer fist    I
FORCEFUL blow to base of neck, A3 A3 A
         open side of hand,    A  A  D
         hammer fist           C  C  H
FORCEFUL blow between shoulder D  E  H
         blades, hammer fist
FORCEFUL blow to kidney area,  T  T  D
         straight-in punch or  E  E
         kick technique        A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to Solar Plexus, T  T  D
         straight-in punch,    E  E
         heel of palm, kicks   A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to last rib,     A  A  H
         fist, elbow smash     D  D
FORCEFUL blow to inside of     A  A  D
         elbow joint, open     D  D
         hand hit
FORCEFUL blow to outside of    Y  Y  Y
         elbow, Atemi, Waza    X  X  X
                               A  A  A
FORCEFUL blow to forearm area, A  A  A
         tip of mound          I  I  I
FORCEFUL blow, lower abdomen & A  A  A
         groin, kicking        C  C  C
         techniques            E  E  E
                               U  U  U
FORCEFUL blow to knee, kicking A  A  A
         techniques            C  C  C
                               X  X  X
                               Y  Y  Y
FORCEFUL blow to shin, kicking A  A  A
         techniques            C  C  C
                               X  X  X
                               Y  Y  Y
FORCEFUL blow to instep, heel  A  A  A
         stamp                 C  C  C
                               X  X  X
                               Y  Y  Y
                               Z  Z  Z
FORCEFUL blow to ankle,        A  A  A
         kicking technique     C  C  D
                               X  X
                               Y  Y
                               Z  Z
1. Never underestimate your attacker. Assume that he is dangerous.
2. Don't get fancy. Use simple but effective tactics.
3. Always be sure to maintain your balance.
4. Be quick and keep the reactions flowing. Keep striking, never let up until
you know your aggressor is down for good.
5. Nothing is unfair. THERE ARE NO RULES!
6. While counter-attacking, NEVER lose sight of your opponent.
7. Deliver ALL blows to weaker areas.
8. Keep yelling and cursing as you counter.
9. Use any available object or weapon to detract your assailant's techniques.
10. Fight as if YOUR life depends upon the success of YOUR counter-attacks. It
just might!
If you happen to have some medical books, or charts, here are some nerve
centers of the human anatomy.
Occipital bone
First cervical vertebra (Atlas)
Second cervical vertebra (Axis)
Frontal bone
Frontal sinus
Nasal bone
Nasal cartilage
Hyoid bone
Thyroid gland
Windpipe (Trachea)
Musculo/Skeletal System
Sterno-mastoid muscle
Trapezius muscle
Clavicle collarbone
Sternum (Breastbone)
Humerus bone
Elbow joint
Ulna bone
Radius bone
Pelvic region
Carpal bones
Metacarpal bones
Femur bone
Knee joint
Gastrocnemius muscle
Tibia bone
Fibula bone
Tarsal bones
Metatarsal bones
Torso & Vital Organs
Carotid artery
Jugular vein
Coming soon: Part II
H.C.O.S. (C) 1985 Ver. 1.0