What do Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-in-cheif of the
"conservative" Washington Times, and Max Frankel, top dog at the
"liberal" New York Times, have in common?
   At least one thing, at any rate; Both are members of the
Rockefeller family's private and secretive international
pressure group known as the Council on Foreigh Relations (CFR).
   De Borchgrave and Frankel join a long list of powerful media
personalities, who are members of the CFR and/or of the
Trilaterial Commission (TC), another Rockefeller family front
group that plays a major role in shaping U.S. foriegn policy.
   Rockefeller influence on the media is immense, particularly
on the major television networks. In fact, according to
researcher Peter Borsnan, the Rockefeller family's Chase
Manhatan Bank ( and the other Rockefeller institutions)are among
the largest holders of network stock, with substancial interests
in all three networks.
   Chase Manhattan controls fully 14 percent of CBS stock. Stock
analysts note that with stock widely distributed among
shareholders, institutions can weild influence or outright
control with 5 percent, sometimes as little as 1 or 2 percent,
   The accompanying chart shows some of the major media figures
(aapast and present)--editors, reporters, corporate directors,
and others--who belong or have belonged to the CFR and the TC.

                     CFR/TC MEDIA DOMINATION


William Paley                                         CFR
William Burden                                        CFR
Roswell Gilpatric                                     CFR
James Houghton                                        CFR
Henry Schacht                                      CFR/TC
Marietta Tree                                         CFR
C.C. Collingswood                                     CFR
Laurence LaSueur                                      CFR
Dan Rather                                            CFR
Harry Reasoner                                        CFR
Richard Hottelet                                      CFR
Frank Stanton                                         CFR
Bill Moyers                                           CFR


Jane Pfeiffer                                         CFR
Lester Crystal                                        CFR
R.W. Sonnenfeldt                                      CFR
T.F. Bradshaw                                         CFR
John Petty                                            CFR
David Brinkley                                        CFR
John Chancellor                                       CFR
Marvin Kalb                                           CFR
Irving Levine                                         CFR
H. Schlosser                                          CFR
P.G. Peterson                                      CFR/TC
Jown Sawhill                                       CFR/TC


Ray Adam                                              CFR
Frank Cary                                            CFR
John Connor                                           CFR
T.M. Macioce                                          CFR
Ted Koppel                                            CFR
John Scalli                                           CFR
Barbara Walters                                       CFR


Hartford Gunn                                         CFR
Robert McNeil                                         CFR
Jim Lehrer                                            CFR
C. Hunter-Gault                                       CFR
Hodding Carter III                                    CFR
Daniel Schorr                                         CFR

                        ASSOCIATED PRESS

Keith Fuller                                          CFR
Stanley Swinton                                       CFR
Louis Boccardi                                        CFR
Harold Anderson                                       CFR
Katherine Graham                                      CFR


H. L. Stevenson                                       CFR


Michael Posner                                        CFR

                          BOSTON GLOBE

David Rogers                                          CFR

                          BALTIMORE SUN

Henry Trewhitt                                        CFR

                       NEW YORK TIMES CO.

Richard Gelb                                          CFR
James Reston                                          CFR
William Scranton                                   CFR/TC
A.M. Rosenthal                                        CFR
Seymore Topping                                       CFR
James Greenfield                                      CFR
Max Frankel                                           CFR
Jack Rosenthal                                        CFR
Harding Bancroft                                      CFR
Amory Bradford                                        CFR
Orvil Dryfoos                                         CFR
David Halberstram                                     CFR
Walter Lippmann                                       CFR
L.E. Markel                                           CFR
H.L. Matthews                                         CFR
John Oakes                                            CFR
Adolph Ochs                                           CFR
Harrison Salisbury                                    CFR
A. Hays Sulzberger                                    CFR
A. Ochs Sulzberger                                    CFR
C.L. Sulzberger                                       CFR
H.L. Smith                                            CFR
Steven Rattner                                        CFR
Richard Burt                                          CFR

                            TIME INC.

Ralph Davidson                                        CFR
Donald M. Wilson                                      CFR
Louis Banks                                           CFR
Henry Grunwald                                        CFR
Alexander Heard                                       CFR
Sol Linowitz                                       CFR/TC
Rawleigh Warner Jr.                                   CFR
Thomas Watson Jr.                                     CFR

                    WASHINGTON POST/NEWSWEEK

Katherine Graham                                      CFR
Phillip Graham                                        CFR
Arjay Miller                                          CFR
N. deB. Katzenbach                                     TC
Frederick Beebe                                       CFR
Robert Christopher                                    CFR
Osborne Elliot                                        CFR
Phillip Geyelin                                       CFR
Kermit Lausner                                        CFR
Murry Marder                                          CFR
Malcomb Muir                                          CFR
Maynard Parker                                        CFR
George Will                                           CFR
Robert Kaiser                                         CFR
Meg Greenfield                                        CFR
Walter Pincus                                         CFR
Murray Gart                                           CFR
Peter Osnos                                           CFR
Don Oberdorfer                                        CFR

               DOW JONES & CO. (WALL ST. JOURNAL)

William Agee                                          CFR
J. Paul Austin                                        TC
Charles Mayer                                         CFR
Robert Potter                                         CFR
Richard Wood                                          CFR
Robert Bartley                                        CFR
Karen House                                           CFR

                         NATIONAL REVIEW

Wm. F. Buckley Jr.                                    CFR
Richard Brookhiser                                    CFR

                        WASHINGTON TIMES