-- LOST on PATROL  --

     Anyone can get lost on patrol from time to time,  it happens  to  the
best of us...Veteran and rookie alike.  Even Daniel Boone, while exploring
the  unknown  forests  and  the  fertile meadows of Kentucky once wandered
around for five days and nights without having the slightest idea where he
was and had a tough time getting back to Wilderness Road and Main Street.

     Police officers  are  no  different  and  have  been  known  to  find
themselves 'a mite bewildered' or totally disorientated when trying to get
back  to  headquarters  in  time  to  go  off  duty.  Should you ever find
yourself lost while on patrol,  it is important for you to know what to do
and how to act professionally in such a situation.

     The  main thing is to stay calm,  take it easy and don't panic!  Stay
off the radio no matter how much you want to call  in  a  "Mayday!Mayday!"
Attempt to reason your way out.  Search for the major highway, flip a coin
and  decide which direction to follow,  Never talk to strangers,  they are
probably lost,  too.  Try to remember where  you  were  last.  Recall  the
exact moment when you were not lost.  Think things out, plan ahead.

     Try to remember the telephone number at headquarters, if not, call the
operator  and she may be able to help you out.  Never admit that you are a
police officer,  no matter how tough an interrogator she is.  Utilize your
Miranda  rights.  Never  stray from your patrol car,  there could be lions
and tigers and bears out there in the darkness.

     While on patrol it is wise and proper procedure for patrol  units  to
travel  in  packs,  there's  safety  in  numbers.  Form a convoy whenever
possible,  stay together at all times.  Eat together and  sleep  together.
However, should you become separated, always let them find you.  There are
always  more  of them and only one of you,  so your chances of being found
are much better!  Remember,  and have faith,  that if someone wakes up and
discovers that you are missing, he or she may try to find you.

     Always  play  the odds,  continue driving only if you are sure no one
will find you.  Follow the cardinal rule,  never run off in  the  darkness
screaming like a woman in labor,  it's bad for our image.  Think positive.
Humming helps, or count as high as you can, then start all over.  Think of
a color, a favorite teacher,  friendly butterflies,  your dark closet,  or
that special blanket that you sleep with at home.

     Keep in mind that you have a badge, a gun, extra ammo, a nightstick,
a  pocket knife.  a new police car,  a full tank of gas,  a spare tire and
jack,  a First Aid kit,  and if you're lucky a map.  Ask yourself,  "What
would  John  Wayne  do  in this situation?" Use your initiative and Academy

     If you think that you will not be found  before  your  tour  of  duty
ends,  simply  kick off your shoes and snuggle up comfortably on the front
seat.  Surer than sure, a supervisor will come upon you when he wakes up.

     In the event you have to leave the car for any reason,  to  look  for
food, water, or the coffee truck, leave your roof lights on, just in case.
Better  yet,  never  go out on patrol alone until you have developed basic
pathfinding skills or until you have been on the  job  for  at  least  ten
years  and  have committed to memory a minimum of seven travel routes back
to headquarters.

     Remember,  any police officer can become lost on patrol,  but only  a
rookie is late going off duty!