The Art of being invisible

Sometimes your worst enemy is a fellow human being.  It might be that you
are unlucky enough to be sent to a war zone.  I have crossed the Iron
Curtain six times illegally dodging the border patrols.  While I have had a
considerable amount of luck, you must have skill also. 

Know thy enemy.  It's unlikely that the enemy goes out in a dreadful weather
at night.  This is the time you can move well.  But beware, they probably
have set up land mines and traps.  I have seen chopped down trees that are
left rotting on the ground on the Iron Curtain.  That is a good place to
hide a land mine or to put a trap thread.  Don't even try!

The most unlikely place to put a land mine is a road used by the border
patrol themselves.  You can see the usage looking for new tire tracks on the

The border is full of military camps and installations.  Do not take any
photograps and avoid the camps altogether.  If you are caught they believe
you more if you don't have photos of their military stuff.  

Roads are risky.  You walk, but they drive and a car can appear suddenly,
before you can hide.  It's good if when you look obviously coming from
behind the border to be heading *away* from the border (showing them that
this is the maximum length that you have walked behind the border).  

If you look like a local, you can be walking either way.  Put a good stunt and
they'll pass you.  They don't have time to question all locals. 

Caves and pits are good in hiding from the heat detecting camera.  There is
an anti-heat detector suit commercially available, but if you are caught in
that you have one excuse less.  If you see a patrol coming, take a step or
two to cover youself.  Don't run, don't panic.  Remember to have a
believable excuse.