Distributed by: Assailant's Blade and
                Ford Prefect

The Inspectors Thoughts....

How many times have you had the need to be able to sneak up on somebody, enter
a building unnoticed, or simply walk around without being seen, or heard? Well,
if you are a normal person, you probably have had it at least once.

This months column is on Evasive Principles, and how you can get started in a
world of hidden adventure.

The first thing you need to worry about is how visible you are. There are many
myths about camoflage. Yes, camoflage does work, and very well at that. I have
been within 3 feet of a person with his flashlight shining on me, yet my form
was to broken for him to pattern me into a human figure. Thats what camoflage
does. The green is for the tree, and brush, black for the shadows, and brown
for the dirt and foilage. The more camoflage the better. Face nets, gloves,
socks, shoes, wallets, and underwear are all easy to find at your local
sporting good store. Along with your outerwear, you need footwear. This should
carefully be chosen. One of the best pairs of shoes you can use are the black
karate shoes. Well.. they might not look good, but they provide very dark,
comfortable  movement, as well as quietness. Another usefull item is a
camoflage watch band. They not only protect the face of your watch, but they
keep light from reflecting off of it, giving away your location.

Entering Buildings
When you find the place you want to explore, trash, or just go into, there are
several things you must think about. First, is their a security system gaurding
the building? How secure is the place? Where are you going once you get in? You
should whenever possible, explore the building, making a mental map of it,
during open hours when you will be unnoticed. Watch for things like magnetic
reed switches on the windows and doors, cameras, and beam breakers between
doors and halls. Obviously, some things may be placed where you cant see them,
(pressure mats, motion detectors..etc) so you should be carefull and remember
the places you saw that looked to ungaurded. Also remember that some cameras
may be placed for effect. Mountain West sellsdummy camers for about $200. There
is absolutly no way to distinguesh the difference between these and real
cameras, so don't get too smart on the James Bond crap. Basically get a feel
for what you are getting into.

The Big Night
Once you have explored the place and you know what youre after, it's time for
planning. Planning involved what you are going to take with you, who you take
with you, (there is saftey in pairs, and one could always be a lookout), and
when you go. Some of the things you may take are flashlights, with the lense
painted red with fingernail polish, or a red filter. Remember, white light
travels the furthest, and if there is anything you don't want to do, it's put
yourself in the spotlight. Red light is more easily absorbed by objects, yet
has poor range. When you, and if you decide to take sombody with you, fill them
in on the facts, where you are going, for what and why. There is nothing
stupider than having somebody tag along, who speaks out loud, is clumsy and
light minded, he can only get you caught. 

How To Enter The Building
Entering buildings obviously depends on the location and what type of building.
If the place is on Main street, youre not going to walk in the front door. Most
places have a back door, usually in an alley or dark corner. This should be
your first choice. If the building has a second story, there is a possibility
of the owner not thinking too heavily about locking all sliding glass windows
or doors, unless you are looking at a museum or FBI office. One very good way
of entering buildings, but mostly overlooked is with a lockpick. Lockpicks have
had bad rumors put on there name. No, you can't pick a lock in 5 seconds, but
the facts are nice. Within about 2 weeks of getting myself a pick, I could open
a master lock, the big ones, in about 3 seconds, and the little ones in about
5. Schlage locks are more difficult that masters, but they are not impossible.
A good pick can be bought for about $30.00. You don't want to have to break
anything while entering the building, and for heavens sake, were gloves when 
touching any smooth, non-natural surface. Surgical gloves do just dandy! Let's
say, for the sake of time and space, that you managed to enter the building
unnoticed. Now what? Well, the best thing to do is lay flat on the ground and
sit for about 10 minutes. This will allow your night vision to get into the
swing of things. Watch out for retna burn in. This is when you look out of the
center of your eye. Since most of the time, you are doing this, the center of
the retena becomes de-sensised. If you look out of the corner of your eyes,
things will be clearer. 

So you have to move around, huh? Well, here are a couple of pointers. Move
slowly, about 10 feet, and wait. Just listen. Chances are, if you have been
discovered, the owner or gaurd won't try to sneak up onto you, he will most
likely just turn on his light, and scan the room. This is why you have been
remembering the path you took, on the way in. If Somebody finds you, the best
thing to do, unless you know you can take him, is run. As soon as you hit a
shadow, drop and hold your breath. He will run past you, possibly shining his
light on you, but you are spread out like a tree, or a stump.

Tell us about it..
So you just trashed a building, getting card numbers, a few passwords, and
other goodies. Don't keep it to yourself! Tell us about how you did it. Be a
hero, not a herpi!  Don't tell Eugene, the town nark, however, or you may find
some interested people, other than your friends.