The SURVival NETwork

History: The SURVival NETwork, hereafter referred to as SURVNET, was born 
in the minds of Joey Kelly (Tulsa Oklahoma) and Will Wright (Moberly 
Missouri) during the early part of 1991.  Since that time, Joey Kelly and 
Will Wright have had to shut down their BBS's but will always be remembered 
as founders of SURVNET.

Purpose: The SURVival NETwork's primary purpose is to dispell the myth
that the media has given to Survivalists.  Survivalists are generally
people like you that are concerned about the current events in this world
and the safety and well being of their families.

For this reason is why SURVNET was created.  To help others in their
pursuit of knowledge regarding Survival.  Survnet makes available to all
node members a variety of informational files and programs with survival
topics.  Also available are articles, reprinted with permission, taken from
American Survival Guide.

The SURVival NETwork is not affiliated with American Survival Guide or its
publishers.  SURVNET is a completely independent hobbiest organization with
no commercial affiliations.

To be a member of SURVNET, you do not have to subscribe to any political or
paramilitary orginizations.  Just have will to survive and fight for your
freedoms and the Constitution of the United States of America.

We hope you'll join us.