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This is a very powerfull Protect Charm Spell.

  Time-Day=Midnight of a fullmoon
  Cast your circle
  Call apon the God=Aleto:He is the protecter from unseen enemies.

               :Items needed:

  1.Item you wish to charm.

  1.Blue Blueberry candle:Blue=Physical Protection .  Blue Berry=Keep harm away.
  2.Purple Candles=Magik Power and wisdom.
  1.White Vanilla Candle:White=Lunar Power .  Vanilla=Enhance Memory
  1.Gram Of Anise=Protection "Moon Power"
  1.Gram Of Eucalyptus=Wrap Around the Blue candle And burn With candle=Protection Energies .  "Moon Power"
  1.Gram Of Garlic=Protection "Fire"
  1.Gram Of Black Pepper=Protection "Fire"
  Dry and mix Anise+Garlic+Black Pepper

  Spell = In the Name Of ALETO, By the power of the Source "Protect from harm The Keeper of this charm". "Repeat Protect from harm the keeper of this charm". 6 times while walking around The charm item.

  Close circle

      Hope this spell works well for everyone..

       Blessed Be
     Raziel Of The Nexus

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