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                   Sources and Resources for Asatru 


The Asatru Alliance of Independent Kindreds P.O. Box 961; Payson AZ

The Alliance is the linear descendent of the Asatru Free Assembly. They
are a democratically run national  confederation of independent kindreds
who meet once a year in an Allthing to conduct business. It is 
essentially conservative and libertarian. "The Alliance is based upon
the ancient model of tribal  democracy known as the Thing, and member
kindreds support a code of laws we feel necessary to  preserve and
protect Asatru from those who would dilute, subvert, or in any way harm
our religion.  Membership in the Alliance is encouraged for those who
actively promote and believe in the Aesir and  Vanir and our collective
Heathen Heritage. Anyone interested in joining the Alliance should
contact the  kindred of choice for acceptance. There is no membership in
the Alliance except through a kindred.  Applicants must subscribe to the
membership requirements of the kindred of choice and uphold the  bylaws
of the Asatru Alliance."

The Ring of Troth P.O. Box 18812; Austin TX 78760 The Ring of Troth was
founded by Edred Thorsson. He resigned in Spring of 2242 (Runic
Reckoning - 1992 C.E.) and has been replaced by Prudence Priest, most
well known as the editor of Yggdrasil.  Due  to the resignation of
Thorsson and several other members of the High Rede (i.e. Board of
Directors) the  Ring is currently in reorganization, and it appears that
it will emerge much stronger than before.

The Ring is governed by an appointed High Rede of 9 persons who guide
the national affairs of the Ring.  They offer a number of programs
include an Elder training program for prospective clergy, The Rune Ring 
for study of the magickal properties of the Runes from within a Germanic
Pagan context, and recognition  for local Kindreds.

The Ring of Troth requires that "its members affiliate for cultural and
religious reasons rather than for  racial and political reasons. The use
of the Ring of Troth as a platform for any type of political or racial
propoganda will not be tolerated"

Dues are $24 and include a subscription to Idunna. If one does not wish
to join, Friends of the Troth may  receive Idunna for $24 as well.


Vor Tru - $12/year. The Journal of the Asatru Alliance (see above
address).  Concentrates on community  issues within the Alliance, news
of kindreds, letters, etc.

Idunna - $24/year. The journal of the Ring of Troth. Idunna concentrates
on fairly heavy academic  subjects, runelore, etc.

Mountain Thunder - $15/year, 1630 30th St #266; Boulder CO 80301. Glossy
covered and well put  together. Usually excellent articles on relgious
issues of Heathenry, scholarly stuff, reviews, and opinion.

Uncle Thorr's Newsletter - $12/year, P.O. Box 080437; Staten Island NY

10308-0005. Simple newsletter  with ranting and raving from Uncle Thorr
and company, news from NY, and articles on lifestyle, runes,  and other


American Church of Theodish; 107 Court St, Suite 131; Watertown NY 13601
(Anglo Saxon Theodism)

Am Church of Theodish West; 9353 Otto St; Downey CA 90241

Arizona Kindred; P.O. Box 961; Payson AZ 85547 (Asatru Alliance)

Barnstokker Hearth; P.O. Box 1972; Seattle WA 98111-1972

Eagles Reaches; P.O. Box 382; Deer Park TX 77536 (Ring of Troth)

Mountain Moot; P.O. Box 328; Elizabeth CO 80107

Nerthus Heart; 27 Gap Rd; Black Hawk CO 80422

Northern California Kindred; P.O. Box 445; Nevada City CA 95959

Norvegr Kindred; 219 Lewis St; Wash Court House OH 43160

Oak Rune Kindred; P.O. Box 3392; Galveston TX 77552

Raven Kindred; P.O. Box 970; Amherst MA 01004-0970

Skelland Kindred; P.O. Box 7608; Clearwater FL 34618

Thorr's Hammer Kindred; 9461 Bella Vista Rd; Apple Valley CA 92308

Torwald Kindred; 1630 30th St #266; Boulder CO 80301

Vinland Kindred; P.O. Box 15431 PSS; Stamford CT 06901

Wulfing Kindred; P.O. Box 18237; Chicago IL 60618 (Asatru Alliance)

Yggdrasil Kindred; 1709 West Midvale Village Dr; Tucson AZ 85476

Recommended Books:

The Poetic Edda, Lee Hollander translation (basic mythology in an
excellently translated poetic version.)

The Prose Edda, Jean Young translation (basic mythology)

The Norse Myths, Kevin Crossley Holland (basic mythology in modern
language and retelling, excellent  for readings or meditation)

A Book of Troth by Edred Thorsson (Not my favorite author and not a book
without many imperfections,  but the only mass market book of the basic
rituals of Asatru)

The AFA Rituals, three volumes available from World Tree Books ($18 from
World Tree) The original  ritual volumes from the Asatru Free Assembly.


Introduction to Ritual and Invocation Tape ($7 from World Tree Books) A
basic cassette tape that goes  through a ritual step by step, the other
side is a variety of invocations and prayers.

The last two are from World Tree Publications; P.O. Box 961; Payson AZ
85547 (checks payable to the  O.F. of Arizona). World Tree is a service
of the Asatru Alliance and carries a number of tapes and  booklets as
well as Thor's Hammers and statuary.


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