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                         The Money Tree Spell 
                            Rowan Moonstone

YOu wil need:

Green candle annointed w/ pine oil.
Sweet basil (1tbsp of basil in r hand.)
Pine incense
 (Pass the basil over the altar candles and the green candle and incense
3 times and sprinkle basil around the green candle.

Green silk pouch
White altar candles annointed w/ sandalwood oil
5 pennies, 4 old, 1 new.
orange candle annointed w/ basil oil

O Altar Candle                                  O Altar Candle

                        O Green Candle
                       |             |
                       | Parchment   |

O orange candle                                 O salt
                        O pennies

                        O  pine incense         O  water

On a waxing moon, set the altar in the east of yoru circle.  This will
need to be left up for a full waxing cycle.  You will need easy access
to a door.
Take a new penny in your hand, Circle the altar deosil and say
"Bring to me what I see By thy power, Hecate,"

Spin rapidly deosil and go outside and toss the new penny in the air.
Wherever it lands, bury all 5 pennies, saying:

"I give thee money - Hecate
Return to me prosperity.
I give thee five
REturn by three
As I will
So mote it be."

Return to your altar and snuff out the candles.

Next week, at the same day and time, return to your altar with your
talisman bag and the parchment.  Light the orange candle.  Visualize
money flowing onto the altar.  Unearth the coins and bring them to the
altar.  Wash them in the chalice water to purify them.  Pass them
through the incense smoke and the fire from the orange candle.  Place
each coin in the talisman pouch, old coins first.  Add nine pieces of
rock salt, close the mouth of the talisman pouch and face east and say:

"Bring to me
what I see
By thy power
Altar power
Must it be
Earth and Air
Fire and Sea
Bring to me
What I see
By thy power

Place the bag inside your cloting and wear it every day for 7 days. 
Leave it on your altar every night visualizing prosperity.  On the 7th
day, hide it in the eastern portion of your house.

There it is.  It's a complicated spell, but it does work.



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