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                        CANDLEMAS RITUAL

                         Mysts of Annwfn
                         Book of Shadows

     The following ritual calls for the participation of eight
people, and is best performed at a large gathering.  The
participants include:  The Maiden Goddess, the Young Lord, the
High Priestess, the High Priest, and the four Watchtowers.

     Specific items needed for this ritual are:  a Crystal Ball,
a cross of rushes, a mat, a basket, a phallic wand, a sprig of
evergreen, pieces of paper, cakes, wine, and basic Altar and
ritual equipment.  All participants shall write upon the paper
things and qualities they wish to gain during the coming season,
and then place them in the basket prior to ritual.

     Candlemas is the festival of the Flame, and is best
performed at night.  This is Brighid's celebration.  Winter is
bade farewell, and as Spring approaches, it's a time to think of

                        *   *   *   *   *

     All members of the ritual enter the Circle except for the
Maiden.  She should be wearing white, and is adorned with a
garland of flowers in her hair.  She stands out of sight,
awaiting her cue.  All attendants of the ritual should line the
outer ring of the Circle, leaving a walkway into it.  The Young
Lord is to position himself among the attendants.

     The High Priest starts the ritual by saying:

     The young Sun King now begins to feel the first stirring of
desire for the Lady.  The Goddess patiently awaits her future
lover.  The Rites of Spring are near, and the year is in its
waxing phase.  The Sun's presence is ever-more increasing and the
darkness runs and hides.

     The Invocation of the Four Quarters comes next, starting
with the East:

     We welcome the Guardians of the East.  Your breath of life
is sacred, and greetings to the lovely Fand, the Pearl of Beauty,
and gracious Olwen, the White Lady of the Day.  Your presence is
most welcome at this Festival of Imbolc!


     We welcome the Lords of the South.  Your warmth flows
through us all, and greetings to the Honored Lady Brighid, and to
beautiful Branwen, the White Bossomed One.  Your presence is most
welcome at this Festival of Oemlic!


     We welcome the Holy Ones of the West.  Your moisture is

refreshing and precious to life, and greetings to our Queen
Arianrhod of The Silver Wheel, and sweet Aine of the Wisps.  Your
presence is most welcome at this Festival of Lights!


     We welcome the Watchers of the North.  Your power and wisdom
is ours, and greetings to the Wise Cerridwen of Lake Tegid, and
to the desirable Rhiannon of the Netherworld.  Your presence is
most welcome at this Festival of Candlemas!

The High Priest continues:

     From now to Beltane, is the pathway less dark.  Thus, shall
the journey be made through to Beltane, renewed in strength and
happy in love.

 The High Priestess now turns slowly, addressing those assembled.
As she speaks, the Maiden walks slowly into view down the
processional towards the Circle, until she stands at the Northern
Gateway.  She is holding the Cross of Rushes.  The High Priestess

     Long Winter is now passing away and the buds will soon swell
on the Apple tree bough.  The Earth gladly receives the plow in
preparation for the celebration of life.  For the Queen and the
King will begin to wear the garden's green and will speak in a
single voice!

     The High Priest acknowledges the physical presence of the
Maiden, and exclaims:

     Behold!!! Brighid has come!  Brighid is welcome!

     The Maiden enters the Circle and lays the Cross on a mat
situated just South of the Altar.  She says:

     Greetings to you, not only from myself, but from the Mother
and the Crone as well.  All seasons of the Earth are important
and must have their course.....but now, I weary of Winter, and I
long for the greenness of Spring, and all that it encompasses.  I
strongly desire the companionship of my Lover-to be!

     She searches the Circle of people and draws him out.  She
kneels before him and invokes the God Lugh:

     Lord of Death, Resurrection, Life, and the Giver of Life!
Lord who is within us, whose name is Mystery of Mysteries!
Descend we pray thee, upon thy servant and Priest!

     Lugh, after indwelling the Priest, now moves over to the
Altar, picks up the Phallic Wand, and places it on Brighid's Bed
(the mat).  The Maiden addresses the God:

     I grow weary of the darkness.  Let's join to hurry Winter
along its way so we can enjoy the pleasures that await us!  (She
motions to the mat).


     The God starts the Balefire in the South, and while doing
this, the Maiden sweeps the Circle three times while everyone

     Return, return, return, return
     The earth, the water, the fire, and the air.

     At an appropriate time, the singing comes to an end and the
God says:

     The Key to unlocking Winter's hold is to erase its memories!

     He now holds up a sprig of evergreen and hands it to the
Maiden Goddess.  She tosses it into the Balefire.  She then picks
up a basket full of everyone's desires and wishes for the coming
season, and says:

     Behold!  In my hands I carry Hopes and Wishes for the coming
seasons.  I place them in this fire and as quickly as the
memories of Winter fade, let the Hopes and Wishes just as quickly
take root!

     She tosses them into the Balefire, and Lugh now says:

     My dear Lady and Lover-to-be, do us great honor by gazing
into the Crystal and give your people words they can hold as
their own!

     Brighid picks up the Crystal Ball and holds it between her
hands.  She gazes into it momentarily before saying:

     All the gods are one God, and the goddesses, one Goddess,
and there is but one Initiator.  And to every man, his own Truth,
and the God within.

     Upon hearing this, he smiles and says:

     Come!  Let's feast and make merry on this great occasion!

     The High Priestess steps in front of the altar and raises
the water and Wine.  She faces North and says:

     In celebration of Brighid's Day, we open the Moongate and
let the Westwind blow!  We bring Water, life's elixir, to refresh
ourselves.  We bring the Fruit of the Vine, the drink of the
gods!  Let us sip and enjoy.  Hail to fair Brighid!

     The High Priestess now picks up the plate of cakes and says:

     Upon this plate are gifts from Erin!  Farrels for us to
enjoy!  Let us eat and remember the Gods.  These are holy Sabbat
Cakes.  They bring us sustenance and fill the hunger.  Blessed Be
Brighid's Feast!  Let us dance in joy and mirth!

     The High Priestess now raises the honey as all say:

     Here is the Sweet Nectar!  Sacred to the Gods!


     All now partake of the Cakes and Wine.  Sing songs, dance,
and do anything else that feels appropriate.  (Brighid's Day is a
traditional time for initiations).  When the celebration is
winding down, the God, taking the Maiden Goddess into his arms,

     Now that we all have feasted and made merry, come with me
now, our bed of Love awaits us!

     The Maiden, protesting lightly, responds:

     Oh!  How I've longed for you through the Dark days of
Winter!  But My Love, though our bed is ready, we still must wait
a short while.  Our time of Union is not yet upon us, but the
Rites of Spring, and of Beltane, are not far off!

     The Sun King looks slightly disappointed, but smiles
lovingly at her.  They embrace and kiss passionately, while
everyone starts to sing, "Lady Weave Your Circle Tight."  While
the song continues, she slowly leaves his arms and exits the
Circle.  He follows her, not wanting her to leave, but stops at
the Circle's edge.  She turns and says to him:

     My Heart is with you, and Destiny will bring us back
together soon!  As the Cup is to the Knife, so am I to you!

     She now disappears out of sight, and the singing shall die
down.  The High Priest now says:

     Even though the Maiden has departed, her presence continues
to increase!  Light chases away the Darkness, and soon, the
Maiden shall reign Supreme!  The Winter grows short, and the
leaves shall return to the trees!  New Life shall spring forth,
and New Love along with it!  The Wheel turns, and the Young Lord
and his Lady shall meet to consummate their Love.  So ends this
prelude to Spring!  May the coming season bring you much joy and

     The Watchtowers are now given their release:

     Farewell to the Watchtowers of the North, and to Rhiannon
and Cerridwen.  May we depart in love and peace until we gather


     Farewell to the Holy Ones of the West, and to Queen
Arianrhod and Aine.  May we depart in love and peace until me
gather again.


     Farewell to the Lords of the South, and to Branwen and the
Maiden Brighid.  May we depart in love and peace until we gather



     Farewell to the Guardians of the East, and to Olwen and
Fand.  May we depart in love and peace until we gather again.


     Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!

References for inspiration:

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