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       (Tune "The Serving-Girl's Holiday")

        I've waited longing for today
        Spin the bobbin and spool away!
        In joy and bliss I'm off to play
        Upon this high holiday!

CHORUS: And spin the bobbin and spool away!
        Oh joy that it's a holiday!

        This night of (name) now we greet
        Hail my friends, and merry meet!
        Strike the harp; the drum we'll beat
        Upon this high holiday!

        The wine and cakes we've bought and made
        Found a spot in a moon-lit glade
        Our love and trust will never fade
        Especially on this holiday!

        In forst glade we've built a fire
        Symbol of our heart's desire
        Within Her Love we'll never tire
        Wit thee well this holiday!

        Cast the Circle, we're within
        Let the Spiral Dance begin!
        Invite the Lord and Lady in
        Upon this high holiday!

        Dancing, spinning to the tune
        The Piper plays beneath the moon
        We chant as one the Witches' Rune
        Upon this high holiday!



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