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                           -Wm. Butler Yeats
                    recorded by Judy Collins
          I went out to the hazel - wood
          Because a fire was in my head 
          Cut and peeled a hazel - wand 
          Tied a berry to a thread      
          And when white moths were on the wing
          And moth - white stars were flickering out
          I dropped the berry in a stream
          And caught a little silver trout..........
          I had but laid it on the bank 
          And gone to blow the fire a-flame
          Something rustled in the air  
          Something called me by my name!
          It had become a glimmering Girl
          With apple - blossom in her hair
          Who called me by my name, and ran
          And vanished in the brightening air........
          Though I am old, with wandering
          Thru hilly lands, and hollow lands;
          I'll find out where she has gone
          To seek her lips, to take her hands-
          And walk thru long green dappled grass;
          To pluck 'til Time, and times are done:
          The Silver Apples of the Moon;
          The Golden Apples of the Sun...............



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