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                  ALL THRU THE NIGHT    
  While the Moon her watch is keeping   
                  all thru the night    
  While the weary world is sleeping     
                  all thru the night    
  O'er thy spirit gently stealing,      
  Visions of delight revealing          
  Breathes a pure and holy feeling      
                  all thru the night    
  Though this Bard must roam full lonely
  My true harp shall sing praise only   
  Love's soft dream, alas, is over      
  Yet my strains of love shall hover    
  Near the Presence of my Lover         
  Hark! A solemn bell is ringing        
  Thou, my King are heavenward winging  
  Earthly dust from off Thee shaken     
  Soul immortal shalt thou waken        
  With thy last, dim journey taken      
  Neath this Stone my King is sleeping  
  Stars around Him softly sweeping      
  Once and Future King preserving       
  Britain's Saviour there reserving     
  All around him Stars observing        
                  all thru the night    
  Holl am ran-tire sehr thuh wed-ont    
                  ahr heed ah nos       
  Dum-ar forth ee vro go-gawn-yont      
                  ahr heed ah nos       
  Gol-i ar-all you tuh wull ooch        
  ee are thang os gweer bred vairtch-ooch
  tie-leer nave oith m'yoon thu-wail-ooch
                  ahr heed ah nos       
          note: The last verse is phonetic Welsh.
                "ll" is pronounced by putting the tip of your
                tongue to the roof of your mouth, and saying "h"
                and "l" at the same time...sort of.
                "ch" is pronounced as German.


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