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                       THE BARD'S SONG  
                            -W.J.Bethancourt III
                    (c) copyright 1990 W.J.Bethancourt III
                    (Tune: "Dublin City")
    As I walked out one quiet evening   
    At the hour of twelve at night      
    Who should I meet but a fair young maiden
    Combin' her hair by candle light;   
    Lassie, I have come a-courtin'      
    Your kind favours for to win        
    And if you'd heed my petition       
    I would be your Paladin...          
(CHORUS) Gather roses in the Springtime 
         Gather roses while ye may,     
         Time is passing; roses wither; 
         Winter comes; we're here -today-.
    Have you seen the dew a-formin'     
    On the grass at early morn?         
    Have you seen the forest quiet,     
    Or a stag that's barely born?       
    Have you seen the dawn a-breakin'   
    O'er the Western Ocean's tide?      
    Have you felt my heart a-beatin'    
    When it's held close to your side?  
    I can give no gold or silver,       
    I can give no fields of land,       
    I can give no servants brisk        
    To wait on you both foot and hand;  
    I can give you wide roads callin'   
    Wind and Rain, and Moon and Sun,    
    Songs to sing, and love and laughter,
    Dresses made of plain home-spun.    
    Come dance with me upon the greensward
    in the moonlight, in the Spring.    
    Dance with me within the forest     
    Dance with me within the ring!      
    Earth below us, stars above us,     
    Fire and water by our side,         
    Dance with me within the moonlight, 
    Dance with me, and be my Bride!     


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