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                     BEDLAM BELLS                                  
                           -Joe Bethancourt  
         (c) copyright 1992 W.J. Bethancourt III
         (Tune: "Mad Maudlin" aka "Tom O'Bedlam")
 Written as a theme song for the Bedlam Bells Morris dance troupe, and
         originally improvised at WesterCon 45, Phoenix, AZ.
 Tune guitar: DADGBD                    
             Out upon the Borderlands   
             I've watched the stars a-falling 
             I've drunk deep from Mad River and 
             I've heard my soul a-calling 
CHORUS:   Still I sing bonny bells, bonny mad bells,
          Bedlam Bells are bonny!       
          For we all go bare and we live by the air
          And we want your drink and money!
 I now repent that ever                 My staff hath murder'd giants 
 Myself was so disdain-ed               My bells can call the thunder!
 My wits are lost since me I cros't     I stamp my feet and tread the dance
 Which makes me go thus chain-ed        And split the sky in sunder!
 To find our wits in Bordertown,      My horn is made of Elven-blades, 
 Ten thousand years we'll travel      I stole it cross the Border!
 And maudlin go on dancing toes,      The rainbow there is this I wear 
 To save our shoes from gravel        For my wits are out of order!
 I crossed into fair Elfland            I went to Digger's Kitchen 
 To find the soul I'd squandered        To beg some food one morning
 To hunt my sighs in children's eyes    I got my dreams served piping hot
 But still my soul had wandered         And saw a city burning
 I had an Elfin lady,                     I'll wander thru the Borderlands
 And took her for to wife me              With feathers in my hair-o
 She sleeps the day, she sings the night  With my true love close to my side
 And hearkens to delight me!              And back and sides go bare-o!
 Both in and out of Bordertown      I'll dance the day, I'll dance the night
 I've drank Mad River's water       And spend my time a-singing
 And stood upon the Bridge O'Dread  Dance out the old, ring in the new
 And watched the sudden slaughter!  With Bedlam Bells a-ringing!
             Take a drink for Tom of Bedlam
             Take a drink from the river's water!
             And speak in sighs from darkened eyes
             And court the River's daughter!


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