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                            A BOWHUNTER'S PRAYER TO DIANA

                          Oh Silvery Huntress of the Night!
                            Diana of the pale moonlight!
                            Oh Goddess of the Silver Bow
                          Smile on your humble child, below
                           Come now to me and be my guest,
                         And aid me in this quest!

                           In this endeavor, grant success
                         Grant me patience - grant kindness
                         Watch over me and guide my steps -
                         As I walk into the forest's depths.
                             Protect me from all injury
                           And close beside me, always be.

                             Aid me as I track the deer
                      Through brush and thickets, far and near
                          When it comes time to draw my bow
                            Grant me accuracy, here below
                        Guide my arrows with speed and skill
                       Grant painless death and swiftest kill

                        Silvery Huntress, I am your child...
                         I hunt your forests, free and wild.
                           Bless this hunt, I ask of thee
                            Oh Great Diana, hear my plea
                         Goddess of Wild Ones and the Night!
                          Bless my table with food tonight!



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