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        "It is time for you to go now."
        The Lady spoke to him in a sweet voice.
        "So soon?" he answered, "It seems as if I just arrived."
        "It always does," she smiled, "But it's time to move on to another
life and another body. You'll like this one."
        "I hope so. Buchenwald was not pleasant...."
        "No, it isn't. But, like you folks say, 'that's Life!'"
        He laughed, and stood up on the so-green grass.
        "Yeah, I guess it is. See you in a while, folks."
        The Circle of friends waved at him, wishing him luck and good
fortune, and he and the Lady moved off into a misty area.
        "Pretty foggy here," he remarked.
        "It will clear up soon," she said, and she took his hand.
        They walked for a long time, until he saw they were on a quiet
street in a small town. It looked like a nice place. Around the corner was a
park, and in it, two people, a man and a woman, were sitting on a bench,
holding hands. They were deeply in love, and that love shone around them to
those with eyes to see.
        "These are your parents. They're nobody special, but they're nice
people and you'll like them," She said.
        "They look like nice folks," he replied. "Anything I need to know
before I do this?"
        "I'm afraid I can't tell you. Life is one of those things that you
just have to experience on your own."
        "OK," he said, "I guess You're right, all things considered."
        The Lady laughed, and touched him on the forehead.
        "Now forget, for a time, until you return to Me."
        And he did.



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